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Layers of thick membranes that looked like gla.s.s or jade stopped them. Starlight sparkled and crawled on those membranes with thick and surging heaven and earth energy.

It was the territory wall, the barrier and membrane that separated the star areas. When many smaller star areas had merged together to create the Grace Mainland Star Area, those layers were created by the star area walls of the small star areas. Layers of dozens of star areas had overlapped to form a thick and tough wall. 

Gay from the White Bone Clan was at the First Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm. He cultivated Fire power Upanishad, his eyes seeming like dazzling suns.

"Let me open this star area wall." Gay volunteered. As soon as he finished, billions of flames emerged from his chest, creating waves of burning artilleries.


Flames rolled, emitting a burning heat that shocked Blood Devil and the others. They felt a twinge in their ears, so they had to conjure light cages to protect themselves.

DeCarlos' visage changed. From those artilleries, he could feel the toughness that could destroy the heaven and earth. He believed that if the artilleries. .h.i.t the small s.p.a.ces inside his body, they could destroy hundreds of them. If this flaming attack bombarded the Thunder Firmament Star Area, it could shatter it entirely.

"Who allowed you to do that!" Shi Yan bellowed.

"The star area wall is too thick. If I don't do that, we can't break it. Oh!" Gay suddenly screamed in fright. "It…How could it be?"

At this moment, the artilleries in his chest were connected to the star area barrier by a flaming dragon. The dragon was several thousand meters long, as big as a mountain. It continually licked the barrier with the burning tongues. Waves of invisible energy came from the crystal, jade-like membranes. It seemed eternal, as if it was the will of G.o.d.


The fire dragon exploded abruptly, sparks sent everywhere. The members of the Phantom Clan and the White Bone Clan had to back off to avoid those terrifying sparks.

Gay was frightened. "It's unbelievable that the star barrier has a powerful counterattacking energy. Where can this energy possibly come from?"

"Oh! When I moved through the barrier, I didn't encounter any attack." DeCarlos was puzzled. He came to the barrier, using his s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to open a pa.s.sage. He did that at ease.

Hiro and Montecie exchanged looks. They saw the heavy and serious countenances on each other's face. Montecie observed the surroundings and said, "The barrier Desolate has put up can prevent the outsiders, or the warriors from the other territories. But, the warriors with its aura in the soul won't be affected. Yeah, take you guys for example…

"You were born in Desolate Territory, so you have its aura. You won't fae the counterattack from the barrier. But, we don't belong to this place. It will instinctively treat us as the enemy." Hiro remarked.

"No wonder why the Devouring Clan members aren't walking around the three big star areas. Seems it's because of the star area barrier." Xuan He got it.

"We should take DeCarlos' pa.s.sage." Shi Yan said.

Right after that, they followed each other to move through the pa.s.sage. Emperor Sea Shark and Shen Ren walked at the end of the line; they seemed to want to say something. 

They met Shi Yan after Hiron and Montecie, but he didn't talk to Emperor Sea Shark. It made Emperor Sea Shark suspicious. He wanted to find a chance to ask Shi Yan about his intentions as he had invited him to Desolate Territory.

Shi Yan lagged behind purposely. He watched the members of the White Bone Clan and Phantom Clan enter the Ancient Demon Star Area with DeCarlos' help.

After only he, Emperor Sea Shark, and Shen Ren were left, Shi Yan talked sincerely, "If you hadn't helped me in Sea of Annihilation, I would have been killed. No matter why you did that, I owe you this favor. I told you to come to Desolate Territory without any harmful intentions. You're struggling to live in the Sea Domain of Nihility, so I think you should go to Desolate Territory and try your luck here. I will try my best to give you a great encounter!"

"What kind of encounter?" Emperor Sea Shark asked skeptically.

"You will know when it arrives." Shi Yan smiled mysteriously.

Emperor Sea Shark didn't ask further. He nodded and stepped into the Ancient Demon Star Area with Shen Ren.

Inside a cl.u.s.ter of thick darkness arose the fierce sounds of soul collisions. It seemed countless ghosts and departed souls were fighting, tearing each other in there!

Pu Tai and his warriors surrounded the Ancient Demon Continent, observing coldly and waiting for a result.

All of a sudden, starlight beams zoomed over from a very far distance. The starlight carried the earth-shaking aura and piercing energy. It was a formidable raid of shooting asteroids!

Thousands of mountain-like, shining asteroids were shooting toward the Ancient Demon Continent.

Pu Tai changed his face and howled, his voice piercing through the blood sea.

Hundreds of Devouring Clan members with dark green skin flew out of the darkness like the beasts. Most of them were at the Incipient G.o.d Realm, and several at the Immortal Realm. They all had emerald eyes, showing their savage and brutish nature. Receiving Pu Tai's order, they began to urge their power.

Crimson rivers, erosive mist and smoke, destructive energy waves, icy cold Corpse Qi… A myriad of great, evil powers were conjured!

Many Incipient Extents arose, and the immense snow world blasted and attacked those asteroids.

Pu Tai wore a sinister face. Although his eyes were red, he couldn't hide his excitement. "Shi Yan! You have come finally! Haha, I've asked Uncle Labitte to keep Ming Hao alive to entice you. Although you're late, you're finally here!"

Many warriors who used to depend on Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick, were surrounding Pu Tai today, making him their supreme leader.

Inside the torrential asteroid flow, Shi Yan was standing on a ma.s.sive rock, his eyes cold and crimson. He looked at Pu Tai, checked him and then talked, "It's unexpected that you've reached the Immortal Realm…Second Sky, not bad! I'm amazed! Seems you've swallowed a lot of energy lately."

Pu Tai also had Bloodthirsty's inheritance and Devour's acceptance. He had mastered the Devouring power Upanishad and the eight great, evil powers. No one could a.s.sess the growth of Devouring power Upanishad better than Shi Yan.

Seeing Pu Tai enter the Second Sky of Immortal Realm, he knew that the other had killed many people to gather energy.

Since it was Wederson's body, his G.o.d power Ancient Tree was typical. Even though Pu Tai had a profound realm, he still needed to acc.u.mulate G.o.d power… And, G.o.d power, generated by the Devouring power Upanishad, had the Essence Qi of the dead warriors as the main source!

"Shi Yan, you and I have lived together for a long time, I know everything about you. But you, you know nothing about me. So, you can't beat me. You don't have even a single chance!" Pu Tai looked frantic, grinning happily. "I'm going to kill you, then eat your soul and body. I will definitely advance further. Everything you got within your life of hundreds of years will help me achieve my goal! You're the biggest boost for me to become a Territory Ancestor. I have been waiting for you for a long time!"

He had considered Shi Yan a predestined enemy since he found out that Shi Yan had received Bloodthirsty's inheritance, and the real Ring Spirit considered him as Master. He had crossed his heart that he would take back everything!

He had made so many plans. But, Ming Hao got him at the critical moment. Ming Hao had sealed him, and he had almost vanished. He had made up his mind that he wanted Shi Yan and Ming Hao to wither in order to nurture his soul and acc.u.mulate energy to reach the Territory Ancestor Realm!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The formidable, destructive energy came from Pu Tai's body as Bloodthirsty's aura rose and rocketed ma.s.sively!

The spiral energy expanded from him. As soon as it touched the asteroids, all of them exploded into dust. Pu Tai's eyes were garnet as he used Rampage. The negative moods multiplied crazily, wisps of white smoke fuming out of his pores.

"It's the battle between Shi Yan and me. Right from the start, he and I shouldn't exist at the same time!" Pu Tai turned to his subordinates, talking indifferently, "Only one of us can live! Once one is swallowed, he will complete the other. I am the Young Chief of the Devouring Clan, chosen by the Ancestor. Shi Yan's chosen by Bloodthirsty. It's a predestined battle!"

This was the unfinished battle between Absolute Beginning creature Devour and Bloodthirsty!

Pu Tai had expressed that no other warrior could join this battle. He must finish the battle between Bloodthirsty and Devour that year. It was one of the plans Devour had prepared.

"It's true that they should finish the battle themselves. Master had made a rule that we only have one Master, who has to be born from blood. Unfortunately, he didn't estimate that Devour would interfere with his plans. But, under the given circ.u.mstances where Shi Yan and Pu Tai have the same realm, we can just let them do that," Xuan He said with an odd face when he heard the voice echoing around the sea of stars while hiding in an invisible asteroid.

Frederick closed his eyes to sense for a while and then said, "Pu Tai's formidable! Strictly talking, he has inherited everything of Master…not only the Devouring power Upanishad, but also the other eight, evil powers. At this moment, Pu Tai's competence is matched with our Master from that year."

He turned to look at Shi Yan. "Shi Yan got the Devouring power Upanishad and the Death power Upanishad, but he hasn't cultivated the rest. Moreover, Wederson's body, which Pu Tai has possessed, is created by our Master's bones. He's more like our Master, and our Master was invincible at that time. Are you sure we shouldn't interfere with their battle?"

Hiro, Montecie, and Gay heard the conversation between Xuan He and Frederick, then asked for more details. Hiro and Montecie were surprised, but they looked more interested. Montecie said, "They're both at the Second Sky of Immortal Realm, and they represent Bloodthirsty and Devour. It's gonna be awesome! I'm eager to see the result!"

"With the powers of Devouring power Upanishad, if Pu Tai kills Shi Yan, he will get everything Shi Yan has!" Xuan He pondered and then said, "In the same manner, if Shi Yan kills Pu Tai and refines him, he will get everything Pu Tai has!"

Pausing for a while, Xuan He hissed, "…including the other power Upanishads!"

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