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"After all, who are you?"

Ming Hao looked at Wederson, his face turning dark. He knew that Wederson would have a strong support if he dared to come here. Hence, he discreetly a.s.sessed the latter, causing his visage to change.

Wederson had a brutal, terrifying aura that was thick to the point of almost materializing. It seemed like he had killed billions of creatures. His murderous aura was like a long river that could frighten even Ming Hao's soul.

Wederson had an extremely evil power which emitted an aura that could vaguely suppress Ming Hao's Soul Control power Upanishad. The latter couldn't sense his current realm.

And, the warriors surrounding him all had a profound realm. Apparently, they had made a clear breakthrough, harvesting major benefits after deciding to follow Wederson.

"Shi Yan didn't tell you anything?" Wederson laughed evilly. "Shi Yan came to the Sea of Annihilation. He met the Devouring Clan members and got the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. He killed Gan Fu and Qi Mo of our clan. Who am I, you say?"

"Shi Yan's right. You're the young master something of the Devouring Clan," Ming Hao looked shocked as he finally confirmed the truth.

Suddenly, he changed his face while shouting, "How did you know Shi Yan got the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower? How did you know we killed Gan Fu and Qi Mo?"

"You did that!!!" Wederson's eyes were so cold. "You can't escape death as you have killed my fellows. You think you could hide on returning to Desolate Territory?"

"I am Pu Tai, Young Chief of the Devouring Clan. When I was really young, my father had given me the power Upanishad. To contact our Ancestor and find the lost inheritance, do you know how much the Devouring Clan had to pay?" The one calling himself Pu Tai had the corners of his mouth twitched. "To contact the Ancestor, my clan had sacrificed millions of fellows. We used their blood to create the sacrificial altar, and even the Territory Ancestors of our clan had to damage themselves to contact the Ancestor.

"To enter Desolate Territory and cooperate with our Ancestor's plan, I, the Young Chief, had to detonate myself and come here with only the soul. I had stayed inside that ring for hundreds of years! To awaken our Ancestor, for the eternal power of the Devouring Clan, we have had sacrificed too much!"

Pu Tai's eyes raked through Ming Hao, Xuan He, and the others. "Ten thousand years ago, Bloodthirsty, the traitor, had betrayed our Ancestor! He had rebelled, ambushed, and sealed our Ancestor while he was fighting against Desolate and got hurt. His Devouring power Upanishad and the eight great evil power Upanishads were bestowed by my Ancestor. He had taken things that belonged to our Ancestor to grow you and create Bloodthirsty's Force. Today, I, Pu Tai, will inherit everything that belongs to us. Everything's predestined!"

The more he talked, the more furious Pu Tai got. Toward the end, he was almost frantic.

"It's your Ancestor who made use of him first. He wanted to use him to destroy Desolate and refine it. He didn't come with a good will. As he failed, whom should he blame?" Ming Hao signaled Xuan He and the others to keep silent. He wanted to get some more information or even secrets from Pu Tai.

"Our Ancestor had given him the inheritance! Without our Ancestor, he wouldn't have had such intimidating abilities, and you wouldn't have the Bloodthirsty Force, let alone your power! If you want to calculate, the Bloodthirsty Force's a branch of our Devouring Clan with the power Upanishads from our Ancestor. You're our servants, because the power Upanishads you got were from our clan!" Pu Tai bellowed.

"What the heck is he talking about!" Xuan He sneered.

"Arrogant and ignorant!" Frederick snorted.

"Bloodthirsty's inheritance was bestowed by my Ancestor. Now, my Ancestor has awakened, and is eating the Ancient Demon Continent. The members of the Bloodthirsty Force with the blood mark now have another mark. The Bloodthirsty Force is now under my command. After our Ancestor has refined the Ancient Demon Continent and the G.o.d-blessed Mainland, we will surpa.s.s all the races in the Sea Domain of Nihility. We will become the race that tops and leads the sea of stars forever!" Pu Tai laughed.

"In your dream, dummy!" Ming Hao was impatient when the other didn't provide a lot of useful information. "When Devour's refining the Ancient Demon Continent, it can't join the battle. Do you think you can stop us from breaking this?"

"Haha!" Pu Tai laughed like crazy while pointing at Ming Hao. "You're only at the Immortal Realm. You're strong in Desolate Territory, but in the Sea Domain of Nihility, what do you think you are?"

Pu Tai said as his face turned dark, "So, you don't know how I know all the things that happened in the Sea Domain of Nihility, and the incidents under the Sea of Annihilation?"

Ming Hao was perplexed. But in the next moment, he was shaken hard as he screamed. "You've connected the Sea Domain of Nihility?"

"You're smart."

A cold voice arose from a dark abyss and a black cl.u.s.ter of clouds flew toward Pu Tai. A senile fellow of the Devouring Clan appeared. He was bony with eyes like snakes, and behind him was the endless darkness. As soon as he emerged, the entire light around him was devoured.

"Young Chief…" The old man nodded at Pu Tai, "you've been truly laborious. For the great plan of our race, you've sacrificed a lot. Yeah, it's lucky that we've almost got it."

Ming Hao felt shivers running down his spine. He looked at the old man and finally understood the situation.

"Run! Now!" Ming Hao flipped his hand, opening a light door as his voice thundered. "He's at the Territory Ancestor Realm! Go back to the Grace Mainland and find Shi Yan!"

Countless shadows of Ming Hao forced Adele and Audrey into the door. Almost at the same time, Ming Hao bravely dashed toward the Devouring Clan old man.

He had sobered now.

Being the Chief of Soul Control Force, he had been in the blood sea forbidden land for ten thousand years. He knew that the central island was the magical station that could pierce through layers of s.p.a.ces. However, it needed the Blood Vein Ring and Bloodthirsty's heir to activate. Thus, that sacrificial altar had always been sealed.

But now, as Pu Tai got Wederson's body, which had the aura of Bloodthirsty's remains, and the Ring Spirit, he also had obtained the Devouring power Upanishad. As he could wake up Devour, he had controlled everything in the blood sea forbidden land, which meant he could open the sacrificial altar.

Pu Tai knew about the incidents in the Sea of Annihilation. It proved that the sacrificial altar had been opened, and also that this area had been connected to the Devouring Clan's territory in the Sea of Annihilation.

So, it wasn't strange that the experts of the Devouring Clan could come here. As it was one of the Seven Great Clans of the Sea Domain of Nihility, the Devouring Clan had Territory Ancestor Realm experts.

In Desolate Territory, Territory Ancestors were invincible existences!

As soon as he saw the bony old man, Ming Hao got it. He knew if he didn't make up his mind quickly, everybody would be killed. Thus, he decided to make time for Audrey and the others to return to the Grace Mainland and find Shi Yan without a bit of hesitation.

Shi Yan was at the Second Sky of Immortal Realm, with so many secrets and supernatural powers. The Grace Mainland was his world. In that world, he would be way more intimidating. Audrey and Adele could get rid of the Devouring Clan and Pu Tai as long as they got there.

In just a blink of an eye, Ming Hao had made a plan. He resolutely tore the s.p.a.ce and threw Audrey's team together with Xuan He and Frederick through the light door.

He had used the Dark Energy to create his strongest attack. While he was moving toward the Devouring Clan old man, a dark abyss arose above his head.

It was his Incipient Extent, which looked like the Netherworld of Nine Serenity, with many ghosts, as well as brutal and resentful souls. Those souls rolled like waves toward the old man.

"Just a short step away from the Territory Ancestor Realm…A hidden danger. We must eliminate him soon." The eyes of the old man flared strangely as he focused on Ming Hao, not minding that Xuan He and Frederick had left.

In his mind, Xuan He and the others were at only the Immortal Realm, and didn't have the Dark Energy. It would take a lot more time for them to reach the Territory Ancestor Realm.

It meant they couldn't cause any threat or effect to the Devouring Clan in the future. So, he let them escape, because he was confident that he could chase after them later. He could give them some time to live.

But, he could not give Ming Hao any time!

If Ming Hao had more time, he could break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm. And once he reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, Ming Hao would become a true threat to the Devouring Clan. He would even affect their Ancestor's refining process due to his terrifyingly destructive power.

The endless darkness expanded from the old man, and all of the light was swallowed by it. Slowly, the entire area didn't have a single beam of light left. The warriors here couldn't see anything else, not even their own fingers. Their Soul Consciousness couldn't sense anything either.

 This kind of darkness didn't affect just the vision, but also the soul. It was the real power of the Dark power Upanishad.

Ming Hao and his Incipient Extent disappeared into the darkness, leaving behind nothing. There was no sound or energy fluctuation; no one knew what had happened.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Many figures zoomed over from the horizon of the Grace Mainland, landing grumblingly. They were Xuan He, Frederick, Audrey, and Adele. They landed on the Immortal Island while thundering, "Shi Yan! Shi Yan! Shi Yan!"

Shi Yan was sitting inside a gorge behind the Immortal Island like a rock, his face nonchalant.

He had sat there for a long time.

Blood Devil, Yang Tian Emperor, and the others were sitting around him. Seeing him absorbed into his thought, they began to cultivate as well.

After the G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao had left for several days, someone was calling Shi Yan with a voice the entire Grace Mainland could hear. Everybody was surprised, and then saw Xuan He, Frederick, and Audrey crazily flying toward the Immortal Island.

"Ming Hao's in trouble!"

Xuan He turned into a blood light, standing in front of Shi Yan and shouting, "The Territory Ancestor Realm expert of the Devouring Clan has come to Desolate Territory. Ming Hao's captured in the Dark Abyss! He's in danger!"

"Shi Yan! Please save my uncle! I'm begging you!" cried Adele.

"You're the new master of Bloodthirsty. You're responsible for us. You must fight for us!" Frederick shouted all of a sudden.

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