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"What do you think? Can you break the seal?"

Quinn the Great Priest looked tense as he gazed at Shi Yan. To break the seal in this area, he had hired several experts with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad.

Those warriors had tried their best, but none of them ever succeeded. One of them died from failing to break the seal.

And that one also had the highest realm. It had cast a shadow in Quinn's head and made him restlessly worried.

Fan De Lei, Dalsa and the others came after Shi Yan. Seeing the strange land with layers of lights, their eyes brightened.

Dalsa and Cilan had studied the clue and spent a lot of time and effort. They thought that they were close to the secret of Skyfall Star River. But when they saw this place now, they knew their clue couldn't lead them here.

"Did you try to hit it hard?" Shi Yan didn't answer but ask.

"I did. Bad results…" Quinn pulled a bitter face. "We couldn't open it and the backfire hit us hard. Although that expert was at Third Sky of Immortal Realm, he almost lost his life…"

"I can try to break the seal with s.p.a.ce energy, but I need to check the thickness of this natural s.p.a.ce wall first. I need someone to hit the wall. A high-realm expert is better." He glanced at Fan De Lei and said indifferently, "Precursor Quinn, show us the location of Skyfall Star River; I've mastered the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. We've both contributed, but someone hasn't done a thing…"

Quinn turned to Fan De Lei. Previously, Fan De Lei had attacked them. He had almost killed Quinn and the members of the High Priest Committee. It was impossible that Quinn didn't loathe him. Thus, when Shi Yan reminded him, Quinn turned to Fan De Lei and asked, "What do you think?"

"Alright!" Fan De Lei was resolute. He lifted his front tunic aside and shot towards the wall like a big beam of light.

So many sparkling dots flashed with thick starlight and created a star lance above Fan De Lei's head. It was a bright silver lance created by thousands of light beams. It thrust into the s.p.a.ce wall like a waterfall.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Layers of s.p.a.ce barriers that were like sheets of water were placed on each other. All of a sudden, halos rippled and created natural s.p.a.ce patterns.

Heavy pressure from the sealed s.p.a.ce came from that s.p.a.ce barrier. People observed and found strange light including lightsabers that shot out like pieces of a ruptured lens. Those light sabers attacked everywhere.

Pufft! Crack!

The warriors hovering nearby got hit. The lightsabers pierced through their bodies and their chests exploded.

Since Fan De Lei was taking action, he couldn't distract his mind to protect his subordinates. Many warriors of the Cloud Tribe and the Phantom Clan got hit and their bodies exploded.

Before Fan De Lei had taken action, Shi Yan had guessed the results and he had discreetly notified Emperor Sea Shark.

When the lightsabers exploded, Emperor Sea Shark and Shi Yan took action. They joined hands to create many barriers and shields to prevent those deadly sabers from hitting anyone in their grouop.

No one in his group was hurt. They held cold smiles as they watched Dalsa and his people.

Boop! Boop! Boop!

Fan De Lei received most of the lightsabers. He was now dazzling like a big star and smashing all the lightsabers.

He looked helter-skelter. He didn't continue to hit the wall but retreated. He rolled his eyes at Shi Yan, "Are you satisfied now?"

"I am," Shi Yan didn't mind him. After Fan De Lei moved aside, Shi Yan stepped forward to the s.p.a.ce barrier.

Emperor Sea Shark, Ming Hao, and Xuan He immediately swarmed over and pushed Quin's High Priest Committee away. They all pulled stern faces and become vigilant. If Fan De Lei's people moved, they would take action right away.

The members of the Cloud Tribe were screaming painfully. Three experts at First Sky of Immortal Realm had their bodies shatter. Their soul altars flew out and the others preserved them inside some special tools.

Quinn's people also retreated. They looked at Shi Yan and expected him to open the seal.

Shi Yan stood on the natural s.p.a.ce barrier and urged his s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. Shortly after, a polyhedral prism emerged from his glabella. As soon as the prism appeared, the onlookers had a magical feeling. They felt as if they were in different s.p.a.ces.

This polyhedral prism was Shi Yan's s.p.a.ce power Upanishad in his tier of power Upanishads. The prism reflected different s.p.a.ces and mingling between illusory and real s.p.a.ces. If Shi Yan didn't use his power, those s.p.a.ces were just illusions. But if he used his G.o.d power to condense them, those s.p.a.ces would become real.

Real or illusory, it depended on Shi Yan's thoughts.

The prism that was projecting different illusory s.p.a.ces suddenly fell onto the natural s.p.a.ce barriers. Shortly after, it got into the first layer of the barrier.

A wonderful feeling that nothing could compareto filled Shi Yan's head. He recognized that after the prism had entered the s.p.a.ce barrier, his Soul Consciousness had pierced through layers of barriers and fallen into the sea of clouds underneath.


As his Soul Consciousness had permeated through the barrier, his entire soul altar arose. The Sea of Consciousness, the tier of power Upanishads, heaven flames, the tier of Incipient Extent, the co-soul and the host soul piled up and created a lotus-throne-like structure. At first glance, they were like the most exquisite and perfect masterpiece. Its beauty looked unreal, though.

Fan De Lei and the fellows of the Cloud Tribe were awe-struck when they saw Shi Yan's soul altar.

They never saw a soul altar as marvelous as this one!

Ming Hao, Xuan He, Audrey, and the others were dumbstruck when they saw Shi Yan's arising soul altar.

How marvelous this soul altar was!

The Sea of Consciousness was immense and hazy, and consisted of layers of wisps of Soul Consciousness. In the middle of the Sea of Consciousness was a pond congregating Dark Energy. It was deep green with endless soul energy.

In the tier of power Upanishads, the river of the Star energy, the Life Ball with the magical, moving Original Symbol, the desolate, dead silent area of Death, a jet-black cave, and the eight islands of the eight great, evil power Upanishad occupied the s.p.a.ce.

The Incipient Extent was like an immense galaxy with sparkling stars. On those stars, people could see the lush forest, green rivers, and mountains, together with vast lands. This Incipient Extent looked like a mini-universe. It looked strange but wonderful.

The host soul and the co-soul hovered above the Incipient Extent like two G.o.ds watching the world with the everlasting bearings of G.o.ds.

Everybody observed that magical soul altar. They felt awe but when they compared it to their own soul altars, they found that theirs were so ugly, plain, and nothing to be proud of.

While they were awe-struck, Shi Yan's body halted still while his soul altar completely sank into the s.p.a.ce barrier like fish diving into the sea. It disappeared shortly after.

"It… What's happened?" Cilan screamed, "He wants to ditch us here to explore it alone?"

Hearing her, Quinn and the others were enraged. They turned to Emperor Sea Shark, Ming Hao, and Frederick and demanded a proper answer.

"Well, I want to know if you've schemed against Shi Yan or not!" Audrey tried to suppress her anger, her eyes icy. "Shi Yan's body is here and his soul altar was sucked out by the s.p.a.ce barrier there. Did you plan all of these?"

"His soul altar is detached. It seemed to be done on purpose. It seems like this s.p.a.ce barrier has something mysterious but marvelous!" Emperor Sea Shark agreed with Audrey. "We have to protect Shi Yan's body first. It's too ambiguous. Perhaps they've trapped us. They are from the same side and they did this to deceive us and push Shi Yan into danger!"

The warriors from Grace Mainland changed their faces, coldly facing Fan De Lei and Quinn and demanding an answer.

The battle could start in any minute.

"How could it be? Why?" Quinn was puzzled. The development of this event was not part of his plan. His plan was to let Shi Yan open the seal and then he would have instigated the battle between Shi Yan and Fan De Lei. In his best scenario, both sides would be damaged and he would be left with the benefits.

It was true that he didn't tell them many secrets. He had prepared well to ensure his benefits at the critical moment.

At this moment, what he had prepared was useless. The magnificent place that generations of the High Priest Committee had spent a lot of effort to find had allowed Shi Yan's soul altar to get through and none of them could enter. They were blocked outside, so they could only just stand and stare. Quinn felt lost already.

Similarly, Fan De Lei also felt annoyed. He only thought that Shi Yan had ditched them there and intruded the place alone to find Skyfall Star River.

"Give us Shi Yan's body! I want to use his body to force him to return!" shouted Fan De Lei.

The members of the Cloud Tribe took action as they heard Fan De Lei. They immediately surrounded Emperor Sea Shark's team. At this moment, Quinn was comforting the members of the High Priest Committee and trying to find another solution.

"I demand a proper explanation!" Emperor Sea Shark pulled a cold face. He was grateful for Shi Yan because Shi Yan had given him an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, which was going to be a great help for him when he broke into Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm. Thus, he had determinedly gone to the Endless Sea and stood on the same side as Shi Yan.

Although Fan De Lei was at First Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm, he hadn't been in this realm for a long time. Emperor Sea Shark didn't consider him a lot.

"Make it clear. Now!" Audrey asked the others to protect Shi Yan's body, her face cold. She was ready to fight against the Cloud Tribe.


Billions of brutal souls flew out. The Soul Refining Cauldron hovered in between the ma.s.sive horde of souls. The Absolute Beginning symbols on the cauldron's surface moved and released a cold and sinister aura.

"Kill!" Emperor Sea Shark shouted and headed to Fan De Lei first. The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol in his power Upanishad bloomed with bright light. Water power gushed out and increased his strength.

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