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Phantom Clan.

The place where the Phantom Clan dwelled had flowers and thin mist everywhere that looked like a fairyland.

Many good-looking men and women were cultivating, absorbing energy, and refining their bodies to understand the mysteries of their power Upanishads. In a secret chamber underground created by seven types of divine crystals, Montecie asked Mei Ji to stay aside and she stood in front of a dazzling crystal. This crystal was like a bright mirror that projected many different scenes.

Montecie's pet.i.te and swift body emitted silver light and aimed at the mirror. A blurry figure appeared in the mirror.

"Sauron!" Montecie screamed in a low-pitched voice.

"Montecie, long time no see. How are you doing? Did you take that kid to Cloud Mist Territory?" The vague figure in the mirror smiled and spoke casually.

"He and that planet are in the former holy land of the Cloud Tribe. Is it true that Skyfall Star River is right under the sea of clouds?" asked Montecie earnestly.

When she and Mei Ji left the Phantom Clan's headquarters to Desolate, Sauron had contacted her and asked her to help him one thing.

Sauron seemed to know that Shi Yan would leave Desolate Territory with Grace Mainland. At first, Montecie didn't believe him. However, what happened after had successively proven Sauron's prophecy. Shi Yan had acted as he had predicted and left Desolate Territory.

Montecie admired Sauron.

Sauron had asked her to take Shi Yan to Cloud Mist Territory after he had left Desolate Territory and to tell him the secrets of Skyfall Star River under the sea of clouds.

Montecie followed his words.

However, she didn't know what would happen to Shi Yan.

"Shi Yan is the key. The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower that has fused with him is the key to the Absolute Beginning Gateway. If his realm isn't high enough and his power isn't strong enough, he can't control this key. We need him to get stronger. A strong Shi Yan will trouble Desolate. Skyfall Star River will definitely fuse with him…"

Sauron smiled as if he could see every tiny thing in every corner of the universe. "It's strange, though. I've cultivated Fate power Upanishad. I can see people's pasts and vaguely catch their direction in the future. However, I have never caught his fate. This kid is really interesting!"

"He's the key?" Montecie was surprised.

"To be exact, the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower is the key. Judy, Beverly, Edgar, and the Absolute Beginning creatures like Devour are trying their best to take that Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. They should know something, I a.s.sumed," Sauron smiled. "There is more than Skyfall Star River under that sea of clouds. When he gets out, I think he will reach the Territory Ancestor Realm. Yes, please remember this. You must take him there. He must be there!"

Montecie pondered for a while and then nodded.

Sauron faded and disappeared, leaving no trace.

"Sigh, I don't know what plan he has. Since when did he lay his eyes on Shi Yan?" Montecie mumbled after Sauron was gone, her eyes puzzled.


Deep inside the cloud sea.

The rapid currents wound around Fan De Lei's body like squeezing snakes.

Fan De Lei's body was filled with starlight. He was now a source of light, but his light was dim and cold while resisting the supple power of water. The starlight bands were like shuttles twirling around Emperor Sea Shark that smashed the clouds. Slowly, their arena moved deep inside the cloud sea.

Dalsa and Cilan were fighting against Minh Hao, Xuan He, and the others. Apparently, the Cloud warriors weren't equal opponents for the experts from Grace Mainland.

Especially Audrey. Audrey had the Soul Refining Cauldron, an Absolute Beginning divine weapon. When her thoughts flickered, countless evil spirits and brutal souls that were like a thick cl.u.s.ter of dark clouds appeared and twisted into a strange formation that could distort souls and make warriors shiver and their soul altars tremble.

This battle lasted for several days. The Cloud Tribe warriors couldn't endure it any longer. Many of them got hurt.

In the beginning, Quinn had controlled his High Priest Committee's members and not let them join the battle. However, seeing his Cloud fellows fail, Quinn thought that they got the same enemy. As they were from the same race, they couldn't just watch others kill their fellows.

Quinn ordered the High Priest Committee to engage in the battle. After that, the pressure the Cloud warriors had to bear was reduced.

However, after a while, they couldn't endure it. The Immortal Realm experts like Ming Hao, Xuan He, Frederick, DeCarlos, Lei Di, and Azure Dragon had experienced b.l.o.o.d.y wars. They were all brutal, evil experts. Not many warriors at the same level could parry with them.

When they showed their cruel deeds, the Cloud Tribe warriors couldn't resist and got beaten up.

As Quinn and Cilan saw the situating get worse, they quietly sent messages. The Cloud Tribe fellows living in Cloud Mist Territory and cultivating around gathered when they received the call. Most of them didn't have high realms. They just had some at Incipient G.o.d Realm, but they had already outnumbered the opponents.

Several thousand warriors had come.

After they arrived, they arrayed in a formation and moved through the clouds to create barriers, sealing and attacking the others.

The victory seemed to tilt towards them.

More Cloud Tribe warriors had arrived. Ming Hao, and Xuan He felt a little overwhelmed as they had to turn from ma.s.sive attack to a small circle of defense.

"We got more than fifty wounded fellows and twenty were killed. Their realms weren't low. We can't underestimate those outsiders!" Cilan looked at her fellows whining and groaning on puddles of blood, her face chilled. A member of her tribe was. .h.i.t by the Corrosion power Upanishad. His body was eroding and melting into a puddle of blood.

"I can't believe they've mastered the power of the Devouring Clan!" someone screamed in fear.

"Retreat! Do not come close to those eroding blood splashes!" Dalsa screamed. He knew how terrifying the Corrosion power Upanishad was. Low-realm warriors could be corroded to death if they got in contact with that deadly blood.

"Those d.a.m.ned outsiders! They have to pay a big price!" screamed the Cloud warriors.

"Kill them!"

"Kill them all!"

So many members of the Cloud Tribe were screaming. They came above the clouds, their eyes sinister.

Some of them were members of the Phantom Clan, Fan De Lei's subordinates. While Fan De Lei was fighting against Emperor Sea Shark, Fan Hui Nai commanded them.

Fan Hui Nai wore a red dress that was as beautiful as a blooming flower. She stood amongst the brawny men and giggled, "Your leader was swallowed by the sea of clouds. He's now in pieces inside that s.p.a.ce barrier. Why do you need to be persistent? Is it necessary?"

She was talking to Ming Hao and Xuan He.

"Even if all of you are dead, he'll be alright." Xuan He said casually. When Shi Yan's body was sucked to the world underneath, he was sure that Shi Yan was alright because it was his own soul that had drawn his body away. It meant that Shi Yan's soul was intact and the s.p.a.ce barriers didn't affect him.

"You're so stubborn." Fan Hui Nai shook her head and said to Dalsa, "Those outsiders seek death. Kill them then."



The members of the Cloud Clan screamed. They swarmed over and used many different power Upanishads. The thick, heavy clouds came like mountains or rapid rivers and hit Ming Has and Xuan He.

The sea of clouds had become heavy rocks. Each member of the Cloud Tribe had released thick clouds, which were connected to each other and creating a ma.s.sive net that heavily pounded down.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A blood membrane in front of Xuan He was smashed. Xuan He's faced reddened as he was hurt.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Ming Hao's soul clones were besieged inside those clouds and then they disappeared.

The Cloud Tribe had mobilized all the warriors of the clan to attack Ming Hao's team crazily. Ming Hao and the others were outnumbered. They gradually got tired and hurt.

When Fan De Lei attacked the Cloud Tribe that year, although he was a Territory Ancestor Realm expert, he had to seize the chance when the Cloud Tribe was in a civil war to defeat them.

The Cloud Tribe could use the natural advantages of the sea of clouds to resist even Territory Ancestor Realm experts. Xuan He's side didn't have a Territory Ancestor Realm expert. The only expert in their team was fighting against Fan De Lei. As the warriors of the Cloud Clan torrentially came, the defense that Ming Hao, Xuan He, and the others had created slowly collapsed. They got hurt, eventually.

Suddenly, layers of s.p.a.ce barriers cracked.

Thousands of lightsabers shot out from underneath. Cloud Tribe warriors around were slashed into pieces of flesh.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Sharp s.p.a.ce sabers shooting from the barrier explosion took a group of the Cloud Tribe warriors to h.e.l.l.

The attacking formation of the Cloud Tribe broke. The sharp sabers had minced them.

The Cloud Tribe fellows screamed and ran away from this area. Quinn, Cilan, and Dalsa discolored and looked at the area where the sabers were shot.

They understood that it was an important area to enter the world under the sea of clouds. It was the magical land where Skyfall Star River had sunk.

Shi Yan had been sucked down there. And now, something strange was happening,. Did the barrier open now?

Inside the thick cl.u.s.ters of clouds, two red halos appeared. They were so ma.s.sive. They concentrated and found two beads inside the halos. They were b.l.o.o.d.y pupils.

"Eyes! They are a pair of eyes!" shrieked a member of the Cloud Tribe. He was so panicked as he tried to flee.

Cilan and Quinn were scared out of their wits as they didn't know what the horrible beast down there was. Just a pair of eyes and they were as big as b.l.o.o.d.y suns. How big was the body of this brutal beast?

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A thick murderous, cruel aura emitted from underneath the cloud sea with terrifying bearings. It seemed to be able to break the world and tear Cloud Mist Territory apart!

The soul altars of the members of the Cloud Tribe were shaking hard. Under such pressure, they were about to shatter.

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