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Immortal Island, Endless Sea, Grace Mainland…

The Immortal Island today had become the area with the thickest heaven and earth energy on the Grace Mainland, and the liveliest city.

The Immortal Island was managed by the Yang and Shi Families. Many strong forces of the Agate Star Area were based on the surrounding islands. Those forces were submitted to the Immortal Island.

Inside a small valley on the island, a light door suddenly appeared, Shi Yan walking out of the door in the next second. He faced the sky, closing his eyes to sense with a calm face.

The Grace Mainland didn't have anything abnormal.

As soon as he landed, his co-soul immediately contacted the entire continent. As his soul flickered, every slightest commotion in the continent had been projected in his mind like a clear picture. It was the privilege that only the Master had.


He couldn't help but scream. He found that the warriors of the Bloodthirsty Force like Yang Tian Emperor, Blood Devil, Leona, Fei Lan, and Ka Tuo had gathered by the island. Xia Xin Yan, Feng Han, Ling Xing, Gu Te, and Bath were also on the Grace Mainland. 

He pondered for a while and then released the Soul Consciousness, calling his friends and family.

Yang Tian Emperor and Blood Devil were cultivating. They lifted their heads and found Shi Yan's giant face created by the clouds in the sky. Shi Yan was like a G.o.d floating in the sky, sending his soul message. "Come to the mountain on the Immortal Island."

At the same time, the clouds in the sky where Xia Xin Yan, Feng Han, Gu Te, and Bath were cultivating also created Shi Yan's face with the same message.

The Heavenly Monster Mountain Range in the Vault of Heaven Sea Area also had the same call.

At the same time, in different corners of the Grace Mainland, the warriors who were related to Shi Yan also found his face in the sky. Shi Yan was like a G.o.d calling for his disciples. He asked his followers to come behind the mountain on the Immortal Island.

When they received the message, they dropped all the activities they were performing to rush toward the meeting place.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The G.o.d Lord and Audrey walked out of the light door; Adele was the last one to arrive. The light behind Shi Yan closed and vanished.

"Something's wrong!"

As soon as G.o.d Lord Brian had descended, his face changed. His eyes gazed at the horizon as if he could cut through layers of s.p.a.ces. "The connection between the Ancient G.o.d Continent and I is completely cut off. I have no way to sense the commotion on the Ancient G.o.d Continent. I can't feel the aura of the G.o.d fellows!"

"Me neither!" Audrey screamed bewilderedly.

Audrey and the G.o.d Lord had fused with the Origin of the G.o.d-blessed Mainland and the Ancient G.o.d Continent. Logically, as long as they were in Desolate Territory, no matter how far they were from their homeland, they could still sense the aura of the two continents.

At G.o.d Lord Brian's level, his soul could even contact the members on the Ancient G.o.d Continent.

However, the connection between them and the Origin was cut off.

Being the leaders but they couldn't sense the commotions on their own homelands, which scared them to the point of discoloring. They didn't know what had happened.

"Cang Yun is dead!" Azure Dragon sensed for a while and then turned ashen. "His Origin was robbed. Who did that?"

"Seems like many things have happened to the Desolate Territory. So strange!" Right after DeCarlos arrived, his body flashed and then disappeared as if he had pierced through the s.p.a.ce to leave.

Shi Yan wanted to confirm the situation of the Agate Star Area. Seeing DeCarlos leaving, he didn't want to waste his efforts. He just needed to wait for DeCarlos then.

After several minutes, DeCarlos reappeared in a flash. His face was heavy, and his eyes astonished.

"So many star areas have merged with each other in the Desolate Territory. The barriers between the star areas have shattered as they came close together. And now, we have only three great star areas. There are so many layers of barriers between these three star areas. It seems all the available barriers of the star areas have piled up to protect the three star areas. It's really difficult for me to get through those barriers." DeCarlos bewilderedly said.

"Provide more details!" Shi Yan snorted.

If Shi Yan were rude like that earlier, DeCarlos would have taught him a lesson for sure. But, Shi Yan was at the Second Sky of Immortal Realm now, just like him; and the former could be even slightly stronger. DeCarlos didn't dare to look down on Shi Yan. He wasn't enraged; instead, he explained seriously.

"Agate Star Area, Fiery Rain Star Area, Fantasy Misty Star Area, Dry Bone Star Area, Fearsome Hollow Star Area, Prosaic Star Area, Sirius Star Area, Black River Star Area, and Earth Eye Star Area have merged together. They are now a single great star area. Besides the Grace Mainland, I can vaguely feel Desolate around. Seems like it stays within this inter-star-area."

Listening to him, everybody was frightened. Shi Yan closed his eyes to sense for a while. His Soul Consciousness pierced through s.p.a.ce, moving around.

A new star map emerged in his Sea of Consciousness. This inter-star-area consisted of so many star areas, with countless suns and moons, as well as billions of warriors dwelling on countless life stars.

The forces from the Agate Star Area like the Drifting Fire, Gu G.o.d Sect, Bai Family, Wu Family, and Xiao Family, were scattered in the new spectacular star area. They seemed ready for a great war that could burst out at any minute.

"True…Many star areas have merged with each other." Shi Yan said with surprise.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Finally, his fellows had arrived. Yang Tian Emperor, Blood Devil, and the others had arrived first. They were so excited when they saw Shi Yan. Yang Tian Emperor had tears in his eyes, choking on his words, "You're still alive, boy…"

Soon, Xia Xin Yan, Fu Wei, Ling Xing, Gu Te, and Bath arrived.

Shi Yan was also emotional that many words were stuck in his throat. He didn't know how and what to tell them.

"What happened?" Ming Hao saw Yang Tian Emperor and Blood Devil come, his face turning ferocious. "Why didn't you guys stay in the blood sea, our forbidden land?"

"We had run away from there. I'm afraid we can't get in there again." Blood Devil forced a smile. He had also entered the Immortal Realm, and the life energy on him was fierce. He glanced at Xuan He while shaking his head, "I'm afraid you guys can't go there either."

As soon as he said that, the three chiefs of the Bloodthirsty Force including Xuan He, Ming Hao, and Frederick urged their power Upanishads to activate the mark.

After a while, their faces discolored, turning heavy and dark.

Just like Blood Devil had said, they had lost the connection with the blood sea, their forbidden land. They had lost the Bloodthirsty Force's headquarters.

"Give it a try!" They turned to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan used the method he used to trigger the blood mark with, trying to connect to the whirlpool in the blood sea; but he got nothing.

"What happened?" Shi Yan was so surprised.

"One hundred years ago, Wederson came to the blood sea, our forbidden land. He had suddenly become so fierce and unrivaled, ruling over the entire blood sea. He said that he was the true heir of Bloodthirsty. He can use eight power Upanishads and the Devouring power Upanishad as well. He said that Shi Yan and the three great Chiefs were dead, and he was the new master. After we found that things went wrong as many people had fought him and were devoured, we could only run away. He killed all the rebellious warriors…" Blood Devil explained.

"Wederson!" G.o.d Lord, Ming Hao, and Xuan He screamed in unison. "He was dead, wasn't he?"

Wederson was a hybrid between the G.o.d Clan and the Man Tribe. When he was young, he had swallowed Bloodthirsty's bone that Gado had eroded. He then successfully transformed and obtained the terrifying Corrosion power Upanishad.

While fighting against Hui, the G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao had made use of him by implanting Bloodthirsty's bones into his body, which had maximized his Corrosion power Upanishad. He had wounded Hui and given Shi Yan a chance to get the Dark Energy and ascend his lifeform.

At that time, Wederson's soul energy was burned, and he was dead when his energy ran out. How could he be resurrected?

"... Mastered the eight great evil powers and the Devouring power Upanishad… He's not Wederson! He's the ring spirit, the soul that Xuan Shan had summoned on the Ancient G.o.d Continent! He's the Young Master of the Devouring Clan, Devour's later descendant. After Hui unsealed him, he had run away. He obtained Wederson's body, I suppose. At that time, Wederson's soul was destroyed, leaving a body full with Bloodthirsty's remains. He has occupied the body." Shi Yan pondered and then continued, " had fought against some Devouring Clan warriors in the Sea of Annihilation. I knew that some Young Master of the said clan had begun something. He has come to our Desolate Territory. Perhaps, he's Devour's heir."

The members of the Devouring Clan understood the eight great evil powers, and Xuan Shan's Ring Spirit had the inheritance of the Devouring power Upanishad.

When that one entered the Blood Vein Ring and swallowed the original Ring Spirit, he had obtained the inheritance. He had enticed Shi Yan, trying to seize his body with many evil tricks.

Eventually, Ming Hao had sealed him inside the Blood Vein Ring.

During the fight with Hui, Hui's power had helped him tear the seal, and that person had run away with the Blood Vein Ring. He got Wederson's body, so now, he could exist in Desolate Territory as a real ent.i.ty with a fleshy body and soul.

"Turns out it's him," Ming Hao and Xuan He wore a heavy complexion. "How about Bloodthirsty Force?"

"He has become the new master of Bloodthirsty Force. Besides us who ran away, the eight branches of the Bloodthirsty Force have followed him. He's so intimidating…He's getting stronger day after day. Today, under his command, the dark abyss is towering over the Ancient Demon Continent. That dark abyss seems to have a consciousness, slowly devouring the Ancient Demon Continent." Blood Devil said. "The Imperial Dark Tribe and the members of the Immortal Demon Clan are submitted to him. The Imperial Dark Tribe's star area and the Immortal Demon Clan's star area are adjoined along with many other smaller star areas. They are his territory now."

"The dark abyss seems to have life and consciousness?" Ming Hao was so shocked that he couldn't help but yell, "It has awakened!"

"Who?" Many people didn't know the details; Ling Xing and the others were confused.

"Devour has awakened! The one that has occupied Wederson has awakened it! The Ancient Demon Continent's a part of Desolate. As the dark abyss is corroding the Ancient Demon Continent, Devour's attempting to refine Desolate's body parts!" Ming Hao shouted.

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