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In an isolated asteroid area South-West of the Sea of Annihilation, lightning moved around like snakes. Those asteroids had burning electricity running through them as the electric arc was crawling on them.

The lead-gray clouds covered the entire area like an ugly gray cloth which interrupted the vision a lot. Inside an ash-gray, shield-shaped asteroid, Emperor Sea Shark and Shen Ren were sitting cross-legged in a s.p.a.cious room. Their breathing was steady as they were cultivating.

Jingle! Jingle!

The clear bells arose from a ring on Shen Ren's finger. He woke up from his cultivation, his eyes baffled. An electric beam from his finger entered the ring; in the next second, a message ran into his brain.

The puzzled countenance was swept away from Shen Ren's face. He was shaken, and a magical light shot out of his eyes. "Our brothers in the Sea of Annihilation have sent me a strange news!"

Emperor Sea Shark had to pause his cultivation, his face bitter when he asked, "Something's wrong? Are they alright? Before we left, we had told them to not raise the dispute with anybody during this time, hadn't we?"

Dozens of years ago, Emperor Sea Shark had supported Shi Yan on the Sea of Annihilation's seabed. He had offended the five clans and attacked Neptune and Ferrell. Afterward, the five clans were enraged. Emperor Sea Shark knew that it would be a lot of troubles if he continued to stay in the Sea of Annihilation.

Begrudgingly, he and Shen Ren left alone, coming to this dangerous area to cultivate ascetically in the hope of cultivating to the next minor realm, which would ease out the threat from the five clans.

Emperor Sea Shark and Shen Ren were the clansmen of the Sea Clan. They were forced to leave the Sea of Annihilation and cultivate here. To them, it wasn't easy to adapt to the environment. They didn't contact the members on the Sea of Annihilation's seabed because they were afraid of disclosing their whereabouts.

They had strictly asked their subordinates to not contact them unless there was something they couldn't handle.

When Shen Ren received the news, Emperor Sea Shark instinctively thought that his fellows in the Sea of Annihilation hadn't listened to him and caused some trouble.

Emperor Sea Shark was greatly disappointed. He was upset because his fellows didn't understand that they should hide during this course. He and Shen Ren weren't there, so they must be gingerly. They should have done everything with great caution.

"If the others don't provoke them, the children would listen well…" Shen Ren's eyes carried sadness.

He knew those members of the Sea Clan. After he and Emperor Sea Shark had left, they had to pa.s.s a lot of benefits. The forces that had a grudge against Emperor Sea Shark now got the secret support from the five clans: They began to attack the Sea Clan warriors. Currently, the Sea Clan warriors had to survive in helter-skelter.

They had to move continually. If the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation weren't immense, their fellows couldn't have lived anymore.

Shen Ren knew everything. The cause of everything was that he and Emperor Sea Shark had chosen Shi Yan's side at the critical moment. They had enraged the five clans, giving them a purple face in wrath.

"What happened?" Emperor Sea Shark sighed. "To be exact, it's our mistake. If we stayed in the seabed, who would dare to attack them? Anyway, I don't regret it. If our benefactor hadn't trained me, we wouldn't have today's Emperor Sea Shark. I would have died already. We owed him."

"Right, we owed him," Shen Ren nodded. In the next second, his eyes brightened. "My soldier sent the news saying that a guy came to them and told them the coordinates of an entrance territory. He asked you and me to go there and check. It's the territory entrance to Desolate Territory!"

"Desolate Territory's entrance?" Emperor Sea Shark was shocked. He pulled a stern face. "How could it be? The seven clans are trying their best to find Desolate Territory's entrance. No one got anything. Who's kind enough to tell us about the entrance to Desolate Territory? How could he find it?"

"Because he's from Desolate Territory," Shen Ren smiled. "He's Shi Yan."

Emperor Sea Shark shook hard, "Are you sure?"

"It's him. He had summoned the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower in front of our fellows. He said that he meant no harm. He wanted us to go to Desolate Territory, as he wanted to talk to us about something," said Shen Ren.

Emperor Sea Shark pondered for a few seconds then nodded resolutely. "We're going back to the Sea of Annihilation!"

Deep under the Sea of Annihilation was a mysterious, fatal area.

This area had terrifying water pressure, and the seawater had a strange greenish-gray hue. Hundreds of whirlpools appeared in this area like strange, open mouths, where was hidden a pa.s.sage to the unknown outer s.p.a.ce.

Many warriors of the Sea of Annihilation knew this area. Some superb experts had come here to explore, going into those whirlpools.

However, all of them disappeared.

During tens of thousands of years, some Territory Ancestor Realm experts had gone into those whirlpools as well. But, none of them had returned to the Sea Domain of Nihility.

Some had entered a true void. They had to return with nothing but their damaged cultivation.

Hundreds of whirlpools looked like strange flowers blooming in this area. Since many people had gone missing here, this area became a forbidden place. No one had found any trace of treasures here.

After a long time, no one had come here to explore anymore, making the place desolate and barren.

Today, a skull slowly headed toward the strange whirlpools. At first, it was tiny; as it zoomed over, the skull became ma.s.sive.


The skull stopped eventually. Surprisingly, it was the skull island of the White Bone Clan. After the skull island had anch.o.r.ed, some members of the White Bone Clan crawled out of the empty sockets.

Hiro was the leader accompanied by Gay, another Territory Ancestor of the White Bone Clan. Around ten more experts followed them on this trip. Inside the skull lay the coffins of the little skeleton's parents. Hiro and Gay looked at so many whirlpools, their countenances surprised.

"Turns out it's here. No wonder why we couldn't find it. Although we know one of these vortexes is the entrance, we don't know which one it is. So, how can we dare to jump in?" asked Gay.

"An Immortal Realm expert of our White Bone Clan used to come here to explore. But, he never came back," said Hiro.

"Should we jump in now?" The little skeleton asked, his eyes longing, "Shi Yan's at the Second Sky of Immortal Realm. He has the Life Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, so he can wake up my parents, right?"

"It depends on the supernatural ability the Life Absolute Beginning Original Symbol had given him. But, if he has called us, he should be certain." Gay explained.

Hearing him, the little skeleton was cheered up, gently nodding at him.

"We're a little early. We should wait for the Phantom Clan. Montecie told me to wait if we arrived earlier. She would be slower than us because the Phantom Clan's far from here," said Hiro.


The White Bone Clan then waited in silence.

After a while, a ma.s.sive crystal shuttle that was like a hidden submarine arrived. It was invisible along the way, so it had startled many members of the White Bone Clan when it suddenly appeared by their skull island.

Hiro calmed them down as they knew it was from the Phantom Clan.

The crystal shuttle stopped, and a little girl appeared. Following her was Mei Ji, the expert with a peerless glamor. Around ten beautiful people of the Phantom Clan walked behind them. They were all wearing beautiful clothes, which outlined their gorgeous appearance and outstanding makings. All of them stood respectfully behind the little girl.

"Montecie, you're faster than I thought," Hiro let his team leave the skull island and move the coffins together. Then, he rose one hand, grabbing the void. The skull island shrank and became a small white dot, which he put into his glabella.

The Phantom Clan group walked out of the shuttle. The little girl chuckled and opened her mouth as if she was eating fruits. She swallowed the ma.s.sive crystal shuttle and then said, "We were a little hurried. We accelerated, as we were afraid of getting exposed."

"It's not good to linger here. As we don't want to be exposed, shall we… get in there?" asked Hiro.

Montecie's childish face was stern. "What if he gave us wrong coordinates, which is actually a death trap? Aren't you afraid? Ah, you White Bone Clan don't understand dark plans. If Shi Yan wants to harm you, you will enter his trap eventually."

Without waiting for Hiro's reply, Montecie signaled a man behind, ordering him, "You get in there and scout." She rose her hand, pointing at a whirlpool in the center.

The handsome Phantom man didn't say anything, heading toward the whirlpool

Montecie and Hiro quieted down, waiting for the result.

After a while, Montecie and Hiro shouted at the same time, "Who is that?"

They looked in the same direction, their eyes cold. It looked like they would turn into savage beasts in the next moment to tear anyone who dared to come here into pieces.

Two silhouettes appeared; Shen Ren had a stern face, but his soul shivered and he became gingerly.

Emperor Sea Shark was at the Territory Ancestor Realm too. He was calmer under the gaze and threat from Hiro and Montecie. He bowed to them from a distance, greeting loudly. "Greetings, precursor Montecie, precursor Hiro."

"Emperor Sea Shark!" Mei Ji screamed in surprise. "Why are you here?"

Emperor Sea Shark thought for a while and soon got the situation, so he didn't want to conceal. "Shi Yan sent me a message and asked me to come. Seems like I'm not the only one invited."

"That kid has remembered the old favors. He remembers you. He's not bad!" Hearing him, Montecie nodded. "If Shi Yan had asked you to come, we will include you. But, do you know what's awaiting us in Desolate Territory?"

"What?" Emperor Sea Shark didn't really know the situation.

"Three Absolute Beginning creatures. We don't know how strong they are. Plus, there is the Territory Ancestor Realm expert of the Devouring Clan. There're many uncertain factors. Are you sure you're in?" Montecie asked with a frown. 

Emperor Sea Shark's mind was shaken, frightened because of her words. He only received the message from Shi Yan, asking him to come here. He didn't know how complicated Desolate Territory's situation was. It made him hesitant.

"Think carefully." Montecie added.

However, at this moment, the good-looking man who had jumped into the whirlpool as asked returned, nodding with a happy face. "It's true. It's the territory entrance. No problem."

"Let's go!" Montecie smiled, waving her hand. She brought the members of the Phantom Clan, plunging bravely into the vortex.

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