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After reaching the Territory Ancestor Realm, Shi Yan's harvest was beyond what others estimated!

He had especially formed an Absolute Beginning body, the most powerful body in the universe that only Absolute Beginning creatures had. Within a split second, he could swell up to be as giant as a whole planet or shrink into his human form. The power inside the Absolute Beginning body was much more intimidating than the Seven Great Clans in the Sea Domain of Nihility.

Even the experts of the Ancient Monster Clan or the Black Demon Clan who were famous with gifted, vigorous bodies couldn't compare to the Absolute Beginning body.

He had mastered around ten power Upanishads with two souls and he even got the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and Skyfall Star River. When he used his best powers, the ordinary Territory Ancestors couldn't match him.

Even Forefather Dragon Lizard would be defeated if he faced Shi Yan, despite reaching the Territory Ancestor Realm.

It was obvious from his face while he was watching Shi Yan in a distance.

In Cloud Mist Territory, Shi Yan had broken through to the Territory Ancestor Realm and cleaned up the Cloud Tribe's experts. He had taken in their G.o.d power and refined their soul altars. He thought he could refine an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol or increase his G.o.d power.

However, it didn't happen that way. After he had reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, he recognized that the gap between the Territory Ancestor Realm experts and the Immortal Realm experts was too vast to cross.

When he was still at the Peak of Immortal Realm, the energy he harvested when he slaughtered the others could be used to increase his G.o.d power or refine his body.

However, after he had transformed his body into the Absolute Beginning body and reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, he found that his need of G.o.d power was too enormous. The energy he got after killing all the experts of the Cloud Tribe couldn't increase his energy a lot.

He calculated for a while. The energy he had taken in had increased his G.o.d power by around twenty percent. It was still far away from br.i.m.m.i.n.g.

He suddenly recognized that after he got the Absolute Beginning body and reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, if he wanted to be stronger, he had to aim for the other Territory Ancestors!

Only killing the Territory Ancestors would help him acc.u.mulate energy fast to increase his G.o.d power and refine his body!

Desolate's threat was like a shadow shrouding his heart that hadn't dispersed yet. At this moment, he still felt helpless if he had to face Desolate. Desolate was getting stronger every day at an amazing speed.

Thus, his eyes gazed at Ferrell. He had to hunt Territory Ancestors to become stronger. It was how he could reach Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm early!

"Shi Yan, is that you?" Forefather Dragon Lizard's voice arose from afar.

Forefather Dragon Lizard was in his human form. With a stern face and uncertain voice, he asked, "You… How did you get the Absolute Beginning body? Gosh! You… You've reached this height! Fierce!"

He was talking to the darkness because even his power couldn't pierce through Shi Yan's endless darkness to see his real body.

In the thick darkness, different kinds of energy fused together and became a giant shadow holding Skyfall Star River in his hand. The stars in the sky were moving around and creating a mysterious and gloomy atmosphere that covered the entire place. Inside that pitch-black area, many shadows were combining their power Upanishads and giving Ferrell a lot of pressure.

The earth-shaking thunder reverberated in that dark area together with Ferrell's crying.

Apparently, Ferrell was in a pa.s.sive position. He was beaten up!

Silhouettes shot away from cities on Empty Land like meteors.

One of them looked so prominent. She was wearing a seven-colored dress that decorated her mesmerizing contours. Bands of divine light from outer s.p.a.ce emitted behind her like weaving rainbows. They looked like a pair of ma.s.sive, rainbow wings on her back. While she was flying in the sky, her enormous aura had scared many warriors away.

"Who's that? What a powerful aura!"

"I've never seen her before. She doesn't look like a member of the Seven Great Clans, does she?"

"She has an extraordinary aura. Her power Upanishad… Er, we've never seen before. Is she an outsider?"

"I don't know."

While the woman was tearing the void to come, her energy had b.u.mped into many warriors of Empty Land and sent them away.

They looked mesmerized as they discussed boisterously to know the woman's ident.i.ty.

She was like a beautiful bright pearl. The light rippling from her eyes had stunned people. Between so many fluttering bands of rainbows, she landed by Forefather Dragon Lizard, Tu Shi Qi, and Ya Yun. The woman smiled casually and nodded to Forefather Dragon Lizard with a smile, "Your blood smells so good…"

Forefather Dragon Lizard was bewildered. He was shocked and pointed at the woman while he stammered, "You… You are… You are also a precursor from the Absolute Beginning Era?"

"Little lizard, you have keen eyes. Yeah, it seems that the bloodline you got from your Ancestor is thick enough." That woman was Zi Yao. She smiled at Forefather Dragon Lizard, her eyes icy cold. "It should taste good. It seems that you can help recover my energy a lot."

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Rainbow bands that had stretched thousands of miles shot from behind Zi Yao and winded Forefather Dragon Lizard.

Forefather Dragon Lizard changed his visage and roared. He transformed into his real body: a giant lizard. He roared and howled, lava gushing from his body and shooting towards those rainbow bands.

The rainbow bands were actually outer s.p.a.ce streamers with lives and intellect. As Zi Yao's power Upanishad changed, they arrayed into a beautiful, bright formation. The brilliant rainbow bands weaved and Forefather Dragon Lizard's lava disappeared magically.

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun grimaced and yelled. They wanted to use their power Upanishads to release Forefather Dragon Lizard from Zi Yao's restraint.

After Shi Yan had taken his fellows to Cloud Mist Territory, Zi Yao had gotten out of the s.p.a.ce basin to recover her power!

Forefather Dragon Lizard had Lizard's blood in his body, which was a great tonic to Zi Yao now! Recently, as her power was partly recovered, Zi Yao wasn't afraid of Forefather Dragon Lizard; he had just reached First Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm. She hid in a corner of Empty Land and waited for a chance. When she saw Forefather Dragon Lizard, she stepped out and didn't want to show mercy.

"Little lizard, your Ancestor wasn't my equal match that year. Do you think you are?" Zi Yao smiled gently.

Ma.s.sive rainbow bands changed into ferocious snakes, which were hundreds of miles long and hovering in the sky. Vaguely, Zi Yao's true body emerged with an earth-destroying aura shrouding the entire Empty Land.

The warriors who came because of Shi Yan felt horror-struck. They lifted their heads to watch the sky instinctively. They then saw an Absolute Beginning creature in the shape of a twelve-headed snake. The soul-pressing aura made many warriors slump and shiver.

Under the terrifying intimidation of the Absolute Beginning creature, they were petrified and couldn't think about fighting.

Until now, the warriors in the Sea Domain of Nihility were searching for the Absolute Beginning creatures. They hoped that they could kill them to reach the Territory Ancestor Realm. They could eat the Absolute Beginning creatures to transform their bodies and improve their life magnetic field.

They thought that it was a long time since the Absolute Beginning Era ended. Thus, if the Absolute Beginning creatures were still alive, they must be feeble. Obviously, they thought that the Absolute Beginning creatures were just strong beasts that they could hunt easily.

Today, Shi Yan had swelled up to reach the size of an Absolute Beginning creature and trampled the Ancient Monster Clan's city, killing their warriors.

And then, Zi Yao appeared as she was attracted by Forefather Dragon Lizard's flesh. She was hovering in the sky of Empty Land and showing her a world-destroying power. All the warriors were shaken. They finally knew that the heroes in that era weren't people they could provoke.

Bands of rainbows had become a ma.s.sive heavenly snake which then coiled around Forefather Dragon Lizard's true body.

Under that terrifying attack, Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun were blown away more than one hundred miles. As they hadn't reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, they weren't qualified to join that battle.

Forefather Dragon Lizard, the giant lizard, was roaring and howling. A world of lava was created around a scorching lava pond. The explosive power of many volcanos erupted and shook the entire place. Lava was sent everywhere. Forefather Dragon Lizard howled and resisted Zi Yao's rainbow shackles.

"Little lizard, give up. Give me your Ancestor's bloodline. I can recover greatly with it. Don't wiggle. There's no use," Zi Yao smiled casually.

Above her, her real body of a twelve-headed snake shadowed the entire Empty Land and gave the warriors here the intimidation of Absolute Beginning creatures.


Suddenly, the giant that had disappeared into his darkness reappeared!

His body was covered in scaly armor and sharp spikes; the pair of bone wings on his shoulder was as wide as two continents. His fingers looked like they could break everything when they grabbed Ferrell.

When people looked at them, they saw Ferrell transform into his monster body of the Ancient Monster Clan. He looked like a small seal trapped in a ma.s.sive anchor. The sharp claws had torn him apart.

Ferrell's monster body was like a small mountain, but he was just a chicken compared to that giant.


Lightning b.a.l.l.s exploded inside Ferrell's body as he shrank. The giant ripped his body.

Shi Yan grinned and lifted his head to look at Zi Yao's twelve-headed snake body, which was as big as his. He shouted, "Forefather Dragon Lizard is my friend. Stay away from him!"

Zi Yao hovered in the sky above the ma.s.sive lizard. Hearing him, her eyes turned cold but her smile didn't cease. "You heartless man. You don't even want to give me a little lizard. You don't have any affection for me, do you?"

Then, her eyes changed and showed her endless pa.s.sion for him, drilling into his eyes charmingly, "In Raging Flame Star Area, we had been through a lot of ups and downs. I followed you to Agate Star Area. I've been waiting for you for so many years to receive this? If I can't take this little lizard to recover, Desolate will kill me soon. Are you that heartless to see me die?"

At this moment, she sounded like the real Zi Yao.

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