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The brutal, earth-shaking aura came unceasingly from underneath the cloud sea. Together with that horrible aura, a pair of red eyes that were like red suns emerged.

The warriors of the Cloud Tribe were shivering in great fear. They were running and trying to escape the thing under the sea of clouds. However, even though they wanted to run, their limbs were numb and their soul altars were sealed so they couldn't urge their soul power.

The terrifying pressure in the soul permeated the place and expanded everywhere. Everybody was so chilled.

Even Ming Hao, Xuan He, and the others were frightened. They didn't know what was happening and just watched the clouds in fear.

Layers of s.p.a.ce barriers over there were torn apart. In the thick clouds and mist, they could see only a pair of red sun eyes, which contained brutal, bloodthirsty intents. Looking at those eyes, people would have been petrified.

The fearful, bloodthirsty, brutal, merciless, and despairing thoughts flooded everybody here through that pair of red pupils.

Low-realm warriors of the Cloud Tribe were overwhelmed by the negative energies that even the world had to fear. They cracked and they bled from holes on their faces. Many of them fell into bedevilment and their soul altars shattered!


A roar came from underneath the sea of cloud that shook the entire sky. Each creature's soul in Cloud Mist Territory shivered. They felt the fear that would have been felt if the world ended.

The members of the Cloud Tribe nearby kneeled and shivered. They didn't have a fighting will anymore.

Xuan He, Ming Hao, and the others were quivering in fear too as they didn't know what the giant demon down there was. While they were still skeptical, layers of thick mist in the sea of cloud vanished. A giant creature tore the clouds and emerged.

It was something so big like a Giant Spirit!

That creature was covered in scaled armor. His head touched the sky while his feet stomped on the ground. Strange and ferocious spikes jutted from the shoulders, elbows, and knees. A gruesome, powerful pair of bone wings shadowed the entire world.

It was a horrible creature that could compare to Hui!

His pair of garnet eyes carried endless bloodthirsty, murderous intents. His giant body was as big as Grace Mainland. After that creature steadied his body, people knew that they were just a tiny ant compared to this giant.

"Oh my G.o.d! What is that terrifying creature?"

"How could a dreadful creature like that exist under the clouds?"

"Is it true that the Mighty Heaven wants to destroy the Cloud Tribe?"


Seeing the creature emerge, the Cloud Tribe warriors groaned in despair. Cilan and Dalsa were dumbstruck. They felt so helpless and dispirited.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The sparkling stars emerged from the chest of that giant and became a brilliant galaxy in just a second. The dazzling, beautiful galaxy was mysterious and mesmerizing. Each of the stars in there had vigorous life energy fluctuations. Looking at that band of stars from below, people felt a terrifying pressure.

"Skyfall Star River! It's Skyfall Star River!"

"It's real. It was under the sea of clouds. Billions of years ago, it was in the sky of Cloud Mist Territory. After it had sunk into the sea of clouds, it has never emerged. Today, it finally came back to this world!"

"This brutal creature got it!"

While the members of the Cloud Tribe were screaming in panic, Skyfall Star River changed into a twinkling chain. That chain was made of stars and was millions of miles long. The Giant Spirit grabbed it in one hand, which made him look like the only G.o.d that ruled s.p.a.ce. He swung the chain and made it the most terrifying weapon. He attacked the crowd of the Cloud Tribe in Cloud Mist Territory.

As the chain was flung away, layers of shining starlight sparkled and covered the experts of the Cloud Tribe.

Each warrior of the Cloud Tribe dissolved in the light as if they were made of water and not even a bit of bone was left.

The mad slaughter had begun. Cloud Tribe warriors ran away in fear. However, the chain was millions of miles long; it seemed to be able to pierce through the sky and earth, linking the past with the present. As the stars moved, the experts of the Cloud Tribe disappeared.

The experts of the Cloud Tribe like Cilan and Dalsa couldn't escape their fatal fate. In the light of the chain, they sparked like fireworks and vanished.

Quinn and his members of the High Priest Committee were scared out of their wits and they tried to run for their lives. Unfortunately, the shining chain suddenly parted like a giant dragon, transforming into millions of light beams that shot everywhere. After that, hordes of Cloud Mist Territory members were killed.

At the same time, Xuan He, Ming Hao, and the others stood still, but the light beams didn't attack them. Those light beams seemed to have their own consciousness. Every time they came close to Xuan He and Ming Hao, they changed their direction.

In the vast territory of Cloud Mist Territory, those shooting light beams were moving fast and taking lives from Cloud Mist Territory experts.

On the continents inside the territory, many experts could feel the changes in earth and heaven. They were curious to see what was going on. However, they weren't vigilant when a beam of starlight hit them and took their lives away.

Light beams moved around the entire Cloud Mist Territory in every corner of the continents or the sky. Those lights had killed only warriors with soul altars. As long as they emerged, the light beams notified and killed them on their own, following their Master's evil wish.

Only one place wasn't touched.

Grace Mainland was in the former location of the Cloud Tribe's holy land. Many experts there like Yang Tian Emperor could feel the great changes. They hovered in the sky of Grace Mainland to observe.

They could see the warriors around the continent killed by the lights. Although they were close to those light beams, the fatal beams had avoided them. Recognizing the strange situation, the members of Cloud Tribe around had hope.

They all came to Grace Mainland.

However, more light beams shot toward them before they could approach Grace Mainland. Right in front of Yang Tian Emperor, Fu Wei, Feng Han, and the others, they perished.

Jet black whirlpools appeared in the skies of the continents within Cloud Mist Territory. As soon as they emerged, they sucked crazily.

The soul altars and the G.o.d power from the deceased were guided into the black vortexes. Hovering by the horrible existence like the Giant Spirit were nine same black caves. They opened like giant mouths of beasts that swallowed the soul altars and the Essence from the dead warriors.

Xuan He, Frederick, and Ming Hao felt horrible as they didn't know what that giant creature was.

Until those vortexes emerged, Ming Hao was shocked. With divine light shooting out of his eyes, he screamed, "Shi Yan! That's Shi Yan!"

The experts who had received Bloodthirsty's inheritances understood it now. They all gazed at the jet black whirlpools.

It was a strange phenomenon created by the Devouring power Upanishad! Only the overlord with the Devouring power Upanishad could absorb the energy through the black vortexes in the sky.

The fierce, ferocious giant that had stirred up the entire Cloud Mist Territory was Shi Yan. There was no doubt!

When they looked at the savage eyes of that creature, they were more certain. At this moment, Shi Yan was sinking deep in his slaughter. His red eyes showed them that he was in an extreme condition. However, they knew he hadn't lost his mind yet. They knew that because the light beams didn't attack them even though they stood still.

"He… what happened to him?" Audrey's lips trembled as she watched the fierce Shi Yan attack the entire world. She was filled with doubt and curiosity.

"His body can compare to the body of Absolute Beginning creature. His life energy fluctuated powerfully. I've seen the same thing on Hui. Also, even Dragon Lizard, the second generation of Lizard, has a body that can't reach this level!" Azure Dragon, the Holy Ancestor of the Heavenly Monster Tribe had lived for one hundred thousand years. At this moment, his voice trembled. "If I'm not wrong, Shi Yan has transformed his body to the body of a real Absolute Beginning creature, just like Devour and Hui, the ones that have lived for billions of years. I wonder what happened to him down there…"

Azure Dragon startled everybody. The body of an Absolute Beginning creature! Only the real Absolute Beginning creatures could have abody like that, the legendary undying body!

Shi Yan had reached that level!

While they were talking, more and more Cloud Tribe fellows were killed. The chain that Skyfall Star River had created changed again. It was now a dazzling star map.

The star map emerged in the sky of Cloud Mist Territory. Beautiful stars began to fall from the star map. The experts of the Cloud Tribe bidding in the forest or underground were killed. Shortly after, the entire Cloud Mist Territory had to bear the most terrifying damage ever. Almost all the experts were ma.s.sacred.


The giant with the red eyes punched the void. As soon as his fist rose, lights in this entire world extinguished. The world sank into thick darkness.

Darkness had shrouded the world. That punch brought a desperate and destructive intent. His fist then emitted strange corrosive energy that flew extremely far distances and shattered halos of the stars. Darkness rose again and shadowed all of the lights.

Inside the halo over there, Fan De Lei's body cracked and sounded like he had a lot of internal explosions. Dark blood trickled from the corners of his mouth, his face pale. He looked at the mysterious, bright star map afar and shivered. He knew Skyfall Star River now had an owner and he knew who its owner was.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Rolling energy became waves with destructive, desperate, and chaotic energy that swarmed toward him.

Fan De Lei felt his chest get heavy and irritated when the aura with evil, negative energies filled him. He wanted to urge his Star power Upanishad, but the star map over there seemed to be able to change his energy. Fan De Lei discolored in fear. He retrieved power and shivered. Hesitating for a moment, he left Emperor Sea Shark and tried to run to the territory entrance.

Soon, he reached the territory entrance and left Cilan and even Fan Hui Nai behind. He had ignored his subordinates and ran helter-skelter.

Fan De Lei had run away, which also meant that no one could stop Shi Yan's ma.s.sacre in Cloud Mist Territory. He had used the most merciless deeds to clean all the stubborn warriors of the Cloud Tribe to rule Cloud Mist Territory. The Cloud Tribe wouldn't rise again within the next ten thousand years.

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