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The Four Heavenly Kings—Light, Divine Martial, Easygoing, and Carefree, had taken action altogether, surrounding G.o.d Lord Brian. They brutally showed him the power of the Third Sky of Immortal Realm that they had just attained not long ago!

A cold crescent moon flew out, capable of piercing through the sky. The water of the heavenly river rose torrentially, swarming toward the G.o.d Lord.

Heavenly King Light was hovering in the center of a sea of golden light. The sea of lights had so many mirrors that reflected the lights, making them even more dazzling. Each bunch of his light could crush an entire star. At this moment, so many bunches of light were aiming at the G.o.d Lord, covering him.

At the same time, Heavenly King Easygoing and Divine Martial looked like ferocious statues. They had become tall like the giant G.o.ds that could tear the sky and crush the s.p.a.ce into pieces.

Tian Xie observed all this coldly. He didn't join this battle, his eyes sparkling maliciously.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs of the twelve families of the G.o.d Clan had arrived. They used to be the G.o.d Lord's henchmen, and now, they emerged, looking at him with a complicated face.

The Chiefs of the twelve families and many experts at the Incipient G.o.d Realm all had a fern green snake mark on their foreheads.

It was the slave mark!

Today, they were the slaves of Absolute Beginning creature Hui. They had to give Hui a wisp of their soul. As long as Hui flickered her mind, she could use the Soul Seal to kill them.

If Hui were killed, the snake mark would explode, which would kill them altogether.

G.o.d Lord Brian was fighting against the Four Heavenly Kings. Seeing the familiar faces and the snake marks on their foreheads, he felt bitter and sorrowful. They were…his fellows. Some of them were his later generation. They used to worship him as their ancestor, and he was their pride.

But today, they were all Hui's slaves. They were here to kill him.

The biggest pain in this world was seeing one's family try to kill oneself. To Brian, the wound in his soul this time would never fade away for the rest of his life.

"Why are you still idle?" Tian Xie snorted. "G.o.ddess Mother down there is watching you. Don't you think you should do something for her?"

The Chiefs of the twelve families turned to look at the Ancient G.o.d Continent instinctively. They did see a charming figure on the G.o.d Zenith. It felt like someone was watching them; they felt shivers run down their spines instantly.

"G.o.ddess Mother's refining the Ancient G.o.d Continent. She can't be disturbed. Your life and soul are related to her. If she suffers any damage, you will be doomed as well. I think I've made myself clear." Tian Xie said indifferently. 

The Chiefs of the twelve families pondered for seconds, then gritted their teeth while hissing, "Guys, join hands. We must force him to retreat."

"Wrong! It's not 'force him to retreat'…It's 'kill'. Kill him!" Tian Xie corrected them coldly. "If Brian isn't dead, he will come and bother G.o.ddess Mother. You can't sleep well then either. So, he must die!"

"Move!" They stooped, their faces glum; the order was delivered.

Many experts of the G.o.d Clan had joined hands with the Four Heavenly Kings to attack Brian. Brian was facing the burning fire, sharp icicles, and lightning net alone. He was battling again several hundred warriors all by himself.

The Four Heavenly Kings were at the Third Sky of Immortal Realm, and had the Dark Energy too. Now, they could use the soul to build barriers. Moreover, Brian had dedicatedly taught them, so they had mastered the cooperative techniques in fighting. When the four of them confronted one warrior, their combined power was incredible. 

Under the attack of the four Heavenly Kings, Brian felt greatly hurt. He was in the same situation as Bloodthirsty that year. So many experts were surrounding and attacking him…

Compared to Bloodthirsty, his situation was worse, because he had just reached the Peak of Immortal Realm. That year, Bloodthirsty had entered the Territory Ancestor Realm. Moreover, his own kind was attacking him, so he couldn't heartlessly a.s.sault anyone. His hands were tied.


He spurted blood; looking at a light lance in his chest, he shifted his cold look toward Heavenly King Light.

Light was looking at him with an indifferent look. He didn't look ashamed; only coldness stayed in his eyes.

His line of sight swept over Divine Martial, Easygoing, and the juniors at the Incipient G.o.d Realm from his clan. He found them all having cold eyes. They didn't consider him as their leader; they looked as though they hated the fact that they couldn't kill him earlier.

Boom! Boom!

Brian's heart felt colder and more desperate as all sorts of energy attacks sh.e.l.led on him. Finally, he had recognized that the G.o.d Clan today wasn't his clan anymore, and the members of the clan weren't his fellows, his kind anymore. The more wounds he received, the number he got. The pain in his body was far behind the agony in his heart.

"Good! Very good!"

Brian faced the sky and laughed, looking disheveled. The precious gleam of indifference and pride had left him. He coldly glanced at Tian Xie and then the charming, lazy figure underneath while shouting, "Today, I, Brian, pledge that I will not remember the old relationship. When I've entered the Territory Ancestor Realm, I will come back."

Then, he turned into a jet of light, flying toward the barriers ahead.

Along his way, several Incipient G.o.d Realm experts of the twelve families were crushed into pieces, falling.

It was the first time he had taken action!

This a.s.sault meant that he had totally woken up. He no longer treated them as his fellows or remembered the old solidarity.

Brian broke the besiege and dashed away, seeing which, Tian Xie was a little bewildered. His figure flashed when he crossed the seven-colored layer above the Ancient G.o.d Continent, kneeling in front of Zi Yao's throne on the G.o.d Zenith. With his head low to show respect, he asked for her direction, "G.o.ddess Mother, what should we do to Brian?"

"Send the Four Great Heavenly Kings to kill him. It's their business. They should end it themselves." Zi Yao squinted while looking at Tian Xie and talking naturally, "He didn't bring the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. It also means Ming Hao couldn't either. You should pay attention to the Ancient Demon Continent. We don't want Devour to rob the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower under our nose."

"I understand," Tian Xie replied.

He then flew away from the Ancient G.o.d Continent, talking to the Four Great Heavenly Kings, "Order from G.o.ddess Mother...You are in charge of chasing and killing Brian. He's your Mara. If he doesn't die, you will never advance another step."

The Four Great Heavenly Kings kept silent. After a while, they left without a word.

The direction they left in was the one the G.o.d Lord had taken while breaking the besiege and running away. To break through further, they had made up their mind. They had to kill Brian ...

The Ancient Demon Star Area was also immensely vast. This new inter-star-area was composed of the G.o.d-blessed Star Area, the Ancient Demon Continent of the Immortal Demon Clan, and many other smaller star areas.

Bloodthirsty's Force managed this area as the warriors cultivating the eight evil power Upanishad gathered here.

It was a barren, isolated asteroid; Ming Hao, Xuan He, Frederick, and Adele stopped there. They observed the Ancient Demon Continent from a distance. Their faces looked so cold, as if they were about to frost.

From a distance, the two ma.s.sive planets looked like a pair of conjoined twins. Darkness was shadowing the Ancient Demon Continent.

Above the Ancient Demon Continent, the Dark Abyss was like a ma.s.sive black hole. It released the darkness, covering the entire Ancient Demon Continent. A flow of Ming Hao's soul approached the place to see clearly…

After ten thousand years, the Ancient Demon Continent had developed vitality again. The greenery covered the entire place, filled with lush mountains and clear lakes.

But at this moment, the thick, inky black clouds were like a ma.s.sive beast opening its mouth to swallow the Ancient Demon Continent. Billions of twinkling starlight dots were moving toward the Dark Abyss.

Along the way, it looked like the transition from spring to winter. Plants and gra.s.s withered and died; rivers were droughty; Insects and fish died everywhere. It was a scene of despair and desolation.

If this continent were a human, his vitality was being drawn away little by little.

The Ancient Demon Continent was heading toward death, to its extinction. At the same time, its death would nourish the Dark Abyss.

Deep inside the Dark Abyss was the endless blood sea which had the islands of Bloodthirsty's Force. At this moment, the Dark Abyss was closed; Ming Hao's soul couldn't explore further.

He retrieved his Soul Consciousness and then told the others what he had explored. "Devour's swallowing the Ancient Demon Continent. He's not free to attack the G.o.d-blessed Mainland yet. The G.o.d-blessed Mainland is sealed. Our fellows of the Imperial Dark Tribe have moved out. I think our homeland's temporarily safe."

"Should we go to the blood sea forbidden land?" asked Xuan He.

"It's Devour's body. He has awakened now. If we go there, we don't know what could happen." Adele hesitated, "Devour…should be very terrifying?"

"Our Master ha attacked it and put it into dormancy. It means that the Absolute Beginning creatures aren't invincible." Ming Hao shook his head. "He has woken up, and he's swallowing the Ancient Demon Continent. During this process, I think it doesn't have the extra power to care about us. So, I think we don't need to face it directly. We just need to face Wederson."

Listening to him, Adele and the others nodded as they thought that it was logical. They discussed for a while and then decided to enter the Dark Abyss.

Several days later, they arrived at the Dark Abyss. Looking at the jet black whirlpool, they felt a little helpless.

In the past, they could get in and out there easily. But now, they didn't know how to enter. Eventually, they recognized that Dark Abyss was part of Devour, and it was almost impossible to sneak in without alerting it.

While they were hesitant, countless dark clouds churned and flew out of the Dark Abyss.

Wederson appeared first. His eyes were strange as he smiled oddly, his voice dark and sorrowful. "I've been waiting for you for a long time."

Randolph, Conley, and Split, the warriors who had submitted to Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick, gathered by Wederson. They looked at Xuan He and Ming Hao with dark faces and cold eyes. There were many strangers in this group, but Ming Hao winced when his eyes raked through them.

Those strange faces were the secret pieces of chess he had arranged ten thousand years ago. He had given them the eight evil power Upanishads, making them hide in different star areas to work for him.

They were the elites of his Soul Control Force.

Today, they had followed Wederson. All of them had a small mark on their foreheads: it was a black hole, Devour's private crest. It was clear that all of them had followed Devour, and had now become Wederson's loyal warriors.

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