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The two precursors of the White Bone Clan had slept for ten thousand years. At this moment, people could see lights glowing in their skulls as they were about to wake up.

Hiro and Gay were in midair, helping Shi Yan create and maintain the light protection while they were moving in the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. When they heard the little skeleton cheer happily, they became astonished and joyful as well.

Among the Seven Great Clans, the White Bone Clan was famous for their solidarity. However, their reproduction was a problem. That's why they had never had a civil war. For the welfare of the race, the White Bone Clan members could sacrifice themselves without a thought.

To wake up their precursors, Hiro and Gay had crossed thousands of miles to Desolate Territory. It was an excellent example of their unity.

"Is it okay now?" Hiro turned to Montecie, "Can I go down first?"

Montecie's little face had a thin layer of sweat. She gave him a slight gentle nod, her eyes looking tired. 

Hiro immediately landed on the continent, approaching the little skeleton and eyeing the two precursors with a bright look. As he was watching, the two precursors of the White Bone Clan murmured something as if they were sleep-talking. Then, they slowly opened their eyes. However, they still looked low-spirited and weak. It would be hard for them to recover shortly.

They all looked at the little skeleton, their eyes showing their deep love and affection…

"Father, Mother…" The little skeleton was so happy that he burst in tears.

"My son, it's our biggest luck to see you now. We can't believe we can see you again!" The female skeleton raised her shining bone hand to fondle the little skeleton's smooth forehead. She was talking in the archaic language of the White Bone Clan.

In the sky, Shi Yan's body gushed out starlight, which strengthened layers of light protection outside the Grace Mainland.

After a while, he stopped, nodding to Montecie. "It's laborious for you."

"You're welcome," Montecie smiled gently. "We're family. Don't be too polite." She threw a glance to Mei Ji, who was shy and blushing.

Shi Yan descended, only to see the little skeleton talk to his parents, and Hiro, Gay, and the other members of the White Bone Clan greet their precursors. He nodded inwardly, then landed by Xuan He, Frederick, and Ming Hao, sending his soul message.

After one hour, the warriors cultivating the eight power Upanishads like Yang Tian Emperor, Blood Devil, Leona, Ka Tuo, and Fei Lan gathered.

They were skeptical when they saw Shi Yan, because they didn't know why he had called for them.

"I killed Pu Tai in the Ancient Demon Star Area, and obtained his power Upanishads, soul, and spirit. After I had absorbed him, I've reached the Third Sky of Immortal Realm. Then, Hiro and Montecie joined hands to fight Devour, also giving me a lot of pure energy. It's really enormous…"

Shi Yan spoke calmly, his eyes bright like diamonds as he gazed at the others. Xuan He, Fei Lan, and the others were shaken with excitement. As they were used to it, they knew what would happen next.

They didn't need Shi Yan to talk more, immediately sitting down cross-legged and surrounding him.

"This amount of energy was extremely enormous. I will need time to digest and refine it. You guys should be ready." Shi Yan checked his body, his face earnest.

Many of the warriors whom Devour had killed instantly had a profound realm, most of them being at the Incipient G.o.d Realm. Their energy was enough for Shi Yan to acc.u.mulate his G.o.d power to the upper limits of the Third Sky of Immortal Realm. Moreover, he still had a huge amount of extra energy he couldn't digest in his body, which would benefit the Bloodthirsty Force a lot.

Shi Yan sat down, closing his eyes to digest the energy in his soul altar and acupuncture points.

Adele looked fearful, while Gillette and the other hotshots of the Imperial Dark Tribe looked pensive. Audrey seemed to sink deep in a terrible nightmare. She was still unconscious, and her condition was getting worse.

"Is it true that we don't have a solution?" Adele stroked her daughter's hair, her face worried. "Your soul has fused with hers. Can you wake her up?"

Ming Hong looked bitter. At this moment, he was pocket-sized, standing on Audrey's shoulder. He shook his head, "I don't know why I can't see what's going on in her dream. I know her condition must relate to Desolate. As Desolate's getting stronger, she will become weaker and weaker. She could die eventually."

The warriors of the Imperial Dark Tribe wore a desperate look when they heard him say so.

"How could it be?" Adele shook her head continually as she couldn't believe it, "Shi Yan also has the Origin. Why wasn't he affected? I can see that he's alright."

"It's hard to believe, yeah."

Ming Hong was also suspicious, looking at Shi Yan from a distance. At this moment, Shi Yan was refining the energy he had absorbed to give to the ones surrounding him. Xuan He, Ming Hao, Frederick, and the warriors cultivating the eight evil power Upanishads were sitting there, waiting for the chance that arrived once in a blue moon.

Shi Yan didn't look like he was affected by Desolate's recovery at all. It was unbelievable.

Ming Hong and Adele thought that Shi Yan wasn't different from Audrey in nature. They were both the ones who had fused with the Origin. Why was Audrey unconscious while nothing had happened to Shi Yan?

It was too inexplicable!

"Perhaps, after he's done with taking in energy, he will give us an answer." Ming Hong pondered and then said begrudgingly.

In another corner of the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin drifted a brown-red asteroid, with Hui's real body under it. The twelve snakeheads were like a ma.s.sive, ferocious beast that was supporting the asteroid.

The asteroid was moving in the turbulent s.p.a.ce current. Zi Yao, Tian Xie, and the others—her servants—were riding this asteroid.

Zi Yao watched a s.p.a.ce slit that slowly materialized in a distance. She was smiling, but her eyes were icy. "It's good that we left timely. Otherwise, it would be a lot of trouble. At this moment, I'm afraid that no creature can live in Desolate Territory anymore. To recover, he…has begun to butcher the energy containers he has fed for a long time."

Tian Xie respectfully stood by Zi Yao. He was baffled when he heard that. "G.o.ddess Mother, you mean…he's ma.s.sacring in Desolate Territory?"

"Yeah, all the warriors who had cultivated to the point they developed soul altars are dead." Zi Yao nodded while smiling, "He has fed them for so many years to have fat piggies for this moment. He used the deaths of the creatures in his territory to recover his energy. From the day he was separated, he has been waiting for this day to come."

Tian Xie understood clearly. He was frightened, but he didn't dare to ask more.

"It couldn't recover fully. Or else, it would have come to the Sea Domain of Nihility. Oh, I've underestimated that Shi Yan." Zi Yao smiled. She looked at a direction while mumbling, "You little devil, you brought the Grace Mainland here. Seems like we have to meet up again."

The snakes under the ma.s.sive asteroid wiggled, bringing the asteroid toward the Grace Mainland in this turbulent s.p.a.ce basin.

Shi Yan opened his eyes…

He calmly stood up, looking around. Xuan He, Ming Hao, Frederick, and the others were meditating to comprehend their power and refine the energy Shi Yan had bestowed them.

He faced the sky to check the light protection that covered this planet, protecting it from the terrifying impacts in this basin. It would ensure no creature on this continent got hurt.

After he had digested the energy in the black hole and the acupuncture points, he had reached the Peak of Immortal Realm. The life energy in his body was br.i.m.m.i.n.g. He believed that if he had to fight against the Territory Ancestor Realm experts, he wouldn't fall into a disadvantage.

Eating up Pu Tai, he had gained great benefits. The eight power Upanishads Pu Tai had cultivated for years were now his. It was extremely magical.

Even though he could devour more warriors, he couldn't make their power Upanishads his powers. But, Pu Tai was special. Pu Tai had cultivated Devouring power Upanishad as well. The eight evil power Upanishads had a mysterious connection. After Shi Yan had swallowed them, they had become his glory.

Today, he had reached the Peak of the Immortal Realm, and he already had the Dark Energy. He felt that he would enter the Territory Ancestor Realm soon!

His soul observed inwardly. His Incipient Extent was like a deep and vast universe in the ancient time where stars were twinkling dazzlingly. Except for having creatures, this Incipient Extent wasn't much different from many territories.

He frowned, thinking about which way to go and where to relocate the Grace Mainland. At this moment, Adele came to him with a glum face, asking, "Please come and see Audrey…"

Shi Yan walked to Audrey, whose eyes were closed and breathing was weak. It seemed that her vitality was being taken away. She appeared as though her soul flame would be extinguished soon.

Ming Hong, Gillette, DeCarlos, and Azure Dragon were gathering by Audrey, their hands tied.

They had tried many methods to wake Audrey, but none of them worked. Audrey was still dormant.

"It…is harming her. The stronger it is, the weaker Audrey becomes. Despite the distance, it can still affect Audrey. As it's getting more intimidating, Audrey will be drained to death…" Ming Hong looked at Shi Yan, his eyes strange. "You also have the Origin. Audrey's condition is dangerous, but why are you still safe and sound?"

Everybody was bewildered because of this.

Looking at Audrey, Shi Yan's eyes sparkled. He knew the difference between them.

Audrey was born in Desolate Territory. At birth, her soul had its Seal. It could use the seal in her soul to affect her Origin.

Finally, Shi Yan knew why Bloodthirsty had to ask Xuan Shan, Lao Luo, and Xuan He to bring a soul from another world and give it the inheritance. Bloodthirsty had foreseen things. In his time, he knew what would happen in the current time.

Shi Yan wasn't affected due to Desolate's increasing strength because he didn't have its soul seal in his soul.

He wasn't a soul born in Desolate Territory.

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