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Shi Yan's soul altar moved through the natural s.p.a.ce barrier and appeared in the world below the cloud sea. Shi Yan was dazed right away.

It was the beautiful, brilliant starry sky by his soul. It was the most magnificent galaxy he had ever seen. It was mysterious and deep; it gave him a feeling that it would never disappear.

It was the world under the cloud sea, a world of brilliant stars. Each of the stars here had vigorous life energy fluctuations as if they had their own souls.

After a glance, the stars weaved with each other and created rivers that were flowing in a magical trajectory.

The co-soul and the host soul observed the splendid rivers. Shi Yan was suddenly touched. It was an affection that came from the bottom of his heart!

The galaxy created by millions of stars parted into different rivers in the sky as if the stars were streaming and moving.

He observed the area underneath.

It was a ma.s.sive continent that nothing could compare to where there were so many deep gorges with rivers flowing. Inside those running rivers, Shi Yan felt a stinky smell, which surprised him a lot.

Underneath the sea of clouds, there was a ma.s.sive continent where there were so many rapid rivers.

It was incredible and unbelievable!

The heavenly rivers in the sky were flowing and the rivers on the continents were gushing. They were the veins of earth and heaven. The host soul and the co-soul gazed at the rivers in the sky and on the land. Somehow, they perceived something spectacular.

Shi Yan's vast Sea of Consciousness suddenly divided and made many currents of Soul Consciousness.

Looking at the sky and the ground, Shi Yan made the rivers in his Sea of Consciousness move towards the trajectories of the rivers in the sky and on the ground.

Suddenly, he felt that he had just grasped the rule of Nature or the Great Path. It was so breathtaking. He cheered up and put everything aside to focus on perceiving the marvelous feelings.

While concentrating, he didn't know the condition of his body. He didn't know that the G.o.d power was murmuring in his veins as if it was moving in the same trajectory with the rivers in the sky, on the ground, and in his Sea of Consciousness.

Right where Emperor Sea Shark and the others were fighting Fan De Lei, Xuan He was protecting his body, so he found the strange situation immediately.

Xuan He observed and found that Shi Yan's body was full of vitality even though his soul altar wasn't there. Shi Yan's veins were filled with pure energy and his veins were now rivers that guided his power moving in a mysterious and marvelous trajectory. It scared Xuan He out of his wits.

Xuan He didn't have time to scream when Shi Yan's soul aura came from the s.p.a.ce barrier.

Shi Yan's body was summoned. As Xuan He was still dumbstruck and standing like a statue, Shi Yan's body turned into a jet of light and shot toward the barrier underneath.

The incident happened in just a blink of an eye. Xuan He couldn't do anything to stop it. When he could react, Shi Yan had disappeared already.


Shi Yan's body pierced through the s.p.a.ce barrier and went to the world beneath the cloud sea, right next to his soul altar.

His host soul and his co-soul didn't react as they were quietly learning the spectacular essence of earth and heaven. When his body entered, it sank to the continent as if it had gotten rid of the soul altar's control.


His body fell into a river and sent a shaking tremor to the entire continent. Instantly, G.o.d power in Shi Yan's veins had connected to the river on the ground.

The Star power Upanishad in Shi Yan's soul altar radiated magnificent lights!

The twinkling starlight flew out of the rivers in the sky and fell onto the river on the ground. Instantaneously, the rivers on the ground reeked with the smell of a river and fresh blood!

The river water connected to Shi Yan's veins and flooded his body furiously. Billions of pores on his body opened and sucked the reeking water.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Magically, Shi Yan's blood boiled. The Immortal Demon Blood was burning. As his consciousness hadn't done anything to trigger his body, his body automatically transformed!

The rivers in the sky were the veins of heaven; the rivers on the ground were the veins of earth; the veins in the body transported blood; and the rivers in the Sea of Consciousness were the veins of the soul.

The Heaven, Earth, Human, and Soul had fused into one in Shi Yan's body and blended harmoniously and beautifully.

If someone else was in this world at the moment, he would have seen star rivers in the sky that were moving and congregating in Shi Yan's soul altar and entering his immensely vast Incipient Extent. The heavenly rivers created by Skyfall Star River became the band of stars in Shi Yan's Incipient Extent; they made his Incipient Extent more spectacular and mysterious.

Underneath, the rivers on the continent that was dozens of times bigger than Grace Mainland were running out.

Quite the contrary, Shi Yan's body inside one of those rivers was ballooning fast!

His body was absorbing the river water and transforming!

It was heading to the giant shape of the Absolute Beginning creatures!

Gradually, Shi Yan's unique shape appeared. His entire body was covered in natural scaled armor. Strange and savage spikes jutted out of his shoulders, elbows, and knees. A pair of bone wings grew from his broad back. His fingers became so sharp like claws of strong beasts!

His body was already brawny and now, it looked as if it was being magnified. As the rivers were being drained, life energy fluctuated more terrifyingly from his body. Gradually, his body was getting bigger than Dragon Lizard and he could compare to the true body of Dragon Lizard inside Dragon Lizard Star that year.

Shi Yan now looked like an ancient G.o.d lying across the continent like a mountain range that had stretched millions of miles!

His head, facial features, body, and limbs were growing and he was turning into a giant. However, he was so big that even members of the Giant Tribe were like ants compared to his elephant body. At this moment, his body had grown tens of thousands of times compared to his original size.

As the rivers on the ground gradually drained, Shi Yan's body still grew and the life energy in his body got stronger and stronger!

Time flew hurriedly. When the rivers on the ground dried, Shi Yan's body was as big as Absolute Beginning creatures like Devour or Hui!

It seemed like another Absolute Beginning creature was just born!

At the same time, Shi Yan's Incipient Extent had quietly changed and ascended into a Territory. Dark Energy in the soul pond inside his Sea of Consciousness overflowed and poured into the Incipient Extent. The brilliant stars inside the Incipient Extent began to move. Auras of lives slowly grew in the planets that Shi Yan had created.

When the Incipient Extent had life energy fluctuating, it was the sign that it was transforming into a Territory. As Skyfall Star River had entered Shi Yan's Incipient Extent, his Incipient Extent was absorbing Dark Energy and creating lives. His world now had new species, new races. Only Territory Ancestor Realm experts had the power to create lives!

Shi Yan's soul altar got the star rivers from the sky and his body got rivers on the ground. In this strange land, Shi Yan got great benefits! He was becoming a Territory Ancestor at an amazing speed!

The Great Priest Quinn didn't know that Cloud Mist Territory had parted a long time ago. Cloud Mist Territory was created by the combination of Cloud Territory and Mist Territory. Between the two territories were layers of s.p.a.ce barriers. The purpose of Cloud Territory was to conceal Mist Territory.

"Mist" meant hide and conceal. Mist Territory was the hidden world. In the Absolute Beginning Era, this world was one of the most magical lands. It was where Absolute Beginning creatures healed from their wounds. It wasn't because of his profound s.p.a.ce power Upanishad that Shi Yan could enter this place. To be exact, it was because his soul had the aura of an Absolute Beginning creature!

His co-soul had merged with two soul clones of Desolate, which made him a part of an Absolute Beginning creature.

Shi Yan didn't know that Absolute Beginning creatures like Desolate, Devour, and Hui had tried a lot to find this place to recover their power. The river water in the rivers on the ground was actually Life Original Fluid, a magical fluid that could transform lives. Unfortunately, this hidden world was so mysterious that Devour and Hui couldn't find it.

Shi Yan had accidentally entered this area and transformed using the Life Original Fluid here. After ascending once, he had reached the level of Absolute Beginning creatures!

His body had become like an Absolute Beginning creature!

His Incipient Extent had turned into a Territory. When his cultivation base increased, his territory was going to become more magical, which could be even better than Desolate Territory!

After taking in Life Original Fluid and Skyfall Star River had entered his Territory, besides entering the Territory Ancestor Realm, Shi Yan's body also became like an Absolute Beginning creature!


Desolate Territory.

Desolate, Ancient G.o.d Continent, Ancient Demon Continent, and G.o.d-blessed Mainland had merged with each other and become a ma.s.sive life star. This life star was a strange, immense world that was blank. An ancient creature like a dragon lay across the planet. It was the heart of this continent.

This dragon-like ancient creature was Desolate's real body. It was stretching like an endless mountain range. Also, it wasn't complete yet.

On the dragon head, Ghost Hunter in his human form slowly emerged, his eyes dark and mysterious. At this moment, he seemed to understand something. His eyes pierced through the endless s.p.a.ce to look at Grace Mainland in Cloud Mist Territory. He was slightly shocked. Through the soul connection, he could feel Shi Yan's changes.

"The Absolute Beginning body and Territory Ancestor Realm…" Ghost Hunter muttered, his face bizarre. "It's a little difficult to merge with him. But it will come with greater benefits. I can recover my power and I can even get the height I couldn't reach in the Absolute Beginning Era! If so, I can get through the Absolute Beginning Gateway without the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower!"

While talking, the giant body wiggled. Desolate's true body on the continent moved. The enormous energy in the planet gushed. With terrifying roars, he moved away in the infinite outer s.p.a.ce.


Inside the turbulent s.p.a.ce basin, the twelve-headed giant snake, Hui's true body, was gathering energy. Sitting on the gorgeous throne above the snake's head, Zi Yao changed her visage. "This roar… He is almost finished recovering. It's not good to stay here any longer."

Then, the twelve-headed snake body of Hui moved through many broken asteroids and headed toward the territory entrance.


Deep inside the territory of the Devouring Clan, Sea Domain of Nihility.

Devour also heard the roar in his soul. He knew Desolate's strength was increasing. Devour was frightened. He knew that the terrifying danger was approaching.

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