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Cloud Mist Territory.

It was a sea of white and gray clouds where cl.u.s.ters of clouds filled each corner of the territory. At first glance, it was just an infinite, empty world.

The ma.s.sive continents floated above the immense cloud sea. Although the continents scattered away from each other, they had mountains, lakes, rivers, creatures, and energy, everything a normal world had.

It was the Cloud Mist Territory, a natural territory, the world of the Cloud Tribe.

"The Cloud Tribe can be deemed a second-cla.s.s tribe. They haven't had any expert at the Territory Ancestor Realm yet. The members of the Cloud Tribe rarely leave this place. They stay within the Cloud Mist Territory. When the Phantom Clan conquered this territory, we had to pay a big price. We had exerted a lot of effort. The members of the Cloud Tribe in this Cloud Mist Territory are very powerful. This vastly immense cloud sea can give them power. In this place, they are the fish who can enhance their abilities to the best in the clouds. It's something that the creatures in other territories can't compare to."

On the lonely life star floating above the cloud sea, Montecie watched the clouds and explained to Shi Yan on Cloud Mist Territory.

After they had torn the s.p.a.ce to enter Cloud Mist Territory from the Sea of Annihilation, Hiro, Gay, Dracula, the little skeleton, and their bone fellows had returned to the Sea Domain of Nihility to get back to their own territory.

Similar to Desolate Territory, Cloud Mist Territory wasn't inside the Sea Domain of Nihility. However, it had a territory entrance that led directly to the Sea Domain of Nihility.

That gateway was right in front of Shi Yan. It was a big cl.u.s.ter of clouds heavily guarded by members of the Phantom Clan who were based year-round in the Cloud Mist Territory.

Through the gateway, they could visit the Sea Domain of Nihility. It was located in a strange place between the White Bone Clan and the Phantom Clan.

Listening to Montecie, Shi Yan slowly floated up from Grace Mainland. He found that the gravity in this Cloud Mist Territory so strange. In this territory, people were as light as birds, which enabled them to fly like real birds. Even the lowest realm warriors could use their energy to run as quickly as they can fly.

Checking around, Shi Yan saw many creatures flying through the clouds between the continents.

There were so many flying battleships moving between the continents. This territory had a various range of races. He saw members of the Human clan, the Demon Clan, the Monster Clan, but the fellows of the Cloud Tribe had outnumbered them.

The Cloud Tribe was the native species in this Cloud Mist Territory; they had distinctive features compared to other races.

They had flesh bodies but they didn't seem to have veins. Their bodies had currents of clouds gathering into some points where their energy condensed. They absorbed earth and heaven energy in the Cloud Mist Territory to cultivate, which had the faint mist blended all together. After a long time, the source of energy in their bodies had become like a magical cl.u.s.ter of clouds.

Montecie stood on Grace Mainland and talked to Mei Ji and Shi Yan.

After around fifteen minutes, as Montecie was still introducing the Cloud Mist Territory to Shi Yan, they saw the ma.s.sive, flying battleships emerge. Those battleships carried members of the Cloud Tribe, one of which had carried the good-looking people of the Phantom Clan. They could see an especially outstanding man among that crowd.

This man wore a long, silver robe. His eyes were like stars in the sky. He had perfectly proportioned facial features. He was more handsome than the handsome men of the Phantom Clan.

That good-looking man was around thirty years old and had graceful and elegant manners. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and stood on the front deck of the battleship, many warriors of the Phantom Clan behind him. The experts of the Cloud Tribe also looked at him with great and sincere respect.

"It's true that Fan De Lei likes the Cloud Mist Territory a lot. He's still here to cultivate. It's interesting." Seeing the man come with exaggerated settings, Montecie grinned and shot Mei Ji a meaningful look. "This kid Fan De Lei has always cared about you. I heard that he likes you a lot. Now, you've reached the Territory Ancestor Realm and you're with Shi Yan. I wonder if it's gonna be alright."

Mei Ji went stiff. "He doesn't dare to violate your order, Grannie."

"Haha," Montecie just smiled and said nothing else.

Only the members of the Phantom Clan stood by Montecie and Mei Ji. Blood Devil, Yang Tian Emperor, Ming Hao, and the others stayed on the continent. They didn't go out.

"Fan De Lei is the strongest man in our Phantom Clan. He reached the Territory Ancestor Realm three hundred years ago. He's like my brother. We used to live in the same tribe. He took good care of me," Mei Ji explained as she was afraid that Shi Yan would misunderstand. "He has spent a lot of efforts to conquer this Cloud Mist Territory. The members of the Cloud Tribe, the previous owner of this territory, have followed him. Many Cloud women consider him their dream lover. As he's been living for years in the Cloud Mist Territory, I think he won't give the place away easily."

Shi Yan listened to her quietly. He frowned and then talked to Montecie, "If there's trouble in this territory, why don't we change to another one? The Phantom Clan doesn't have only one territory, I suppose?"

"Of course not. However, only the Cloud Mist Territory has thick earth and heaven energy with suitable cultivating conditions. Moreover, it's between our Phantom Clan and the White Bone Clan," Montecie twisted a tuft of her black hair around her finger, her face relaxed. "What are you afraid of? Fan De Lei?"

"No, not him. I don't want trouble." Shi Yan pulled an impatient face. "If it's too annoying, I should talk to Hiro to see if the White Bone clan has some good area."

Montecie changed her visage. She became more resolute. "Don't worry! There will be no trouble!"

She pulled a stern face, waving at Fan De Lei and calling him.

The flying battleships stopped. Fan De Lei rode a snow-white shuttle with dozens of Phantom Clan warriors and the members of the Cloud Tribe. He bowed to her from a far distance, "Greetings, Grannie!"

In the Phantom Clan, there was no one with a higher position and echelon than Montecie. Although she had used her Time power Upanishad to keep herself in the shape of a little girl, she was likely even older than Edgar and Hiro.

Since Montecie looked like just a little girl, her state of mind was in the same phase. However, she had the wisdom and experience of a peerless grannie. She had already considered Fan De Lei troublesome. That's why she came here personally.

"Rise," Montecie waved her hand arrogantly, her clear eyes scanning Fan De Lei's team. The others wore solemn faces and bowed deeper.

Montecie gazed at them and they had a fear as if their previous lives and the current life were exposed, especially the members of the Cloud Tribe. It was the first time they saw the real head of the Phantom Clan, the peerless character and one of the Ten Great Territory Ancestors of the Sea Domain of Nihility. They were petrified and couldn't say a word.

"I wonder what important matter requires Grannie to the Cloud Mist Territory?" Fan De Lei stood upright, his voice solemn. "If you have something you want to do, just send the order. I will do my best for my clan. I will never hesitate! At your echelon, it's a big surprise. I'm scared that you care so much."

Mei Ji became odd and quietly knitted her brows.

Perhaps the low-level members of the Phantom Clan didn't know that she and Mei Ji had come to Desolate Territory. However, Fan De Lei had ears and eyes everywhere. It was impossible that he didn't know that.

Shi Yan was right next to them. With Fan De Lei's intelligence, he must know about that. However, he acted as if he knew nothing. Mei Ji immediately smelled trouble. Fan De Lei wouldn't cooperate to share the territory with the others.

"I'm not here because of you," Montecie narrowed her eyes as she realized Fan De Lei's thoughts. "Let me introduce this young man. He is Shi Yan. Yeah, he's the one who got the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower on the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation. We came to Desolate Territory as he had invited us. I'm going to be frank. Shi Yan has brought a life star and gotten rid of Desolate Territory. I plan to let them stay in the Cloud Mist Territory. They will live here from now on…"

"Is that so?" Fan De Lei looked as if he was surprised. He smiled with ease and looked at Shi Yan with friendliness before continuing, "Bro, you can come and stay in our Cloud Mist Territory; it's an honor for Cloud Mist Territory and me! Don't worry. I will choose a good place for you. I'm sure you will be satisfied living there."

He still considered himself the master as if he didn't get Montecie's words.

"Our Cloud Tribe will cooperate with Sir Vanderly. We will arrange the best auspicious land for them to cultivate," committed an elder of the Cloud Tribe whose white beard reached his chest.

They had explicitly expressed that Fan De Lei was their leader. They wanted to show Montecie that they only listened to Fan De Lei.

Mei Ji grimaced.

Grace Mainland was hovering in the center of Cloud Mist Territory where there was the thickest earth and heaven energy. This place used to be Cloud Tribe's holy land where they worshipped their ancestors. Fan De Lei had attacked and cleared this place. That's why it became empty, which was suitable for Grace Mainland to stay.

No other area was more suitable for Grace Mainland than this place in the entire Cloud Mist Territory.

However, according to that old Cloud man, they would relocate Grace Mainland soon, which went against Montecie's wish.

They didn't want to listen to Montecie!

"We don't need to waste time and effort to move it. This place is really good. I won't deny it," Shi Yan smiled and intervened. His look drilled at that old man. "Well, I was hesitating whether to stay in Cloud Mist Territory or not. But you guys are so welcoming. I think, yeah, it's really nice to stay here! Right, we have to give you face, don't we?"

When he said that, he turned to look at Montecie.

Montecie didn't have a satisfied face. She grinned when she heard him, "Interesting, interesting!"

However, hearing Shi Yan, the members of the Cloud Tribe had evil in their eyes. They were trying to subside their anger as they looked at Fan De Lei.

They were waiting for Fan De Lei to stand up.

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