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It was Cilan idea to guide earth and heaven energy to drain the energy here and force Shi Yan's people to leave the place. It would be better for them to seek for Skyfall Star River.

Actually, this holy land didn't have the ebbing tide phenomenon. They connected this place to the five points of the holy land to guide energy out of the area and say that it was a strange phenomenon. Cilan was content with her plan so much that Dalsa and Fan De Lei also agreed with her.

They didn't expect that Shi Yan would forcefully deny them!

Cilan's beautiful face froze. She clenched her fists and tried to suppress her anger. She said, "Since you came here to cultivate, I'm sure you need a precious land that meets your needs. This place is about to be drained. Why do you want to grip it so tightly?"

"We don't have to ask you to mind your own business." Shi Yan sneered and said solemnly, "If you don't have anything else to say, you can leave now."

He had considered himself the real master!

Fan De Lei, Dalsa, and the Cloud warriors darkened their faces, their eyes filled with a murderous aura. They were all enraged.

Too arrogant!

"Oh, are they Dalsa and Cilan?" Deep in the sea of clouds, a voice arose.

Around ten shadows appeared. They were another group of the Cloud Clan. The leader of this group was an old man with silver-white beard cascaded on his chest. His face was carved with the wrinkles of time. He looked so old like an ancient dying tree. Most of the others of this delegation were white-headed, senile men. They were wearing the same robes decorated with cloud patterns, which could move like real clouds, like a uniform.

They were the members of the High Priest Committee of the Cloud Tribe. The oldest man of this group was the Great Priest Quinn. The High Priest Committee had similar functions to the Elder Committee of the other clans. They could nominate and oust the Chief of the Tribe.

The former Chief of the Cloud Tribe was elected by Quinn and his High Priest Committee. Usually, they had an extremely high echelon in their tribe.

Anyway, Dalsa's head position wasn't by the High Priest Committee. He had forcefully taken the throne with Fan De Lei's support. He had become the chief without the High Priest Committee's approval. Afterward, he had tried to weaken the High Priest Committee. Slowly, he had deprived their power and made them an organization without real power. They were now only working on worshiping the Cloud Tribe's ancestors.

Today, Quinn took the High Priest Committee members to the holy land to worship their ancestors.

Although Fan De Lei had cleared the holy land by destroying many buildings and sinking many of them into the cloud sea, those old men still kept the traditions of the Cloud Tribe. They would come here periodically to revere their ancestors.

"It seems like Dalsa has a conflict with someone?" Quinn was skeptical as he quietly approached.

The closer they got to the holy land, the paler they became. The members of the High Priest Committee were outraged. They found a planet hovering in their holy land, and the earth and heaven energy of this place reduced ma.s.sively.

"Dalsa! What's going on?" Quinn bellowed from a distance. "The energy of the holy land is reduced. Did you guide the energy here to the other five ravines through the connecting points? You have severely offended our Cloud Tribe's ancestors!"

"Also, what about that life star? Why did a life star appear in the holy land of our tribe? What the heck are you doing here?" another one questioned.

Dalsa didn't expect the High Priest Committee to emerge at this moment. Hearing them, Dalsa darkened his face but he didn't answer.

Quite surprisingly, Shi Yan had a cold light flaring in his eyes. "It turns out that you've guided the earth and heaven energy here away. Ah haha, you have a lot of guts. Don't you know that Madam Montecie of the Phantom Clan has bestowed this territory to me?"

Quinn's team was stunned. Their eyes shifted from Fan De Lei to Shi Yan as they didn't know what had happened to the Phantom Clan.

"I will be here. I'm going to give you six hours. Afterward, if the earth and heaven energy in this place isn't back, don't blame me for what comes after," Shi Yan told them with a cold smile.

Dalsa, Cilan, and Fan De Lei put on sinister faces when they heard him, especially Fan De Lei. He had been laborious to conquer Cloud Mist Territory. He had helped Dalsa weaken the High Priest Committee to become the real master of Cloud Mist Territory.

With only one sentence from Montecie, how could he give up Cloud Mist Territory?

"Why don't you retract your head and live your life? You want to raise the wind. It seems that I was too soft to you," Fan De Lei wore a dark face as he was gazing at the members of the High Priest Committee, his eyes twinkling like stars.

Dazzling, diamond-like stars emerged above the cloud sea like cold lights. An everlasting intent domain of the stars expanded. Under such a domain, people felt small.

The cold stars were sparkling and agile like a spirit created by pure and powerful energy. They fell from the sky and were aimed at the members of the High Priest Committee.

Quinn and the other priests were frightened when the cold stars attacked them.

"I didn't kill you because you are the elders and you've done a lot for the Cloud Tribe. But if you don't have a good sense, I have no way of helping you…" said the current Chief of the Cloud Tribe. Dalsa coldly looked at them and was enraged because they had exposed Cilan's plan. He didn't want to ask Fan De Lei to show mercy since he thought the others were really annoying.

"Shi Yan?" Emperor Sea Shark hissed and asked Shi Yan.

Shi Yan watched Fan De Lei urge his Star power Upanishad. He observed the stars and sensed their trajectories. Hearing Emperor Sea Shark, he woke up and said, "Oh, I forgot. We're the Masters here!"

He nodded to Emperor Sea Shark.

Emperor Sea Shark got it. He flung both of his arms. Two rivers flew out of his sleeves. As the rivers were crystal clear, they could see fish, grains of sand, bubbles, and algae, everything they could find in a real river.

After he got the Water Original Symbol, his power rocketed. The two rivers created by his G.o.d power didn't look different from a real river!

The two rivers from Emperor Sea Shark's sleeves created a cross that shielded above Quinn and the other members of the High Priest Committee.

When the brilliant stars fell, they sank into the two rivers. The supple power of the rivers pulled them and slowed them down.

"Emperor Sea Shark!" Fan De Lei shouted coldly, "You dare to stand against our Phantom Clan? In the Sea of Annihilation, the Soul Clan, Devouring Clan, Black Demon Clan, and the Ancient Monster Clan are after you. You've offended many people. Do you dare to offend the Phantom Clan too?

Fan De Lei turned purple in rage as his attack couldn't reach Quinn's team. He immediately threatened Emperor Sea Shark.

"You can't represent the entire Phantom Clan," Emperor Sea Shark didn't change his face and said casually. "Precursor Montecie can speak on behalf of the Phantom Clan. I think she wouldn't mind if I stop you here. Well, you can try reporting me to her."

"Fan De Lei, when precursor Montecie left, she had said clearly that I'm in charge of this Cloud Mist Territory from now on. I am the Master," Shi Yan sounded calm and natural. "This place is no longer your territory. I hope you will leave soon. Don't disturb our business here!"

"You dare to threaten me by using Montecie?" Fan De Lei's handsome face paled. "You low human being. You dare play with me? You think you can force me with Montecie behind your back?"

Shi Yan shrugged, "Without Montecie, I can subdue you. If you don't believe me, you can try!"

"I do want to try!" Fan De Lei screamed ear-piercingly. His body turned into a shooting star, which was so cold and sharp like an arrow with sky-breaking power. As soon as that arrow was shot out, Emperor Sea Shark changed his visage. He was about to urge all of his power to resist.

"Let me handle that," Shi Yan rose one hand to stop Emperor Sea Shark.

The s.p.a.ce waves piled up right in front of Shi Yan and created a thick s.p.a.ce wall.

That wall became visible and turned into a shining gold hue as if they were built of gold crystals that emitted beautiful, transparent halos.

"s.p.a.ce Crystal Wall!"

Quinn's team screamed in fear. At first glance, they became excited, their eyes shooting magical light.

Fan Hui Nai looked solemn. Seeing Shi Yan master the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, she felt nervous. The warriors with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad who could cast the s.p.a.ce Crystal Wall were usually at the Territory Ancestor Realm!

Although Shi Yan had an aura of a Peak of Immortal Realm expert, he could cast the s.p.a.ce Crystal Wall. She knew that he was very intimidating.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The arrow Fan De Lei had transformed thrust into the sparkling wall. The s.p.a.ce Crystal Wall shattered like gla.s.s. In between the broken, shooting star dots, the starlight arrow had just slowed down, but it continued to attack Shi Yan.

"Well, they are one realm different. There's a big gap between the Territory Ancestor Realm and the Peak of Immortal Realm." Emperor Sea Shark sighed and then prepared to take action. He was acc.u.mulating his energy.


All of a sudden, the acupuncture points in Shi Yan's body had starlight. Instantly, beams of starlight weaved into a star map, which was twinkling mysteriously. It looked like a big secret of this sea of stars

After the star arrow pierced through layers of s.p.a.ce Crystal Wall, it slowed down ten times. When it hit the star map, it deviated in the dazzling starlight.

The star map then turned into a shining starlight net. As people caught up with the situation, they saw Fan De Lei tied inside a thick mesh starlight net. However, they didn't have time to scream in fear when Fan De Lei exploded and scattered into so many starlight dots.

The starlight dots gathered and congregated into Fan De Lei's shape. He wore a panicked face as he said, "You've mastered Star power Upanishad!"

"Turns out he's here because of Skyfall Star River," Quinn's pupils shrunk. He was startled as he understood Shi Yan's intentions.

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