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Ancient G.o.d Star Area…

Countless stars sparkled like diamonds, decorating the dark outer s.p.a.ce. Those stars twinkled magnificently as if they were the eyes peeking at the world.

The Ancient G.o.d Star Area today was peerlessly vast, created by dozens of star areas. There was no barrier between the star areas. The battleships, s.p.a.ce shuttles, war chariots, and warriors moved around freely. The G.o.d Clan, the Tsunami Chamber of Commerce, the Broken Hall, and Heavenly River Temple, as well as dozens of strong forces now served a new G.o.ddess.

This G.o.ddess was called 'Mother G.o.ddess'. Tian Xie was the spokesman of Mother G.o.ddess. The four great Heavenly Kings were her loyal henchmen, and the chiefs of the twelve families of the G.o.d Clan had become her G.o.d Guards.

In a corner of the star area, a silhouette appeared. He was baffled, watching the brand new star area as he looked lost and worried.

He was G.o.d Lord Brian, who had commanded the G.o.d Clan and so many experts to kill Bloodthirsty. He had helped the G.o.d Clan thrive for ten thousand years. Today, Desolate Territory had only three star areas: The Ancient G.o.d Star Area, the Ancient Demon Star Area, and the Grace Mainland Star Area. The three new star areas had been named after the three great ancient continents. The barriers between the three star areas were extremely thick and terrifying. 

The ordinary Immortal Realm experts couldn't even pierce through the barriers to move between the three star areas.

Brian was at the Peak of Immortal Realm, and he also had the Dark Energy. As time flew, he had transformed his Incipient Extent to approach the Territory Ancestor Realm.

He was an entirely worthy expert.

After one hundred years, he had finally returned to the Ancient G.o.d Star Area, the ancestral land he had pushed to the peak of glory. But now, everything was beyond his reach.

Today, the Ancient G.o.d Star Area was even more immensely vast than when the G.o.d Clan was at their peak of glory. The stars here were as many as the sand grains, where dwelled countless creatures and warriors

Unfortunately, he didn't have a place here.

Lingering in the corner for a while, he had so many thoughts, but he didn't forget the reason why he was here. A beam of holy light extended from his body, and he then disappeared.

Above the Ancient G.o.d Continent, Brian's body seemed like it was made of pieces of broken stars; it was his real body.

He observed the Ancient G.o.d Continent, his face pale. He felt like a sharp knife had just stabbed into his head. It was a terrible pain to him.

There was no member of the G.o.d Clan operating on the Ancient G.o.d Continent. The ancestral land of the G.o.d Clan, the land that gave birth to his clan, was now covered in layers of brilliant halos. People who didn't know the situation would think it was so magnificent, and the Ancient G.o.d Clan was beautiful beyond comparison.

However, his eyes could pierce through the layers of halos to see the situation of the continent.

The ma.s.sive snake body of Absolute Beginning creature Hui was coiling around the Ancient G.o.d Continent under the rainbow halos. The twelve snakeheads of Hui were digging in different areas on the Ancient G.o.d Continent. The heads dug into the caves, sea, and mountains, nibbling the continent.

The Ancient G.o.d Continent was shrunk to one-third; many lakes and mountains were gone. Just like a horde of beasts having a feast, they were eating the Ancient G.o.d Continent, a part of Desolate.

He observed the Ancient G.o.d Continent, his heart bitter cold like the winter. A flame of anger moved in his eyes as he looked a Hui nibbling at the continent. His soul felt cold and painful; it was the scream and cry of the Origin in his soul.

He understood clearly that the Ancient G.o.d Continent was the body of the Origin just like the flesh body of a creature. Today, the twelve heads of Hui were the leeches that were sucking blood and Origin's energy of the Ancient G.o.d Continent. The mountains and rivers had disappeared as their energy, the basic energy of heaven and earth, was consumed.

"I won't let you satisfy yourself. I'm back, and I will take back everything that belongs to me." The G.o.d Lord muttered, his eyes bright. He turned into a dazzling sun with a scorching light and heat.

The heating light emerged dazzlingly above the Ancient G.o.d Continent. The holy energy rippled, making many experts of the Ancient G.o.d Continent scream in fear.


"He's back!"

"He wants to attack G.o.ddess Mother!"

"He shouldn't return!"

The warriors scattered on the stars around the Ancient G.o.d Continent looked at the blazing flame, wearing different countenances. Some looked complicated; some were unaffected; some looked bitter and painful.

Magically, the Tsunami Star and the Heavenly Fantasy Star were around the Ancient G.o.d Continent. The host stars of the big forces were pulled here, surrounding the Ancient G.o.d Continent altogether. They protected the Ancient G.o.d Continent in the center like thousands of stars protecting the moon.

Tian Xie inside the subterranean world on the Tsunami Star opened his eyes, wearing a cold face. "I didn't expect you to come back. Anyway, what can you do now? G.o.ddess Mother is refining the Ancient G.o.d Continent. n.o.body should disturb her. Seems like I have to get there…"

With that, he disappeared from the pond.

In the next moment, Tian Xin reappeared above the Ancient G.o.d Continent. "Brian, how are you doing? Oh, you're fast! It took you only one hundred years to come back. Hey, did you get anything from the Absolute Beginning vestige under the Sea of Annihilation? G.o.ddess Mother sent her hope with you. We did hope that you would bring something magical back here."

The G.o.d Lord was shocked. "Tian Xie, Hui had thrown Ming Hao and me to the Absolute Beginning vestige on the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation to…"

His face changed instantly.

"Mother G.o.ddess wanted you and Ming Hao to bring the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower back here. I wonder if you succeeded…" Tian Xie remarked.

He ignored the Light power from the G.o.d Lord which had turned the latter into a burning sun. With the Dark Energy, the fierce, holy light expanded invisibly toward the halos above the Ancient G.o.d Continent. He attempted to dissolve the barriers Hui had created.

Brian wore a cold face, but didn't answer. At this moment, he finally knew that it wasn't an accident that he and Ming Hao were trapped in the Absolute Beginning vestige. Hui did that on purpose.

Hui knew the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was there. It hoped that Brian and Ming Hao could get the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. After he got the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, he would return to Desolate Territory to find Hui and take revenge, as well as everything they had lost in Desolate Territory.

A light of realization flashed in Brian's head, causing him to discolor as he got the key.

Hui needed the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, but it couldn't go to the Sea of Annihilation's seabed to get it. It threw him and Ming Hao there. It understood that he and Ming Hao would absolutely return to Desolate Territory. If they got the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, Hui would take it as soon as they came to Desolate Territory.

He finally got it now.

"Unfortunately, G.o.ddess Mother had overestimated you guys. It's obvious that you failed." Tian Xie gazed at him while shaking his head. "You don't have that aura. You didn't return with the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. It's really bad, you know? If you have failed, I'm sure Ming Hao has failed too."

Pausing for a while Tian Xie snorted while shouting. "Why are you still hiding? Show yourself and have fun with your old master!"

So many figures appeared around Brian. Unexpectedly, they were Carefree, Easygoing, Light, and Divine Martial—the four Heavenly Kings. They had reached the Third Sky of Immortal Realm, and slightly understood the Dark Energy. At this moment, they had a fern green snake mark on their foreheads.

The Great Four Heavenly Kings looked unnatural. As soon as they appeared, they sighed, slightly bowing to greet Brian.

"Excellent! You're really excellent!" Brian shook his head with a sneer. "You helped the enemy and offered our ancestral land to Hui. Don't you care about our clan's future anymore?"

"We just want to preserve our clan," Easygoing sighed emotionally. "If we don't surrender, the G.o.d Clan will be erased from his sea of stars. They will kill all of us. We don't have a choice."

"We failed you." Carefree and the others lowered their heads as well.

"However, it happened. I hope you will understand and forgive us." Easygoing looked awkward. "If G.o.ddess Mother faces problems, we will be annihilated altogether. While she's refining the Ancient G.o.d Continent, we must ensure that she's safe. So…I'm sorry!"


And just like that, Easygoing took action, causing many meteors to shoot out. They looked as if they were piercing through the river of Time from the past to future, darting toward Brian's chest.

Almost at the same time, Carefree took out a crescent moon, pouring the star energy into it. The Crescent moon sparkled and looked partially visible, quietly flying toward the G.o.d Lord.

Light and Divine Martial didn't say anything. They looked bitter when they activated their horrible energy. Light had turned into hundreds of dazzling light beams while Divine Martial swelled up like a mountain, attacking the G.o.d Lord furiously.

His loyal subordinates were attacking him today; Brian felt so sorrowful that he couldn't even talk.

"He didn't bring the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. He doesn't have any value staying alive. Four Heavenly Kings, kill him. After he's killed, the bond in your hearts will be lifted. That's how you can enter the Territory Ancestor Realm!" Tian Xie enticed them.

The Four Heavenly Kings heard him and became fiercer. They did want to kill the G.o.d Lord at this moment.

Just like what Tian Xie had said, the G.o.d Lord was the Mara in their hearts. This former master was like a mountain or a thick layer of black clouds that had shadowed their hearts.

As long as the G.o.d Lord was alive, they would always feel the threat. They thought that the G.o.d Lord would kill them one day.

As long as this threat existed, they could never ease their minds. The Mara would bind their hearts and affect their breakthrough in the future.

Today, the G.o.d Lord had to die. The death of this former master would end every fear in their souls.

Inside the seven-colored halos, a ma.s.sive snakehead appeared above the G.o.d Zenith, the peak of glory that belonged to the G.o.d Clan. This snakehead supported a magnificent throne where was seated an enchanting figure: she was Zi Yao.

Zi Yao of today had a pair of seven-colored eyes. She was wearing an amethyst purple dress which was draped loosely on the throne. She observed the battle between the G.o.d Lord and the Four Heavenly Kings. It wasn't that she didn't have human emotions in her eyes like before. She looked as though she was very interested in watching the battle.

Zi Yao today seemed to have human emotions, and had become more like the 'Zi Yao' from the past.

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