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Bringing someone's Seal of Power Upanishad into one's soul was an extremely risky deed.

He trusted that Emperor Sea Shark would send a part of his power Upanishad to Shi Yan. At the same time, Shi Yan at his Peak of Immortal Realm dared to guide Emperor Sea Shark's power Upanishad to his soul altar. Didn't that mean he trusted Emperor Sea Shark?

If Emperor Sea Shark had another idea and fought Shi Yan in his soul altar, Shi Yan wouldn't be able to endure it. His soul would get hurt badly too.

The transparent water drop fell into Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness. The soul pond in his Sea of Consciousness emitted Dark Energy right away. The power Upanishads in his soul altar could smell the aura of the intruder. They became cautious and wanted to attack that thumb-sized water drop.

Focusing, he continuously asked himself to relax and quiet down. He had to do that to calm down his power Upanishads and his restless mind.

Slowly, the water drop drifted above the Sea of Consciousness and the soul pond, floating up towards the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and heading to the top.

Shi Yan said that he was seventy percent sure and he didn't lie. Through Desolate's memories and his own observations, he a.s.sumed that the Original Symbol Embryo atop the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower could create the Upanishad Original Symbol. However, he wasn't sure if it could work to the insider like Emperor Sea Shark.

Thus, he said that he was just seventy percent sure.

The water drop swayed. Shrouded in Shi Yan's soul, it finally fell onto the peak of the giant tower and tried to enter the Original Symbol Embryo.


The resisting force came from the Original Symbol Embryo, which seemed to have its own life. Also, that aura magically had a subtle connection with Shi Yan. Shi Yan knew that the Original Symbol Embryo instinctively boycotted the water drop of power Upanishad because it knew that it wasn't Shi Yan's power Upanishad.

Shi Yan was startled. As he knew it wasn't alright, he hurried to part his Soul Consciousness.

He poured a wisp of his Soul Consciousness into the water drop of Emperor Sea Shark's power Upanishad. He had to notify Emperor Sea Shark to persuade him to prevent misunderstanding, which would hinder him from entering the water drop.

Emperor Sea Shark paled. At this moment, he was tense and his face changed oddly.

Hu Jiao and Mei Ji furrowed their brows. They were anxious because they didn't know what could happen.

Instinctively, Mei Ji went close to Shi Yan and gathered her G.o.d power. She was ready to protect Shi Yan in any case.

Similarly, the experts of the Sea Clan including Hu Jiao, Shen Ren, and Datuk also approached Emperor Sea Shark. As soon as Emperor Sea Shark ordered, they were going to take action immediately.

Everybody turned to Emperor Sea Shark and noticed Shi Yan's moves. When they saw Emperor Sea Shark calm down after furrowing his brows, they also ceased. Emperor Sea Shark relaxing also calmed the air in this area. People exhaled, their faces strange.

"It should be alright," Emperor Sea Shark shrugged as he relaxed and reluctantly smiled. "Madam Mei Ji, as you and Shi Yan are together, you don't know how many men in this sea area have gone crazy because of that.

Mei Ji was one of the most beautiful experts of the Phantom Clan and the Phantom Clan was famous for the treasure-like women. The number of warriors from different clans in the Sea of Annihilation who had admired Mei Ji in the Sea of Annihilation was almost innumerable. If they knew she had lost her virginity to Shi Yan and had always served him well, they would have been crazily indignant.

"He wants me. It's my pleasure." Mei Ji curled her lips and stroked her hair enchantingly. She smiled and then said, "His mystery is something that no woman can resist. He can make any woman crazy."

Before she understood Shi Yan, she had been at the Peak of Immortal Realm. However, she didn't have Dark Energy at that time and she had been wounded severely too.

Within one hundred years, she had broken through to Territory Ancestor Realm. Also, the G.o.d power in her body acc.u.mulated. She got so many benefits. Except for Shi Yan, who could give her all that?

She remembered the struggle she had to endure as she was trying to perceive the marvels of Dark Energy. Montecie had also considered her an item to trade for more benefits. If Batum hadn't been killed and she didn't get Dark Energy, she would have been tied to a marriage with Batum. Although she appreciated Montecie, she understood that Montecie wasn't the one who had given her all that she had today. It was Shi Yan!

Without Shi Yan, the Phantom Clan wouldn't have had a new Territory Ancestor! She wouldn't have been here today!

As she didn't have Dark Energy, Montecie wouldn't have used the enormous amount of precious cultivating materials of the clan to nourish her. Anyway, the Phantom Clan still had several Peak of Immortal Realm like her. Mei Ji wasn't their only choice.

As Mei Ji was absorbed in her thoughts, Emperor Sea Shark suddenly moved, his eyes shooting dazzling light!

At the same time, clear sounds of murmuring water came from Shi Yan's body as if Shi Yan had many rivers running rapidly inside his body. The magical mysteries of Water power Upanishad was the supple water that had appeared perfectly on Shi Yan!

People focused and saw Shi Yan's G.o.d power move like water inside Shi Yan's veins, magical steam fuming from his seven natural facial holes. They were amazed, indeed.

Emperor Sea Shark breathed heavily. He couldn't suppress his excitement, his voice trembling. "Works! It works!"

When Shi Yan sent him the message to ask him to release the control he had on that water drop, he was hesitant. He pondered and then agreed. And now, he understood that only when the water drop, his power Upanishad essence, had Shi Yan's aura could it enter the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower!

While the murmuring water sounds continued, a five-colored, transparent water drop shrouding a magical symbol flew out of Shi Yan's left eye.

That transparent water drop was shining, revealing the Upanishad Original Symbol inside, which had a seal that said "Water" written in Absolute Beginning language. As soon as that water drop appeared, the rivers, the lakes, and seas in Emperor Sea Shark's territory seemed to have lives instantly. Emperor Sea Shark was touched.

He greedily looked at that water drop and was so excited. He mumbled continuously, "The Water Upanishad Original Symbol. Supernatural power. A supernatural power."

At this moment, Hu Jiao, Datuk, Shen Ren, and many warriors of the Sea Clan had their eyes brightened. They were all thrilled. They understood that Emperor Sea Shark's competence would thrive shortly after he got the Upanishad Original Symbol. He would have a big chance to break through to Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm.

An Upanishad Original Symbol was enough to bring Emperor Sea Shark to a better world!

Emperor Sea Shark was their hope. His bright future was also their bright future!

How could they not be thrilled?

Hu Jiao, Datuk, and some young members of the clan hated Shi Yan even after he had killed a lot of members of the Ancient Monster Clan and the Soul Clan. They didn't care about Shi Yan, anyway.

However, at this moment, the resentment and discontent they had for Shi Yan had all gone with the appearance of the Upanishad Original Symbol!

When they looked at Shi Yan, they had only appreciation and admiration in their eyes.

They finally trusted Shi Yan as a friend and even a benefactor.

As people were panting excitedly, Emperor Sea Shark slowly took the water drop and pulled it into his soul altar. The water drop now had an Upanishad Original Symbol, a supernatural power of his power Upanishad. As soon as it came to his soul altar, it immediately fused perfectly with a bigger water drop.

A new theorem of Water power Upanishad was established in his soul. His soul shook as if it had just received a brand new inheritance of the power Upanishad.

Emperor Sea Shark's eyes became as bright as stars as he was quietly sensing his new, magical power Upanishad and the growth of his realm…

People observed him with keen eyes.

Only Mei Ji was holding Shi Yan hand and speaking tenderly, "Are you okay?"

Shi Yan smiled and shook his head, "It's alright. I'm okay. It feels really good. I also got the chance to check the features of the Water power Upanishad. With this experience, I can refine more Original Symbols. Haha, I can't believe this Power Upanishad Symbol Tower is so interesting!"

Mei Ji was excited too.

Shi Yan could use Emperor Sea Shark to create a Water Original Symbol. Similarly, as long as he had enough energy, he could refine an Ice Upanishad Original Symbol, which was suitable for Mei Ji!

The Upanishad Original Symbol was also a supernatural power. If Mei Ji got the Ice Upanishad Original Symbol, her competence would increase greatly!

After a long time, Emperor Sea Shark had steadied his condition. His eyes brightened as he smiled. His worried face had finally disappeared like vanishing smoke. He cried out, "Hu Jiao! Bring wine! Bring us our best wine! I have to drink with Shi Yan today!"

"Bold!" Hu Jiao had changed his att.i.tude towards Shi Yan. He friendly patted Shi Yan's shoulder as he smiled. "Bro, you have to give us face today. You have to drink with me too!"

"Me too!" Datuk cried.

This time, the resentment they had for Shi Yan was cleared and only grat.i.tude and compliments were left.

"Okay! Come drink with me!" Shi Yan grinned, "Then, we have to go to the territory entrance and enjoy a fierce battle too!"

"Enjoy a fierce battle!" clamored the others.

Mei Ji's eyes showed that she was smiling. She didn't talk them out of this as she knew they were excited. "Enjoy yourself. I'm going to check around. If something happens, I will tell you."

"What a good wife! Haha!" It was the first time Emperor Sea Shark teased Mei Ji. He was too excited like everybody else. All was because of an Upanishad Original Symbol.

Mei Ji smiled beautifully and left. She knew that at their realms, even if they drank a lot of wine, they could sober up within a second. Thus, she wasn't worried. She just needed to check around and alert them when they got trouble.

In the center of the algae ma.s.s, the Sea Clan people were drinking cheerfully. They all came to drink with Shi Yan.

Shi Yan didn't deny anyone. While drinking the delicious wine, he had thrown away all the burdens and just enjoyed this moment.

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