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The eight islands of the eight evil power Upanishads pressed on Shi Yan like eight holy mountains.

The Devouring power Upanishad in the center still released the terrifying soul sucking force that could devour thousands of souls. Shi Yan's soul altar was slowly lifted off his body, emerging outside.

Shi Yan's two souls appeared. The host soul and the co-soul were like twin stars, flying out first. Following them was a bright galaxy with so many stars moving in mysterious trajectories. It was his Incipient Extent.

Under his Incipient Extent was the tier of power Upanishads. The black hole was the Devouring power Upanishad, while the brilliant nebula was the Star power Upanishad. The crystal globe contained a sparkling symbol was the Life power Upanishad and the Life Original Symbol. Shi Yan also had a strange mirror, which had reflected so many different s.p.a.ces; it was the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. Next to it was an icy gray layer, which represented the Death power Upanishad.

So many flames separated from the section of power Upanishad under the co-soul; they were the heaven flames.

The Sea of Consciousness slowly extended. Inside the Sea of Consciousness was a small soul pond. The soul pond stored the pure Dark Energy, the true soul energy. However, it occupied a tiny part of the Sea of Consciousness.

Shi Yan's soul altar was drawn out of his body, and was exposed slowly.

Looking at the bright galaxy, the onlookers in the Ancient Demon Star Area were shocked. They smacked their tongues in surprise.

His Incipient Extent had nothing at the beginning, but now, it looked really similar to the sea of stars in any territory. Seemed like it could become a suitable world for creatures to live in.

Even the Territory Ancestors with a territory like Hiro and Montecie were so thrilled that their hearts beat frantically when they saw that immense galaxy territory. They exchanged looks and saw the disbelieving looks in each other's eyes.

Shi Yan's soul altar was sucked and exposed. His body was controlled, and he couldn't move.

Seeing that the result of the battle was determined, Pu Tai was more excited. Eight clones of his gathered, his real body reappearing. The eight islands, the eight holy mountains, continued to emit the surging evil power, subduing Shi Yan. Pu Tai's real body came next to the black hole.

He came personally to circulate the energy, focusing on taking Shi Yan's power Upanishads in his soul altar.

In this world, it seemed like no force could stop him from swallowing Shi Yan's soul altar.

Shi Yan had lived in this world for hundreds of years. He was equipped efficiently to pioneer. He had used blood to wash himself and reach the Second Sky of Immortal Realm. With the power Upanishads he had, many people thought that he was Bloodthirsty's successor, the one who could turn a new page in the Bloodthirsty Force's history.

No one had ever thought that he would die that way, being killed by his most favorite Devouring power Upanishad. The soul hiding in his ring was about to melt him down.

Inside the immense Ancient Demon Star Area, an evil energy filled the entire sky. That evil energy arrived at each corner of the star area, coming from Pu Tai; to be precise, it came from his devouring black hole!

Shi Yan's soul altar approached the black hole; both of his souls were about to be sucked in.

Mei Ji shivered. She couldn't stand it anymore, and wanted to take action.

"He has a chance!" Montecie hissed all of a sudden.

Everybody looked shocked. So many eyes were gazing at one thing!

It was the heaven flames in Shi Yan's soul altar. Those flames used to be scattered. However, at this moment before Shi Yan's twins souls entered the black hole, billions of flames with different auras had become one, turning into a ma.s.s of flame as big as an ox head!

The burning flame released a pure soul energy; it was the purest Dark Energy!

Shi Yan's co-soul suddenly immersed in it, sinking into that cl.u.s.ter of flame.

Shi Yan's body was so stagnant that he couldn't even move. However, in just a blink of an eye, he got rid of the constraints. The Life Ball of Life power Upanishad and the river of the Star power Upanishad changed their locations, moving underneath Shi Yan's co-soul. Under everybody's gaze, Shi Yan's co-soul and the flame merged into one.

The surging Dark Energy emitted from Shi Yan's co-soul had suddenly triggered the Star and Life power Upanishad!

Thud! Thump! Thud! Thump!

So many thick and low sounds pounded people's hearts like drumbeats. Everybody was startled, trying to find the source of the noise.

This kind of noise was like the sound of the soul that could run directly into their souls, which their ears couldn't hear. That was why they couldn't find its source.

"It's the nucleus of the stars. They are shaking!" Hiro was frightened. It was the first time he had screamed, "The nuclei in all the stars, solar stars, lunar stars, and life stars of the Ancient Demon Star Area are stimulated. They seem about to receive life and cognition shortly!"

Xuan He, Frederick, and the others were baffled. They knew it was so strange, but they didn't know what would happen when the stars' nuclei vibrated.

They all looked at Hiro, waiting.

"This Ancient Demon Star Area belongs to Desolate Territory. Everything in this area, from a speck of dust to an entire planet was created by Desolate." Hiro looked at those who were so baffled, talking with a bitter smile. "This place's Desolate's territory. Every matter here was created by Desolate…"

"I still don't get it," Xuan He screamed.

"Shi Yan's fused with the Grace Mainland! His co-soul and the Origin of the Grace Mainland are one body. Now, all the heaven flames have become the soul flame. The Origin is actually made of Dark Energy. It's Desolate's wisdom...It's Desolate itself!" Montecie suddenly got it as she turned to look at Shi Yan, talking in fright. "Shi Yan got one of Desolate's clones, and he's one of the Masters of Desolate Territory. He can control everything in Desolate Territory! It's his world…He can control everything!"

Xuan He, Frederick, and the others were panic-stricken as they finally understood. It was like the Incipient Extent they had. In that Incipient Extent, they were the sole G.o.d, the principle!

This was inside Desolate's territory. In this place, Shi Yan was one of the true G.o.ds, the principle and the Great Path of power Upanishads!

What kind of power could bind him, the Master of this territory, in his own territory?

Thus, the seal created by the holy mountains of the eight evil powers had been lifted shortly. Shi Yan regained his mobility; he wasn't bound anymore.

At the same time, all the warriors in the Ancient Demon Star Area screamed in fear, their faces pale.

They saw a spectacular scene they would never forget!

The bright suns and moons of the Ancient Demon Star Area rolled and marched toward them together with the life stars they had dwelled and cultivated on! They were all the real stars, the foundation of the Ancient Demon Star Area, mothers of countless creatures!

Many life stars had warriors and ordinary people living and working on them. People with keen eyes could see the desperate faces on them as they were watching the last day of this world, the apocalypse!

Thousands of ma.s.sive suns and moons rolled torrentially like a rapid flood current. Billions of lives on so many life stars were shaken as the nuclei inside their planets had affected their souls by sending strong vibes!

Stars were seen everywhere; this spectacular scene would never appear in anybody's imaginations or dreams!

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

All the planets seemed to have a heart which was throbbing vigorously. The ordinary people living on those planets were screaming and crying. They deemed that it was the wrath of their G.o.d to destroy this world entirely. The warriors that couldn't get rid of their planets were desperate and fearful, as they knew they couldn't avoid the doomsday.

"Not good!" Pu Tai was panicking for the first time. When he saw all the planets of the Ancient Demon Star Area storming, he finally knew what was going on.

Shi Yan had completely fused with Desolate's clone and become the master of this territory. He now was one of the Masters who could set up rules!

At this moment, Shi Yan was still Shi Yan, but he had an immortal, archaic aura. It was Desolate's aura, the actual Master of this Territory!


Under the terrible pressure when the stars moved, Pu Tai couldn't help but spurt out blood. The armor on his body had many fine cracks as if it would be shattered at any minute.


A ma.s.sive life star that was as big as the Grace Mainland accelerated and b.u.mped into the Soul Control Island.

With that, the Soul Control Island was pressed to crack and shatter!

So many souls flew out from the island. Unexpectedly, Ming Hao's souls were there too. It was Ming Hao's soul clones sealed on the island. When the island was broken, they were finally released.

Ming Hao's soul clones exploded and then congregated, creating his form magically. Almost at the same time, Ming Hao, who was confined in the endless darkness, could feel that; he couldn't help but laugh crazily.

Amidst his laughter, shadows of Ming Hao's souls disappeared, getting rid of the darkness. With the bonds between the souls, his confined souls could gather toward the souls outside.

In the next instant, Ming Hao saw the wonder that could destroy the entire star area.

Thousands of planets were spinning and barging; those planets had billions of lives. As the creatures there knew that the world was about to be destroyed, they were crying and screaming, praying for their G.o.d to save them. Ming Hao could feel their fears and despair.

Ming Hao didn't know what was going on. His eyes moved away and he immediately found Shi Yan with starlight blooming on his body.

Seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points in Shi Yan's body were shining like stars, moving in the star trajectory on his body. The movement of those acupuncture points seemed to be the ringleaders that had stimulated the stars in Desolate Territory!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Seven ma.s.sive stars zoomed over, precisely hitting the seven islands that represented the Death, Corrosion, Dark, Chaos, Destruction, Despair, and Corpse Qi power Upanishads. Compared to the real planets, those islands were like a grain of rice standing by a big ball, crushed easily.

The seven islands shattered thoroughly. Looking at the islands of the great inheritances being crushed into powder, Ming Hao gawked as if his eyes were about to fall off his sockets.

He was the Soul Control Chief, so he understood the mysteries and intimidation of those islands. Anyway, no matter how strong they were, how could they resist real planets?

As the seven islands were smashed, countless mountains and lands collapsed on the planets. Billions of ordinary people were slaughtered, their souls vanishing shortly.

They had lived on their planets for so many years. They had grown crops and bred cattle, as well as having cultivated there. Many of them had never left their lands once in their lives. They were so bitter because they couldn't control their own lives, all vanishing from this world just like that.

The eight islands were broken apart, and Pu Tai's armor turned into powder. He was gory, and his eyes were still bloodthirsty. However, his aura was reduced greatly.

He hurried to retrieve the black hole, not daring to linger for a second.

"s.p.a.ce confine!"

Shi Yan looked mindful while hovering in the void. Countless stars were spinning wildly around him. His eyes weren't red, as he looked like a glacier that had been frozen for tens of thousands of years. He just pointed at Pu Tai indifferently.

The void of the Ancient Demon Star Area seemed to become his invisible hand, squeezing Pu Tai's body!

Pu Tai couldn't move anymore!

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