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Mysterious forbidden land, Sea of Annihilation's seabed.

So many whirlpools were connected to each other like cl.u.s.ters of clouds. All of them had dangerous auras that scared away many explorers in this Sea of Annihilation.

Because no one knew where those ma.s.sive whirlpools would lead them.

Some thought they had profound realms which could enable them to discover the secrets of those whirlpools. They came and went missing forever.

The experts at the Territory Ancestor Realm had restrained their subordinates and fellows, asking them not to wander here.

But today, a group of famous characters had gathered here just like Montecie and Hiro before and were waiting by the vortexes.

They were the experts from the five clans!

They came here because Edgar had invited them. They summoned their forces and brought the hotshots of their clans in formations.

This group included Neptune of the Soul Clan, Ferrell and Beverly of the Ancient Monster Clan, Oliver of the Black Demon Clan, and Judy of the Mysterious Sky Clan. Neptune, Ferrell, and Oliver were at First Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm. Judy and Beverly were at Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm. Like Forefather Han Tian, Judy was also a legend of the Mysterious Sky Clan.

Beverly of the Ancient Monster Clan was like Edgar. He was one of the ten Great Territory Ancestors. He was also the strongest expert of the Ancient Monster Clan!

Standing by Beverly, Ferrell became gingerly.

There were three Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm experts and three First Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm experts here. Besides, this group also had hundreds of Immortal Realm experts and almost one thousand Incipient G.o.d Realm experts!

This big force came from the five great clans. They were here because of the territory entrance.

"Edgar, how did you know the Desolate Territory's entrance is in one of those whirlpools?" asked Beverly of the Ancient Monster Clan as soon as she came, her face dark and sinister.

Beverly had a snake body. When her green eyes gazed at the others, they were spooky and chilling. Anyway, she had a s.e.xy body with hot curves and an especially thrusting bosom. The two round b.r.e.a.s.t.s covered in the chest plate seemed to want to break her armor to get some air.

She also had a delicate, oval face, but she didn't smile or talk much. With a cold face, she gave people a distant and concealing feeling.

Judy of the Mysterious Sky Clan hovered by Beverly. Judy wore bright costumes with real flowers. She looked elegant and relaxed with a faint smile, which made her look around thirty years old.

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun were on Judy's side. Judy was Ya Yun's aunt; they had a close relationship.

"Our Ancestor is back. He showed us this territory entrance." Edgar came alone. He didn't bring any fellows. The Devouring Clan failed in Desolate Territory and Desolate hadn't recovered yet. The Devouring Clan was affected badly. At this moment, they had to focus on healing Devour, so they couldn't come here with Edgar.

Because of this reason, Edgar initially connected with the Soul Clan, the Mysterious Sky Clan, the Dark Demon Clan, and the Ancient Monster Clan. He made them gather here with their hotshots.

"If we aren't sure, Ancient Monster Clan wouldn't have come first. Edgar, you said that it's the correct entrance. Get in there first," Beverly sneered.

"Montecie and Hiro could be there. My Ancestor said that they have come to Desolate Territory," Edgar cursed them in his head but his face remained calm. He turned to look at Beverly.

"Montecie! Hiro!" Beverly hissed.

Judy and Neptune discolored and frowned.

Neptune and Ferrell were extremely frightened. They still remembered that Montecie had sought for them for a long time. She had declared that he would kill Neptune and Ferrell when she met them. At this moment, Montecie was the person Neptune and Ferrell didn't want to meet the most. If they had known Montecie was in the Sea of Annihilation, they wouldn't dare to return.

"What are you afraid of?" Beverly snorted and coldly glared at Ferrell. "Montecie is at Second Sky of Territory Ancestor. If she dares attack you, I'm sure I won't stand and stare."

Ferrell smiled embarra.s.sedly and didn't explain.

"Something is wrong!" Neptune suddenly screamed. He turned to face a direction, his eyes dark. "Worthy is dead! I think Cambay is gone too!"

He and Worthy had a soul connection. If both of them used their soul energy at the same time, they could talk to each other within a specific distance. At this moment, when Neptune tried to connect to Worthy, he found that the soul connection between them was cut off from Worthy's side.

Neptune immediately recognized the seriousness of the matter.

"How could it be?!" Ferrell shook his head, his face still relaxed. "Emperor Sea Shark is in Desolate Territory, isn't he? Hu Jiao and Datuk can't be Worthy and Cambay's equal opponents. Nothing bad could happen to them, right?"

"I'm sure Worthy is dead!" Neptune shouted each word.

Ferrell discolored.

Hesitating, he asked Beverly for permission. "Can I go there to check?"

"Okay," agreed Beverly.

Ferrell left hastily.

Edgar and the others had come here to discuss how to enter the territory entrance. Today, hearing the bad news, they paused. They would resume the discussion when the situation was clear.


A ma.s.sive area of algae like a cl.u.s.ter of thick clouds moved fast on the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation. The warriors around the seabed looked amazed when they saw the moving tufts of algae.

Some had profound realms so they decided to use the Soul Consciousness to sense. They were astonished when they found the marvel inside the algae leaves.

A majestic crystal palace stood imposingly inside the algae ma.s.s. Hu Jiao and Datuk had protected the palace carefully and they had moved it to the center of the algae area. At this moment, the ma.s.s of algae headed rapidly to Desolate Territory's entrance.

Shi Yan and Emperor Sea Shark were drunk, so Mei Ji was in charge of watching around and giving them time to drink and enjoy.

Although the members of the Sea Clan who had lost their friends and families had vented out their pressure after that b.l.o.o.d.y attack, they were still stuffed with sadness. They needed to discharge their negative feelings. They wanted to drink to relax for a while.

Emperor Sea Shark knew this. He decided to use Shi Yan to meet his fellows' need. He wanted to ease their pain and cheer them up when they sobered.

Inside the thick ma.s.s of algae, Mei Ji was like a mesmerizing creature. Her Soul Consciousness was released through her two eyes, which were like the two deep ponds.

The soul energy of the warriors reflected in her head. Most of them had low realms. Mei Ji didn't really mind.

All of a sudden, extremely powerful life energy reflected in her head. She pulled herself together immediately.

That aura was similar. Mei Ji became more cautious.

Deep undersea, a ma.s.sive figure like a dragon or a lizard slowly emerged. It was like a mountain of flesh. While approaching, it slowly shrank. It was like when an elephant had become a tiny ant. Slowly, that creature had transformed into human form. It was Forefather Dragon Lizard!

Mei Ji changed her face. Looking at Forefather Dragon Lizard in the distance, she closed her eyes to sense, her aura sharp.

It wasn't Forefather Dragon Lizard's clone that came here. He had come with his true body!

Today, Forefather Dragon Lizard had reached Territory Ancestor Realm too, the same realm with Mei Ji. Since Dragon Lizard was a direct descendant of Absolute Beginning creature Lizard, his life energy magnetic field was more enormous and his body was exploding more than those of normal races.

In other words, Forefather Dragon Lizard wasn't weaker than Mei Ji now!

"Mei Ji, is that you?" Forefather Dragon Lizard's surprised screamed arose. He pulled a serious face and looked at that ma.s.s of algae.

Judy of the Mysterious Sky Clan had invited him to come here from the Dragon Lizard Star. After one hundred years, Han Tian and Judy had helped Forefather Dragon Lizard. With the materials from the Mysterious Sky clan, he finally got Dark Energy. Just like Mei Ji, he had entered Territory Ancestor Realm.

He owed the Mysterious Sky Clan.

Thus, when Judy asked him to come, he couldn't deny her request. As he had just reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, he could shrink his real body and appear in his human form.

He came with his real body this time.

Seeing Mei Ji, he was surprised. He stopped as he was a distance away from the algae ma.s.s and asked, "Why are you here?

"How about you? Why are you here?" Mei Ji didn't answer and just asked.

"Madam Judy of the Mysterious Sky Clan asked me to come to the Sea of Annihilation. She said that something very important is about to happen and that they needed my power. That's why I come here with my true body." Forefather Dragon Lizard pondered for a while. He suddenly realized something and asked, "Before I came here, I heard that Edgar had connected with the experts from different clans. He said that he wanted to discuss something. Is it… related to you?"

Looking at the algae ma.s.s, he closed his eyes to sense and then paled, "Is Shi Yan there too?"


"I get it," Forefather Dragon Lizard forced a smile. "It's the same stuff. They're still hungry for Shi Yan's Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. They are here because of it, I a.s.sume. As Edgar, Judy, and Beverly are here, even if that terrifying Absolute Beginning creature comes this time, it can't protect Shi Yan. I think you should leave immediately. Don't linger in the Sea of Annihilation!"

Hearing him, Mei Ji was puzzled, "Who do you support?"

"Of course, I have to support the Mysterious Sky Clan. Our Dragon Lizard Clan has joined the Mysterious Sky Clan. But that kid Shi Yan saved me before. Without him, Singh would have killed me successfully. I owe him a favor." Forefather Dragon Lizard took a deep breath and waved his hand. "Just say that we have never met here. Yeah, just consider that I have never come here…"

Then, Forefather Dragon Lizard was about to leave.

"Forefather Dragon Lizard, don't you want to know how Lizard Died?" However, at this moment, Shi Yan's voice arose from the algae ma.s.s and stopped Forefather Dragon Lizard.

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