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At the end of the void where s.p.a.ce rolled and shattered, so many wrecked battleships and corpses were floating and drifting around. It was an ancient battlefield.

Until today, this place was still an abandoned place. Even the Territory Ancestor Realm experts from the Seven Great Clans didn't dare to wander in this area. It was at the edge of the Sea Domain of Nihility.

A spot that had layers of corpses, battleships, and broken stars suddenly shook fiercely for a while. A beast roar came from that spot, which people had never heard before. Billions of light beams boomed and an Absolute Beginning creature emerged in all this commotion. It was as big as a whole planet, with innumerable tentacles.

At first glance, that Absolute Beginning creature resembled a giant octopus that had been zoomed billions of times. From some aspects, it looked like a ma.s.sive leech with tentacles and suckers. When it wiggled its ma.s.sive body, s.p.a.ce around twisted as if it could collapse at any minute.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Thick darkness multiplied under this ink-black creature, creating a deep abyss.

It slowly sank, disappearing into that abyss of darkness. As soon as it disappeared, the ancient battlefield where it had hidden for so many years exploded immediately.

The b.e.s.t.i.a.l roaring thundered unceasingly from the Dark Abyss in the Ancient Demon Star Area. The thousand-meter-long tentacles jutted out of the abyss, wriggling and twisting their way you.

The members of the Devouring Clan like Edgar and Labitte were full of admiration and respect. They pressed their foreheads on those suckers like children receiving love from their parents; they looked happy and satisfied.

"Welcome Ancestor!"

"Welcome Ancestor!"

"Welcome Ancestor!"

Edgar, Labitte, and all other members of the Devouring Clan cheered wholeheartedly, their faces filled with joy.

Shi Yan felt chilled. He suddenly realized that the entire world was frozen by some evil power. And, although he was the master of this star area, Shi Yan had lost his control.

His face changed drastically. When he heard Edgar and the others cheering, he knew that the horrible incident had happened. "Devour's real body has arrived at the Dark Abyss. It's complete now!"

The moment the tentacles stretched outward from the Dark Abyss, Montecie and Hiro knew that it wasn't good. They stopped talking, their faces solemn, especially Montecie and Hiro. After a while, Hiro sighed, "What a powerful life magnetic field!"

"Yeah, that's the Absolute Beginning creature which has lived for billions of years. No matter what they've experienced, their life form and level are the most terrifying," Montecie was also surprised, nodding her head. 

"I got it!" Hiro's eyes brightened. "The Dark Abyss is just the brain of Devour's body. It's like his territory. What has just arrived is his real body! He's complete now. His energy fluctuations are more intimidating than Edgar's!"

"Desolate and Hui had joined hands and fought against Desolate, who was divided into five pieces. Devour and Hui were hurt severely, and then they all went dormant," Shi Yan remembered the images he got in his head, talking gloomily, "But, Devour hasn't recovered its strength fully now…"

"Hasn't recovered fully?" Montecie looked bitter.

"He dares come here!"

However, at this moment, Zi Yao was enraged. Her beautiful face looked as though she had a flame on it. Her pretty pupils had nine brilliant rainbows.


The beast roared crazily from Zi Yao's body, no less brutal and evil than Devour. Right above Zi Yao, a ma.s.sive snakehead swayed through the s.p.a.ce slit and broke it.

Twelve snakes—Hui's true body—were coming while bringing its wrath. They wanted to take the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and arrive at this Desolate Territory to fight Devour.

"The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower is used to refine the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. It's really magical and precious. But, it's just a tower, and the two Absolute Beginning creatures even want to fight with their real bodies? Don't you think they are making a scene?" Mei Ji was shaken. She didn't care about the others anymore as she clutched Shi Yan, her face surprised.

After she had reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, Mei Ji was more deliberate. She didn't care about what the others might think anymore.

"Perhaps the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower has something magical we don't know yet. Otherwise, Devour and Hui wouldn't need to fight like that." Shi Yan was puzzled as well.

He thought that when he obtained the Grace Mainland's Origin completely, he could understand the Absolute Beginning language to decode the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

But, it wasn't that simple.

He had fused with one soul clone of Desolate and finally understood the Absolute Beginning language, becoming able to read the tadpole symbols. However, he hadn't found the secrets of the tower yet. It seemed that there was something stopped him from knowing the secret. He guessed that it should be something really big. 

"Phantom and I had to endure so many obstacles to create this key. To make it, we had to pay a lot. Phantom has fallen, perhaps because of this tower. You dare to take things belonged to me! No matter what, I will let you know my power."

Zi Yao became frantic all of a sudden, screaming in Absolute Beginning language. Amidst her screams, many ma.s.sive snakes appeared in the void.

Hui's body was in the Ancient G.o.d Star Area to refine the Ancient G.o.d Continent. Since Devour had brought its real body here, she couldn't help but tear the s.p.a.ce to arrive as well.

This star area became completely chaotic because of the two Absolute Beginning creatures.

Shi Yan had fused with the Origin of the Grace Mainland. In this star area, he was affected, so he couldn't use the power from the planets anymore. He had recognized that the Ancient Demon Star Area couldn't endure it, even though the two beasts hadn't fought yet.


Shi Yan was startled when he got the keyword from the two's dialogue.

Finally, he could confirm that the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower wasn't only used to create the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. It was also a crucial key. But, Hui and Devour hadn't mentioned the function of this key.

"What are they talking about?" asked Hiro and Montecie.

"Nothing important. They're just quarreling." He didn't want to share the information about the key with Montecie and Hiro.

"Shi Yan!"

The little skeleton hadn't said anything since the beginning. At this moment, it came and looked at Shi Yan, his eyes begging.

Hiro and Gay reacted, and the former said, "How are you doing? You got a lot of energy already. Is it enough to awaken our precursors?"

Shi Yan nodded toward Gay in response, who used his power to make the two coffins fly over, ceasing right in front of Shi Yan.

 At this moment, Hiro and Gay had observed the situation and found that everything had turned beyond their control. They didn't know if the White Bone Clan could receive any benefit from this. Thus, if they could achieve the goal of this trip a little earlier, they could retreat shortly and easily.

The members of the White Bone Clan opened their eyes wide, yearning and waiting. Shi Yan pondered for a while and then ignored the quarrel between Hui and Devour, talking, "Let me try."

The black holes of the Devouring power Upanishad in his acupuncture points were stirred up as he willed. They were like fierce furnaces that sent the mysterious rolling energy from his acupuncture points to his Incipient Extent. The Light Ball created by his Life power Upanishad was sucking the energy quickly.

Shortly, the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol inside the Life Ball, an amber source of life, was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with an incredible vitality.

Shi Yan held his breath, rolling his eyes. He used the Absolute Beginning language, hissing, "Surging Vitality!"


Two flows of selike vitality gushed out of his eyes. That sort of energy was ivory colored and crystal clear, which could create lives and nurture every creature. The abundant vitality was poured into the two skeletons inside the coffins, which were ash-gray and didn't look shiny, seeming about to decay soon.

Receiving the life energy, the skeletons glowed slowly. Light dots like the fireflies flashed inside the skeletons. It seemed that their flame of soul had been ignited one more time. The light dots moved slowly and stopped in their skulls, entering the soul altars.

Thump! Thum! Thump! Thump!

Although the life energy in them was feeble, Shi Yan could hear the heartbeat clearly. Hiro, who was at the Second Sky of Immortal Realm, sensed it immediately and screamed in thrill, "It has worked!"

The little skeleton had tears in his eyes. His bony arms stroked his parents' bodies, speaking in the ancient language of the White Bone Clan. "Father, Mother…"

At the same time, on the Ancient G.o.d Continent…

Because the heaven snakes of Hui's body had continually sucked the energy of the continent, the Ancient G.o.d Continent had only the ash-gray gas hovering in the atmosphere; there were no creatures on this planet. The mountains collapsed and the rivers dried. Without a minute sign of life, it was a barren, isolated planet.

There were several life stars around where dwelled the twelve families of the G.o.d Clan. They lived there to guard the Ancient G.o.d Continent.

All of them had the green snake mark on their foreheads: they had a new Master now. Hui was now their G.o.ddess Mother; they had lost their faith and betrayed their bloodline.

At this moment, Charlint of the Charteris family was cultivating on a life star when his heart suddenly beat frantically. He couldn't help but lift his head to look at the high sky while mumbling. "Why do I feel like a kalpa's about to come? This feeling comes from deep in my soul, but it's really magical…"

He was not the only one who had that feeling. The ones whom Zi Yao had asked to guard this area were also frightened unknowingly. It was like a shadow had shrouded their soul altar, pressing their soul and making them insecure.

A great planet came with so many cl.u.s.ters of clouds, shadowing the entire Ancient G.o.d Continent.

Charlint and everybody else were frightened. They walked out of their life stars, watching the colossal planet in fear.

Hui's body had just left. She had sent her soul message through the snake mark on her subordinates to make them watch over the Ancient G.o.d Continent. After just a second, something really bad was about to happen.

The warriors who stayed here like Charlint were insecure, looking at that planet when a shadow slowly came into their vision.

It was Ghost Hunter!

As soon as he emerged, his eyes showed his cold and resolute intention. "Hui can hide your souls, but it can't erase the mark I've left inside you. Unless it has finished the Ancient G.o.d Continent, the mark will still work. Too bad for you guys that I've had Brian and the soul clone of the Ancient G.o.d Continent. So, you low people who have betrayed me once, you've been predestined to be erased."

Thousands of magical light rays rained from the sky like sharp daggers, piercing through Charlint's and the others' soul altars.

Everyone with the snake mark on their foreheads was killed instantly!

Not long after Hui's body was gone, the Ancient G.o.d Continent, after billions of years apart, had finally returned to Desolate.

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