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Hiro and the members of the White Bone Clan also dove into the whirlpool, disappearing together with Montecie and Mei Ji.

Shen Ren wore a heavy countenance, hesitating. "If Montecie's correct, once we enter Desolate Territory, our lives will be threatened. The Absolute Beginning creatures aren't easy to deal with, especially with the true expert of the Devouring Clan. Have you thought it over?"

Hovering in front of hundreds of vortexes, Emperor Sea Shark looked worried and pensive. After a while, he said resolutely, "Let's take risks for once!"

"Alright!" Shen Ren didn't sound hesitant anymore, and then they both plunged into the vortex.

After a while, a few shadows appeared. Hiro, Montecie, and the others appeared above the river Ming Hao and Xuan He used to stop by in the s.p.a.ce outside Desolate Territory. As soon as they came, they released the Soul Consciousness to search.

Immediately, they found Shi Yan standing like a lance by the territory entrance.

"Shi Yan!"

Mei Ji couldn't help but scream; her beautiful face looked happy. If Montecie and Hiro weren't here, she would have jumped into his embrace.

Time had flown like a long river. Dozens of years had pa.s.sed as quickly as the blink of an eye.

Mei Ji had become s.e.xier. She was like a flower blooming to its very finest. Her bright eyes looked like they contained water, along with A pa.s.sion that could melt even the hardest hearts in men. 

Her red robe worshipped her voluptuous, perfect contours. The red hue of her lips could arouse any man and boil his blood.

"You've finally entered the Territory Ancestor Realm," Shi Yan beamed at her, then nodded to greet Montecie and Hiro. His eyes brightened when he saw the little skeleton, asking smilingly, "Oh, you're here too."

"Shi Yan, can you save my parents?"

The members of the White Bone Clan carried two coffins, standing behind the little skeleton. His dormant parents were inside the coffins.

"If I have enough energy, I think it'll be no problem. Don't worry! As long as I am involved in a b.l.o.o.d.y battle that provides me with energy, I can wake them up," Shi Yan confirmed. "The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol I got from the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower is a magical, supernatural ability of Life power Upanishads. It is specialized for your parents' case."

The two Territory Ancestors of the White Bone Clan were Hiro and Gay, who had their eyes brightened at this moment. With what Shi Yan had just told them, this trip was already valuable.

"Do you know that all the experts in the Sea of Annihilation are searching for you and the entrance to Desolate Territory?" Although Montecie looked as though she was just eleven or twelve years old, her eyes were deep and archaic. "After you took a walk around the Sea of Annihilation, you've boiled up the entire place. You kid, you dare to play hard."

"I don't dare," Shi Yan looked sour. "I almost died, but I was lucky. As long as I'm alive, I always have hope."

"Good mentality!" Montecie smiled in surprise.

"We should talk about the conditions first." Shi Yan didn't babble more. He pulled himself together, looking at Hiro and Gay. "I can wake them up, and I also have the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. I can promise you that if you get the materials to refine the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, I will help you refine one."

Hiro and Gay exchanged looks and then nodded happily. They were waiting for him to explain his conditions.

"The same way, I can also refine the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol for the Phantom Clan. In Desolate Territory, I'm sort of a host. I can tell you the details and a preliminary plan." Shi Yan turned to Montecie while speaking, "My conditions are simple. The two Absolute Beginning creatures, Hui and Devour, haven't recovered from their serious damage yet. We will join hands and attack them. We need to discuss the results. I hope you won't destroy the structure of Desolate Territory. Don't think that Desolate Territory's your backyard and invade it. I want you to keep everything here in its normal conditions."

"You want us to destroy or shoo "things" that don't belong to Desolate Territory out of the place? Is that what you want?" Montecie intervened.

"You can say that," Shi Yan didn't conceal anything. "I'm from Desolate Territory, and my family and friends live here. I don't want anything bad to happen to them."

"How about Desolate?" Hiro asked in a low-pitched voice. "He's the owner of Desolate Territory, and his parts are separated. What should we do?"

"Desolate…Let me handle him. It's one of the conditions!" Shi Yan said resolutely.

"What do you think?" Montecie rubbed her chin, asking Hiro. "There're two Absolute Beginning creatures. It's easy to share between the two clans, isn't it? I know the White Bone Clan has something with Devour, so I guess you guys are interested in Devour, right?"

"Devour's damaged badly. Gay and I can try to kill and then refine him. I just hope that the Territory Ancestor of the Devouring Clan here isn't Edgar. If Edgar's here, it'll be more troublesome…" Hiro said.

"So, is Edgar really powerful?" Shi Yan was surprised.

He had been in the Sea of Annihilation for a while, so he knew that Edgar was the strongest expert of the Devouring Clan, one of their ten great Territory Ancestors. Together with Montecie and Hiro, he was famous for his boldness. However, as Shi Yan had heard that the Devouring Clan didn't have complete power Upanishads, he a.s.sumed that Edgar wasn't really fierce because he didn't cultivate the Devouring power Upanishad.

"Yeah, he's really powerful!" The eyes on Hiro's jade-like face were sparkling like gemstones. "I used to fight against him. I'm not sure I can defeat him, as we are almost at the same level. If he comes, it'll be really tough to deal with…"

"How about you and I joining hands?" Montecie asked.

"It's no problem then," replied Hiro.

"Do you agree with my conditions? If yes, we can do the prep work now. If not, then never mind!" Shi Yan urged.

"Certainly yes!"

"Sure thing!"

"We should talk somewhere else."

Shi Yan used his s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to tear s.p.a.ce here and connect to the Grace Mainland.

Everybody then wormed through the s.p.a.ce slit like a shuttle, coming directly to the Immortal Island on the Grace Mainland. As soon as they came to the Immortal Island, Hero and Montecie were amazed. "Thick heaven and earth energy! This continent's really rare! It's amazing to cultivate power Upanishads here...Worth a clone of Desolate!" Montecie appraised.

On the Immortal Island, DeCarlos, Xia Xin Yan, Frederick, Audrey, and Blood Devil were waiting for him restlessly. Seeing Shi Yan returning with a group of people, everybody was shaken hard.

"What's the current situation? Is Ming Hao still…alive?" Shi Yan asked as soon as he returned.

Ming Hao cultivated Soul Control power Upanishad, and had thousands of souls. The warriors cultivating this Soul Control power Upanishad, among the eight great evil power Upanishads, were really hard to kill. Moreover, Ming Hao had the Dark Energy. Shi Yan didn't think he would be killed so soon.

"Can't contact him. Even if Ming Hao isn't killed yet, he's subdued for sure, and will be refined to death. He has a lot of souls. If one of them escapes, he can recover his power one more time. I'm just afraid that he had gathered all of his souls, so none of them can escape now!" Xuan He frowned, his face heavy.

"Who are they?" Adele looked at Hiro and Montecie. She slightly paled as she was fearful instinctively.

It was an invisible threat coming from the soul!

Standing by Hiro and Montecie, the low-realm warriors under the Incipient G.o.d realm couldn't feel anything. But Adele, DeCarlos, and Frederick had entered the Immortal Realm, and their sensitivity was improved. They could vaguely feel an extremely terrifying aura form them.

The energy fluctuated from the experts made their souls restless, their soul altars shivering.

"They are friends from the Sea Domain of Nihility," Shi Yan explained as he understood their astonishment. "They're going with us to attack the two star areas. I have to borrow the external forces 'cause we're too weak…"

Hearing him, Xuan He, Frederick, and the others looked upset.

In Desolate Territory, they were the unrivaled existences. Until now, Xuan He, Frederick, and their followers had made killing G.o.d Lord Brian and destroying the G.o.d Clan their life's goal. However, things changed drastically. The G.o.d Lord was betrayed by his own kind; the Four Heavenly Kings were chasing after him. Brian, their archenemy, was now in their shoes. They understood his situation, anyway.

The ones who weren't appreciated now showed their fangs and their brutal facets. They had controlled the situation entirely.

The arrogant and proud experts like them couldn't accept this. It had stirred them up, making them thirsty for more power and higher realms.

"Let them rest in the Grace Mainland. We're going to the Ancient Demon Star Area to find Pu Tai first." Shi Yan suggested.

He was talking about two coffins of the White Bone Clan. He thought they were the burden they shouldn't keep on their side all the time.

Unfortunately, Hiro and Gay insisted that they had to carry the two coffins all the time. They didn't believe that the people on the Grace Mainland could take care of the coffins well. They believed in only themselves.

"Let's go! We're heading to that Ancient Demon something!" Montecie screamed.

Reaching an agreement with the Phantom Clan and the White Bone Clan, Shi Yan led them together with Xuan He, Frederick, DeCarlos, and Adele from the Grace Mainland, heading toward the Ancient Demon Star Area.

After many star areas had merged together, the Dark Abyss overshadowed the Ancient Demon Continent like a thick, black sea which generated an endless evilness.

In a dark area where people couldn't even see their own fingers arose a tired voice, "You're astonishingly talented as you can cultivate the Soul Control power Upanishad and synchronize it skillfully with your s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. Even in my clan, no one could reach your achievement in Soul Control power Upanishad. Too bad you've not reached the Territory Ancestor Realm yet. I will ask you, on behalf of our Ancestor…do you want to follow our Ancestor? We will distort your seal, making you a loyal servant of our Devouring Clan."

"I don't!" Ming Hao's feeble voice arose in the darkness. It seemed his soul was about to scatter.

"Useless persistence! It's really bad for your achievement and loyalty…I have to destroy you then."

"If you want to kill me utterly, you will have to pay a big price."

"I have no choice. Your threat is really significant. When you enter the Territory Ancestor Realm, I won't have a chance to kill you. I have to do it early."

"Come as you wish."

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