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Chapter 155 I will save you!
On the iron ship.
Shi Yan looked rigid as he walked on the ship like a reaper.
There were corpses lying all over the deck.
Three Disaster Realm warriors were easily killed by Shi Yan, and no one could defend against him for more than one second.
Lin Changxiao’s dead body was giving cold air, still sitting on the wheelchair.
Kong Er and the Beard Uncle were both killed by Shi Yan.
Especially for Kong Er, he died in a weird way. As his body was thrusted into the sea, he seemed to have catched by a huge hand, his throat was cut through by Shi Yan.
Those pirates also fell into the sea, while five were killed on the ship by Shi Yan.
The rest six people escaped into the sea and ran away desperately.
Shi Yan went into the sea like a shark and killed all the runners.
After that, Shi Yan went up to the ship through the ladder.
Linda was still in astonishment, as she looked at him dumbstruck.
Twenty some warriors, including three Disaster Realm ones, ten Human Realm ones, and a dozen of Nascent Realm ones...
Their Profound Qi was all absorbed in by Shi Yan!
After getting their Profound Qi, Shi Yan’s meridians started to hurt a little and his negative emotions pervaded, trying to strike Shi Yan’s consciousness.
After getting on board, Shi Yan glanced at Linda and thought of an idea.
With the help of Linda’s body, he could release his negative energy and recover his body to the peak!
Once this idea popped out of his mind, he couldn’t get rid of it anymore. As he looked at Linda, Shi Yan felt his body was on fire.
Linda was still in great shock, not knowing that since Shi Yan absorbed too much negative energy, he was having some bad ideas about her.
“It was you, who saved me from the Green Scale Beast.” Linda looked radiant, “Why don’t you admit? You are an expert, then why stay silently on the ship? You could have killed Carmon easily.”
Shi Yan frowned, and said indifferently, “My energy recovered too slow, It’s still not at my peak.”
“It’s not the peak now?” Linda was shocked, “I feel that you are merely at Disaster Realm, but how could you kill so many people so easily? And three of them were at Disaster Realm. They couldn’t do anything to protect themselves!”
Linda took a deep breath, and gazed at Shi Yan with his bright eyes, “Who on earth are you? You are young but so powerful! You are not n.o.body!”
“I don’t belong to the Endless Sea.” Shi Yan shook his head, and explained, “I wasn’t here before, but u will know it later. You still won’t know who I am if I tell you now.”
Linda guessed Shi Yan was still hiding something, so she sighed and shook her head, “I know. We are nothing in your eyes. Don’t say it if you don’t want to. I will know it sooner or later.”
Shi Yan sat down on the ship while breathing heavily, and he looked at Linda with desire in his eyes.
Linda was frightened.
She was very familiar with such eyes. Most Men looked at her in this way! Linda had experienced so much, so she could see l.u.s.t from it!
“Go! While I’m still lucid! Stay away from me!” Shi Yan bellowed.
After absorbing so much energy, his negative emotions were about to lose control, and the idea of pushing Linda took Shi Yan’s mind.
His reason was eaten away by the l.u.s.t, and his mind was being engulfed by evil thoughts.
“What’s up?” Linda cried out, “Are you wounded?”
If Shi Yan didn’t tell her go, maybe she would become afraid and run away.
Shi Yan’s eyes were burning with l.u.s.t, but he still asked Linda to leave, which reminded Linda something and she stayed, “You were good before. What’s up with u now? What should I do to help you?”
“Leave me alone! Go away from me!” Shi Yan shouted again, “Go quickly if you don’t want to lose your virginity!”
Shi Yan didn’t let her bind himself up.
Linda was not Xia Xinyan, so Shi Yan couldn’t trust her. Although the pirates were killed, but there were still other pirates. If they came again, it would be tough for Shi Yan to fight them if he was binded.
“Ahh!” Linda covered her mouth and blushed, as she stepped back to the rear of the ship in astonishment.
At that moment, that centipede appeared again.
That centipede suddenly spouted poison and it flew onto Linda’s body, which frightened her a lot.
“Ahh!” Linda shouted again, and she waved her sword to fight with that centipede.
As Linda’s whole body was covered with greenish stinky poison, she waved her swords and her body gradually lost her energy.
Shi Yan was breathing heavily, as he saw Linda getting hurt, he stood up, concentrated his energy and attacked the soul of the centipede again.
Meanwhile, Shi Yan grabbed that Wolf Tusk Rod left by Beard and rushed with a vicious face.
After striking Linda, the centipede suddenly fell from up in the air, and seeing Shi Yan coming, the centipede ran quickly in fear with its hundreds of feet.
It knew its adversary was Shi Yan, and it could feel the murderous aura emitted by Shi Yan, which frightened it a lot.
“Run! Keep running! Run!” Shi Yan took that Wolf Tusk Rod, went over Linda and stabbed it into that centipede.
He triggered his energy, and the Wolf Tusk Rod sent out pale light.
Just after a few strikes, that centipede’s head was smashed by the Wolf Tusk Rod. The centipede’s body was not hard, for it to move swiftly.
It was not so weak before. But after two times of strikes on its soul, it nearly collapsed.
As soon as the centipede died, Shi Yan threw the Wolf Tusk Rod away and looked at Linda with his hot eyes.
Linda’s body got numb and tired, and she could feel a pain in her heart. Under Shi Yan’s gaze, Linda’s face turned pale, and she mumbled, “I, I’m finished. Shi Yan, promise me, save my crew. Don’t let them be killed by the pirates. Please!”
Shi Yan breathed heavily, his eyes were burning red, as he bellowed, “Linda, I want you! I can save you!”
“Wha, what?” Linda’s voice got weaker and weaker, but her eyes again filled with light, “What do you mean? You can save me? The poison of the centipede only could be cured by poison pills from the fifteen powers, do you have one?”
“No pills, I can save you by sleeping with you!” Shi Yan greeted his teeth as his vein protruded on his face, “You decide. Virginity or your life!”
Linda was stunned, a light crossing her eyes. As her soul was about to flew away from her body, she whispered to Shi Yan, “This is my first time, please be gentle.”
Linda’s neck blushed as she said that.
Lying on the deck on her side, Linda’s curves were so inviting, her chestnut hair covering her b.u.t.t.
“I said ‘be gentle’. You, I can’t even stand! How do I face Carmon and others?”
After a long time, the bellows disappeared. Then, there came a woman’s complaint.
“I couldn’t control myself.” The man’s giggling voice came, “How’s your body?”
The woman was silent for a while as she was checking her body. Then she said in surprise, “The poison has disappeared! And I seem to have gained more energy! I feel that something inside my body has changed!”
“What!” Shi Yan cried and after hesitating for a while, he mumbled, “Is it that your Martial Spirit had waken up?”
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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