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Yuan had instigated Shi Yan to make him persuade Zi Yao to fight back against Hui. He had planned very carefully since he knew that Hui wasn't weaker than him.

Zi Yao's soul attacking Hui affected Hui greatly. So did the power of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

Shi Yan's pressure could only help in subduing Hui.

Among Hui, Zi Yao, and Shi Yan, Hui was the biggest threat to Yuan. Yuan had planned a lot of things to subdue Hui. That's how he could achieve what he wanted.

Neptune's team came to rob the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. They would help Hui escape, which would ruin his entire plan.

Of course, he couldn't allow them!

"Go away! As far as possible!"

Yuan Zu's real body still pressured Forefather Dragon Lizard. The giant turtle moved over and pulled the ocean in the galaxy with it, using the black water to cover the scorching lava pond.

Dragon Lizard had to struggle harder.

However, at this moment, Yuan Zu's power was divided as he had to use his human clone to attack Neptune and his peers.

Thundering indignantly, Yuan Zu pointed at Neptune. Filled with pitch black water, the ocean roared. Waves rolled up into the sky and smashed torrentially at Neptune. Neptune's clouds made of many ghosts and brutal souls dispersed when the water hit them.


Neptune vomited blood, his face aghast. He retreated instinctively. Dozens of brutal souls became animals like a giant elephant, ape, and a savage bear that pounded on their chests outrageously. They shielded Neptune from the furious waves.

The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower continued to move. Neptune was pushed back before he could reach it.

"Yuan Zu! It's Yuan Zu, one of the Ten Great Territory Ancestors!"

Keith, Xiao Lie, Jia Ni, and Labitte landed by Neptune. Keith was so frightened as he told the others Yuan Zu's ident.i.ty.

"He's Yuan Zu, the oldest expert among the Ten Great Territory Ancestors. Unbelievable! He's an Absolute Beginning creature! It's striking news!" Jia Ni's peculiar patterns on her face glowed in green and purple lights. Her deep eyes also had a lot of exquisite patterns. At this moment, they looked lively as they were moving strangely.

It was the sign that she was urging her power.

Xiao Lie, Keith, and Labitte were filled with fear. When they looked at Yuan Zu, their faces turned awkward.

It was unexpected that Yuan Zu was an Absolute Beginning creature!

If they didn't see it with their own eyes, they would never have believed that Yuan Zu, the oldest Territory Ancestor in the Sea Domain of Nihility, was actually a terrifying creature from Absolute Beginning Era!

"If you know who I am, why don't you get out of here fast?" Yuan Zu had pulled off his disguise and showed he merciless face of an Absolute Beginning creature. "Let alone you guys, even if Han Tian, Beverly, and Serene Prison were here, they wouldn't dare to mess with my business. Go back to where you came from! Or else, don't blame me!"

Hearing him, everybody turned grave.

Yuan Zu was like Sauron. They weren't members of the Seven Great Clans. Among the Ten Great Territory Ancestor, they were the most mysterious and unpredictable ones.

This was especially the case for Yuan Zu as he didn't show up for several thousand years. Moreover, the warriors presented here all knew how fierce Yuan Zu was from the experts in their clans.

They understood that if they fought him alone, they couldn't match against him.

Even if they joined hands, they weren't so sure that they could fight Yuan Zu. Thus, at this moment, they were very hesitant. They watched the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower but didn't dare to act rashly.

"I will count to ten. After that, I will kill all who dare to stay!" Yuan Zu stayed silent for a few seconds and then counted loudly. "One… Two… Three…"

He didn't have time to waste here.

As Shi Yan's Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was subduing Hui together with Shi Yan's power and his power, Hui was controlled for the time being. Zi Yao seized the chance to gather and conquer Hui's Soul Consciousness. If Zi Yao could fuse with Hui's host soul, she was going to become very formidable.

She would replace Hui and become Yuan's biggest threat. He had to finish those disturbers soon.

While he was still counting, Neptune and the others were restlessly hesitant. They were trying to reason and calculate. They eyed the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and the marvelous powers of the Absolute Beginning creatures. They didn't want to leave.


While they were still hesitating, Yuan Zu counted Ten. His eyes turned malicious. Right after that, Forefather Dragon Lizard's giant body suddenly roared earth-shakingly.

Sound waves came from the ocean, which exploded the water continuously. A tornado rose and reached the sky like waves of terrifying soul energy attacking Neptune's team.

Yuan's giant turtle body left Dragon Lizard alone for a while and approached Neptune and the others in the sea water.

"Dragon Lizard has Lizard's essence blood. After reaching the Territory Ancestor Realm, he's stronger than all of you! With the power I used to subdue him, I can beat you up easily!"

Yuan Zu's face was so cold as he urged his energy. Currents of energy shot from his territory and became water arrows, blades, and spears. There were billions of them and all were made of pure soul energy. People all saw each of his thoughts become a ma.s.sive water drop.

Each of those water drops contained pure soul energy, which could turn the lake into an ocean and create water blades or waterfalls. He could conjure any state of water and turn them into perfect, lethal weapons. Neptune's team felt a lot of pressure.

"You fireflies want to compete with the bright moon? Want to die?"

Yuan Zu sneered. The clear water drops turned into soft, amber crystals that then shrouded Clark of the Ancient Monster Clan instantly.

Clark was now a mosquito trapped in gla.s.s. He couldn't move even a bit.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The strange sizzling sounds of something melting arose from Clark's body. Inside that amber, Clark at the Peak of Immortal Realm was the first to get killed.

Yuan Zu continued to gather his power. Each of his water drops enlarged to one mu. With pure energy, they covered Neptune's team. Three Immortal Realm experts followed Clark shortly. The water melted them to death.

Neptune, Xiao Lie, Labitte, Keith, and Jia Ni were sealed inside the clear water drops where they were attacked by the rapid currents and the water pressure.

Neptune and the others discolored in fear as they found that their G.o.d power was running out fast. Xiao Lie and Labitte broke their bones and their bodies were reaching the limit.

"Only at First Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm and you dare dream for the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower? You don't know your competence."

Yuan Zu sneered. His entire human clone had so many beads of water.

From his eyes, streams shot towards those water drops and hit Neptune and the others. Their bodies made cracking noises that prevented them from using their power Upanishads.

At this moment, Neptune's team deeply understood how different their strength was from Yuan Zu's.

Yuan Zu's power was divided into three parts: One part was subduing Hui, another part kept Forefather Dragon Lizard from counterattacking, and the third part was to stop these Territory Ancestors and to kill some Immortal Realm experts. Everybody felt chilled when they saw his deeds.

"When I want to slaughter in this immense galaxy, who can stop me?"

Yuan Zu's voice was cold and merciless. A water drop emerged on the fingertip of his human clone. That water drop had a miniature of Yuan, which was billions of times smaller. The patterns on the turtle sh.e.l.l suddenly glowed altogether.

It was a magical territory on the turtle sh.e.l.l. The continent in that territory had thick earth and heaven aura with mountains, rivers, seas, forests, cities, billions of creatures, and many strong warriors.

Although it was shrunk billions of times and was just an illusion, people still gawked in surprise.

Not far from them, a world also emerged on the sh.e.l.l of Yuan's giant turtle body. It was also illusory, but people could see so many cities and countries with living beings. With a closer look, they could even see the warriors in those cities fighting against each other!

Those creatures had turtle sh.e.l.ls on their back. They looked like humans with turtle sh.e.l.ls. Apparently, they were the species that Yuan had created with his body as the model.

Old legends said that Yuan, the Absolute Beginning creature, was born with a continent on its back!

The continent had billions of lives living and growing; they didn't know that they were living, cultivating, getting married, and living the other aspects of life on the sh.e.l.l of a giant turtle. Slowly, they became stronger together with Yuan.

Then one day, Yuan woke up and ate billions of lives living on the continent on its back. That's how it got wisdom and became an Absolute Beginning creature. Then, it continued to create more living beings and let them live on its sh.e.l.l.

Rumors said that Yuan raised those creatures as if he was growing herbs and pellets that benefited him greatly.

Those creatures lived like crops. One crop lasted for dozens of thousands of years. It was like Yuan was growing herbs or vegetables. Once they grew fully, Yuan ate them to increase his power and intelligence.

—— It was how this creature got stronger and wiser. The longer he lived, the more crops he could harvest. He became much stronger.

This time, it looked like the human-tonic of his current crop hadn't ripened yet. However, Yuan had used a lot of energy already and he couldn't wait any longer. He began to swallow the tonic, the living beings that are measured by billions.


Yuan's dragon head lifted and opened its mouth wide to the continent.

Sea water suddenly rose and covered the entire vast continent where dozens of countries, hundreds of cities, billions of creatures and countless experts were hosted.

Yuan opened its mouth. The water flooding the continent washed all the creatures away. While they were screaming pathetically and desperately, Yuan had sucked the sea water with all the creatures into its mouth.

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