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So many black brocade flags fluttered on the seabed. The members of the Soul Clan stood under the flags and most of them had profound realms at Incipient G.o.d Realm and Immortal Realm.

The leader of this troop was also a Commander at Singh's level, Worthy. He was at the Peak of Immortal Realm and he got Dark Energy, which meant that he was just one step away from the Territory Ancestor Realm.

Worthy had a close relationship with Neptune. He attacked the Sea Clan this time to force Emperor Sea Shark to show himself.

On the Sea of Annihilation seabed, Worthy had attacked Datuk and Hu Jiao many times. Hu Jiao couldn't resist him and he had let him kill many Sea Clan warriors.

A ma.s.sive, shining black brocade flag hovered above his head. It was like his ghostly face!

Worthy had a lanky body and his skin was like tree bark. So many ghosts wound around his body and wore extremely ferocious and sinister appearances. He was infamous even in the Soul Clan.

"Brother Cambay, I heard that precursor Ferrell had accepted you as his disciple. Congratulations! You also cultivate Lightning power Upanishad. Following him, your realm will advance rapidly!" Worthy grinned and looked at Cambay standing next to him.

Cambay was a member of Ancient Monster Tribe at Third Sky of Immortal Realm, but he hadn't gotten Dark Energy. After Ferrell had joined the Ancient Monster Clan, Cambay volunteered to be his subordinate because he also cultivated Lightning power Upanishad. He wanted to learn stronger techniques from Ferrell.

It was Ferrell's plan to send him to the Sea of Annihilation this time to slaughter Emperor Sea Shark's warriors. He was also willing to do that, anyway.

He wanted to use this chance to prove his talents and prove that he had wholeheartedly followed Ferrell. He hoped that Ferrell would teach him his profound power Upanishad.

Cambay and Worthy were here to hunt Emperor Sea Shark's warriors. They knew each other and now, their target was the same. Of course, they would go the same way.

During this time, while Neptune and Ferrell had exerted their efforts to find the territory entrance, the two of them had taken the troops to kill half of the Sea Clan warriors on Hu Jiao and Datuk's side. After the others had found the territory entrance, their mission here was going to be done too.

However, at the last moment, they had encountered trouble. Hu Jiao and Datuk had disappeared.

They understood that this sea area belonged to Emperor Sea Shark and they knew there would be some traps around. They knew that Hu Jiao and Datuk had hidden the remaining members of the Sea clan around this area. However, they had searched around for a long time and found nothing. They became skeptical.

"We should finish them early. It'd be better," Cambay laughed. "I heard that Edgar of the Soul Clan found the territory entrance's location. He invited people to wait there. Rumors say that Desolate Territory has so many marvels. We should finish here as soon as possible so that we can go there too."

"I think so," Worthy guffawed, "Hu Jiao has retracted his head. He thought we couldn't find him. But it's good then. Once we find them, we can harvest the whole batch. It will save us from many troubles."

While talking, they saw a big ma.s.s of algae moving fast. Their eyes brightened.

Checking for a while, they cried in surprise as they realized that they were Hu Jiao, Datuk, and the remaining members of the Sea Clan.

They stirred up immediately. They ordered their troopers to align in formation to cover that ma.s.s of algae.

The groups of the Soul Clan and Ancient Monster Clan became dark and cold, their brutal aura emitting. They began to move around the ma.s.s of algae and stand in formations.

"Hu Jiao! I know you're there. Our request is simple. You tell us where Emperor Sea Shark is or you die!" Worthy pulled a dark face and grinned. "But even if you choose to die, I won't let you die easily. Muahaha, perhaps you know how your fellows were killed. They didn't have an intact body, did they?"

Inside the ma.s.s of algae, the Sea Clan warriors had red eyes like beasts that saw blood.

The images of the dismembered corpses emerged in their heads, which churned their resentment in their hearts. They became restless.

"We shouldn't show up. We don't want them to run away. If we want to kill them, we will kill them to the last member," Shi Yan muttered.

Mei Ji nodded quietly.

Emperor Sea Shark and Shen Ren wore dark faces. After a while, Emperor Sea Shark said, "Hu Jiao, lure them in! As long as they get in, we can kill them all!"

Hu Jiao became excited as if each of his cells revived. Inside the ma.s.s of algae, he shouted, "Worthy! Cambay! Even if we become ghosts, we won't let you go! Tribal Oldie will seek revenge for us!"

"Muahaha!" Worthy crackled sinisterly. "Become ghosts? Haha, I, Worthy, want to make you ghosts! Haha, my ghosts!"

The brocade flags above the Soul Clan troops changed. Many ghosts appeared and they were all the members of the Sea Clan!

Worthy had killed them and dragged their souls; he refined them to be his brutal souls and ghosts. They were now an energy source for his weapons.

"It's… the kids' souls." This ma.s.s of algae was strange. After Shen Ren had sent his Soul Consciousness to it, it became transparent. The Sea Clan experts inside could see the commotions outside. Thus, they realized their familiar fellows on those flags.

After those souls were refined, their consciousness was omitted, which made them bloodthirsty and evil. They didn't have any human emotions.

The members of the Sea Clan inside the tufts of algae felt their hearts bleeding as they saw their families and friends like that. Emperor Sea Shark clutched his chest and shivered. He looked like many lightning strikes struck him. He looked extremely grieved.

"We're not going out there. We will defend this place until our Tribal Oldie comes back. When that day comes, you all have to die!" Hu Jiao looked at Emperor Sea Shark, shouting.

"If you don't get out here, we will go there to catch you. Muahaha, how do you have the guts to talk to me like that?" Cambay shook his head, waved his hands, and then said to his subordinates, "We don't have time. Don't waste more. Let's go. Follow me."

"Get in!" Worth ordered and signaled his troopers to be careful.

Worthy and Cambay took their warriors and attacked the algae ma.s.s. They urged their G.o.d power. Their entire bodies sparkled as they were cautious to prevent any ambush.

Magically, they didn't encounter an attack as they moved toward the algae ma.s.s.

Worthy and Cambay became skeptical. They thought that Hu Jiao and Datuk didn't have enough power to set up an outer defense. They relaxed more, so they called for the other warriors guarding around to come. All of them had finally entered the vast field of algae.

This algae field was really immense. Perhaps it was even several times bigger than the Immortal Island. The thick algae leaves had covered everywhere. Moving through the area, they all felt their visions and Soul Consciousness hinder. It was hard to check the life energy fluctuations here.

Apparently, with Worthy and Cambay's competence, they couldn't sense Shi Yan's and Emperor Sea Shark's life energy fluctuation.

Thus, they only saw fungal plants, red coral, and shattered gla.s.s after entering the algae field.

They also saw the Sea Clan warriors in helter-skelter conditions. They saw Hu Jiao, Datuk, and the fierce appearances on their faces.

Worthy and Cambay didn't notice. They thought that Hu Jiao and Datuk was now at the end of their strength, so they just laughed, "It's your last force. It's good that we can kill you all here and then run to the territory entrance."

Mingling in the crowd, Shi Yan felt chilled as he knew he was right. Edgar of the Devouring Clan had disclosed the entrance's location.

Hu Jiao and Datuk wore cold faces as they watched Worthy and Cambay came one after another. They didn't hurry. Emperor Sea Shark and Shen Ren hiding behind them didn't show themselves yet.

Gradually, most of Worthy's and Cambay's troopers had entered the place. Receiving their leaders' signals, they grinned and showed their fangs to accept the killing mission.

At this moment, Emperor Sea Shark and Shen Ren finally walked out of the crowd. "I heard you guys wanted to see me?" Emperor Sea Shark tried to suppress his anger, his voice relatively calm.

Boop! Boop! Boop!

Flows of sharp water like darts shot out from behind Emperor Sea Shark. Shortly after, dozens of Soul Clan's and Ancient Monster Clan's warriors were pierced through.

Those water arrows seemed to have consciousness. After they had pierced through those people, they acted as sharp blades that chopped off their bodies!

The pungent smell of blood emitted from the center of the algae field. Blood dyed the seawater red like there were so many beautiful red flowers.

"Emperor Sea Shark!"

Worthy and Cambay screamed at the same time. They acted as if they had encountered ghosts. They became restlessly frightened.

"You… aren't you in Desolate Territory? Sir Edgar said that he met you there. How could you be here?"

"It turns out that you knew about my whereabouts right from the start. You just made an excuse to slaughter my fellows! No wonder you're here instead of the two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds Neptune and Ferrell! They knew I couldn't be here!" Emperor Sea Shark's wrath erupted as he shouted crazily.

Emperor Sea Shark took action!

Shi Yan and Mei Ji exchanged looks and also took action.

Icicles shot out from Mei Ji's eyes like Death Scythes. The warriors from the Soul Clan and the Ancient Monster Clan couldn't resist. They were frozen and broken.

Shi Yan had s.p.a.ce vines slither in his eyes like snakes.

Sharp s.p.a.ce sabers emerged invisibly. Worthy and Cambay's warriors were minced like cubes of tofu that were cut off equally.

The Sea Clan members were cheering happily as they saw Worthy and Cambay's subordinates being killed tragically. Finally, they could discharge their heavy resentment!

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