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A ma.s.sive planet suddenly appeared in the Grace Mainland Star Area. Ghost Hunter looked enraged; it was the first time he felt so insecure.

The Grace Mainland could escape from Desolate Territory!

His soul moved, and the entire star area emerged in his mind, showing him the population of warriors on different stars, and even their realms.

He was the sole G.o.d of this territory!

"They got the girl too!" His face turned colder as he couldn't detect Audrey's aura. He didn't hurry to go to the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. He knew Hui was there. He knew that his power hadn't recovered fully; if he got in there, he wouldn't get anything.

So, he decided to merge his territory!

Under the stimulation of his will, spirit, and soul, the three inter-star-areas—Grace Mainland, Ancient Demon, and Ancient G.o.d star area—slowly merged with each other.

The impenetrable s.p.a.ce barriers between the three star areas became supple like water, then slowly disappeared. Without the s.p.a.ce barriers, the star areas merged easily and quickly. Ghost Hunter then used his supernatural power to recover Desolate Territory's original appearance.

From inside the ma.s.sive ancient continent, life energy fluctuated. The continents moved, changing the layout of the entire star area.

Ghost Hunter was Desolate's appearance as he began to move around the new star area. The experts Xuan He, Shi Yan, and Ming Hao didn't bring with him were killed the same way. The energy from them had become the purest energy in Desolate Territory.

Ming Hao and Xuan He had asked some of them to leave, but they didn't believe them and decided to stay.

Many people didn't want to leave their wealth or their grandchildren. Many others thought that they could avoid this slaughter. They hid in the strange forbidden area between the star areas to avoid this kalpa.

However, they couldn't do anything as they all disappeared amidst Ghost Hunter's ma.s.sacre. Deep in their souls was Desolate's seal, which had rooted since they were born. There was no way to clear it.

With that mark, Ghost Hunter could easily subdue and kill them.

If they were at the Territory Ancestor Realm, they could resist for a while. Anyway, such an invincible existence like Bloodthirsty couldn't avoid his destiny. After he had reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, he was still obliterated.

At that time, Desolate hadn't fused with three clones. It just used the hands of the G.o.d Clan and the other experts to destroy Bloodthirsty.

But now, he had taken action himself. So, no one could escape!

The three continents were now one, becoming the real Desolate Territory. None of the warriors with the soul altars in this territory could escape Ghost Hunter's genocide.

Due to their deaths, the earth and heaven energy in Desolate Territory became thicker magically, and more marvelous life stars were created. The Life Ancient Tree on the ancient continent became more vibrant and towering. The life magnetic field became almost viscous.

Chaotic s.p.a.ce basin…

It was a strange place where no life star had ever existed. A ma.s.sive planet flew quickly, crossing the place. That planet had layers of gold, silver, and orange-red halos that covered it entirely.

The cold flood of outer s.p.a.ce, colliding asteroids, and strong blasts of winds were wreaking havoc everywhere, hitting that planet.

However, under the protection of those ma.s.sive light cages, explosions happened continually like the most brilliant fireworks outside the planet. However, it couldn't affect the s.p.a.ce inside by even a bit.

Millions of warriors were gathered on the planet. Most of them had high realms, but they had never had a chance to visit the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. At this moment, looking at the strange and terrifying scenes around them with energy attacking their planet, they were petrified.

They had finally recognized that they had finally left their familiar surroundings, leaving for a strange place.

Most of them believed in Shi Yan and what he had told him. But, some still held onto their belief that their sky wouldn't face the apocalypse like he had mentioned.

The sky above the Immortal Island…

In between so many cl.u.s.ters of clouds, Shi Yan, Montecie, Hiro, and the other experts sat on the clouds, their power surging. Light columns raised alarming smoke that reached the sky.

As soon as those light columns connected the light cages around the planet, they strengthened their protection, preventing them from the dangers in outer s.p.a.ce.

Next to them, Audrey was unconscious. Ming Hao and Adele were watching her, in case something happened to her.

Ming Hong's little figure appeared on Audrey's shoulder, his face aghast. He was so weak; after his soul form came out, he swayed as if he was affected badly. Ming Hao and Adele hurried to send him energy and protect his soul.

Then, Ming Hao asked him what had happened.

He was Audrey's soul slave, so he had a soul connection with her, which enabled him to know about her condition. As he had finally gotten out, he should have something to say.

Ming Hong turned to Shi Yan, admiring him, "It's lucky that we have him. If he hadn't taken action resolutely to move the Grace Mainland, we would have all been killed…" It was the first thing Ming Hong said.

Shi Yan was connected to the Grace Mainland, protecting it from the dangers in the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. He didn't hear Ming Hong appraising him.

"What had happened?" Adele asked hurriedly.

"After we left Desolate Territory, I could escape that nightmare and get out of Audrey's head," Ming Hong pulled a stern face. "In her nightmare, I saw the things that happened in Desolate Territory. It was a world-destroying calamity! As long as the warriors had soul altars, they couldn't escape death! The s.p.a.ce barriers between the Grace Mainland Star Area, the Ancient G.o.d Star Area, and the Ancient Demon Star Area are gone. The three star areas have merged into one, turning into the original appearance of Desolate Territory. Desolate was divided into five parts, and because of different parts, many smaller star areas had appeared. However, they are all gone. Now, we have only one Desolate Territory…"

Xuan He, Ming Hao, Adele, and DeCarlos stood around them. Listening to Ming Hong, they all had a pale face.

They finally believed in Shi Yan. He was right, and his resolution had saved everybody. They weren't killed in Desolate Territory.

Without Shi Yan, they would have been ignorant till their deaths. They wouldn't have known the terrifying things waiting for them, and would have been like the ones who were killed. They would have ended their lives in fear and despair.

Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick looked at Shi Yan, feeling sincere respect from the bottom of their hearts for him.

They had finally believed in him.


All of a sudden, they heard someone groaning inside the two coffins by the little skeleton, who jumped in excitement. "They woke up! My parents have finally woken up!"

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