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In a corner of the Ancient G.o.d Star Area, seven suns were burning brightly. The magnificent red-orange flames on them were like fish scales moving in water. A small s.p.a.ce floated in the center of the seven suns, in between the levitating flames.

A ferocious beast slowly moved inside the current of lava. Its belly made a "boop boop" sound as if it was burning fierily. The seven blazing suns sent the furious flames toward that beast and quenched its body. The beast looked like a scorching, red iron.

It was Ghost Hunter in its b.e.s.t.i.a.l body!

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

It sank into the rapid lava current as the acid fluid inside the stomach was melting Pu Tai's body to take in the remainder of Bloodthirsty's aura in Pu Tai's body.

It roared earth-shakingly, which stimulated the flames. The seven suns exploded at the same time.

After the suns were shattered, a s.p.a.ce tear emerged, two ancient continents flying out of it. They were the Desolate and Ancient Demon Continent.

The sky was filled with the shooting flames from the broken suns. With such a background, the two continents magically merged together like two drops of water.

After less than ten seconds, the two ancient continents became one, turning into a ma.s.sive, dazzling planet.

Ghost Hunter swelled and doubled his size. His b.e.s.t.i.a.l body moved above the ancient continent to absorb the immensely abundant heaven and earth energy there. The life energy in his body acc.u.mulated and fluctuated incredibly and his eyes changed slowly. They weren't savage anymore, and had become calm and archaic like a prominent wise, old man or a sage. He gave people an impression of a person with a deep and wide knowledge.

Waves of blinding light emerged from the beast. Slowly, he transfigured into his human form.

He was still Ghost Hunter, who somehow took after Shi Yan. However, his aura was mysterious and profound, his eyes like deep lakes that people could never gauge in terms of the mysteries they kept.

He turned toward a direction and flew away. The ma.s.sive continent that had just formed followed him closely like his shadow.

On another sun, G.o.d Lord Brian looked stern. Five-colored flames shot out of his eyes as he was having some magical transformation.

Brian had the Immortal Realm cultivation base with the Dark Energy, being just one small step away from the Territory Ancestor Realm. At this moment, he was fusing the heaven flames for the last time to activate the seal of Desolate's clone in his Sea of Consciousness. It would help him understand the Absolute Beginning language and something marvelous of that era.

Ten thousand years ago, he got the ability to fuse the heaven flames. However, he had hesitated and didn't make that step. He wasn't so sure that he would still be himself if he took that step. He was afraid that Desolate's clone would possess him.

Thus, he had hesitated for ten thousand years, not daring to try. He had laid his hope in Shi Yan, waiting to see what would happen to him.

While they were on the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation, his soul and Audrey's soul had fused with Desolate's clone in Shi Yan; they had all survived, and nothing unexpected happened. Moreover, Audrey got the Soul Refining Cauldron while he got the Dark Energy. Shi Yan had also received big benefits.

He thought that if he finally fused all the heaven flames, the error wouldn't happen like he had thought. Thus, he now started his final fusion.

The five-colored, magnificent flames mingled with each other in his Sea of Consciousness. His soul was light, floating through the past and present, sinking in the river of Time.

He was just a bystander watching a terrifying battle. This scale of battle should belong to the Absolute Beginning Era. It was the war between the Absolute Beginning creatures.

He could see many pieces of memory from one of the five clones of Desolate. Although the images he got weren't complete, they were parts of the history of that era when he had fused with the heaven flames and the Origin of the Grace Mainland.

Time flew hurriedly; vaguely, it seemed so long, but short like a blink of an eye at the same time. He didn't actually have any concept of time.

He woke up, his eyes puzzled. Right after that, he seemed to realize something magical, and his expression changed.

Lifting his head, he faced the sky.

Something had shaded the sun. He focused and found a ma.s.sive planet. From that planet, he could feel an old but very powerful aura that he couldn't resist. That aura…he used to sense it: it was Desolate's aura.

Ghost Hunter plunged from that continent, landing by him. Brian was frightened as a strong vibe came from deep in his soul. It was a desperate feeling from when the apocalypse had happened.

He had the consciousness of Desolate in his soul, so he knew who this Ghost Hunter standing in front of him was.

"In my world, there shouldn't be a new Territory Ancestor. Otherwise, my world will be divided, and my strength will be split up." Ghost Hunter looked at him indifferently. His face had the expression that shouldn't appear on a human, looking extremely nonchalant. "After Bloodthirsty had reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, you also joined that b.l.o.o.d.y battle. You still didn't get it, did you?"

Ghost Hunter spoke in Absolute Beginning language.

Brian understood clearly. He was dazed for a while, then he ran away as soon as he realized something suddenly.

"As you've completely fused with my clone and a part of my soul, you're predestined to be killed," said Ghost Hunter, his face cold. "Every ten thousand years, I gave away a Genesis Fruit. I hoped the one who got it could merge all of my clones into one. Unfortunately, no one succeeded. The chosen one this time has a high success rate. But, I didn't estimate that Hui and Devour would be awakened. I didn't give him more time to do that. It's really begrudging that I have to take action earlier than planned. Although I will have to lose part of my power, I don't have any other options around…"

Ghost Hunter opened his arms, his hands towering the entire sky. Billions of holy rays tied Brian's soul and destiny like a cage.

"You're a loser! If you had succeeded that year, there wouldn't have been many troubles like that." Ghost Hunter spoke coldly. Then, he opened his mouth and inhaled. Brian was like a frozen, tiny person. The light refined him and dragged him into Ghost Hunter's mouth. "You were born in my world. From the moment you were born, you got my Soul Seal. How could you rebel against me?"


Brian had turned into a streak of light, disappearing into Ghost Hunter's mouth. Ghost Hunter flashed and reappeared on the ancient continent above his head.

That ancient continent moved strangely inside the Ancient G.o.d Star Area, heading toward the Ancient G.o.d Continent of the G.o.d Clan.

"Listen and tell us what they are talking about. I want to know the origin of our Phantom Clan and why our Ancestor died!" Montecie asked Shi Yan to listen carefully. Shi Yan frowned. He listened to her and eavesdropped at the conversation between Devour and Zi Yao.

He was different from Brian. After fusing completely with the heaven flames—the Origin, he could see some events in the Absolute Beginning Era, and could understand the Absolute Beginning language. However, he still didn't know about the conflict between those Absolute Beginning creatures.

He knew one-fifth of what Desolate had experienced. They were just missing pieces of a whole picture, which didn't help him much.

It was like he got only a piece of a five-pieced picture. He couldn't know what that picture was about. As long as he gathered all the pieces, he could know about the full contents.


Shi Yan suddenly screamed in fear, his face pale. He put a hand on his forehead while mumbling, "I don't know why I feel extremely insecure like something very terrible has happened…"

This feeling had come unknowingly, and it was hard to explain. It was the instinctive feeling that came from deep inside his soul.


Audrey screamed from behind him. She was clutching her head, her eyes panic-stricken as if she had seen something very horrible. She shook her head and screamed ear-piercingly, "Don't come here! Don't come here!" It seemed like she was tortured by her nightmare.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" Adele screamed.

"I…I saw that I died. I saw someone kill me!" Audrey yelled like she was suffering from some serious mental disease. She didn't have any color on her face. "It's like I foresaw something that would happen in the near future. It's so scary…" 

Shi Yan darkened his face. He walked to Audrey, lowering his voice, "In your nightmare, who…killed you?"

"Ghost Hunter! It's Ghost Hunter who had killed me!" Audrey shook her head helplessly. "G.o.d Lord Brian was killed. I'm sure he was killed. I saw Ghost Hunter kill and then eat him!"

"You're just tired. You should rest first. You got a nightmare in daylight. It seems you've borne a lot of pressure these days," Adele tried to comfort her.

"No! It's not a dream!" Montecie who cultivated Time power Upanishad intervened, "What she saw will happen soon. She's a soul clone of Desolate. She has Desolate's Seal in her soul, so she can vaguely get what Desolate has calculated."

Montecie turned to Shi Yan, then pondered then said, "Before that man appeared, I had felt strange. I think it doesn't look like a beast. Now that I have heard from Audrey, I'm sure he's Desolate! He got the thought of killing Audrey, and she could feel that because she has a part of its soul in her head! It's like the connection between your host soul and the co-soul. You can exchange thought and plans. Audrey can get its ideas that way too."

"Shi Yan, you've made another step ahead of Audrey. You've completely fused with one of its soul clones. If Audrey can feel something, what about you?" Ming Hao asked.

Xuan He, Frederick and the others turned toward him, their faces uncontrollably stern.

"I could only feel that something terrible is about to happen. But, it's not clear like Audrey. I don't know why." Shi Yan squinted as a terrifying fear churned in his heart. He had never thought that Desolate would possess Ghost Hunter.

Ghost Hunter…Ghost Hunter…Did he develop the magical relationship with Desolate because he had swallowed Cang Yun, or was he a piece on its chessboard right from the beginning?

Is he the perfect creature Desolate had used the second essence drop of its blood to create after Bloodthirsty?

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