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The heaven and earth original energy had turned into the planets and other ent.i.ties. The Dark Energy had improved lives with souls; it was the way of creation.

Today, Shi Yan's Incipient Extent had played the way of creation. Heaven and earth energy from his acupuncture points flooded the Incipient Extent, expanding it. Next, the cl.u.s.ter of chaotic gas was created, which then generated the planets, mountains, and rivers. The Dark Energy gushed from the black hole as the source of the soul, granting the feeble Soul Consciousness to those planets.

Shi Yan was the master of this world: his consciousness could reach everywhere to check the smallest of changes…

He quietly observed everything…

Gradually, his comprehension became deeper, and he finally understood the origins and marvels of G.o.d power and Dark Energy. The G.o.d power existed in the abdomen of the warriors, which they had created by collecting and condensing the energy from heaven and earth or divine crystals.

The Essence Qi from the dead that his acupuncture points had absorbed was also a kind of heaven and earth energy. It was the G.o.d power remaining in the warriors he had absorbed right before it vanished, returning to the heaven and earth. After it was filtered and refined in his acupuncture points, it turned into the basic pure energy of the world. This basic energy of heaven and earth was the root of creating everything. When he brought it in his Incipient Extent, he could create many things.

The soul altars and the soul energy the black hole had taken up would turn into the Dark Energy after the refining process inside, which was also a truly pure soul energy.

The origin of the Dark Energy stayed in the soul and Soul Consciousness of the warriors. After it had entered his Incipient Extent with the soul energy magnetic field, it could deliver life to the stars there.

He quietly sensed and observed his Incipient Extent, finding that the Dark Energy in his Incipient Extent was just enough to give an immature consciousness to a few stars. However, it couldn't grant intellect to the animals he had created or create the new races with a flesh body and soul. Shi Yan thought that it was because his realm and understanding of the Dark Energy weren't profound enough.

He suddenly understood that having real creatures in his Incipient Extent was the key of transforming it into a Territory.

The Territory Ancestor Realm!

Unfortunately, he was just at the Second Sky of Immortal Realm. He was still a distance away from the Territory Ancestor Realm, which was neither short nor long.

Sensing the changes of his body, soul, and Incipient Extent, his consciousness lingered in his Sea of Consciousness and found a strange pond there. That pond was jet black, and it was just the size of a lower millstone. It wasn't even one-billionth the area of the Sea of Consciousness. The thing that was moving inside the pond was the pure Dark Energy; it was the true soul energy!

The tiny soul pond had occupied a bit of area, but was the core of the entire Sea of Consciousness.

The black hole was moving above the pond. Sometimes, a drop of energy fell from the black hole like a raindrop; it was the purest Dark Energy that was refined out.

The black hole had swallowed so many soul altars of the Immortal Realm experts, and after a long time of refining, the extra soul energy that hadn't turned into Dark Energy had poured into Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick.

After thousands of refinements, the Dark Energy was finally created. A part of it had arrived at the Sea of Consciousness, and the other part was dripping into the newly formed soul pond, which was Shi Yan's Dark Energy.

Retrieving the Soul Consciousness, he found his G.o.d power Ancient Tree filled with rolling, crystal clear G.o.d power. The tree's branches had become sparklingly fulgent.

His thought flickered, and he immediately recognized that he had reached the upper limit of the Second Sky of Immortal Realm. His entire G.o.d power Ancient Tree was filled with G.o.d power, and his fleshy body had been quenched one more time. Each of his muscle fibers was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with vitality!

He hadn't reached the Third Sky of Immortal Realm, so his understanding of power Upanishads wasn't enough. However, when he observed the G.o.d power Ancient Tree in his lower abdomen and the soul pond of Dark Energy in his Sea of Consciousness, he was still satisfied.

He suddenly recognized that the soul pond in his Sea of Consciousness was the key to opening his door to the Territory Ancestor Realm. The Dark Energy could grant souls to the creatures in his Incipient Extent, which would make him the real owner of a Territory. That was how he could create his old universe.

He sat cross-legged, perceiving the slightest changes in his body as time flew hurriedly.

In the long river without days and nights, Adele, Lei Di, and Azure Dragon were restless as if they had a flame burning their hearts. To them, each day was as long as an entire year.

The G.o.d Lord, Xuan He, Frederick, Ming Hao, and Audrey were calm. They all had harvested something; at the critical path of their cultivation, they didn't hurry to return to the Desolate Territory.

Audrey had just entered the Immortal Realm, and she had obtained the Soul Refining Cauldron. She had taken time to get used to it as well as her new realm. She also studied the power Upanishads of the Soul Clan, sinking happily in new concepts and knowledge all the time.

The G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao had obtained the magical Dark Energy. They wanted to spend all of their efforts in exploring the new energy and its wonderful features.

Xuan He and Frederick had made them even more astonished. After they got the energy from Shi Yan, they had a new level of understanding of the power Upanishads. From the Second Sky of Immortal Realm, they had powerfully leaped to the next realm, finally entering the Third Sky of Immortal Realm. Xuan He and Frederick were so thrilled that they wanted to spend more efforts to obtain the new powers of the new realm.

Shi Yan was like a rock. He sat still, but n.o.body knew the earth-shaking changes inside him.

Long, long afterward, Audrey, G.o.d Lord, and Ming Hao woke up. They talked and waited for a while, then Xuan He, and Frederick woke up as well.

"From the time Shi Yan gave us the energy until we broke through to the Third Sky of Immortal Realm and stabilized our realm, how long has it been?" When Xuan He opened his eyes, he knew that a long time had pa.s.sed. He smiled while turning to Adele.

Adele's eyes were glum, "Almost thirty years."

"Thirty years…" Xuan He muttered something and then got up, stretching his body. "Not really long. Adding the time we were locked here for, it's around one hundred years. Short, though."

"Yeah, it's short. But, with the unclear situation of Desolate Territory and the fact that we didn't cultivate like you guys, it was really tough for us to wait for thirty years," Adele's voice was bitter.

"Then, what should we do?" Xuan He shrugged, pointing at Shi Yan. "If he doesn't wake up, no one can return to Desolate Territory."

Everybody quieted down.

Only Shi Yan was the warrior with an Origin and the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. They had to count on him.

They continued to wait for three more years. Eventually, Shi Yan opened his eyes, with two galaxies moving in them at this moment. He gave people an impression of something deep and unimaginable.

After dozens of years of meditation, Shi Yan had observed the mysteries of the word at its finest dawn. He felt it had been hundreds of thousands of years, as if he had gone through the heaven and earth's process of a whole era.

After he had awakened, he felt that his body and mind were a little tired. This kind of tiredness only happened to the aged warriors. It was the feeling of seeing hundreds of thousands of lives and countless times of rising and lowering tides…

Xuan He and the others turned to Shi Yan, their mind shivering. They all felt something archaic and melancholic from him. They knew he was pretty young; but looking at him now, they had a strange feeling that he was even older than them, and that he had experienced so many eras.

Even Holy Beast Azure Dragon, the oldest expert in this group, was startled for a while. He shook his head, talking skeptically, "Why do I feel like he's been living even longer than me? It's just around one hundred years we didn't meet, right? His bearing has changed greatly."

"Before he went dormant, he didn't have this aura. Seems like after this deep slumber, he underwent something more magical than us…" The G.o.d Lord pondered and then asked all of a sudden. "Shi Yan, what did you get?"

Desolate's clones had helped Audrey get the Soul Refining Cauldron and the Immortal Realm, and the G.o.d Lord had gotten the Dark Energy he had yearned for. Brian believed that Shi Yan had obtained a bigger harvest!

"What did I get?" Shi Yan was a little bewildered. "I'm still at the Immortal Realm. Seems like I don't have any significant changes. Talking about harvest, perhaps it's…"

He didn't talk more.

Everybody was so curious. They gazed at him with their feelings boiling, as if they wanted to eat him.

"Yeah, I may have vaguely seen the principle of the Great Path. I saw the changes of the world at its finest dawn, and I've experienced the wealth and decline of an era…" Shi Yan wasn't so certain.

The ones around him didn't get it either.

"It's the understanding of power Upanishad, principles, and progress of heaven and earth! It's a harvest we can't measure! They're the priceless experiences in this world. They'll benefit you greatly in your realm, power Upanishads, and even body! You'll know soon!" DeCarlos said.

Hearing him, people thought carefully; although they all got something, they still showed a crazily envious countenance toward Shi Yan.

"Brian and Ming Hao got the Dark Energy, Xuan He and Frederick have entered the Third Sky of Immortal Realm, and Audrey's broken through the Immortal Realm. Wonderful! It's excellent, guys!" Shi Yan turned to them, smiling relaxedly. "You guys are waiting for me to open the door to Desolate Territory, aren't you?"

Everybody felt magical as they nodded.

"Alright, we should go home. I still have a connection with the Grace Mainland," Shi Yan grinned. He didn't wait for the others to talk more, using the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to create a light door, then walking through it.

Everybody was stunned.

Seeing Shi Yan create a light door and leave, Adele, Lei Di, and the others, who had been waiting for this moment for a long time, were suddenly hesitant. 

"It has been more than one hundred years. I don't know how Desolate Territory has changed. I… I don't dare to face it. I'm afraid it'd be a bowl of rice on Hui's table now." Lei Di was a little scared.

Not only him, the G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao were also a little afraid. When the door emerged, this feeling became clearer.

It was the fear they felt toward the unknown.

"As it has come to this, what can we do if we're fearful? The Four Heavenly Kings have betrayed me. I'm not afraid. What are you afraid of?" The G.o.d Lord snorted. As the others were hesitating, he was the second one walking through the door.

Ming Hao and Audrey followed him.

Xuan He, Frederick, and the others had been stuck here for many years. During the course, they had thought a lot and worried a lot. They hadn't come to the Sea Domain of Nihility to see the Territory Ancestors, and they hadn't seen the bigger world. They were scared, so they didn't dare to move.

"This door has a time limit. If you linger, it will…close!" DeCarlos shivered as he changed his face while screaming, then resolutely jumped into the door.

Xuan He, Frederick, and Adele didn't hesitate, jumping into the door one after another.

The light door slowly closed, eventually turning into beams of light and vanishing.

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