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The hunchbacked old man turned into a jet of light and followed close behind Zi Yao.

Gay of the White Bone Clan shouted and screamed continuously, "Yuan Zu! Yuan Zu!"

Yuan Zu was one of the Ten Great Territory Ancestors in the Sea Domain of Nihility. No one knew which race Yuan Zu was. He was really mysterious. Gay had heard about him from Hiro. However, when he talked about Yuan Zu, he stammered and sounded ambiguous as he had concealed a lot of secrets.

Gay was one of the Territory Ancestors who had lived for dozens of thousands of years, but he had never met Yuan Zu before. He knew that Yuan Zu was the very first Territory Ancestor who was famous a long, long time ago. When Sauron saw him, he had to greet him as if he was a junior.

Gay knew that Sauron was in the same echelon with Dracula and they were experts of the previous era. As Sauron considered himself a junior to Yuan Zu, Yuan Zu should be much older than him.

Gay used to think that there wasn't a man called Yuan Zu. Until now, he knew that this expert had always existed.

The old man Yuan Zu had disappeared with Zi Yao into a territory entrance in between dozens of entrances leading to different territories. This place was the favorite place on Empty Land. It attracted so many experts to come and explore the marvelous territories.

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun saw Forefather Dragon Lizard get taken away by Zi Yao. As they couldn't do anything, they were so worried.

They looked at Shi Yan with hope.

At this moment, Shi Yan had returned to his normal form. A brilliant galaxy hovered above his head. It was the resized Skyfall Star River.

He began to stare at Neptune and Keith.

Although Neptune and Keith were also at the Territory Ancestor Realm, Ferrell's deeds couldn't compare to theirs. Neptune and Keith were the key members of the Soul Clan and the Ancient Monster Clan. With their background, of course, Ferrell, who had always cultivated alone, couldn't resist.

Since Ferrell had joined the Ancient Monster Clan for a short time, he hadn't gained the official approval from the clan. Thus, he couldn't use the strong foundation of the Ancient Monster Clan to increase his power. Otherwise, Shi Yan couldn't have killed him easily like that.

Neptune and Keith were at First Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm and their powers troubled Shi Yan.

The Soul Bridge that connected to the deep and dark place in the Soul Clan could connect to billions of brutal souls to pressure Shi Yan.

The Pure Gold Spirit Ants also struck his Absolute Beginning body hard. Except for that, he didn't know what else Keith had to deal with him.

He had planned to smash Ferrell and then kill Neptune and Keith, and even Labitte. However, he recognized that it was impossible to do all things at once on Empty Land.

Zi Yao's real body had taken Forefather Dragon Lizard away. Shi Yan pondered and decided to give up on his desire to kill Neptune and Keith. After he had refined and absorbed Ferrell's energy, he was going to find some chances to attack Neptune and Keith individually.

Making up his mind, he looked at the territory entrance where Zi Yao had just disappeared. He turned into a jet of starlight and ran away.

"Go get him!"

Neptune, Keith, and Labitte agreed to pursue him as they had many experts here.

Gay of the White Bone Clan pondered and then said, "Yuan Zu is in there too!"

The ones who were about to move were awakened when they heard Gay's voice. They knew that they couldn't resist Absolute Beginning creatures even if they could get in there. They wouldn't receive anything good.

They halted and didn't dare to chase after the others. They decided to stay and wait on Empty Land.

Only the intimidating ones like Emperor Sea Shark had the guts to jump in there.

It was an immensely vast territory.

This territory was naturally formed with so many inhabited planets that totally contrasted to the Sea Domain of Nihility. The entire territory was filled with vitality and living auras that only a natural territory could have.

In the middle of the twinkling territory, on a dead star that was abandoned for billions of years, there was no tuft of gra.s.s on the ground under the gray sky.

Zi Yao's real body ascended and occupied almost the whole dead star. Although it was a big star, it couldn't support her giant body. Zi Yao had to wind around the planet.

Forefather Dragon Lizard was now a block of meat that was tied tightly by many giant snakes. Zi Yao's clone sat on the throne above the snake's head and smiled gracefully. "Little lizard. Be obedient. To give your Ancestor Lizard face, I only took your Absolute Beginning blood. I will save your life and soul. What do you think?"

Forefather Dragon Lizard struggled hard and tried to get rid of Zi Yao's bind. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't free himself.

When Zi Yao was about to suck Forefather Dragon Lizard's blood, the hunchbacked old man appeared like a ghost. He stood by Zi Yao and sighed, his eyes complicated. "Save Lizard a life…"

Zi Yao frowned and coldly looked at the old man who had followed her until here. She sneered disdainfully, "Who are you? You dare to mind my business?"

"Who I am is not important. It's more important that there aren't many creatures from the Absolute Beginning Era left. Although Dragon Lizard is the second generation, he still has Lizard's blood in his veins. This small amount of essence can recover a small amount of your power. Is it necessary to erase Lizard's last seed to recover a little amount of energy?"

"Lizard is gone. This man has a low realm and can't promote to the power of the Absolute Beginning blood in his body. It's not a waste to let me take it!"

"Sigh, you're still the same. Still very stubborn. If so, I can only stop you here."

The hunchbacked man smiled sourly. He shook his head and countless water currents shot toward Forefather Dragon Lizard. This sort of water was so slippery that it released Forefather Dragon Lizard from Zi Yao's grip. Zi Yao's beautiful face changed and screamed in fear, "Who are you?"

"Hui, long time no see. You don't remember your old friend's aura? It seems like your wounds are very terrible. Otherwise, you should have sensed my existence on Empty Land," Yuan Zu smiled tenderly.

A mild but ancient aura emitted from him like a sprinkle that moisturized this dry planet. His energy brought comfort like a spring breeze to other creatures.

Zi Yao's eyes shot terrifying lights. She studied Yuan Zu for a while and then smiled, "Oh, turns out it's you, the coward who had run away from that Great War. You disappeared unknowingly. I didn't expect that you would still be alive until now."

"I am called Yuan Zu now, one of the oldest Territory Ancestors of the Sea Domain of Nihility. I exist in this form. I didn't interfere with the changes of times. I didn't join the war between the Seven Great Clans. I'm just a bystander, watching the ups and downs, and some interesting stories in this era."

Yuan Zu smiled faintly. "Our time is over. We shouldn't forcefully interfere with this time. Otherwise, we would destroy it altogether. I hope you guys stay mindful. Our time is over. Don't bring catastrophes to this time."

"It's the mindset of a coward!" Zi Yao looked disdainful. "If this era can't endure our power, it will be destroyed. A new era will replace it. New species will be created and they will be able to adapt to the harsher times. This universe transforms all the time during endless battles. Every creature and race needs a b.l.o.o.d.y baptism. That's how they walk to the glory and to the ultimate end!"

She curled her lips, "In our time, I didn't reach the glory or the ultimate end. However, my eternal goal will never change. As long as I'm not utterly gone, I will walk on this path forever. I think… Desolate and Devour are like me. They are still walking on that path too!"

"It's not a two-way path! That path ended our time!" Yuan Zu hissed angrily.

"How do the world destruction and the end of Times matter to us? Life and death won't stop because of us. Even if creatures in this era all die, as long as I live and enter the ultimate level, I can create many creatures. I can drive them to a new era. No one can stop me!" Zi Yao sibilated coldly.

"What are you guys talking about?" Shi Yan's voice arose behind them. He stepped through s.p.a.ces and approached Zi Yao and Yuan Zu. He looked at Yuan Zu, his face earnest. "I heard from Gay that you're Yuan Zu, the oldest Territory Ancestor. However, you have the smell of an Absolute Beginning creature. How should I address you?"

Yuan Zu eyed Shi Yan and smiled, "Up to you. It's a miracle that you can form an Absolute Beginning body in this era.However, you have to be careful. If Desolate goes out of his territory, he will find you first. At this moment, you're not his equal match."

"Thank you for reminding me. I know his threat exists. It also motivates me to be stronger." Shi Yan thanked him solemnly and then switched the topic. "You came to stop her. You've saved me from laborious work. I will stand and watch from here. Haha."

Then, he moved backward and left this barren planet to Zi Yao and Yuan Zu.

"He's called Yuan (*), a creature from Absolute Beginning Era. But he's a coward. He doesn't dare to face the truth. He treasures his life so much that he just goes with the flow. Although he's living well, his power has not gotten stronger. He's still weak like that year," smirked Zi Yao and looked at Yuan Zu.

"I'm a coward," Yuan Zu wasn't enraged as he spoke calmly, "However, this coward will stop you from killing Lizard's seed of life. I will also stop you from reaching the Absolute Beginning Gateway. I won't let you guys smash this era crazily like that."

(*) 鼋: Yuan, Cantor's giant softsh.e.l.l turtle (Pelochelys cantorii)

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