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The Origin fusion was easier than Shi Yan had imagined. After Audrey had agreed to cooperate with him, the whole process was really smooth.

Previously, he didn't know the fusion method, and thought that it would require some conditions. However, when she sent him the message to tell him that she would cooperate with him, he immediately knew what to do!

A powerful call came from deep in his soul! It felt like he wanted to retrieve his missing limbs as his soul emitted fierce vibes! The energy rippled from him had bright colors, as they were filled with brilliant outer s.p.a.ce streamers. The magnificent light then filled Audrey's Sea of Consciousness.

It was like so many hands had clutched Audrey's Origin in her host soul and pulled it out to absorb it!

It was the gathering instinct between the Origins.

Before Shi Yan had come here, Audrey's host soul was affected by Desolate's will. Crossing endless s.p.a.ces, Desolate had used the Soul Seal to torture her, drowning her in blurry dreams, to the point where she couldn't tell whether they were true or illusory. At the same time, Desolate sent her similar calls.

It was exactly the same as Shi Yan's call.

Feeling Shi Yan's soul call, Audrey was hesitant. She was afraid that it was Desolate's trick to trap her and make her proactively give her Origin away.

Then, she decided to ask Shi Yan something that only they knew, who gave her the correct answers. That way, she had confirmed the source of the soul calls: they were from Shi Yan.

With that, Audrey didn't hesitate anymore.

Wisps of brilliant five-colored soul light flew out of her host soul. As soon as they left her, they headed fast toward Shi Yan's soul magnetic field.

As soon as the soul lights came to that vibrating soul magnetic field, they turned into the five-colored flames which were actually the heaven flames of the Origin. Then, the flames danced and blended with Shi Yan's soul.

Shi Yan had a feeling of perceiving knowledge and memories comprising of many scenes and images. After fusing with each flame, he saw something from the magical but ancient memory. He vaguely saw some old, resentful stories that took place in the Absolute Beginning Era.

It was Desolate's memory!

Unfortunately, it was still incomplete after this fusion. Taking Audrey's Origin, Shi Yan got two-fifths of Desolate's soul, memory, and knowledge. It was a little less than expected.

"Absolute Beginning… Destination of life journey…. Absolute Beginning Gateway… Key…"

Pieces of scrambled, inexplicable memories flowed into his head. Getting the memory, he suddenly realized that the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was the key of the "Absolute Beginning Gateway" something. He could use this ma.s.sive tower to get through that gateway. However, he wasn't so sure what the so-called Absolute Beginning Gateway was, and what was behind it.

He continued to extract the Origin, collecting memory and knowledge. The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower hovered above his soul, protecting him from any evil souls.

Shortly, Audrey's Origin was fused with his.

The Soul Refining Cauldron sank into Audrey's Incipient Extent. Since Audrey didn't have the Origin, it didn't attack Shi Yan anymore.

Without the Origin, Desolate couldn't affect Audrey through s.p.a.ce, and she slowly got a hold of herself. She pulled the Soul Refining Cauldron to stop it from attacking Shi Yan, which could affect his fusion progress.

In her Sea of Consciousness, Shi Yan was blazing like the sun, emitting dazzling rays. Rays of light illuminated her Sea of Consciousness, giving her a marvelous feeling of his fusion.

Audrey didn't know why she felt so relaxed and comfortable. She wasn't dispirited because of her lost Origin. Quite the contrary, she felt that her burden was gone. Her soul and spirit were sublimated, and her body now had magical light twirling in it.

Xuan He and Ming Hao had worried about Audrey as they thought her soul would vanish.

At this moment, Audrey's body emitted the thick and vigorous life energy fluctuation. Different colorful light beams moved on her as though they were cleaning the contaminants and dregs in her body, so that she could sublimate her life.

Adele's eyes brightened and her glum face was lit up. "Seems like my little girl's alright. It's bad that she lost the Origin. I'm worried if she can obtain good things like that later…"

She felt regretful because she thought that her daughter's attainment was due to the Origin of the G.o.d-blessed Mainland. Today, her Origin had been fused with Shi Yan's soul, which had saved her, but she had lost her Origin. It could affect her cultivation.

"No, it's not bad that she has lost the Origin." Dracula of the White Bone Clan shook his head, his eyes bright with surprise. "To the warriors with the Origin, it could be good, but it's also a burden for their growth. This child lost the Origin, but her soul and spirit have sublimated. She has experienced the marvel of the Absolute Beginning soul. I can say, she obtained luck in her misfortune …"

Ming Hao looked suspicious, asking, "You mean… her realm wasn't affected?"

"It looks like she has advanced further. The Origin in her soul was a rope that tied her down. She has pulled it off today, so she can soar up now," Dracula nodded, eyeing Audrey and talking sincerely, "Her realm has progressed, and her power Upanishad has become more profound. As long as she acc.u.mulates enough G.o.d power, she can leap further."

Audrey had just entered the Immortal Realm. According to Dracula, if she advanced further, would she enter the Second Sky of Immortal Realm directly?

How could it be?

Let alone Ming Hao, Hiro, Montecie, and the others were also surprised. They thought that it was almost unbelievable.

"It's hard to explain," Dracula turned to them, speaking, "To some warriors, the souls of the Absolute Beginning creatures could be their motivation. For example, Shi Yan has a tough mind, and he's also extreme and bold. Such warriors wouldn't be bound to anything. He owns what he got. No one can affect him."

He turned to observe Audrey, "But, there're also a kind of warriors who will find the soul of the Absolute Beginning creatures a burden in their hearts. They would doubt that they aren't themselves. Once this kind of doubt emerges, they won't have the confidence, and it will affect their cultivation, binding themselves…"

"So you mean…To Audrey, the Origin of the G.o.d-blessed Mainland is a rope that tied her down?" Ming Hao was surprised.

Dracula nodded.

Everybody looked pensive as they quietly a.s.sessed Audrey. Her breath had normalized under the people's gaze; slowly, her soul magnetic field expanded.

Layers of marvelous light rippled from her, making her look like she had obtained a new life. It was strange but magical, as if she was born again. 

Right at this moment, Shi Yan's co-soul retreated from the corner of her eye, returning to his brain.

Audrey also opened her eyes. Deep in her pupils, people could see so many souls moving, creating a magical soul formation. That soul formation was much similar to the one they used to see on the Soul Refining Cauldron. Finally, she had become the cauldron's rightful owner.

"It feels like someone has removed the stone from my heart. It's really comfortable."

She beamed faintly, as pretty as a blooming flower. Her bearings had come more outstanding and mesmerizing. The ones who had befriended her had their eyes brightened, as if it was the first time they saw her.

"My dear, are you okay?" asked Adele.

"Yes, mom. I'm okay. I'm really good!" Audrey confirmed, then looked at Shi Yan in his eyes, looking shy as she lowered her head. "He did well in my brain. I didn't suffer any pain. He was gentle and natural…"

Hearing her, people turned awkward as they suddenly recalled the marvelous features when the souls blended together, their faces ambiguous.

Mei Ji bit her lips, glaring at Shi Yan as she thought that Shi Yan had done something dubious in Audrey's head.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, the beautiful light protections outside the planet were hit by waves of shooting meteors. Sparks and halos bloomed magnificently.

Montecie and Hiro lifted their heads to look at the sky, their faces darkened as they screamed, "Someone's attacking us!"

"Who?" Mei Ji gritted her teeth, her eyes flaring coldly. "Who dares to attack in the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin? It will be big trouble if we battle here."

"I know who," Shi Yan intervened, his eyes serene. Facing the void, he said, "It's Zi Yao. Her real body used to stay in the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. After recognizing that Desolate has awakened, she got back here. She knows this place better than us."

"Why is she here?" Hiro discolored. "Is this her territory?"

"Impossible!" Dracula shook his head, "This place isn't a territory. It doesn't have heaven and earth energy. It's not suitable for any creature to stay and cultivate in. It's not a territory."

People then exhaled in relief. Fighting with someone in his or her territory was the most stupid thing to do.

If this place were Zi Yao's territory, they would never escape. Even the warriors like Hero or Montecie in the territory of the same level expert would be killed eventually.

In one's territory, one's own magical world, he was the sole G.o.d that could bend the rules of Nature. The territory's owner could do whatever pleased him there.

"Let me see why she comes here." Shi Yan stood up. After one step, he soared up into the sky, piercing through the Grace Mainland's light protection.

He sat on the misty clouds outside the Grace Mainland, looking at a ma.s.sive asteroid afar. He shouted at the twelve-headed giant snake, "Why are you here?"

"Little devil, did you forget your old partner when you got a new one?" Zi Yao smiled naturally, seating herself on a brilliant throne. She suddenly moved toward him. After the first glance, Zi Yao's eyes brightened. "Not bad! You got another soul clone of it. It's unexpected! Well then, unless it kills you and refines you to take your soul, it will never recover fully!"

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