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Fan De Lei was a member of the Phantom Clan. When he invaded the Cloud Mist Territory that year, the Cloud Tribe, the native tribe, had considered him as their archenemy. To conquer this place, the Phantom Clan had to pay a tragic price.

That old man from the Cloud Tribe was called Dalsa. He was the current Chief of the Cloud Tribe. Previously, he was just the head of one of the big families in the Cloud Tribe.

When Fan De Lei invaded Cloud Mist Territory, Dalsa got the chance. H knew the Cloud Tribe couldn't resist the Phantom Clan. Their defeat was just a matter of time. Dalsa discreetly joined hands with Fan De Lei, and his daughter, Cilan, had a close-knit connection between him and Fan De Lei.

Outsiders couldn't know the situation, but it resulted in Dalsa opening a hole in Cloud Mist Territory and directly leading Fan De Lei and his elite force from the Phantom Clan to where the former chief of the Cloud Tribe was hiding. Dalsa and Fan De Lei had joined hands to kill him.

As the former chief was murdered and Dalsa had controlled the situation from the inside, the Cloud Tribe's resistance dissolved quickly. Eventually, Dalsa became the new chief of the Cloud Tribe and his daughter Cilan became Fan De Lei's mistress.

Dalsa had a treaty with Fan De Lei which said that when he became the Chief of the Cloud Tribe, the Cloud Tribe and Cloud Mist Territory would be dependent on the Phantom Clan, and they would serve Dalsa as their master.

It was a business everyone felt satisfied.

With Dalsa's help, Fan De Lei had come and ruled Cloud Mist Territory. Gradually, he took hold of the entire Cloud Mist Territory.

With Dalsa as his insider, Fan De Lei was really talented. Shortly after, he gained the respect from the Cloud Tribe. Fan De Lei didn't rob the rich lands in Cloud Mist Territory but managed it as his own kingdom. He had introduced many techniques and power Upanishads of the Phantom Clan to the Cloud Tribe, which earned him trust and respect from the tribal fellows.

It could be said that the Cloud Tribe trusted and served Fan De Lei only, and not any other expert of the Phantom Clan.

The Cloud Tribe had become Fan De Lei's private army.

As Montecie had suddenly arrived with Shi Yan and an entire life star, she seemed to want to give Cloud Mist Territory to Shi Yan. Of course, Fan De Lei didn't agree and neither did the Cloud Tribe.

However, Montecie was the expert with the strongest realm in the Phantom Clan. Fan De Lei didn't dare to confront her directly. He was patient as he signaled Dalsa and said, "You should rest now. You've had a long journey. We will talk about the matter later. Grannie, what do you think?"

"Shi Yan and his people will stay here. Mei Ji and I have left the clan for a long time. We have to get back as soon as possible to chair the clan." Montecie knew what Fan De Lei wanted, but she didn't expose him. "I agreed to let Shi Yan and his people manage the Cloud Mist Territory. Do you have any other idea?"

"What Grannie has decided, of course, I will do my best," Fan De Lei agreed immediately.

The Cloud Tribe members behind him showed their discontent faces, which weren't aimed at Fan De Lei. They loathed Montecie and Shi Yan.

"Good then," Montecie looked at him deep into his eyes and waved her hand. "Dismissed. I want to talk to Shi Yan in private."

"Yes." Fan De Lei brought his subordinates and the Cloud Tribe members and left.

Montecie's face slightly went stiff as she said, "Recently, Fan De Lei and she have been close to each other. They've become more arrogant. He dares to provoke me inwardly too."

Mei Ji saw Fan De Lei leaving, her thoughts flickering. "We've been away for a long time. I wonder if she has done something…"

"Who?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"In our Phantom Clan, besides Grannie, there's another expert. She's called Cantecie. She's Grannie's younger sister. Her realm… I'm not sure about it," Mei Ji turned to Montecie.

"Montecie? Cantecie? Sisters?"

Shi Yan wore a strange face. He was curious but he didn't ask.

As Montecie mentioned Cantecie, Montecie's pet.i.te face went cold. She snorted coldly, "Let alone you, I don't know her realm, either. Anyway, I a.s.sume that she reached Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm. She also helped Fan De Lei advance to Territory Ancestor Realm too! This little sister hates me a lot. She's always wanted to compete with me. She has foiled my plans many times too! If she wasn't my sister, I would have killed her already!"

"Forgive me for asking this. Are you blood sisters?" Shi Yan was curious.

"Different mothers," Montecie's voice was cold and stiff. "I don't want to talk much about her. I brought you to Cloud Mist Territory this time to manage it. If that Fan De Lei intervenes, just do what you want! I know he just entered the Territory Ancestor Realm not long ago so he can't defeat you. Also, the warriors of his team and even the experts of the Cloud Tribe can't match your men!"

"I don't want trouble in your Phantom Clan's territory. And I don't want to get involved in your sisters' compet.i.tion," Shi Yan frowned.

"Well, actually, Grannie has her own idea in this. Under this cloud sea…" Mei Ji said, turning to Montecie. Seeing Montecie nod, she continued, "Rumors say that the Skyfall Star River is right under this cloud sea!"

"Skyfall Star River? What's that?" Shi Yan sounded mindful.

"An Absolute Beginning divine weapon! If a warrior with the Star power Upanishad can control the Skyfall Star River, he can use unimaginable powers! This Absolute Beginning divine weapon was very famous in the Absolute Beginning Era. People said that it could control all the stars in the sky. When the Absolute Beginning Era ended, it disappeared. No one knew where it has gone. Before the Phantom Clan has invaded the Cloud Mist Territory, we heard from some oldest dwellers in the Cloud Mist Territory that the skies of Cloud Mist Territory used to have the brightest star river in this world. One day, it fell deep into the sea cloud and no one has ever seen it again…" explained Mei Ji.

Shi Yan lifted his head to watch the sky. He found no shining star in the skies of this Cloud Mist Territory.

"Fan De Lei cultivates Star power Upanishad. That legend is the reason why he has conquered and then stayed here to cultivate." Mei Ji watched the cloud underneath. "Grannie invited you to Cloud Mist Territory with the hope that you could subdue Fan De Lei. She also gave you a chance. You can find the Skyfall Star River. Recently, I received information that Fan De Lei seems to have some clue as he goes out more often. It's in the old holy land of the Cloud Tribe, which is where Grace Mainland hovers!"

Listening to her, Shi Yan's eyes brightened up.

The Skyfall Star River was an Absolute Beginning divine weapon! It was the best weapon for warriors with the Star power Upanishad.

Taking a deep breath, Shi Yan smiled and said to Montecie, "Thank you for your efforts. I know my plan."

"I heard from Mei Ji that it doesn't require a lot of materials to refine a Upanishad Original Symbol. Ah, I'm thick-faced to ask for an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol when I have a chance. I want to use it to break through my current realm!" said Montecie seriously. "Don't worry. I'll pay you generously!"

"Oh, I don't dare!" Shi Yan grinned.

Patting Shi Yan's shoulder, Montecie said, "Mei Ji and I have to return to the Phantom Clan. I have to ensure that Cantecie doesn't create troubles when I'm not there. You deal with the matters in this Cloud Mist Territory alone. You… just do what you think right."


Deep in the immense sea cloud was a ma.s.sive continent with so many majestic mountains in between the clouds.

On a peak, many imposing palaces were situated like giant beasts. It was Dalsa's territory. After Dalsa had joined Fan De Lei to killed the former chief of the Cloud Tribe, this area had become richer and livelier. It was the symbol of power in the Cloud Tribe.

Inside a hall filled with gemstones, Dalsa was with his daughter Cilan, some experts in his clan who were serving Fan De Lei, and his sister Fan Hui Nai.

Fan Hui Nai was Fan De Lei's older sister. As a woman of the Phantom Clan, of course, she was very beautiful. Her pretty eyes were watery with endless attractiveness. She wore a long, hibiscus red dress, which outlined her voluptuous body. This dress had a loose neck that showcased her white b.r.e.a.s.t.s. The experts from the Cloud Tribe had a flame in their eyes.

Many brawny and young hotshots of the Cloud Tribe gulped. When they eyed Fan Hui Nai, they didn't conceal their desire.

Fan Hui Nai grinned and shot them her alluring looks. The men of the Cloud Tribe felt their blood boil in their veins, which could turn them into thirsty beasts in any minute.

Fan De Lei grimaced. He rolled his eyes at his sister. Fan Hui Nai subsided when she saw his angry expression. She sat up and pretended to be a n.o.ble lady as she smiled, "I've heard about that Shi Yan. That kid has good deeds. He lured Mei Ji, the most beautiful woman of my clan. I think he's extraordinary, indeed. In the Sea of Annihilation, he had robbed the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and gotten out alive. It attests to the fact that he's not easy to deal with. You guys should be extra careful."

Fan Hui Nai was at Third Sky of Immortal Realm and her competence wasn't as strong as her brother. Although she was s.l.u.tty, she had helped her brother a lot. She also had helped Fan De Lei contact Cantecie. She had to kneel in front of the cave mansion where Cantecie cultivating for a long time to beg her to use cultivating materials of the clan to help Fan De Lei reach the Territory Ancestor Realm.

Thus, when she had done lewd affairs, Fan De Lei couldn't criticize her. He had helped her conceal many dirty things.

"They are staying in the former holy land of our Cloud Tribe. The clue we got also indicates that location!" Cilan and Fen De Lei had an affair and she was also a beautiful Cloud woman. She was Dalsa's daughter. Just like her father, she was infamous for her dark deeds. She had destroyed many families. Dalsa had counted on her a lot. "If we don't solve them, we can't continue to search for the Skyfall Star River."

"Little Lan, do you have any good idea?" asked Fan De Lei tenderly.

"Of course," Cilan's bright eyes emitted the cold halo. "You and our family has paid a lot to get this Cloud Mist Territory. We won't let others take it for free. We won't let anyone ride our necks. We especially have to find the Absolute Beginning divine weapon inside the sea of clouds. It will be a crucial advantage for you to become a leader in the Phantom Clan!"

This woman's ambition wasn't bound to the Cloud Tribe or Cloud Mist Territory. She had schemed against even the Phantom Clan and she wanted to borrow Fan De Lei's hand to join the powerful echelon of the Phantom Clan…

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