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"Pu Tai, Pu Tai…Turns out he's Pu Tai…"

Montecie looked at the dark area above the Ancient Demon Continent. Pu Tai wore a ferocious face, his eyes blood-red. A bloodthirsty aura emitted from his body, creating the infinite blood sea of the Netherworld. Even though they were too far away, she could still perceive his aura.

Hiro from the White Bone Clan pulled a stern face, "Yeah, it's unbelievable!"

"You…know Pu Tai?" Xuan He was surprised.

"Pu Tai's the Young Chief of the Devouring Clan. He used to be an extremely outstanding warrior among the juniors in the Sea Domain of Nihility. People expected him to break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm within ten thousand years. When Pu Tai debuted, his fame was immeasurable. Yerburgh, Ling Mei, and even Mei Ji, weren't as talented as him."

Montecie threw a glance toward Mei Ji.

Mei Ji nodded, her charming face worried. "Pu Tai used to be very prominent. But hundreds of years ago, the Devouring Clan announced that he had fallen into bedevilment while cultivating…He was gone. At that time, Pu Tai was at the Third Sky of Immortal Realm, which was one realm higher than me. Many clans felt happy over the other's calamity. I did feel relief as well."

"Turns out he wasn't dead because of bedevilment. They had sent him to Desolate Territory in order to stay lowkey. No wonder why the Devouring Clan didn't look gloomy or mourned over his death. When I got the news, I vaguely thought that Pu Tai was still alive. Since he hadn't shown up in the Sea Domain of Nihility for hundreds of years, we slowly believed it was a true story." Mei Ji told them about Pu Tai's profile. "Pu Tai came here with his soul. His soul had reached the Third Sky of Immortal Realm, but he had to cultivate again with the new body. Although he looked like he is only at the Second Sky of Immortal Realm, he can use the power of a Third Sky of Immortal Realm expert."

She reminded Xuan He and Frederick about Pu Tai's intimidation in the past, telling them that he was stronger than what they thought.

"No wonder why Pu Tai could kill my brother and swallow the two Ring Spirits. Xuan Shan and the Ring Spirit couldn't resist a soul at the Third Sky of Immortal Realm," Xuan He remembered the sad stories, feeling dejected.

"Yeah, Pu Tai isn't ordinary. But… Shi Yan isn't any worse. You're confused because you are concerned." Montecie beamed, tiptoeing to pat Mei Ji's shoulder, which made her look funny. "Silly little girl, Shi Yan has the Devouring power Upanishad and the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. Even I can't see through him. He's not ordinary either. You're too worried. They're going to have a fair and equal match."

Xuan He, Frederick, and Adele saw her move, not knowing whether to cry or smile.

She was around 1.2 meters tall, a little cutie; on the other side, Mei Ji was a s.e.xy grownup. When she patted Mei Ji's shoulder to calm her, it looked really awkward.

"Yeah, you're right, Grannie. I'm just too nervous," Mei Ji pulled herself together, smiling embarra.s.sedly. She slowly calmed herself down.


Xuan He and the others gawked as if their eyeb.a.l.l.s were about to fall out. They eyed Montecie and felt that their cognition was distorted.

"Stay silent and watch the amazing game!" Hiro sounded excited.

People then focused back on the fight.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

So many shadows came from different corners of this star area. Battleships, war chariots, and flying carriages gathered like black clouds…

Pu Tai's roaring and howling thundered, reverberating around the star area. He secretly ordered his subordinate forces to come and prepare for the b.l.o.o.d.y war. At this moment, tens of thousands of forces that had submitted to the Bloodthirsty Force and worshipped Pu Tai as their new Master had arrived.

Those people came from the forces under the Imperial Dark Tribe, the Immortal Demon nomads, and even the forces Ming Hao used to control in the dark.

The experts of many forces were subdued during Pu Tai's one hundred years here. They worshiped the Absolute Beginning creature Devour and became Pu Tai's loyal servants.

Tens of thousands of ma.s.sive battleships and war chariots shot fast. The bone flying-bird war chariots looked so real as they zoomed over from the big life stars. Millions of warriors stood on the giant battleships with super powerful auras. They anch.o.r.ed around the Ancient Demon Continent like clouds of locusts.

They defended the Ancient Demon Continent tightly, protecting Devour while it was eating the Ancient Demon Continent. It was all because Devour was their master now!

Xuan He, Frederick, and Adele paled when they saw the familiar faces, their eyes sparkling with ruthlessness.

They used to be their fellows, their loyal troopers. But now, they were the traitors. Looking at them, Xuan He, Adele, and the others understood the G.o.d Lord's begrudging bitterness. The sour feeling on getting rejected was like the everlasting strong wine in their hearts that they couldn't accept.

"Well played! It has just been one hundred years and you have gathered so many forces. In terms of ruling, you're better than me." Shi Yan hovered inside the rapid torrent of asteroids as he continually gathered energy. Just like Pu Tai, he wasn't hurried to attack. Shi Yan watched him roar and howl, sending the call for war, as well as so many incoming battleships.

"If you dare to come here, I'm sure you're well prepared as well." Blood lingered in Pu Tai's eyes. His line of sight zoomed across the immense s.p.a.ce to where Xuan He and Frederick were hiding. "Although they're concealing the aura, I can feel them. Apparently, it's not that you didn't prepare anything."




The warriors at profound realms on the majestic battleships around the Ancient Demon Continent bowed toward Pu Tai respectfully, humbly waiting for his order. 

Pu Tai curled his lips, pointing at Shi Yan while laughing. "He's Shi Yan, Bloodthirsty's heir. He's also the Master Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick have acknowledged! Today, Ming Hao's confined. He will be killed at any second. Xuan He and Frederick are around as well, probably. I ask you to come and see who is the real Master!"

Snorting, Pu Tai thundered, "This battle was predestined right when I came to Desolate Territory. No one is allowed to interfere with this battle between us!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Yes, sir!"

The experts on the battleships included the elders of the Immortal Demon Clan, the eccentric lords of the Imperial Dark Tribe, and the experts that used to follow Ming Hao. They all had a vague mark on their foreheads, which resembled a black hole!

It was Devour's crest!

Within one hundred years while Shi Yan and the others were away, those people had been subjugated by Pu Tai, becoming Devour's most loyal servants.

"Come fight me!"

Inside the asteroid current, Shi Yan's imposing aura rose. He laughed crazily as billions of starlight beams were sh.e.l.ling on those ma.s.sive asteroids. The rocks become sparkling and transparent, with electric beams moving around. Their energy surged and emitted as if they wouldn't drain even after one billion years.

"Get out here!"

Pu Tai's eyes were crimson, his face frantic. He rose his hands toward the Dark Abyss. It seemed like he had a hand in the void that could pull the whole sky down.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The earth-destroying explosions arose from the Dark Abyss. A ma.s.sive blood sea emerged from the darkness. Follow the blood sea were the islands, each of which had terrifying energy fluctuations. Those energies belonged to the eight great, evil power Upanishads, including Soul Control, Death, Corrosion, Dark, Chaos, Destruction, Despair, and Corpse Qi!

"The islands of the great eight inheritances in the blood sea forbidden land!" Xuan He screamed ear-piercingly.

Frederick also discolored in fright. "Indeed, he has fused with the Ring Spirit and obtained the entire blood sea in his hands. Turns out the eight islands can work magically like this!"

The Soul Control Island, the Death Island, the Corrosion Island, the Dark Island, the Chaos Island, the Destruction Island, the Despair Island, and the Corpse Qi island were drawn from the darkness, hovering above Pu Tai's head.

Everybody looked and found an endless sea of blood bobbing above his head. The eight islands formed a circle in the blood sea.


Another island flew out of the blood sea. It was ink-black, spinning like the ma.s.sive mouth of a demon that could swallow the entire world!

It was the Devouring Island!

The Devouring Island flew out the last, landing in the center of the circle created by the eight islands, implanting on Pu Tai's crown of the head!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The negative auras were so thick, and the brutal, bloodthirsty energy was endless like a rapid river that had run for billions of years and would never stop. All burst out of Pu Tai's body, entering the Devouring Island on his head.

Almost at the same time, the eight islands of the eight inheritances had shot out eight dazzling, magical rivers, connecting to the Devouring Island. They seemed to become a single ent.i.ty, which was the way to perfectly combine the Devouring power Upanishad and the other eight power Upanishads. They looked like an ancient formation from the Absolute Beginning Era, which could trigger the evilest power in this world!

Pu Tai's aura rose continually, and the red hue in his eyes became thicker. The blood membrane appeared on his skin, making a set of natural armor.

At this moment under the blood sea and the nine islands, Pu Tai had shown the power that had greatly surpa.s.sed Shi Yan's! If the latter didn't have anything to counter, this battle couldn't last even a moment. Pu Tai would hit him hard and kill him shortly!

Inside the turbulent asteroid current, the surging energy from the asteroids was like a firefly compared to the moon that was Pu Tai's energy. They weren't at the same level anyway.

"Pu Tai's formidable…really formidable!" Gay from the White Bone Clan closed his eyes to sense for a while, talking heavily, "Although he's at the Second Sky or Immortal Realm, that tremendous energy…I'm afraid even a Third Sky of Immortal Realm experts can't manage that. It's lucky that both Shi Yan and Pu Tai haven't reached the Territory Ancestor Realm yet. Otherwise, their battle would shatter this star area entirely!"

Montecie and Hiro also looked solemn. They were startled when they saw Pu Tai's power. They were regretful for ignoring the battle earlier on. Pu Tai was much more powerful than they had estimated. After hundreds of years, Pu Tai had progressed much faster than they had imagined!

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