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The Sea of Annihilation was millions of miles deep and the water pressure at the seabed could break the bodies of warriors even at Ethereal G.o.d Realm. Incipient G.o.d Realm and Immortal Realm experts didn't dare to come to some dangerous areas.

Using s.p.a.ce energy in this place, the s.p.a.ce pressure and water pressure colliding could create a terrible catastrophe.

That's why the warriors with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad at normal realms didn't dare to use their power rashly.

Even Ming Hao had to shiver. While fighting against others in this area, he only used the Soul Control power Upanishad.

"Are you sure?"

Emperor Sea Shark was insecure, his face grave. "One hundred years ago, you acted rashly undersea. You made the seabed shrink a lot. This time, don't cause more trouble," his face turned grimaced.

Hearing him, people became awkward. They had all partic.i.p.ated in that event. Remembering the great change in the seabed during that battle, they were still panicked.

Shi Yan was the one who made the Sea of Annihilation shrink!

"Don't worry. I'm pretty sure this time." Shi Yan gave a forced smile and didn't explain further. He signaled Emperor Sea Shark to ask him to cooperate by condensing the algae ma.s.s.

Emperor Sea Shark nodded.

Hundreds of clear streams like the water snakes flew out of Emperor Sea Shark's loose sleeves and swam away. Those water snakes acted like a rope that tied the ma.s.s of algae.

The algae field shrank. As people were gazing at it, the area was reduced twice and continued to resize.

Shi Yan wasn't idle.

Waves of s.p.a.ce energy rippled from his body. As everybody else had profound realms, when they looked at him, they felt the s.p.a.ce twist and unreal.

As they were fl.u.s.tered, they felt their perception of life energy magnetic field vague.

Mei Ji was around ten warriors away from Emperor Sea Shark but at this moment, Mei Ji felt that Emperor Sea Shark was pretty far from her. He was too far that her Soul Consciousness couldn't work. It was like Emperor Sea Shark was about to jump from one s.p.a.ce to another.

The same feeling arose in Shen Ren and Emperor Sea Shark's minds. They all had felt a magical feeling when s.p.a.ce changed greatly.

After chasing Ferrell with a negative result, Forefather Dragon Lizard returned and transformed into his human form. Forefather Dragon Lizard was surprised.

"What a powerful life energy magnetic field!"

Shi Yan was releasing energy; he didn't conceal his enormous energy stored in his body. The terrifying Blood Qi that Shi Yan had made Forefather Dragon Lizard pale.

He found that Shi Yan's life energy wasn't less than his and it was even higher than his in some aspects.

It was over his common knowledge!

Normally, Absolute Beginning creatures had the highest, immensely abundant vitality and the second generation like Dragon Lizard came second. With giant bodies, their life energy magnetic field could reach a terrifying level. The creatures of the present time like Edgar, Montecie, or Hiro had a high-level soul, and their life form could sublimate when their realm had reached a profound level. However, their vitality could never reach the enormous amount like Absolute Beginning creatures.

From the appearance aspect, Shi Yan should be from a race in this recent time but his immense life energy magnetic field could compare to someone of the second generation like Dragon Lizard. It made him smack his tongue.

Looking at Shi Yan, Forefather Dragon Lizard felt something mysterious. He nodded quietly and left the place without notifying the others.

Montecie and Emperor Sea Shark had paid attention to him. Seeing him leave, they exhaled in relief.

They all understood that since Ferrell had found Forefather Dragon Lizard here, Forefather Dragon Lizard needed to stay away from trouble. He had to explain it to the Mysterious Sky Clan. Or else, it would be big trouble to himself and his clan.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

While they were pondering, a whirlpool that was like a tornado appeared above their algae ma.s.s. The black whirlpool was like the mouth of a wild, giant beast that could swallow all creatures in the world.

Shi Yan was a black dot in that ma.s.sive mouth. Ripples emitted from him like thousands of hands calming down the unstable energy inside the whirlpool.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

As the water pressure came, rays of light weaved into an electric net. People could hear a loud energy impact from that net.

Shi Yan suddenly opened his eyes, which were like immense starry skies. "Come in! Quick!"

Emperor Sea Shark was moved. He sent his soul message to his fellows. Then, he churned his energy and used the power of an expert at the Territory Ancestor Realm to grab the ma.s.sive area of algae and enter the tornado. Mei Ji also gave him a hand.

Shi Yan was deep inside the tornado. He was using his energy to guide and ensure the stability of this s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

As the algae ma.s.s entered the tornado, the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage was about to shatter. It shook hard.

The terrifying energy had created so many rapid currents, which killed the souls of many warriors working around there. The other warriors who weren't killed were panic-stricken and trying to escape at their max speed. They knew that those fatal currents could break both their bodies and souls.

Eventually, the algae area disappeared into the ma.s.sive whirlpool.


In another area where so many vortexes gathered and moved continuously, Judy of the Mysterious Sky Clan, Oliver of the Black Demon Clan, and Edgar of the Devouring Clan watched those vortexes. Beverly had left when he received Ferrell's message. He had taken Neptune with him too. Edgar didn't leave because he knew that this place was the crucial key.

All of a sudden, fierce s.p.a.ce energy came from one of those vortexes. As soon as that s.p.a.ce energy arose, the vortex that led to Desolate Territory entrance changed greatly.

A blazing light pierced through the vortex from the Desolate Territory's side. It was like a spotlight thrusting toward the sea surface.

That light seemed able to cross the entire sea. While the people on this side were baffled, a blue life star with the archaic aura of chaotic time slowly emerged from the territory entrance.

People gawked as if their eyeb.a.l.l.s were about to fall out of their sockets.

As soon as the life star emerged, columns of strong light gathered at its clouds layer creating that previous fierce spotlight.

The Territory Ancestors like Montecie, Hiro, and Dracula wore solemn faces and stood on the cloud sea of that planet. The ma.s.sive light columns made of pure energy were created by those experts. Hiro and Montecie had created bright crystals in the middle of those columns, which were like dazzling cubic diamonds. They were the crystallized Dark Energy with supernatural powers.

Actually, those light columns were like scattered crystals that were vaguely arrayed in a complicated, magical ancient formation.

The center of the ancient formation was where the strong light emitted. It was a mysterious pa.s.sage that could be changed on the left side of the territory entrance!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The vortex by the life star made sounds of s.p.a.ce cracking. While people were worried, Shi Yan brought Emperor Sea Shark, Mei Ji, and the algae ma.s.s.

"Shi Yan!"

"Kid, you're back!"

"If you were a little late, we would have gone first!"

Hiro, Dracula, and Montecie screamed in fright.

As they were on the other side of the territory entrance and creating the pa.s.sage to the Cloud Mist Territory with a lot of efforts, they suddenly found the auras of experts at the same level on the other side. They immediately knew that something was wrong.

Just like Shi Yan, they guessed that Edgar had disclosed the entrance's location and invited the experts from the five clans.

Since Hiro and Montecie had just consumed a lot of energy, they wanted to avoid this direct confrontation. They became worried.

While they were waiting for Shi Yan, they found Edgar, Judy, and Beverly gathering more warriors; they could attack them in any minute. They discussed and decided to leave earlier. Then, they recognized Beverly had taken Neptune and some warriors, so they left.

Hiro and Montecie seized this chance to run. They immediately gathered their power.

At the moment, this life star stormed through the territory entrance and Shi Yan, Mei Ji, and Emperor Sea Shark had arrived. It could not be more perfect than this.

"Go!" shouted Hiro.

"Do not let them run away!" Edgar roared.

The experts of the Black Demon Clan, the Ancient Monster Clan, and the Soul Clan moved forward and tried to stop the others.

"Great Seal Technique!" Montecie's pet.i.te body slightly quivered. To open the pa.s.sage leading to Cloud Mist Territory, she had consumed a lot of energy. Seeing the warriors swarm towards them, she hissed to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan reacted after a second of being dazed. The secret technique that used both Time and s.p.a.ce power popped up in his head. He nodded to Montecie. All of a sudden, so many light doors appeared by his chest, which looked like they were from different s.p.a.ces. They were conjured quickly.

"Seal s.p.a.ce!"

Dark Energy gushed and turned into seven-colored crystals inside those s.p.a.ce doors. Each of them seemed to create a small world.

So many s.p.a.ces connected to each other and created s.p.a.ce locks. The enormous amount of s.p.a.ce locks appeared in the real world and locked the entire area, sealing s.p.a.ce!

Many warriors of the Soul Clan, Ancient Monster Clan, and Dark Demon Clan were frozen as s.p.a.ce sealed their bodies.

However, the warriors with high realms could use their energy to break the locks as their souls were not sealed!

"Seal Time!"

At this moment, Montecie's Time power Upanishad was activated.

The time seal was like an invisible water stream that froze the souls. As the time prison came, those who could still move after the s.p.a.ce lock all froze.

They couldn't even move an inch!

Even Oliver at the Territory Ancestor Realm couldn't wiggle. He was sealed in just a blink of an eye.

Oliver was sealed, which made many warriors behind him pale. They hesitated and didn't dare to risk their lives.

Seizing the chance, Emperor Sea Shark's fellows came to Grace Mainland. Then, Grace Mainland turned into a jet of light, entering the light pa.s.sage and piercing through the Sea of Annihilation.

Edgar could only gawk at Shi Yan's group leaving easily because he wasn't sure that he could break the Great Seal Technique.

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