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"What do you want?"

Hovering in midair, Shi Yan looked calm. Today, he had reached the Peak of Immortal Realm. After fusing with another Origin, he felt his soul had transformed again, and he could enter the Territory Ancestor Realm soon. Now, he wasn't afraid of Zi Yao.

He was confident that he could leave as he wished!

At that moment, shadows appeared by him: they were Hiro and Montecie, the true experts of the White Bone and Phantom Clan, the peerless existences in this vast universe. Also, they were two of the ten Great Territory Ancestors.

In these given circ.u.mstances, Zi Yao slightly changed her face. She understood clearly that with Hiro and Montecie here, she couldn't threaten Shi Yan.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

More shadows emerged. They were Dracula and his wife, Mei Ji, and Gay. They were also Territory Ancestor Realm experts!

Zi Yao's eyes changed, feeling a bit frightened by now. Looking at Shi Yan, she felt a headache developing.

'Since when could he gather so many experts like this?' She was surprised. She knew the characters at the Territory Ancestor Realm with the power of the Dark Energy could harm her. The Territory Ancestor Realm Experts were the peak existences of this epoch. Their life form and power Upanishads had reached an extreme level.

In some marvelous aspects, they weren't as good as the Absolute Beginning creatures. However, in a real fight, they weren't too bad.

"We can kill her!"

All of a sudden, Hiro hissed, his face filled with murderous aura.

Montecie's cute face radiated amazingly as she sn.i.g.g.e.red, "The Absolute Beginning creatures have many powers, and their entire bodies are treasures. If we can kill her, it'll be good for all of us!"

Zi Yao's face went stiff.

Looking at Hiro and Montecie, she suddenly recognized that her background wasn't as strong as Devour's.

The Devouring Clan had Edgar and Labitte as the Territory Ancestor Realm. In the Sea Domain of Nihility, it was one of the Seven Great Clans. The Devouring Clan had developed to an extreme level, and was a great support to Devour.

However, she only had Tian Xie…

None of her servants had reached the Territory Ancestor Realm. In other words, they couldn't help her much. In the battle between the Territory Ancestors, they couldn't join to help her.

Looking at Hiro, Montecie, Gay, Mei Ji, Dracula, and his wife, Zi Yao's eyes turned dark. She finally admitted that they could threaten her.

She pondered for seconds then laughed. Her powerful attractive power rippled, attacking all the warriors' minds.

As she was laughing, her true body wiggled, drawing the asteroid. Zi Yao waved and Cecilia appeared by her. "This little girl has a deep love like the sea for you. You don't want to see her die tragically, do you? You see, she has my mark on her head…"

She guided more warriors over: Cecilia's teacher Lena, Gu Lian and Gu Ling of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, and some other faces familiar to Shi Yan, Adele, and Ming Hao. They were all dragged here with the green snake mark on their foreheads. Zi Yao had imprinted her soul seal to bind their souls.

With a thought of hers, Cecilia and the others couldn't even wiggle before their souls perished.

She got many people behind her who had a good relationship with Xuan He, Ming Hao, Adele, and DeCarlos. They all wore a glum, reluctant, and desperate face.

Shi Yan turned to see Cecilia.

Cecilia stooped, having a bitter and sorrowful face. She didn't talk, just standing in bafflement.

Shi Yan suddenly felt sour.

"Besides, although this chaotic s.p.a.ce basin isn't my territory, I can change the surroundings a bit," Zi Yao sneered and then flung her hands, her moves quite gentle. Then, people saw a darkness fall as outer s.p.a.ce streamers came with blasts of wind and snowstorm.

"I've lived here for hundreds of thousands of years. I'm familiar with this place. I have even refined some areas. If you fight me here, I don't think you will gain the upper hand."

Looking at the strange commotion, Hiro and Montecie felt heavy-hearted. They didn't sound really confident.

"If we fight, both sides can't retreat unharmed. We should stop." Shi Yan kept a cold face and snorted. "And, if you know that already, why are you here? You can't kill me. Why do you need to stand in my way?"

"Do you have the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower?" Zi Yao curled her lips.

"In my hands." Shi Yan answered.

As the matter was confirmed, Zi Yao felt indignant. She loathed Devour because if he hadn't cleared her soul seal, she would have had the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower already. Shi Yan would have never had a chance to touch it.

But, she knew it was no use to hate the other. "Do you know the secrets of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower too?" She asked all of a sudden.

"It's the key to open the Absolute Beginning Gateway," Shi Yan said at his own convenience. 

Hearing him, Zi Yao was shaken hard. She couldn't help but scream, "You! How could you know that? Oh right, you got parts of his soul! d.a.m.n it!" At this moment, the twelve snakeheads swayed as if they were all frantic.

"If you dare to fight, we will try to kill the Absolute Beginning creature too!" Shi Yan suddenly shouted. His shout was like a thunderclap that awoke Zi Yao. She didn't dare to ignite the fight, just struggling hard at her spot.

"If you stop me here, we won't stop until someone dies!"

Shi Yan was extremely bold. Right after that, he drove the Grace Mainland, tearing this area of strong blasts and heading to the territory entrance.

"G.o.ddess Mother!" Tian Xie watched Shi Yan's group leaving and hissed to remind her. However, Zi Yao didn't order to attack.

"Shi Yan's side is different. He has several Territory Ancestors who can actually hurt me. Once we fight, even though I can win because I'm more familiar with this place, we would be damaged badly. It could be even worse than that year. So, we shouldn't be impetuous."

After Shi Yan's team had left for a long time, Zi Yao quieted down. While pondering, she said, "I must recover fast. If I can't refine Desolate's clones to do that, I have to find another method. We need to go to the Sea Domain of Nihility . As long as I'm fully recovered, I can defeat both Devour and Desolate. It's now a compet.i.tion to see who recovers first!"

"I understood," regarded Tian Xie.

Zi Yao looked at him and felt a little disappointed. She had trained Tian Xie herself; however, due to Desolate Territory's condition, Tian Xie's realm was held down. He hadn't reached the Territory Ancestor Realm yet.

He couldn't help her in the future battle if he didn't reach the Territory Ancestor Realm. She calculated and worried about the upcoming war.

The Grace Mainland quietly flew through the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. Without Zi Yao troubling them, the planet was well protected by Hiro and Montecie. The chaotic s.p.a.ce basin couldn't affect the Grace Mainland, so the creatures on the continent could still cultivate with the heaven and earth energy there. Everything was going smoothly and ideally.

Shi Yan also quieted down. Before they reached the territory entrance, he could have a short course of peaceful time.

The Yang family had accommodated the warriors from the other stars to the islands in the Endless Sea on the Grace Mainland. The Shang family, the Wu family, the Xiao family, and the Gu G.o.d Sect stayed there for the time being. They were all the characters at the overlord-level.

Since they didn't have much time, they couldn't bring all of the members of their forces. They could only bring their family and teleport with Shi Yan to the Grace Mainland.

On an island, the Shang family, Wu family, Xiao family, Gu G.o.d Sect, and Yu Shan from the Fiery Rain Star Area were gathering, watching the immense sky without a sun, moon, or any star. An Liya, Yu Shan, and Shang Chen looked dispirited, sighing.

"Shi Yan let us lodge together. What does he want to tell us after all?" Sha Zhao was playing with his Gu insects as he shook his head begrudgingly, "We're away from our home, and we don't know our future. This feeling… Sigh, I don't feel well."

"So, our homeland was slaughtered?" An Liya still had hope. "We will never go back there again?"

"If Shi Yan didn't lie to us, Desolate Territory is now not suitable for us to live anymore. If you go back there, Desolate will kill you." Yu Shan said.

At the moment they were talking, Shi Yan appeared between them like a ghost. Looking at Yu Shan, Shang Chen, Shang Ying Yue, and the other faces he knew, Shi Yan felt a little lost. That year, when the Agate Star Area was invaded and attacked by the G.o.d Clan, those people didn't hesitate to give him a helping hand.

Shi Yan always remembered their favors. Thus, when the doomsday came over Desolate Territory, he had exerted a lot of efforts to gather them. However, on listening to their conversation, Shi Yan knew they hadn't lost hope yet.

"I'm going to show you something. It's what I saw when I got Audrey's Origin. This is how Desolate looks today…"

Star energy churned and created scenes above Shi Yan's head. In those scenes, so many planets Shang Chen and the others knew had their warriors exploded, their soul altars shattering like fireworks wherever the ancient continent pa.s.sed by. The warriors they knew didn't have a chance to resist. They were cleared instantly.

The three star areas had merged together to create the real Desolate Territory. However, today, the liveliest life stars in Desolate Territory had their creatures living in misery while warriors were destroyed everywhere.

Anyway, the ordinary human beings weren't affected in this kalpa.

Shang Chen had witnessed the life stars they used to visit and the warriors they knew explode with blasting soul altars. They paled at this sight, breathing heavily.

Now, they had recognized that if they didn't leave, the victims of that terrifying genocide would have been them! They didn't feel indignant anymore. They now trusted Shi Yan entirely, as they knew that he had forcefully drawn them away from a deathly fate.

"Shi Yan, thank you…We understand now! We finally understand!" An Liya sounded dispirited.

Everybody thanked Shi Yan for rescuing them. The elders of the Wu family and the Bai family now knew that it was their best move to send their warriors to the Agate Star Area that year.

If they hadn't helped him that year, they would have perished at this moment, without having had a chance to survive.

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