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The sea water drew every living being on Yuan's sh.e.l.l to its stomach!

No matter how hard they tried to wiggle or scream desperately, they couldn't change the fact that it was the end of their world. No one could escape.

Many of them were really powerful at the Immortal Realm!

After more than ten thousand years, they had slowly cultivated to understand the power of Nature and acc.u.mulate energy. As they were about to break through to Territory Ancestor Realm, their wings finally broke. The apocalypse had finally come!

Before that, they had already felt the pressure in their souls and their realms go stagnant.

In the dark, a giant beast was watching them and holding them in its claws. They weren't going to be able to escape!

They were like Xuan He, Ming Hao, or the G.o.d Lord. They were existences at high realms. However, their fates were more tragic than warriors in Desolate Territory. There was not a troublemaker like Shi Yan in their territory. Thus, their ends were predestined right before they were born.

Yuan acted similarly to the way Desolate destroyed the experts in Desolate Territory. He had increased his power from the deaths of all creatures.

Those who were lucky enough to see Yuan swallow the world felt clearly that as the creatures disappeared into Yuan's mouth, both Yuan Zu and the real body's power increased ma.s.sively!


Swallowing billions of lives, Yuan roared and hit Dragon Lizard in the seething sea. High waves swarmed and covered the entire giant lizard inside the lava pond by Shi Yan.

Yuan's real body showed its brutality. With newly supplemented energy, it roared and showed its ma.s.sive mouths full of fangs like rows of sharp blades.


It bit the tail of the giant lizard and forcefully yanked it. The tail was pulled off the lizard's body.

Blood gushed like a river. Yuan opened its mouth wide and chewed off the giant lizard tail. Blood and pieces of meat splashed from the dragon-like mouth.

Dragon Lizard rolled in the sea in agony and fear. He couldn't endure it anymore.

"So delicious. It's an Absolute Beginning creature's blood. You low races will never know it."

Yuan's human form looked infatuated. The strength in his body rocketed. He turned to Labitte of the Devouring Clan and said, "You'll die first."

Rumble! Rumble!

The water drop covering Labitte exploded earth-shakingly. As people watched, the water drop was dyed blood red when Labitte exploded tragically.

After swallowing all the creatures he had cultivated on his sh.e.l.l, Yuan's real body and human clone's power rocketed. The turtle body began to bite and swallow Forefather Dragon Lizard while the human clone showed its fangs to Neptune's group.

Yuan's power was divided into three parts, but it was still overpowering the others. His boldness and brutality had shaken the entire sky.

Shi Yan was trying hard to subdue Hui's soul and power. He was tightening the chain made of Skyfall Star River to shackle Hui's main head. He felt Zi Yao and Hui struggle equally. And now, Yuan's malicious deeds had ignited a flame in his heart.

He couldn't draw his hands back!

If he released his restraint, Zi Yao's soul was going to perish shortly. Hui was going to wake up and fight Yuan furiously. Or it was going to kill him first.

If he didn't release his restraint, he could only maintain the current situation. He had tried to attract Neptune's group here to share his pressure as he thought that they could threaten Yuan.

However, he had underestimated Yuan's intimidation. When Yuan showed his fangs, Shi Yan could feel a deep fear since he had never seen such world-destroying strength from Hui and Devour.

It seemed like Yuan didn't join the war in Absolute Beginning Era. He had preserved his power without a single wound. After many crops, he had harvested the creatures in his territory to increase his power steadily. After billions of years, in this era, Yuan had become a strange but invincible existence.

Shi Yan didn't know who in this world could resist Yuan's brutal prowess.

Montecie? Hiro? Dracula?

Let alone the fact that they weren't here, even if they were here, would they be able to stop Yuan's terrifying ma.s.sacre?

Honestly, Shi Yan didn't think it was possible. Yuan was too fierce and formidable!

Many ideas flashed in his head as he was trying to figure out a way to win in this current situation. As soon as he wanted to give up, a heavy pressure came from his co-soul, which was deep in his inner world.

This pressure came from Desolate, the Absolute Beginning creature t.i.tled as the G.o.d of War in Absolute Beginning Era! He was a fierce existence that could subdue Hui and Devour!

Yes! Desolate!

An electric beam flashed in Shi Yan's head. He suddenly got it. Desolate was the only way to break out of this losing situation.

He got two parts of Desolate's soul. If he died, Yuan could take them all. They would strengthen Yuan ma.s.sively. It wasn't something that Desolate wanted to see!

Until now, he always felt Desolate's existence. Moreover, Desolate often sent the Soul Consciousness through star areas to find him.

Every time, he would cut off the connection with Desolate to hide. He was so afraid that Desolate would figure out where he was.

Shi Yan understood that as Desolate's strength increased continuously, he was going to come and find him one day.

Thus, within this time, he had tried his best to increase his power. Killing Ferrell was his first step. Everything he had done was to deal with the potential danger called Desolate!

In this moment, Shi Yan, the one who had always rebelled against Desolate, proactively contacted Desolate for the first time!

All of a sudden, the soul pond in his Sea of Consciousness rippled. With the co-soul as the bridge, Shi Yan's soul had pierced through endless s.p.a.ces to reach Desolate Territory!

A wisp of soul energy pierced through Desolate Territory's entrance and entered deeper into the territory.

As Desolate's Soul Consciousness had covered the entire Desolate Territory, he immediately recognized this wisp of a soul. He connected to Shi Yan immediately…

The soul pond inside Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness became as bright as a mirror which showed a ma.s.sive planet inside Desolate Territory. Deep inside the planet, a ma.s.sive dragon was lying. The scales on its entire body was gold and it was lying like an endless mountain range to the end of the continent.

On the dragon's head, Ghost Hunter appeared, his face solemn and cold and his eyes ancient.

He appeared in the mirror in Shi Yan's soul pond.

"What a surprise! You've been hiding for a long time and today, you contacted me deliberately." Ghost Hunter's voice was cold and it pierced through many territories and endless s.p.a.ce, resounding in Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness.

"I'm going to be brief. Yuan, one of the Absolute Beginning creatures is right here…"

Shi Yan didn't try to cover anything up with his words. He spoke in the simplest way possible to describe the incidents. Then, he said, "If I die, my body and soul will be taken by Yuan. I know Absolute Beginning creatures can get each other's power from drinking blood and eating flesh. You don't want to see your soul get devoured by Yuan, do you?"

"Yuan? That sinister coward? It had to walk around to avoid standing in my way. He didn't dare to join that war. I didn't think that he would dare to swagger in this era. It seems like you don't have true experts in this era. Otherwise, how could that despicable b.a.s.t.a.r.d rise wind and rain here?

Ghost Hunter sneered and harshly told Shi Yan Yuan's shameful past in the Absolute Beginning Era. Apparently, he didn't appreciate Yuan a lot.

"Times have changed. After that Great War, the Absolute Beginning Era ended. Many of you guys died or got wounded. Only he was safe and sound. He got Lizard's blood and he acc.u.mulated energy for billions of years. He's invincible now."

Shi Yan was hurried, his Soul Consciousness yelling furiously. "I don't have much time. If you don't want to lose your souls, you have to tell me how to defeat it!"

"All of your souls, body, and power Upanishads belong to me! Only me! No one else can touch you!" Ghost Hunter thundered outrageously. "You just need to stop subduing Hui so she can wake up. Join hands with Hui and you can beat Yuan up. Why do you need to find me?"

"If I could let Zi Yao go, I would have it done earlier. Why would I need to find you?!" sneered Shi Yan.

"You have a woman's heart!" Ghost Hunter snorted. Pondering for a while, he said, "What do you want?"

"I want to defeat Yuan!"

"Use your power!"

"Will you give me power?"

"My soul and your co-soul are actually one. I can lend you my power for a while. After that, I will retrieve my energy that doesn't belong to you."

"Then what are you waiting for?"

"Why do I have to help you?"

"If you don't help me, your soul will be eaten by Yuan."

"I can kill it and get back the souls that belong to me. Yuan was just a small character. How can it be my enemy?!"

"Then we don't need to negotiate anything."

"Unless you agree to one thing."

"What's that?"

"When Sauron goes to you, show me his appearance and aura. This man has challenged me many times and pried outside my territory. I want to know his soul aura!"

"He will find me?"

"I'm sure!"

"Okay, I agree."

Shi Yan agreed with him. Right after that, abundant energy was sent to his soul pond through s.p.a.ce!

The dragon-like ma.s.s of energy emerged from the soul pond and hovered above his immense Sea of Consciousness.

That energy was several times stronger than his own. As it had Desolate's soul print, Shi Yan's co-soul could control it. Shortly after, a wild aura that could wreak the entire territory gushed from him and covered the entire Sea Domain of Nihility too.

His savage Absolute Beginning body grew further!

Dragon spikes jutted out of his skin and appeared on his chest, arms, and waist. With a glance, he was like a giant, spiky dragon!

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