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Many warriors at high realms in the Ancient G.o.d Star Area were crouching on the ground. They faced the deep sky while shaking uncontrollably.

It was due to the vibe that came from deep inside their souls.

Those with a soul altar felt extremely aghast, with a deep despair originating from the soul. They watched the sky and the Ancient G.o.d Continent that was disappearing, and many life stars exploding. Finally, they knew something very terrible was taking place in this star area.

Although heaven and earth energy on many life stars was drained, the ordinary human beings weren't affected. They were safe and sound, even though the most terrifying doomsday was coming.

So many life stars that were higher than level 3 had many warriors gathering to absorb the heaven and earth energy. However, at this moment, those warriors were all dying!

Many soul altars had cracks that they couldn't heal or stop. They fragmented, scattering everywhere!

Many souls were erased in the Ancient G.o.d Star Area!

The ma.s.sive ancient continent moved above the Ancient G.o.d Star Area like a horror phantom that cast its shadow all over the star areas. Wherever it pa.s.sed, the soul altars of the experts exploded.

A ma.s.sive ancient tree grew on the ancient continent that could shade the entire ancient continent. Ghost Hunter was standing on the tree, his eyes gray and cold. He didn't have any human emotions on his face.

The fierce soul magnetic field shot out of him. He was the reason why the others' soul altars were shattered. He was harvesting lives of the powerful experts; he would make this star area his exclusive world. It would change and transform into his sharp weapon.

He drove the ancient continent, moving to a dead star while his cold eyes were gazing at it.

He raised his hands to tear the s.p.a.ce.

Crack! Crack!

The icy dead star was cut into pieces as if some metal blades had minced it.

Four shadows stormed out, releasing the strongest powers they had while risking their lives to attack the other.

They were the four Heavenly Kings!

The Four Heavenly Kings were returning to the Ancient G.o.d Continent after their failed mission of killing the G.o.d Lord. However, they couldn't pierce through the s.p.a.ce to return to Hui. They had tried every method they could to leave the Ancient G.o.d Star Area.

Unfortunately, the Ancient G.o.d Star Area was closed.

After fusing Desolate and the Ancient Demon Continent, Ghost Hunter was slowly recovering. Before he took action, he had sealed the Ancient G.o.d Star Area.

If even Hui or Devour came here, they shouldn't dream about getting in!

This was his world. Here, he was the only rule maker, the sole G.o.d!

The four Heavenly Kings couldn't escape. They had to hide with the hope of ducking this kalpa. However, in Desolate Territory, they looked funny trying to hide…because no one could!

Ghost Hunter arrived, and they finally admitted that it was the doomsday today. They couldn't duck, so they had to risk their lives.

"You were born because of me…and you will die because of me. It's your fate that was decided when you were born." Ghost Hunter's eyes were cold while glaring at the four Heavenly Kings. Halfway, their bodies withered strangely as though they were big balloons that got deflated. They were dried up shortly.

The light in their eyes dimmed. Before they could reach Ghost Hunter, their soul alters had been shattered already.

The four streams of pure energy scattered, and the towering ancient tree on the ancient continent became lush.

Ghost Hunter stood on the big tree, driving the ancient continent around the Ancient G.o.d Star Area to find the spots where the experts were gathered and continuing to bring them a catastrophe.

Ancient Demon Star Area…

Zi Yao's graceful body emitted billions of rays, making her the G.o.ddess of auspicious clouds. She used the five-colored rays to tie the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

The rough, big tentacles reached out of the Dark Abyss. The Absolute Beginning creature Devour was grunting and roaring, vying for the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower with Zi Yao.

As Zi Yao didn't order them, Tian Xie and the others didn't attack the Devouring Clan warriors. When she had prepared to let her real body attack Devour, her face changed. It was also the moment the four Heavenly Kings were slaughtered…

Different from Charlint and the others, Zi Yao had left a powerful seal in the souls of the four Heavenly Kings. As they were all at the Third Sky of Immortal Realm, Zi Yao had had to pay a big price to make them obey. Thus, when Charlint and the others were ma.s.sacred in the Ancient G.o.d Star Area, Zi Yao didn't feel anything.

But, it was different in case of the Four Heavenly Kings.

When their souls vanished, Zi Yao felt it immediately. She frowned, using the Absolute Beginning language to talk to the Dark Abyss. "Something's wrong!"

The tentacles from the Dark Abyss ceased as it seemed to know that Zi Yao wouldn't cheat, waiting for her to talk more.

Zi Yao stood still, knitting her brows. She released her Soul Consciousness to tear the s.p.a.ce and enter the Ancient G.o.d Star Area to check the situation. But, she suddenly found that the s.p.a.ce barrier of the Ancient G.o.d Star Area was now ten times tougher.

Since she couldn't tear the s.p.a.ce barrier, it meant that she couldn't enter the star area. She understood instantly!

Except for the Master of the star area, no one could strengthen the s.p.a.ce barrier to that level! No one!

"It has awakened!" Zi Yao looked fearful for the first time as she screamed immediately. "It has awakened! It has started to merge the clones!"

By now, she suddenly realized that Shi Yan's side had left all of a sudden. Combining the two stories, she knew that things had gone wrong. "The warrior with the Ancient G.o.d Continent's Origin is dead. It must have gotten the Ancient G.o.d Continent now. The one with the Ancient Demon Continent's Origin is missing. Surely he was eaten as well."

"You meant that it has fused with two clones already?" Devour screamed from the Dark Abyss.

"Certainly!" Zi Yao took a deep breath, her face stern. "You and I had joined hands, and we couldn't defeat it. We're all hurt now, and it's its territory. So…"

Devour came here for the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower only. Listening to Zi Yao, he said resolutely, "We shouldn't let it take the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower at any cost!"


The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower turned into a beam of dark light, falling into the Dark Abyss. Zi Yao didn't stop it.

"We must leave this territory. Fighting here, we won't have a chance to win!" said Zi Yao.

"We should go!"

Devour didn't linger. He announced to his clansmen through the soul message, then the Devouring Clan experts jumped into the Dark Abyss one after another. The Dark Abyss that had existed in Desolate Territory for so many years now shrank and disappeared eventually.

Zi Yao was bewildered. She cursed in Absolute Beginning language, then tore the s.p.a.ce, running to the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin with Tian Xie and her supporters.

The chaotic s.p.a.ce basin outside Desolate Territory was where she used to live. Even if she had to fight Desolate here, she could move freely.

Shortly, all the members of the Devouring Clan, Tian Xie, and Zi Yao's subordinates had disappeared from the Ancient Demon Star Area, which regained its quietness.

Shortly after, the ma.s.sive ancient continent appeared right where Zi Yao and Devour had just disappeared. Ghost Hunter stood on the Life Ancient Tree on the ancient continent.

He squinted, his face icy cold as he knew that he was late. His archenemies had discovered the strange commotion and left already.

"Well, I haven't fused completely. Otherwise, they wouldn't have escaped," he mumbled, his eyes gazing at another continent—the G.o.d-blessed Continent.

Desolate had gotten two of the continents, which had strengthened him a lot. Now, only the G.o.d-blessed Mainland and the Grace Mainland were left. He eyed the former, closing his eyes to sense for a while, "That little girl isn't here. If I don't kill her to get her soul, I can't fuse with the body…"

Then, he decided to go to the Grace Mainland Star Area first.

Grace Mainland…

The teleportation formation in different areas on the Grace Mainland flashed constantly, transporting many warriors to this continent. Shi Yan had created many clones, using the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to move through many planets to gather his friends. Shang Ying Yue, Shang Chen, Wu Feng, Wu Bai, Sha Zhao, Xiao Mu, and the others, had gathered on the Grace Mainland.

Fu Wei, Blood Devil, Feng Han, Ling Xing, Xuan He, Frederick, Ming Hao, and DeCarlos had used all methods they got to bring their friends to Grace Mainland as well.

They were insecure and worried, as they knew the apocalypse was coming.

"What happened, after all? Is it true?" Wu Feng and the Wu family was gathered on a corner of the Grace Mainland. They were still skeptical about what Shi Yan had told them.

"If you don't believe him, you can decide to not come. It's not compulsory, anyway." Shang Ying Yue said.

She also didn't buy it. She didn't think that this immense universe would come to an end like Shi Yan had said. However, when she got here, she found many familiar faces, as well as the strikingly powerful experts. She gradually understood that the situation was really serious.

"If this world will be destroyed, how can Shi Yan protect us?" An Liya had a blurry layer in her eyes, asking Shang Chen. Sha Zhao, Xiao Mu, and the others also turned toward Shang Chen, waiting for an answer.

In this moment, they all felt their bodies and spirits sinking. They wanted to clutch on a buoy. They hoped that someone would show them a brighter future.

"This is the Grace Mainland. Shi Yan has fused completely with the Origin of this continent. He's trying his best to bring us here from miles away. He has his plan to do that." Although Shang Chen cultivated the Fate power Upanishad, he couldn't foresee his own fate or the movement principle of this world. It was like a ma.s.sive shadow was covering everything, such that no one could see the future.

"Precursor Hiro and Montecie, please help me protect this continent from the chaotic currents in the s.p.a.ce basin!" Shi Yan appeared in the voice, crying loudly.

Hiro, Montecie, Gay, and many experts nodded at him, waiting solemnly.

"Star floats!"

Starlight bloomed from Shi Yan's body like the waterfall. Instantly, all the stars in the sky seemed to resonate with him, twinkling brightly like diamonds.

People then found that the Grace Mainland was moving really quickly. They also found that the void out there had so many bands of outer s.p.a.ce streamers and energy storms, which were frighteningly dazzling!

They screamed in fright when the entire continent tore the sky and jumped into the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin, moving forward rapidly!

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