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Shi Yan got the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower from a vestige on the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation. It was an Absolute Beginning vestige that hid the secrets and glory of that era.

Currently, their glorious time was gone, and many Absolute Beginning creatures had fallen. The small numbers of the remaining Absolute Beginning creatures had secluded, themselves, rarely showing up.

Zi Yao was a clone of the Absolute Beginning creature Hui. She was the materialization of Hui's spirit, will, and soul. That year, she had brought Ming Hao and Brian to the Absolute Beginning vestige undersea with the hope of taking back the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. She had laid a wisp of her Soul Seal in the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower!

That seal had the same aura as her soul. She could use it to control the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

"Give it back to me…"

Zi Yao's voice was gentle and charming like a sweet little lover. People who heard her would unconsciously follow her.

"Her attractive voice…Why is it so similar to our Phantom Clan?" Mei Ji's face slightly changed. She had a strange feeling when she saw Zi Yao. It seemed like Zi Yao had a magical connection with the Phantom Clan's enchanting technique.

The women from the Phantom Clan were born with the gift of mind or enchanting secret techniques. It wasn't a power Upanishad, but something magical that existed in their souls.

At this moment, Zi Yao's voice was much similar to when they used the mind or charming techniques.

Shi Yan wore a stiff face.

Many thunderclaps were booming and reverberating in his head. The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower slowly flew out of his soul altar, getting away from his control. The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower had a snake Soul Seal that was hidden deep inside the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. Shi Yan had never seen it before.

At this moment, that Soul Seal appeared following Zi Yao's voice. It drew the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, heading toward her hand. Zi Yao's seducing voice had attracted his soul, troubling him from concentrating to control the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower slowly enlarged as it emerged from Shi Yan's head, flying toward Zi Yao.

Hiro, Edgar, and Montecie had their eyes brightened. They were mesmerized as they gazed at the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

Hiro and Montecie were hesitant. They were afraid that they would wound Shi Yan, so they didn't dare to take any rash action.

Edgar didn't mind it that much.

His eyes glowed with a basil green light like a savage wolf seeing its prey. He didn't care why Hui was here, raising his hand to s.n.a.t.c.h the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

The blood hand shadowed the sky, bringing the power of Death, Destruction, and Chaos as it aimed at the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. A tricolored vortex spun in the middle of the hand. It was black, blood-red, and gray. A terrifying suction force appeared like a giant snake opening its mouth to suck the air, drawing in all lives, souls, and G.o.d power of creatures in the surrounding areas.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The strong blast of wind entered that blood hand. The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was now a ma.s.sive kite swaying in the air, as if it was tied to two lines at the same time. Sometimes, it was pulled toward Zi Yao, and in the next moment, it headed to Edgar.

Abruptly, Edgar and Zi Yao were vying for the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower! 
"Edgar, your Ancestor taught you rules, didn't he?" Zi Yao was intercepted, so her beautiful face began to frost. "I know your Ancestor has asked you to take the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. But, if I don't help it with its current condition, do you think it can deal with them? Dare to compete with me! You don't know right and wrong!"

"I don't know what my Ancestor has discussed with you, but I know he really needs the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower!" Edgar's eyes were cold and hash. "So, I have to get it! No matter who will be my enemy, I will take it!"


Montecie was surprised. Then, she sn.i.g.g.e.red, her little face happy. "Just let them bite each other!".

Hiro also wanted to get involved in that compet.i.tion for the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, but he was afraid that he would offend Shi Yan. He hesitated and didn't advance. Seeing Edgar suddenly interrupt Zi Yao, he could finally relax.

Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness was intruded by Zi Yao's charming technique. At this moment, he was trying to cut off the evil thought in his Sea of Consciousness. He didn't have extra efforts left to do anything.

Thick mist rolled out of the Dark Abyss behind Edgar while waves of blood scent came with the mist. Devour was doing something…

"Finally, you guys have come," Labitte sounded relieved, his voice coming from the Dark Abyss.

Then, a group of Devouring Clan clansmen emerged from the Dark Abyss. Most of them had profound realms at the Immortal Realm, and the lowest realm was the First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. There was also a guy who had just reached the Territory Ancestor Realm like Labitte.

Devour had summoned them from the Sea Domain of Nihility to this Desolate Territory. There were around one hundred of them, giving Edgar a strong backup.

As soon as they appeared, they turned to greet the Dark Abyss using their tribal language. Then, they focused their Soul Consciousness to supply energy to Devour. Slowly, the Dark Abyss changed as it was receiving energy from the others.

A brutal, wild roar of some beast from the chaotic time of the world arose from the Dark Abyss, shaking everybody in this area.

Edgar was pulling the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower from Zi Yao, his face happy and laughing, "Our Ancestor's calling his real body. Wait until he comes…Let's see what you have to vie with us then!"

"True body?" Xuan He, Ming Hao, and Frederick were stunned. They became skeptical. "Isn't that Dark Abyss Devour's real body?"

When Zi Yao heard Edgar, her face changed for the first time. She rolled her eyes at the Dark Abyss. "You dare to take your body out here? You… Aren't you afraid of vanishing in this place? If it finally merges all the clones, within its territory, you and I, or anybody else, will be refined. We can't even run to the end of the void. It will hunt us down and eat us up!"


A roar which conveyed some meanings using the Absolute Beginning language arose from the Dark Abyss, echoing around the Ancient Demon Star Area.

As Zi Yao was distracted, Shi Yan had finally cut off the evil thought in his head. At this moment, he immediately understood the meaning on hearing the roar, "You and I had struck it hard, and its body was divided into five parts. Now, some of its parts have fused with other individuals. It will never be recovered fully!"

That was what that roar conveyed.

Only the ones who understood the Absolute Beginning language could get the message of that roar.

Zi Yao was a clone of Hui, so she could understand it easily. Besides her, only Shi Yan could do that. Since Audrey hadn't fused completely with the Origin, she just felt familiar and got some words of it.

"The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower should belong to me! Do you really want to vie for it against me?" Zi Yao shouted indignantly.


The roar resounded from the Dark Abyss again.

"Phantom had built the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, not you. It should belong to the Phantom Clan! The Phantom Clan was born from Phantom's fragments when she died. How could the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower belong to you?"

Shi Yan understood what Devour was talking, but the others didn't.

He was stunned, turning to look at Montecie and Mei Ji. He knew the origin of the Phantom Clan now.

It turned out that there was another Absolute Beginning creature called Phantom. After she died, the Phantom Clan was created. She was the Ancestor, the soul and flesh of the Phantom Clan.

Phantom had built the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, so it should belong to the Phantom Clan.

"Phantom and I were like sisters. I had contributed a lot of precious materials to build the tower. I'm the co-owner! She is gone, so it should belong to me! If you dare to vie for it, I won't satisfy you!" Zi Yao used the Absolute Beginning language to reply to Devour.

Some of the warriors here knew the Absolute Beginning written language like Montecie or Hiro. However, they didn't understand the spoken language. They didn't know what was going on to react properly.

"You've got a clone of Desolate, so you should understand the Absolute Beginning language. What are they talking about?" Montecie turned to Shi Yan, who answered instinctively. "They're talking about your origin, about your Ancestor. The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower belongs to you guys…"

The warriors of the Phantom Clan were stunned on hearing him. Montecie and Mei Ji had a sparkling light in their eyes. "Tell us more details!" Montecie hissed.

"They said that your ancestor's called Phantom. After she was gone, her soul and flesh became the Phantom Clan. They also said that Phantom had fabricated the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower…" explained Shi Yan.

Montecie's and Mei Ji's soft bodies trembled slightly.

They didn't know their origin. They didn't know how the Phantom Clan was created, neither anything about their Ancestor until today!

Finally, they knew that the Ancestor of the Phantom Clan was also an Absolute Beginning creature called "Phantom." She had even fabricated the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower!

"Ah…haha! Turns out the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower belongs to our Phantom Clan. It's our possession!" Montecie gritted her teeth, her face grimaced. She urged Shi Yan again, "Why did our Ancestor Phantom die? Listen carefully please. We want to know the details!"

"Do you think you can take the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower using your true body? Don't forget that half of my true body's here too! If you dare to come, I can still suppress you!" Zi Yao was filled with the flames of anger.

The void was torn in the center of the Ancient G.o.d Continent, revealing the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. Six ma.s.sive snakes were discernible, half of their bodies connected to the Ancient G.o.d Continent. Explosions echoed deafeningly; as the mountains cracked and collapsed, a bunch of giant snakes crawled out of the ground.

The snakes hissed at the voice as if they wanted to scare some creature away from this area.

The s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage was cracked open above the G.o.d Zenith on the Ancient G.o.d Continent. People could vaguely see the scenes happening on the Ancient Demon Continent.

It seemed that as long as the Ancient Demon Continent had some commotion, half of Hui's real body could come from the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin and join with the other half on the Ancient G.o.d Continent. Then, they could come to the Ancient Demon Continent at any minute.

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