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At this moment, all the planets and all beings on them, like plants, creatures, thunder, and lightning, in the Ancient Demon Star Area were happy as Shi Yan was happy. They would be touched if Shi Yan were touched, and they would be sad as Shi Yan were as upset. Especially, they would rampage if Shi Yan fell into his rampage phase.

He was this world; he was the representative of everything; he was the nature of natural principle.

It was the real power of the Territory Master!

Pu Tai in this star area was inside Shi Yan's prison. How could he escape the Master's claw?

The atmosphere on the stars changed into a hand of a giant G.o.d, squeezing Pu Tai maliciously!

Crack! Crack! Boom!

Pu Tai's body wasn't as tough as Bloodthirsty's body from that year. The ma.s.sive claw created by the spirit of thousands of creatures had squeezed him into pieces easily.

His bones pierced through his skin, bleeding terribly. He looked like a big hedgehog that was beaten pathetically.

The incident happened shortly. Shi Yan, who was bound and about to be swallowed, had overturned the situation at the critical moment, now seizing the upper hand.

The right time and right location had changed. Shi Yan could now control the entire heaven and earth in his hand. How could Pu Tai defeat him?

"Who are you? Are you still Shi Yan? You're Desolate! Shi Yan, you're a coward. At the critical moment, you are willing to give up yourself, handing yourself into Desolate's hand to deal with me. It's not a proud defeat!" Pu Tai's grunt came from the gory chunk of meat—he was completely deformed.

"I am always me."

The eight colossal planets hovered in the void, moving continually. They looked like eight ancient G.o.ds protecting Shi Yan, a.s.sisting him in subduing this entire world.

He floated under the eight planets, coldly looking at Pu Tai. His eyes suddenly looked deep and mysterious as if they had become two deep ponds that could make anybody sink in them.


The black hole arose from the crown of his head. It was just as big as a grain of rice at first, but in just a blink of an eye, it swelled up into a pitch-black cave. Just like a ma.s.sive black diamond, it came and implanted into Pu Tai's head.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The Devouring power Upanishad was activated!

Waves of powerful suction force arose from the black hole. Pu Tai was now a mess of flesh as his soul altar was drawn out of his head slowly.

History repeated terrifyingly!

Less than fifteen minutes ago, Pu Tai had used the same move to deal with Shi Yan. And now, Shi Yan had followed his way, using the Devouring power Upanishad to seize his soul altar and obtain his spirit, power Upanishads and G.o.d power…everything Pu Tai had.

"Oh my G.o.d! It has changed so fast!"

"He can move the stars and control the universe. What kind of power is it?"

"It's the power of the Lord of all skies!"

"Pu Tai is going to be doomed now!"

"No! He's not! It's still there…"

The warriors surrounding the Ancient Demon Continent were frightened. They discussed, their eyes gazing at the Dark Abyss.

Billions of years had pa.s.sed, and the legend about the Absolute Beginning creature Devour had never faded. They said that it was the Original G.o.d of Destruction and Evil. The meaning of its existence was to destroy all life stars, whole of the universe. Legends said that the end of the Absolute Beginning Era was related to this Original G.o.d of Evil.

Today, Devour was awakened, hovering above the Ancient Demon Continent and using the Devouring power Upanishad to refine one clone of Desolate. He wanted to accomplish his plan of invading Desolate.

He was the Creator, the Ancestor of the Devouring Clan. Pu Tai was here under his direction. Would he just watch and let Shi Yan refine Pu Tai? Would he be willing to let Bloodthirsty defeat it one more time?

Everybody thought that Devour wouldn't just watch Pu Tai die. They all focused on the Dark Abyss as they wanted to see what this creature from the Absolute Beginning Era would do.

A dark, cold soul energy was emitted from the Dark Abyss. The Dark Abyss was like an evil creature from the ancient time that slowly rose up and stretched its body after a long slumber. The Dark Abyss then fumed a large amount of black smoke, diffusing around…

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The followers of Devour, who were nearest to the Ancient Demon Continent, had their bodies and souls dissolved as they hadn't had the time to recognize what had just happened.

Their bodies and souls became wisps of smoke, entering the cl.u.s.ters of black smoke. Their tragic, instant deaths made the abyss expand faster!

After less than a minute, millions of warriors around the Ancient Demon Star Area were dissolved, becoming a part of the Dark Abyss. As that Absolute Beginning creature was the grandmaster of the Devouring power Upanishad, it could swallow even the world. It was effortless to melt the creatures that had followed it.


"Get out of here! Quick!"

"Gosh, it's killing us!"

"It's crazy!"

The warriors from different clans that had submitted to Pu Tai and Devour, the creatures living in this Desolate Territory, screamed desperately while trying to run away for their lives.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, the black hole mark on their foreheads, which they had used to receive the energy, shattered!

The heads of warriors who wanted to run away fell off their bodies, exploding like watermelons. Then, their headless bodies were covered by the Dark Abyss. All of them, including the power from their bodies, souls, and soul altars, had been merged into the Dark Abyss. Terrifyingly, the Dark Abyss continued to expand! 

A piece of the abyss that looked like the cold sea came to Shi Yan, attempting to draw him and Pu Tai into the abyss altogether.

At this moment, Shi Yan was using the Devouring power Upanishad, trying to refine Pu Tai.

Looking at the Dark Abyss coming close, he knew it was the wrath of Devour, the Absolute Beginning creature. In just a short time, Devour had absorbed the power from all of his followers. His body expanded, overshadowing the entire star area.

As soon as the Dark Abyss reached the stars in the Ancient Demon Star Area, Shi Yan lost the control of those stars instantly!

Devour wanted to swallow and refine the Ancient Demon Star Area entirely!

Seeing millions of warriors killed and billions of ordinary people dead because of his attack on Pu Tai, his eyes were calm and indifferent.

He finally understood that in the eyes of the existences at Devour and Desolate's level, the lowly creatures like him and his friends were just like tiny ants. They would never care about their lives or deaths.

Just like butchers killing the cattle to feed, they had slaughtered the members of different races to achieve their goals. Desolate and Devour weren't different from each other in this aspect. They didn't mind the lives of ordinary people.

Because they got the power to create new lives and new creatures, they didn't need to care! 

Devour was now the Dark Abyss, which was reaching further and further; it was really close to Shi Yan. However, at this moment, he had to concentrate on swallowing Pu Tai. He didn't have extra effort to resist Devour.

Right at this moment, he pitched his voice, "I've crossed thousands of miles to the Sea of Annihilation to invite you here not to give you a chance to watch the fun! I got you here to give a hand at this moment. What are you waiting for?"

A gray-brown asteroid flashed amidst the current of asteroids. Montecie, Hiro, and Gay turned into the outer s.p.a.ce streamers, heading toward the Dark Abyss.

"Montecie! Hiro! Can't believe you're here!"

Inside a thickly dark area, Forefather Labitte of the Devouring Clan screamed in fright. He was enraged on seeing Shi Yan control the entire world and Ming Hao escaping, and was startled when he saw Montecie, Hiro, and Gay.

Labitte felt uneasy, finding the situation getting out of control. Montecie and Hiro had added more variables to Desolate Territory at this moment. Their variables could make the Devouring Clan's ten-thousand-year plan a big failure.

"It's just Labitte, who cultivates Dark power Upanishad. We're still lucky that Edgar isn't here. Or else, it'd be more trouble." Seeing him, Montecie exhaled in relief. She knew that at the First Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm, Labitte couldn't stop them.

"Gay! You deal with Labitte!" a.s.signed Hiro.

"Okay!" Gay of the White Bone Clan and Labitte were both at the First Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm. He nodded on receiving the order.

"Absolute Beginning creature Devour, in the Absolute Beginning Era, you were already infamous. Your mission is to destroy and terminate. You had contributed to the end of the Absolute Beginning Era. Anyway, it's different now. In this new era, you're outdated. You will die one after another, as it's predestined. It's the rule of development, the rule of time, history, heaven and earth, something that no one can change…"

Montecie's pet.i.te body released an immense, white moonlight. The void behind her appeared like bands of streamers as if time was flying fast. Behind Montecie, time seemed to reverse as the ultimate change of heaven and earth!

It was utterly strange when so many shadows of crowd Devour had killed previously suddenly emerged like a rewound movie. The extending Dark Abyss shrunk fast above the Ancient Demon Continent!

Time in that area suddenly reversed, and countless wisps of gray smoke and mist fumed out of the Dark Abyss. It was the heaven and earth energy of the Ancient Demon Continent Devour had taken in previously.

At this moment, Devour spat out parts of the Ancient Demon Continent he had swallowed!

It was what had happened dozens of years ago!

Montecie looked around eleven or twelve years old, but she had mastered the Time power Upanishad, just like Xia Xin Yan. However, since she was at the Territory Ancestor Realm, she could even reverse time!

Although Shi Yan had fused with the Origin of the Grace Mainland, one of Desolate's clones, he was aghast.

He understood that Montecie could only make the energy reverse when she rewound time; she couldn't recover lives that were lost. The shadows of the dead warriors were created with energy, so they didn't have a soul or intelligence.

Montecie could reverse time to distort the energy circulation, but she couldn't do that to save lives. No matter what, this power Upanishad was really mighty.

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