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Chapter 152 - Forging Secret Treasures
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Sinking his consciousness into the Blood Vein Ring, Shi Yan found the Cold Ice Flame was still trapped in its constraints. The Flame still couldn’t oppose the strength from the Blood Vein Ring.
The Blood Vein Ring was still emitting the cold energy from the Cold Ice Flame; the wisps of cold energy was continuously seeping into his body.

The two green moon rocks were received by Shi Yan from the corpses of the green scaled beasts. Before the beasts died and sank to the bottom of the sea from Linda’s strikes, they were secretly touched by Shi Yan, who immediately took out the rocks from their bodies.
Green moon rocks could itself be counted as a crystallized item inside the beasts’ body. They by itself had no power, but contained a considerable effect in calming the mind.
According to what Carmon and others said, these rocks were very well the future demonic crystals of the green scaled beasts. Once these beast reach level 6, the rocks would gather all the power in their bodies and transform into demonic crystals.
In that case, the green moon rocks should be able to store other types of energy.
Shi Yan kept noted this thing when listening to Carmon and the rest.
This time in the sea, he was able to grasp two green moon rocks, capable of storing the cold energy belonging to the Cold Ice Flame.
Although the Cold Ice flame was trapped by the Blood Vein Ring, cold energy was still flowing out.
This cold energy seeped throughout Shi Yan’s body, but he still couldn’t find many methods to use it. Only when spreading out his mind power, could he ama.s.s some cold energy onto the mind power.
However, Shi Yan was only in the Disaster realm, his mind power wasn’t vigorous enough. Using the mind attack only one or two times would completely use up the mind power.
Now under the situation where his powers had not fully recovered, Shi Yan had to find another source of power to deal with the future unknowns in the future.
Bringing the green moon rock near the Blood Vein Ring, Shi Yan’s willed, and he tried to use mind power to draw out the cold energy inside the Blood Vein Ring.
Wisps of cold energy slowly flowed out of the Blood Vein Ring…
Under the guidance of Shi Yan’s mind power, a link seemed to have formed between the Ring and the moon rocks. The mind power served as the body of the link, connecting the green moon rock and the Blood Vein Ring.
Cold energy seeped out of the Blood Vein Ring and slowly went into the green moon rock.
The green moon rocks started releasing a faint green light, in which a pale white light could be seen. The moon rocks soon turned as cold as ice.
Traces of wisps of cold energy appeared inside the green moon rock. Those patterns were very clear, and they were releasing cold white light.
It indeed was feasible!
Shi Yan felt very happy as he continued to concentrate his mind power in flowing the cold energy of the Cold Ice Flame into the rocks.
The moon rocks got colder and colder, and felt like ice cubes in his hands. But they were well controlled by Shi Yan, and not much cold energy leaked out.
Soon, the patterns on the moon rocks started getting more and more evident, and soon formed into tiny cracks. With the Cold Ice Flame’s cold energy seeping in it, the green moon rock seemed to have reached the limit of containing cold energy. If any more cold energy were to be forcefully added, the green moon rock might just explode.
Shi Yan’s expression was serious, his eyes were burning like torches, and glued onto the green moon rock in his hand.
When he saw that the green moon rock was really at its limit, he decisively moved the green moon rock away from the Blood Vein Ring, and took back the mind power that connected the two sides.
The green moon rock was extremely cold, but because Shi Yan’s body had transformed by the cold energy of the Cold Ice Flame, he didn’t really fear the cold energy.
Wisps of cold energy were concentrated and wrapped in the middle of the green moon rock. Those who didn’t touch this green moon rock would never feel what a shocking amount of cold energy it was hiding.
Carefully keeping this piece of green moon rock, with the same methods, Shi Yan put cold energy into the other green moon rock.
Both green moon rocks had obvious cracks. If there was a forceful collision, the green moon rocks would probably immediately explode.
Once the green moon rock exploded, the large amounts of cold energy inside would immediately be shot out.
From Shi yan’s understanding of the Cold Ice Flame’s frightening cold energy, the cold energy in these two little pieces of green moon rocks right now, was a little more than the amount inside the Ice Beasts that raged through Menluo Island.
Once the cold energy bursted out, the surrounding people would definitely be affected; they might even immediately be frozen into ice statues by the cold energy.
While his body was not yet recovered, these two green moon rocks counted as secret treasures. They might be of use in crucial moments.
Carefully putting away the two green moon rocks, Shi Yan continued to meditate with his eyes closed, feeling the change in his meridians.
After one hour.
Wisps of strange power secretly flowed out of his meridians. Under Shi Yan’s full concentration, those strange powers all entered into the Profound Qi in his lower dantian.
All that Profound Qi was just sufficient for a few Human realm warriors, and to the now Disaster realm Shi Yan, it was only a drop in the bucket. While his meridians were purifying those powers, the negative emotions that seeped out, weren’t even able to affect Shi Yan’s state of mind.
Although the strange powers that flowed out was little, but it was better than nothing. When this ma.s.s of strange powers flowed into his Profound Qi, Shi Yan realized that his Profound Qi got a little stronger again. The Profound Qi in his body had already recovered to thirty to forty percent of his peak state.
If he wished, he could immediately kill Carmon right now. Even against Linda, he could still vanquish her with his extraordinary martial spirits and martial skills.
Shi Yan’s mind calmed, and as a faint smile appeared on the corners of his lips, he continued to recover his Profound Qi.
“Here, your food.” When it was late in the morning, Jett suddenly came over and casually threw a big piece of dried meat his way, and also pa.s.sed a bag of clear water.
Shi Yan opened his eyes, he smiled and said, “How come I get to have meat today?”
These days Shi Yan had only been gnawing some dried steamed bread on the boat. The crew members on the boat all had large bowls of wine and meat, but no one had been friendly to him.
Linda didn’t care much about food and drinks, she only instructed Jett to give Shi Yan a serving of food every day. Most of the time, Linda was resting under the deck, so she didn’t know about the food treatment that was given to ShiYan.
“You have some courage in you. I’m giving these dried meat to you personally, so don’t let Carmon see it, or else Carmon would definitely trouble me.” Jett grinned, “No matter how much power you have, when you dared to jump into the sea while surrounded by Green Scale Beasts, that proved that you’re not a coward. This I really admire, you’re a real man, so you have the right to enjoy meat.”
Jett was only in the second sky of Human realm, on the boat, he usually followed the lead of Linda.
Other than Linda, he also had to take notice of Carmon’s mood. After all, Carmon had a great position on the boat, he also was regarded highly by Linda. Carmon didn’t like Shi Yan, of course he wouldn’t have dared to give meat to Shi Yan before.
Shi Yan’s performance this time made Jett admire him a bit. That was why while Carmon was closing his eyes to meditate, he secretly added some good food for Shi Yan.
Shi Yan chewed the dried meat and gulped down the clean water, he smiled faintly, “I’ll remember this favor.”
Jett laughed, “I don’t need you to return any favors, if you didn’t have some guts I would never have cared about you. To be honest, I also didn’t like you, you were actually that close with sister Linda while being naked. At that moment I wanted to beat you up, hehe.”
Shi Yan grinned, he shook his head and didn’t say much.
“Alright, eat slowly, and don’t let Carmon see it, or else that guy would come for me.” Jett stood up, he patted Shi Yan’s shoulder and smiled, “You remember, sister Linda is the soul of our boat, don’t get any ideas. Sister Linda has a promising future, she will soon become a core disciple of the Three G.o.ds Sect, she’s not someone you are good enough for.”
“I know.” Shi Yan smilingly nodded.
Jett didn’t say much, he smiled and left from there, then gathered with the other crew members again. They were quietly and strangely laughing, discussing about various topic.
The green scale beasts didn’t continue to chase them.
The four level 4 green scale beasts were trapped by Shi Yan’s Gravitational Field for at least a whole day. When the level 4 green scale beasts were not there, the rest of the beasts chased for a while, but finally gave up.
The boat had long pa.s.sed through the fog, and returned to the normal course, continuing its journey towards Cloud Island in the southeast.
Cloud Island was the Gu family’s island. Cloud Island was very close to the Kyara Sea; this time when the Yang family took revenge on the Gu and Dongfang families, Cloud Island was an important target for attack.
Apparently the Gu family’s stronghold on Cloud Island was completely destroyed, and many Gu family guards had died there.
Lately, the Yang family’s powerful warriors were looking for trouble with the Dongfang family, so they didn’t really care about Cloud Island. The Gu family took the opportunity and prepared to reconstruct the defense on Cloud Island, sending their own powerful warriors to the Cloud Island to defend against the Yang family’s ferocious attacks.
Among the strong warriors that were sent by the Gu family, there were Gu Jiange and his father Gu Lie, plus dozens of Gu family masters. The reason why these people were going to Cloud Island was that other than reconstructing the island, the main thing was that they wanted to negotiate with the Yang family at Cloud Island. They didn’t want to continue fighting with the Yang family.
Because the Fourth Demon Area had been preparing to attack in the past few months, the demons seemed to have the tendency of a ma.s.sive invasion. The Yang family also agreed to the idea of Gu family’s truce, and prepared to send people to Cloud Island to discuss about this with the Gu family.
The reason why Shi Yan was following Linda and the rest to Cloud Island was because he knew that Gu Jiange would be on the island, and he also knew that people from the Yang family might also appear at the Cloud Island. He even guessed that maybe Xia Xinyan would appear too, and that was why he decided to join in.
At dusk.
The boat sailed on a sea covered with submerged reefs.
Linda quietly came out from below the deck, her hair flew in the wind, and she frowned, “Hang up all the flags of the Sect, and everyone be careful. There are pirates in this area.”
“Sister Linda, would the pirates dare to touch our boat?” Huo Jie sneered, “Do they have such ma.s.sive guts or something? If they still dared to attack, knowing that our boat belongs to the Sect, I will make them bear all the consequences!”
Among the many big islands of the Endless Sea, there were many pirates roaming about. Pirates didn’t usually stayed in one place, as once they found an opportunity, they would go loot the traveling ships.
Usually, pirates wouldn’t dare to touch ships that dealt with the fifteen forces. But some would still like to take risks, have this one haul and then escape to another sea, they were not afraid of being chased across the seas.
“Usually not, but it’s hard to say.” Linda frowned, and said, “If it were a big ship like the level of the Sect’s Sun Moon and Star, meaning there would definitely be strong warriors from the Sect, then the pirates definitely won’t dare to make trouble. But with a boat like ours, you can know it’s just a transporting boat of the outer disciples. There definitely won’t be any strong warriors on the boat, so maybe the pirates would dare to attack.”
“Hmph! If one comes I’ll kill one, if two comes I’ll kill both!” Carmon’s face was full of disdain, “Just mere pirates, they’re not worth my attention.”
“Hahaha! Kid you sure are arrogant! I’d like to see what abilities you have for such arrogance!”
A savage big laugh suddenly came from behind a giant reef in the distance. Once the laugh was heard, a bunch of thin boats appeared from behind the reefs, and quickly sailed towards Linda’s boat.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick and Jimmy
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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