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On the icy stone bed, Audrey's eyelashes shivered, her face twisting in agony. It seemed that she was being tortured in her dream.

Adele felt terrible. She clutched Audrey's hand, muttering to her, "It's alright. Everything will be fine. I will think about a solution to wake you up…"

"It's getting worse," Ming Hong pulled a solemn face, turning to Shi Yan. "Desolate's strength is increasing, to the point that even I can feel it. Audrey's condition is getting worse. If you don't have any solution, her flames of soul will extinguish shortly."

Ming Hong's eyes became gloomy. He understood clearly that when Audrey was gone, being her soul slave, he wouldn't exist anymore either.

Adele, Gillette and the others were so fl.u.s.tered and restless. They wanted to find a way to wake Audrey up as fast as possible. Azure Dragon frowned while mumbling, "Once Audrey's gone, Desolate will naturally get the Origin she has fused with. It will get three clones at the time, and you will be its next target." He turned to Shi Yan.

"Let me try…" Shi Yan sighed, urging his Life power Upanishad. He wanted to use the life energy to shroud Audrey's soul.

An ivory stream flooded Audrey, giving a tonic to her soul altar. However, in just a blink of an eye, Shi Yan knew that it couldn't work. It was Audrey's soul that was affected. The weakened soul wasn't something his Life power Upanishad could recover. Hence, his method wasn't suitable.

If Audrey's body were hurt, he could use vitality to heal her. The two precursors of the White Bone Clan had been dormant because their vitality was too low, which affected their souls.

However, Audrey's situation was different. Her life energy still fluctuated vigorously. It was her soul altar, especially the host soul that had a problem.

For the time being, Shi Yan didn't have any way to solve this situation.

When Hiro and Montecie saw him awake, they walked toward him together.

The two precursors of the White Bone Clan walked with them. Although they hadn't recovered fully, their mobility wasn't affected. The little skeleton took them to see Shi Yan. The two precursors of the White Bone Clan had used the etiquette specialized to treat a n.o.ble person to greet and thank Shi Yan for helping them.

"Thanks for your help." Dracula said sincerely.

He was the little skeleton's father. At the Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm, he was as strong as Hiro. Unfortunately, he would need a long time to fully recover.

"You're welcome."

"I can see that you have a problem." Dracula had a white bone body that seemed like a crystal. Inside his crystal bones, Shi Yan could see many starlight dots twinkling, which was really mesmerizing. His eyes were like emerald gemstones. They were clear and serene, making people comforted on looking at them. He came and stooped to check Audrey. "The energy from her Origin is being taken by an Absolute Beginning creature…"

Everybody turned to this old man of the White Bone Clan, waiting in hope.

Shi Yan was moved. "You've lived for a really long time. You must have a wide knowledge. Do you know how to save her?"

"Her soul has a part of the Absolute Beginning creature's Origin. As it's getting stronger, it can absorb her Origin's energy through the seal in her soul." Dracula said straightforwardly, "I can tell you that when the Absolute Beginning creature starts to merge its divided parts, there will eventually be only one thing left. It happens this way…If she's strong enough, she can swallow the consciousness of the clone, or the clone will swallow her soul if she's weak. Nothing can change this. It's the Absolute Beginning creatures' nature…"

Adele was almost desperate, talking in agony. "You mean either my daughter's strong enough to swallow Desolate, or Desolate will eat her and fuse with her? There's no other option?"

"No other option," Dracula's eyes were calm. "The Origin she has fused would vanish with her soul altogether. If nothing unexpected happens, she will perish and vanish from this world."

The members of the Imperial Dark Tribe had their eyes dark and their faces stiff when they heard that.

"Of course, if you just want to keep her life, there's a method," Dracula added.

"What method?" Shi Yan and Adele shouted at the same time.

"With her current condition, it's the worst situation. We can't change her fate of being fused with Desolate." Dracula suddenly turned to Shi Yan, "But, don't forget that you're one of Desolate! You can also swallow her. If you want and she cooperates, you can take the Origin and spare her soul…"

"Me?" Shi Yan was stunned.

"It's the only way," Ming Hong walked to him. "This precursor is right. As things have come to this, Audrey has to give up her Origin to live. Her Origin will be taken by Shi Yan or Desolate. If Desolate gets it, her soul will be buried together. But if Shi Yan gets it, she will lose only her Origin. Her realm, soul, and body won't be affected much."

He turned to Dracula, asking him to verify.

Dracula nodded, "It's true. If she and Shi Yan cooperate, she will lose only her Origin, a part of Desolate's consciousness. She won't lose herself. In other words, she will just discard something that doesn't belong to her. She'll still be herself."

"Let's do this!" Ming Hong hissed, asking resolutely, "Shi Yan, do it now. Take Audrey's Origin. You will get two-fifth of Desolate's soul parts. As Desolate isn't complete, it can't rule the Desolate Territory fully. We will have a chance!"

"What chance?" Adele and the others were puzzled.

"One day, Shi Yan will be strong enough to reach the Territory Ancestor Realm. At that time, he can resist or even refine Desolate!" Ming Hong pulled a dark and cold face, "Only Shi Yan can do that, and only he will have a chance to counterattack. After all, he isn't bound to Desolate Territory's rules!"

Not many people knew that Shi Yan was a soul from another universe. However, being the Soul Control Chief, Ming Hong knew it a long time ago.

Finally, Ming Hong knew the true reason why Bloodthirsty had to labor to guide a soul from another universe. Turned out that Bloodthirsty had prepared well for today. Bloodthirsty had failed that year because he was created by Desolate. He was a soul born in Desolate Territory.

It was the cause of his tragic consequence!

To not let his heir walk on the same failed path, he had ordered Xuan Shan, Xuan He, and Lao Luo to find a soul from another world!

"Brother, are you sure?" Adele still hesitated.

"If you want to see Audrey die, you can wait. If you miss this only chance, not only will Audrey die but Desolate will receive one more Origin. No one can estimate how strong it will be. At that time, Shi Yan will have not even the slightest chance. " Ming Hong snorted.

Listening to him, many warriors from Desolate Territory couldn't sit still. They had finally recognized the horrible truth, and began to urge Shi Yan to take action.

"You, you do it! Please, promise me that Audrey's soul will be safe!" Adele said helplessly. She was the current Matriarch of the Imperial Dark Tribe, and also Audrey's mother. If she agreed, no one would oppose this.

"How to ensure that her soul will be safe and her realm won't be affected after I take her Origin?" Shi Yan bit his lips. He didn't hesitate anymore, turning to Dracula. "I don't know how."

"You need to use your soul to intrude her soul altar and contact her host soul. Let her host soul cooperate with you to extract the Origin. Once you guys have extracted the Origin, you have to take it before Desolate does that. You have to be very careful," reminded Dracula. 

Shi Yan was nervous as he pondered for a while. Audrey was getting worse; her soul was about to perish. As people were urging, he gazed at Audrey.


A group of souls created by flames flew out of his pupils. Just like a lively and agile spirit, it intruded Audrey's soul from the corner of her eye.

Audrey's soul altar floated above her Sea of Consciousness. Her tier of power Upanishad was like h.e.l.l in the Underworld. So many ghosts and brutal souls were gathered in the center of her Sea of Consciousness and power Upanishad. As they saw Shi Yan's co-soul, they were like mosquitos that had smelled blood. They became savage, trying to come forward and tear Shi Yan's co-soul apart.


Ming Hong's yelling echoed around Audrey's Sea of Consciousness. The brutal souls and departed ghosts behaved as they were scolded.

Ming Hong was the most powerful brutal soul here. He had connected with Audrey and helped her rule those sinister souls; he was the leader of the brutal souls. Under his intimidation, no soul dared to attack Shi Yan.

Thus, Shi Yan could continue to move forward. He had pa.s.sed millions of evil souls to get to the tier of power Upanishads.

Audrey's Incipient Extent was above the tier of power Upanishads. It was a gloomy, cold, and gray world that he couldn't see through. Vaguely, a ma.s.sive cauldron was moving in her Incipient Extent. Many Absolute Beginning symbols were glowing. It was the Refining Soul Cauldron that had fused with Audrey's soul.

As Shi Yan's soul had appeared by the Incipient Extent, the Soul Refining Cauldron released waves of threatening energy.

That attacking energy aimed at Shi Yan. Then, billions of symbols flashed, turning into the ancient devil G.o.ds covering the entire sky and swarming toward Shi Yan.

It was the instinct of the Absolute Beginning divine weapon to protect its master.

Shi Yan in his soul form felt overwhelmed when so many evil G.o.ds flocked toward him. He changed his power, and many burning flames were conjured. Those flames seemed to have a life as they became flame spirits attacking those evil G.o.ds. 

At that moment, Shi Yan sent a soul message that was like a jet of light crossing through the dark world.

"I am Shi Yan!" He spoke to Audrey.


He got a response from a place pretty far away, but it wasn't from Audrey. It was from the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower!

Shi Yan was bewildered.

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