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Many years ago, the Absolute Beginning creature Lizard had left the Sea Domain of Nihility to the outer territory to find a level-7 life star to refine the Immortal Pellet. He had disappeared ever since.

A long time after that, Dragon Lizard felt his aura perish. He had followed the connection of his bloodline to find Lizard's remains in a territory outside the Sea Domain of Nihility.

He also found Immortal Pellets from Lizard's remains. Dragon Lizard understood that if Lizard didn't go that year, he would have reached Territory Ancestor Realm a long time ago!

Also, the Dragon Lizard Clan wouldn't have been a second-cla.s.s clan. It would have become one of the Seven Great Clans!

The loss of his Ancestor was a terrible pain in Dragon Lizard's heart. After many years, he had always paid attention to finding the causes of his Ancestor's death.

However, he got nothing until now.

Shi Yan's voice came from deep inside the algae ma.s.s. Forefather Dragon Lizard was dumbstruck, his eyes shooting divine light. "Did you know?" he hissed.

"Was here for a while," said Shi Yan indifferently.

Mei Ji furrowed her bold brows. She stepped aside to let Forefather Dragon Lizard in.

Dragon Lizard wasn't afraid. He entered the algae ma.s.s. Mei Ji led him directly to Shi Yan and Emperor Sea Shark.

Dragon Lizard had reached Territory Ancestor Realm. As a direct descendant of an Absolute Beginning creature, his blood Qi was like an erupting volcano and was really terrifying. The life energy that fluctuated from him made low-realm Sea Clan members shiver and tremble.

Emperor Sea Shark looked stern. He hurried to sense the fierce energy from Forefather Dragon Lizard. He changed his visage eventually.

He couldn't estimate Forefather Dragon Lizard's new physical competence after he had entered the Territory Ancestor Realm. As Emperor Sea Shark had contacted many Territory Ancestors, he found that some experts, even at Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm, didn't have fierce Blood Qi like him.

A cool Soul Consciousness flashed in Shi Yan's head to wash the side effects of the alcohol away. Shi Yan's clear eyes saw Forefather Dragon Lizard. He couldn't help but smile. "You've finally reached the Territory Ancestor Realm."

Forefather Dragon Lizard grinned reluctantly. As he was about to answer Shi Yan, he was surprised as he screamed, "Kid, you've reached the Peak of Immortal Realm?"

"Thanks to your grace," shrugged Shi Yan.

One hundred years ago, when he and Audrey came to the Sea Domain of Nihility, he had had only the Incipient G.o.d Realm. Now, because he got an Immortal Pellet from Forefather Dragon Lizard, he had reached Immortal Realm. After one hundred years, a short course to experts like him, he had reached the Peak of Immortal Realm.

In Forefather Dragon Lizard's eyes, this kind of rapid progress was unimaginable.

"I can't believe that the weak warrior that year has reached such a high attainment today. You've become a character that can shake up the entire Sea of Annihilation," Forefather Dragon Lizard appraised.

He suddenly changed the topic. "Do you know how my Ancestor died?" his face turned stern.

Emperor Sea Shark and Mei Ji were astonished too. The riddle of Lizard's death was also one of the mysteries that Mei Ji was concerned about for many years as she was in charge of collecting intelligence of the Phantom Clan. Even the Phantom Clan didn't have a clue about this. How could Shi Yan know?

Facing Mei Ji's skeptical eyes, Shi Yan smiled and explained, "Well, of course. I don't know the details, but I used to chat with Dracula of the White Bone Clan. I got some clues from him…"

Dracula was the little skeleton's father who had been dormant for tens of thousands of years. He was one of the famous characters of the previous generation in the Sea Domain of Nihility. He was like Hiro of the White Bone Clan, the precursor of the Territory Ancestors of this era.

"Dracula told me something about the Absolute Beginning creatures. He previously mentioned your Ancestor Lizard. He said that Lizard's death could be related to someone called Sauron…" Shi Yan frowned as he remembered what Dracula had said.



Mei Ji and Emperor Sea Shark screamed in fear.

"Dracula didn't tell me that Sauron did that. He just said that Sauron knew the Immortal Pellet's formula and he knew that formula belonged to Lizard!" said Shi Yan.

After Forefather Dragon Lizard heard the name Sauron, he pondered for a short time. When Shi Yan mentioned the Immortal Pellet's formula, he said coldly, "So it does relate to Sauron, indeed."

"Sauron is not a member of the Seven Great Clans. He's a human. He's from the clan with the biggest population in this sea of stars. He's also one of the Ten Great Territory Ancestors. Moreover, he's the most mysterious one. Usually, he won't show up for hundreds of years. He's like a dragon whose tail is always hidden. Oh right, it has been one thousand years since he came to the Sea Domain of Nihility. No one knows where he is," said Mei Ji.

"Dracula knows a lot about Sauron. If you're interested, you can talk to Dracula then," said Shi Yan.

"Who's Dracula?" Forefather Dragon Lizard was puzzled.

"A dormant expert of the White Bone Clan. I awakened him. He's Hiro's precursor," Shi Yan smiled.

"Hiro's precursor?" Forefather Dragon Lizard looked bitter. "I don't have a chance to meet a character like Hiro, let alone his precursor."

"Then, I will help you ask him when I get the chance," Shi Yan contemplated and then said, "Er… Judy of the Mysterious Sky Clan invited you here. I'm afraid it's because of me."

"I understand. You should leave the Sea of Annihilation as soon as possible. This time, they've gathered many hotshots. Even if you reached the Peak of Immortal Realm, you can't handle them." Forefather Dragon Lizard sighed. "I can't stay here for long. If someone knows, it will be a lot of trouble to the Dragon Lizard Clan."

His eyes raked through the Sea Clan members and he sighed again.

He knew what had happened to Hu Jiao, Datuk, and the others. He knew Emperor Sea Shark's competence couldn't resist an attack from any clan of the five clans. He shouldn't be careless and cause trouble to his fellows.

Then, he left the algae ma.s.s. Emperor Sea Shark didn't stop him and asked his subordinates to let him go.

Forefather Dragon Lizard flew away from the ma.s.s of algae.

"Dragon Lizard, Mysterious Sky Clan's servant," Ferrell mocking voice came from afar. In the dark area of seawater not far from them, so many lightning b.a.l.l.s were moving and surrounding Ferrell. That entire sea area was overwhelmed by the scorching electricity. Many creatures there were electrocuted and they got charred.

He had been there for more than fifteen minutes and observed the algae ma.s.s. He knew it was a shelter of the Sea Clan.

Ferrell didn't act rashly. He observed and reported Beverly of the Ancient Monster Clan the situation that he had discovered. If nothing unexpected, Edgar and Beverly should take action now.

What surprised Ferrell was that Dragon Lizard, a distinguished guest of the Mysterious Sky Clan, was there too. The fact that Dragon Lizard had broken through to the Territory Ancestor Realm spread out everywhere in the Sea Domain of Nihility. Han Tian and Judy had announced to the other forces that Dragon Lizard was one of their external experts.

The Dragon Lizard Clan members could stand upright in the vast sea of stars. They also felt proud.

The members of Earth Ghoul Tribe and the Water Clan near Dragon Lizard Star would instinctively avoid the members of the Dragon Lizard Clan. They didn't want to create a dispute with the others.

Everything was because the Dragon Lizard Clan had joined the Mysterious Sky Clan and because of Dragon Lizard's Territory Ancestor Realm. Finally, the Dragon Lizard Clan had the chance to rise up!

It's true that things you're afraid of will come after you.

Forefather Dragon Lizard was cautious as he was afraid that someone would figure it out. He didn't expect Ferrell to find him right away when he had just left. He was startled and he felt heavily pressured when things went wrong.

"I'm sure Emperor Sea Shark is in that tuft of algae. You dare to join them. Muhaha. It seems that you didn't put your master Mysterious Sky Clan in your consideration!" Ferrell laughed oddly.

Forefather Dragon Lizard's eyes turned red. He was like an enraged beast gazing at Ferrell. He roared, "I didn't ask you to poke your nose into my business!"

"Oh, you want to kill me to shut my mouth?" Ferrell mocked darkly. "By yourself? You've just entered the Territory Ancestor Realm and you dare to talk arrogantly?"


Forefather Dragon Lizard roared and his body moved. Flaming lava burst out from him. He transformed shortly after and returned to his giant dragon-like, lizard body. At this moment, he was like a scarlet flesh mountain, roaring under the sea and showing his bold intimidation. His giant body barged into the lightning area that Ferrell had created.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The lightning b.a.l.l.s exploded. The blinding electric arc was running across the area.

Forefather Dragon Lizard's ma.s.sive body came directly to the lightning b.a.l.l.s, which made him have electric beams crawling on his body. However, he seemed to not take any damage. He thundered and raised his giant claw to s.n.a.t.c.h Ferrell.

At the same time, inside the algae ma.s.s, Shi Yan, Mei Ji, and Emperor Sea Shark emerged. They all wore cold faces and looked at Ferrell.

Shi Yan was also surprised. He didn't expect that Ferrell would come here. As Ferrell was at the Territory Ancestor Realm, if he hid his aura, people couldn't find him from a long distance.

Shi Yan, Mei Ji, and Emperor Sea Shark loathed Ferrell a lot. Ferrell had terminated the Phantom Clan's base in the Sea of Annihilation and killed Mei Ji's subordinates. He had even chased after Emperor Sea Shark's fellows. This time, Ferrell was also behind the deaths of many Sea Clan warriors.

Seeing Forefather Dragon Lizard take action, Shi Yan, Mei Ji, and Emperor Sea Shark exchanged looks. Then, they all took action.

"Mei Ji! Emperor Sea Shark! Shi Yan!"

Ferrell discolored. He screamed and gave up fighting against Forefather Dragon Lizard, turning into a jet of light running away.

He was at the Territory Ancestor Realm, but he didn't hesitate and left without turning his head back to check!

When Shi Yan and Emperor Sea Shark had reacted, Ferrell had turned into ten jets of light and shot into different directions.

When they pull themselves together to check where Ferrell's true body went, they found that Ferrell had gone pretty far. Slowly, his aura disappeared.

Forefather Dragon Lizard turned into his real body as he thundered, "You would damage me badly this time!"

"If nothing unexpected happens, the enemy will come soon. I think Ferrell has sent the news away," Mei Ji took a deep breath. "We have to reunite with the others soon. Do you know a shortcut?"

"Of course, yes," Shi Yan smiled and said confidently, "Last time, I didn't use the best s.p.a.ce power Upanishad in the seabed because my realm wasn't high enough. But now, I can try."

Everyone's eyes brightened.

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