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Cloud Mist Territory.

In this natural territory, a great change had happened. The Cloud Tribe had managed this place for thousands of years. And today, it was brutally cleaned.

So many warriors of the Cloud Tribe were killed quickly. Even the ones hiding underground couldn't escape death.

The creatures on the continents lived in misery. The Cloud Tribe fellows screamed hopelessly, but no one could help them.

Dozens of black holes like open mouths of demons crazily swallowed energy and soul altars of the Cloud Tribe experts.

Fear and despair covered and lingered in each of the members of the Cloud Tribe. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't change this deadly situation.

That year, when Fan De Lei commanded the experts of the Phantom Clan invading this land, he had shed blood on it. However, compared to this complete wash, it was just like a joke.

By the barrier between Cloud Territory and Mist Territory, Xuan He and Ming Hao lifted their heads to watch the sky and the giant creature. They saw the bright red eyes become slowly sober.

They all felt lucky for being able to see daylight after the thick mist went away.

Shi Yan had fallen into a mad slaughtering. They deeply felt this fear. While Shi Yan was cleaning the warriors of the Cloud Tribe, they didn't dare to act rashly as they were afraid that Shi Yan would accidentally kill them too.

They were lucky that Shi Yan still had his sound mind. The life-taking beams acted as if they didn't see them.

"He was so frantic!" Xuan He sighed and shook his head with emotion. "When I first saw him that year, I had never thought that he could reach today's height. He has the Territory Ancestor Realm and the Absolute Beginning creature's body. He has the Devouring power Upanishad and the eight great, evil power Upanishads. He even has s.p.a.ce, Star, and Life power Upanishads. He's the Son of Heaven, indeed!"

Ming Hao was also emotional.

When he first met Shi Yan, he didn't really appreciate him. He thought that Shi Yan was just luckier than others and that he would never reach Bloodthirsty's level.

At this moment, Shi Yan's competence and realm weren't less than Bloodthirsty; he had even surpa.s.sed him in some aspects!

For example, Shi Yan had the Absolute Beginning body and he had mastered the Star, s.p.a.ce, and Life power Upanishads. Bloodthirsty didn't have those fierce features.

Besides those, Shi Yan had the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. And now, he got the Absolute Beginning divine weapon called Skyfall Star River!

As they were at Territory Ancestor Realm, Xuan He and Ming Hao secretly compared Shi Yan and Bloodthirsty in his peak condition. They suddenly had a feeling that if these two fought, Shi Yan would have a higher chance of winning.

In other words, Shi Yan had surpa.s.sed Bloodthirsty at his best condition!

They were totally convinced. Lifting their heads to observe Shi Yan, the unique demon, Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick kneeled. At this moment, they were wholeheartedly subjected to Shi Yan. They knew that in the future, Shi Yan would advance further and not just simply stop at this realm.

In the future, Shi Yan would become the overlord of all galaxies. He would make all the races bow to his feet.

Near them, a group of warriors was shaking like leaves in the wind. They didn't dare to run or move.

They were the members of the Phantom Clan, including Fan Hui Nai, Fan De Lei's older sister. When the light shone on her, her soft body was chilled. Seeing the black holes in the void, she knew Shi Yan was that brutal demon. Filled with fear from seeing the familiar faces from the Cloud Tribe get killed, she slumped helplessly.

At this moment, all the soul altars in the sky were drawn into the black hole. Petrified, Fan Hui Nai and the members of the Phantom Clan couldn't speak. They were dumbstruck as they watched Shi Yan, the Giant Spirit.

Time flew silently.

Gradually, the souls and G.o.d power of the dead Cloud Tribe warriors were taken away by the black holes. Slowly, the jet black whirlpools scattered around Cloud Mist Territory gathered around Shi Yan like cl.u.s.ters of black clouds. They fused with each other and became a ma.s.sive black hole. Eventually, it came to Shi Yan's body.

Shi Yan's ma.s.sive Absolute Beginning body looked even bigger than a planet. Slowly, he shrank in the world of starlight. From a giant demon, he returned to the size of a normal human.

This process happened fast. Within around ten breaths, the giant demon disappeared and Shi Yan reappeared.

He didn't change a bit!

At first glance, people didn't recognize any chance. Only the existences like Ming Hao and Xuan He could feel the immense vitality in Shi Yan's body. The vigorous life energy fluctuations made them awe-struck.

After Shi Yan had returned to his old shape, his eyes were still closed. The sea of stars created by Skyfall Star River turned into a jet of light that fell from the sky and entered Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness and then his soul altar through his head.

Xuan He and the others naturally gathered around him. Azure Dragon and DeCarlos had respect on their faces as they stayed quiet.

Further from them, Fan Hui Nai asked her fellows from the Phantom Clan to not act rashly and just watchthe situation in silence.

After a while, Emperor Sea Shark flew toward them. With a complicated face, he steadied by Shi Yan and watched him and felt the earth-shaking life energy in his body. "He entered the Territory Ancestor Realm eventually. I've met many First Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm experts, but… I'm sure that no one can beat him. When his realm steadies and his G.o.d power condenses, he can challenge the characters at the level of Ten Great Territory Ancestors. He's incredible…" appraised Emperor Sea Shark.

When he first met Shi Yan on the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation, Shi Yan had a low realm. When he had to confront Ferrell and Neptune, he didn't have the power to resist.

After one hundred years, a relatively short period to the warriors like them, Shi Yan had amazingly entered the Territory Ancestor Realm. His power was thrilling for the others to hear. Emperor Sea Shark believed that Ferrell and Neptune couldn't be Shi Yan's match now. When Shi Yan's realm steadied and his G.o.d power condensed, experts like Ferrell and Neptune couldn't even run away if they faced him.

"Is that… him?" Audrey muttered as she couldn't believe her own eyes.

"Where's my brother?" Fan Hui Nai gingerly came, her beautiful face aghast. She asked Emperor Sea Shark, "Where is my brother? Where is Fan De Lei? Is he okay?"

At this moment, they finally noticed the Phantom Clan warriors.

Shi Yan had cleared up the Cloud Tribe, but he didn't hunt the Phantom Clan warriors to the last member. Apparently, he wanted to give Montecie face. Otherwise, Fan De Lei would have been killed already and the members of the Phantom Clan here wouldn't have been able to escape.

"Fan De Lei left through the territory entrance. He was frightened. He knew if he stayed, he would continue to be attacked by Shi Yan." Emperor Sea Shark frowned and then continued, "Shi Yan didn't kill you guys because he remembers Montecie's favor. He's giving your Phantom Clan face. Right, I think you can take your fellows and leave. I think he won't attack you guys."

Hearing him, Fan Hui Nai said thanks and bowed to greet them.

"Later on, you two shouldn't come to Cloud Mist Territory anymore. Or else, no one can tell what will happen," Emperor Sea Shark said coldly.

Fan Hui Nai's beautiful eyes batted as she stuttered, "No! No! We won't dare!"

She had made up her mind. Even if she had to die, she would never come to Cloud Mist Territory or provoke Shi Yan ever again. The experts of the Cloud Tribe were all killed. Wasn't it a good lesson to them?

She had brought the beautiful people of the Phantom Clan, shivering while heading towards the territory entrance. They were afraid that Shi Yan would open his eyes and kill them in any second.

When they came to the territory entrance, they could exhale in relief. They took all the warriors watching the territory entrance with them and left Cloud Mist Territory.

Cloud Mist Territory no longer had a member of the Phantom Clan left and all the experts of the Cloud Tribe perished.

Of course, Cloud Mist Territory had many warriors from other races and forces including high-realm warriors. They also wanted to seize the chance and do something. However, when they realized that all the experts of the Cloud Tribe were ma.s.sacred, they were scared out of their wits and discreetly left.

Some wise leaders of the other forces came to Grace Mainland to show Yang Tian Emperor, Fu Wei, and the others their good will. They never dared to provoke the warriors on Grace Mainland and they were going to submit a certain amount of cultivating materials to Grace Mainland every year.

They surrendered, but they knew things have changed. They understood that the master of Cloud Mist Territory was no longer Fan De Lei and the members of the Cloud Tribe.

The new master was the owner of Grace Mainland.

Three months pa.s.sed by rapidly.

During the time, all the forces, big and small, had come to Grace Mainland to show their att.i.tude and loyalty.

Without Fan De Lei and the experts of the Cloud Tribe, the entire Cloud Mist Territory was managed by the warriors of Grace Mainland. This territory had a new Master.

The Phantom Clan didn't send any hotshot to the place so the territory gradually quieted down.

Deep inside the sea of clouds, Shi Yan hovered still. He had sat there for three months.

Audrey, Yang Tian Emperor, Blood Devil, and Emperor Sea Shark guarded him and waited for him to steady his realm and wake up.

They all knew that Shi Yan needed time to refine his energy after the b.l.o.o.d.y genocide and his breakthrough to the Territory Ancestor Realm. He needed to quiet down his mind and strengthen his realm.

They were waiting for Shi Yan and protecting him in case someone tried to seize the chance to ambush him.

Today, after three months of staying silent, Shi Yan exhaled and woke up as people around were expecting him.

Opening his eyes, Shi Yan looked calm and relaxed as usual. It seemed like he didn't change a bit. Ming Hao and Xuan He didn't sense the powerful aura of a Territory Ancestor on his body. While they were still surprised, Shi Yan grinned and said, "Did we take over Cloud Mist Territory smoothly?"

Xuan He, Frederick and the others smiled and nodded to him. Then, they hurried to ask him about the situation under the sea of clouds.

At this moment, the s.p.a.ce barrier by the sea of clouds had resumed its layers. No one knew what was under that thick layer of clouds. Of course, they didn't know what had happened to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan didn't want to explain and just smiled, "I got Skyfall Star River and entered the Territory Ancestor Realm. Montecie brought me here to give me a big encounter. Yeah, at this moment, Cloud Mist Territory is secure. You guys can stay here to cultivate. I need to go out for a while."

"Where are you going?" asked Audrey.

"When I was in the Sea of Annihilation, I got the worst from Ferrell, Ricardo, and Neptune. There are some due debts. Time to clean it up," Shi Yan said in a husky voice.

"I'm going with you," Emperor Sea Shark was startled as he screamed. "I got some debts I want to take back too!"

"No! You're staying here. Cloud Mist Territory needs to be protected by you. If you aren't here, I will be worried," said Shi Yan seriously.

"But…" Emperor Sea Shark was fl.u.s.tered.

"You just got the Original Symbol; you need more time to study it. Stay." Shi Yan's eyes scanned the crowd and he got up with a smile. He didn't mind the others and disappeared little by little under their gaze.

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