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Chapter 156 I like obedient women
On the boat, Linda was blushing; her clothes were in a mess and her beautiful eyes were shining.
With his eyes wide open, Shi Yan stared at her shocked, and then screamed: “Your hair!”
Linda’s maroon hair, which were originally to her hips, were now growing rapidly to her thighs, and still kept growing.
Seeing her hair growing and shimmering, Linda was shocked too. After a moment, she untied her hair ribbon and took a tuft of hair close to her eyes for examination.
A kind of magic force was working on Linda’s scalp, a force coming from Shi Yan’s body. The force streamed into Linda’s body and seemed to have awakened the Martial Spirit that had been sleeping in Linda’s tender body for years.
“My hair grew faster than normal people since I was a little kid. I cut it off, but it grew too long again.” Linda said surprisingly, “But it had never grown as fast as it is now. This this too creepy.”
Shi Yan, with his brows knitted, said, “Don’t worry, this is not a bad sign. Maybe this is because of the Martial Spirit that’s in your body. For some reason, your Martial Spirit has never displayed itself before, but now, it is awakening!”
“Martial Spirit?”
Linda’s face was glowing, “How is that possible? For all these years, how could I have any Martial Spirit? You must be kidding me, Shi Yan.”
“Let’s wait and see.” With a faint smile on his face, Shi Yan looked relaxed.
Before long, Linda’s maroon hair had grown to the ground, and now she looked as if she was wearing a ground-length dress. Her hair were shining like a cloak on her back, and made her a breath-taking beauty.
The magic force was still working on her scalp, and gradually, Linda’s eyes were tinted with a strange color, as if she had found out something from the abnormality in her scalp.
Linda stopped talking to Shi Yan, and she was trying to feel something silently.
Shi Yan did not break the silence, because he knew this was a crucial moment for her. But he kept a close eye on her in case anything bad happened.
Half an hour later, Linda’s eyes were suddenly beaming, and her hair was fluttering even though there was no wind.
Her hair had now become hundreds of thousands of fine steel needles. She waved her head, and all the needles were thrown out.
The hair smashed onto a piece of board, and the board was pierced through by the hundreds of thousands of needles.
Shi Yan was more than surprised.
“Ah!” Linda was shocked too. Covering her mouth and staring at the holes that her hair had made, she cried, “This, this, this…”
“Yes! Your hair made it.” Shi Yan nodded, “This must be a special type of Martial Spirit. You should feel it for a little longer, to see what’s special about it, and to find some other ways to use it.”
Linda was shaking with excitement, though she still could not believe it, “How’s this possible? How? My hair! It’s also a kind of Martial Spirit, but how’s it possible…”
To any warrior, Martial Spirit was the most powerful attack technique. Warriors with Martial Spirit were endowed with an advantage: the ability to make the full use of their power. Therefore, with Martial Spirit, a warrior was able to beat another warrior of even a higher level.
Linda had never thought that a person of her age could also have a Martial Spirit.
Her excitement was beyond words.
“Brother! Brother!”
Several c.o.c.klesh.e.l.ls were coming and Huo Ran also appeared from a submerged rock afar. For this long, not a piece of news had been given to them, and the pirates with Carmon could not hold back their curiosity any longer, so they decided to come and see.
Shi Yan’s face suddenly turned stern. With a merciless smile, he was ready again to fight and kill.
All of a sudden, Linda jumped off the boat and landed on a c.o.c.klesh.e.l.l. She moved among those c.o.c.klesh.e.l.ls and went ahead.
With her hair fluttering, Linda now looked like a mysterious monster. And the pirates bodies were now soaking with blood, killed by her hair.
Linda was excited, for this was the first time that she she used her hair in this way. She immediately realized that she can control her hair, and the long hair was like a part of her: she could use it to kill as she wished.
Her hair was as sharp as needles at one moment and as flexible as whips at the next. Her hair pierced through the pirates bodies or tangled them before throwing them into the sea.
Using her hair as her weapon, Linda moved among the pirates, killing the pirates of Human Realm one by one.
Shi Yan smiled. He jumped off the boat, and quietly stood by Linda’s side, and started absorbing the spirits from the dead pirates.
Now, Shi Yan’s Profound Qi had recovered to its peak, at the Second Sky of Disaster Realm. His body was now full of power and energy.
The Profound Qi of the dead pirates was a.s.similated in Shi Yan’s body. Shi Yan did not join the fight; he simply watched Linda killing the pirates one by one, and then absorbed the power of those dead pirates.
All of a sudden, a scream was heard from a rock further away.
“Fellows, retreat! The Heads are dead, all of them are dead!” A pirate hidden behind the rock looked across and found out what had happened finally.
The scream of this pirate was spreading around all the rocks and the pirates guarding Carmon’s men were also panicking. They ran for their lives in all directions.
The c.o.c.klesh.e.l.ls were moving rapidly among the rocks. And the complex topography helped them.
Though Shi Yan wished to kill all these pirates so as to become more powerful, facing these many rocks, he could do nothing more.
In about ten minutes, all the pirates were gone, leaving only shriveled bodies and empty c.o.c.klesh.e.l.ls.
Linda was now standing on one c.o.c.klesh.e.l.l and still felt exciting, “Did you see, Shi Yan? Just now, just now I killed all of them merely with my hair! Did you see that?”
Shi Yan nodded, smiling, “Yes, I saw what you did. Good job. Your Martial Spirit can be very useful in battles.”
It was indeed out of the enemy’s expectation that Linda’s hair could be used like weapons.
When fighting, if she suddenly used her hair, she could pierce her enemies or tangle them with her hair. In both ways, she could kill them easily.
“I never expected this. It’s truly out of my expectation.” Surprise and excitement were all over Linda’s pretty face, and there was something more in her eyes when she looked at Shi Yan.
“You can feel your legs now?” Shi Yan teased her.
Hearing this, Linda was confounded for a moment, and then blushed immediately. “You are such a bad guy!” she blamed.
“Haha.” Shi Yan felt happy and was just about to say something, when he saw that Carmon and his men were sailing the boat toward their way.
“Linda, don’t tell Carmon and his men anything about me. Tell them that these men were killed by some top warriors from The Three G.o.ds Sect, who were just pa.s.sing by. I don’t want Carmon and his men to know anything about me.” Shi Yan said seriously to Linda, frowning, “We are now in the Hengluo Sea, and to be honest, I had some unpleasant history with the Gu Family and the Dongfang Family, and if Carmon and his men could not keep their mouth shut and said something about me, I would be in a dangerous situation.”
This time, he was about to go to Cloud Island to deal with the Gu Family. If his ident.i.ty was disclosed, the Gu Family and the Dongfang Family might make trouble for him on the road.
If that happened, he would have to think about saving his life, let alone achieving his goals.
“You are enemy to Dongfang Family and Gu Family?” Linda was surprised, “What did you do?”
“Let’s talk about this later. Now, remember, do not tell Carmon and his men anything about me.” Shi Yan repeated.
Linda stared at him for a few seconds and then nodded, saying softly, “Don’t worry, I’ll never let anything happen to you.”
Women are women. A woman would protect a man out of instinct once she had an intimate relationship with that man. And Shi Yan was Linda’s first man, and she also had benefited a lot from him. It was obvious that she would not let anything bad happen to him.
Even if Shi Yan were to be hunted down by the Three G.o.ds Sect, Linda may help him escape, let alone the Gu Family and Dongfang Family.
Most men were willing to sacrifice their women for their own benefits and ambition.
Most women, however, were willing to sacrifice the benefits at hand, their ambition, and even their companions and friends, for their men.
“Right, I like obedient women.” Shi Yan laughed, and lightly slapped Linda’s hips, “Women who obey can get wet easily.”
Linda had just had the first taste of s.e.x, and with her sensitive hips been slapped like this, she felt as if an electric current had gone across her body, and her eyes became watery.
Blushing, Linda stared at Shi Yan, while pleading, “Don’t do this to me in front of them, Shi Yan. Or else, I would gain a bad reputation. But when they are gone, I can… I can tolerate your frivolous behavior, okay?”
Saying this, Linda kept her mouth shut, and her face blushed, looking shy but very tempting.
Shi Yan smiled and nodded, “Okay, I know you need to establish your prestige. Don’t worry, I won’t make you embarra.s.sed in front of those people.”
“Carmon is here.” Linda took a light breath and hid her desire; she became as majestic as usual, with her head high and face looking nonchalant.
Shi Yan thought to himself, this woman is good at putting up an act.
“Carmon, come here. Search these bodies and see what they have. And then Sort them out.” Linda started issuing orders to Carmon, Huo Jie, Jett and the like. “Be quick! A presbytery of our Sect had just pa.s.sed by and killed them all. He ordered us to clean this out and maybe he will ask about it in the future.”
When alone with Shi Yan, Linda was charming and shy, but in front of Carmon and others, she was an elder sister, with an imposing manner.

while smiling lightly and watching her, Shi Yan felt something different at heart.
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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