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Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick sat in a trianglular formation in front of Shi Yan. They closed their eyes, focusing and releasing their Soul Consciousness.

The blood mark emerged on their foreheads. At first, it was blurry but then, it became beautifully crimson.

Shi Yan was still unconscious. Energy fluctuated terrifyingly in his body, especially deep in his brain. Waves of aura that could distort the soul made people worried about him. They thought that his soul would collapse soon.

"What's going on?" DeCarlos looked at Ming Hong in the distance with the hope that he would answer.

Adele was bewildered. She looked at Ming Hao and Xuan He and felt worried.

Ming Hao was her blood brother and Xuan He was her lover. Of course, she didn't want anything bad to happen to them. Thus, she turned to ask Ming Hong. "What do you think?"

Not far from them, DeCarlos, Lei Di, and Azure Dragon also looked at Ming Hong and waited for his explanation.

"The battle on the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation had killed dozens of experts at the Immortal Realm. Shi Yan had quietly taken in the Essence Qi and even their soul altars after they died. Those people had astonishing G.o.d power and powerful soul altars. I think the reason why Shi Yan has been unconscious for a long time is that he has to digest an enormous amount of energy."

Ming Hong pondered for a few seconds and then said, "After such a long time, his Devouring power Upanishad would work again to release the energy. Shi Yan's body can't absorb all of them. He has to bestow the extra energy to the warriors cultivating the eight great evil power Upanishads. Yeah, with their cultivation base, Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick will receive great benefits from sharing the energy with him."

Then, Ming Hong stopped and looked at the G.o.d Lord in vigilance.

Although he didn't say anything, Adele, DeCarlos, Lei Di, and Azure Dragon understood him. They then pulled serious faces.

G.o.d Lord Brian opened his eyes, his face cold and dark. "You think I would seize this chance to attack them? While I was dormant, you didn't a.s.sault me. Would I do that now?"

Snorting, he said, his voice stiff and cold, "I've been slaughtering everywhere for my whole life. I've killed a lot of people and destroyed a lot of planets. But I have never done such despicable deeds. When I killed Bloodthirsty that year, I didn't know that he was hurt severely. Although I like killing, I'm always straightforward. I have never done anything contemptible!"

"I think he knows how to behave," DeCarlos curled his lips. "Today, we don't know the situation of Desolate Territory. The G.o.d Clan has subjected to Hui and Tian Xie. He… also needs our force."

"Harrumph!" the G.o.d Lord didn't have a friendly face. He looked as if he ridiculed their doubt.

They could finally relax, but they were still careful enough to surround Shi Yan and the others in case the G.o.d Lord was going to launch his ambush.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Wisps of gray energy flew out of Shi Yan's acupuncture points and glabella. There were hundreds of streams, which were divided into three parts and entered Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick through the marks on their foreheads.

Ming Hao and the others shuddered slightly. They couldn't help but grin excitedly when they received the pure energy.

Xuan He sensed carefully…

The stream of energy from Shi Yan's acupuncture points had turned into a cool stream, deluging his veins and running toward his G.o.d power Ancient Tree as soon as it got through the blood mark.

His Soul Consciousness checked his body and he saw that the branches of the G.o.d power Ancient Tree had become crystal like jade, each branch filled with pure energy. The Ancient Tree now looked like it was made of gemstone, sparkling beautifully and marvelously in his lower abdomen as the source of his enormous energy!

As soon as the immense, gray streams of energy from Shi Yan's glabella had poured through the blood mark; it became the tonic to his soul, nourishing his soul altar and strengthening his Sea of Consciousness. At the same time, it helped his host soul discharge the dregs and contaminants. Eventually, his soul altar became sparklingly crystal clear.

Frederick had the same feelings.

The energy emitted from Shi Yan had strengthened their G.o.d power Ancient Tree, cared for their Soul Altars, and helped them refine their body and restructure their soul altars.

Ming Hao was shaken. He felt so wonderful that he couldn't describe it…

Ming Hao cultivated the soul altar and his soul. His Sea of Consciousness was immensely vast. Each wisp of his Soul Consciousness connected to a clone. In his Sea of Consciousness, so many souls were bobbing like merpeople.

The soul energy from Shi Yan had entered his Sea of Consciousness after it got through the blood mark. His soul altar had been quenched for hundreds of years and his host soul had cultivated for tens of thousands of years. Suddenly, he felt a vibe. The energy that had entered his Sea of Consciousness carried true soul power, which was ultimately pure. Instantly, it mingled with his Sea of Consciousness.

Ming Hao sensed for a while and what Neptune had explained about the G.o.d power, Dark Energy, and the positive and negative energy suddenly became clear to him!

Dark Energy was the most refined and purest soul energy!

The energy in the Sea of Consciousness had become clear as he had cultivated it with his own method. And now, it got the mysterious but intimidating energy!

"Oh! I got it!"

Ming Hao was so excited. He had a rare smile on his face.

Dark Energy was the soul energy! The real, pure soul energy! It was the refined G.o.d power, which then condensed and ascended to a whole new kind of soul energy!

It was similar to his previous phrases. Before he had broken through to a new realm, the energy moving in his body was the Original power. The Original power was the energy of the low-realm warriors. After they had broken through to profound realms, their power Upanishad and G.o.d body had transformed, and it was when they got their Original power that they transformed to the G.o.d power.

The G.o.d power was the Original power that was condensed hundreds of times!

The origin of the G.o.d power was the Original power. In the same way, the origin of Dark Energy was the soul energy or the Soul Consciousness. It was a higher form of soul energy and Soul Consciousness. In short, Dark Energy was the true soul energy!

He suddenly got the truth from his profound realm and what Neptune had explained about Dark Energy together with the energy Shi Yan had gifted him this time. The soul energy Shi Yan was sending him now had the aura of Dark Energy, which provided him with a better chance to observe and learn.

Xuan He and Frederick were at only Second Sky of Immortal Realm, so their bodies and soul altars hadn't advanced enough to perceive Dark Energy. They didn't know the mysterious features of Dark Energy, so they couldn't learn Dark Energy this time like Ming Hao.

The energy that flew out of Shi Yan's labella hadn't ceased after several days.

Adele had always noticed the G.o.d Lord as she was afraid that something unexpected would happen.

Today, the G.o.d Lord, who had closed his eyes all the time, suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a pair of bright pupils.

Adele, Lei Di, and the others changed their visages slightly. They couldn't help but turn tense and vigilant.

Brian looked strange when he observed Ming Hao and grinned, "Yeah, he's Ming Hao. Just half a step behind me. He has Dark Energy. He's truly the leader of the eight chiefs. He hopes to break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm then. He's my lifetime rival."

Hearing him, Lei Di, Azure Dragon, and DeCarlos were very surprised. They then sighed and envied the others.

They exchanged looks and saw the complicated thought on each other's faces. When they looked at Shi Yan again, Ming Hao and Xuan He looked odd.

Many years ago, in this vast Desolate Territory, only Bloodthirsty had Dark Energy. It was also the reason why he had become the overlord of the sea of stars, the most acknowledged powerful expert!

After he was gone, his body scattered in many places. The G.o.d Lord, Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine had used his bones to study the power of Dark Energy. However, none of them could figure out anything.

Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine were at the First Sky of Immortal Realm. Their bodies and soul weren't strong enough to perceive the energy. Thus, they were just wasting their efforts.

As Brian and Ming Hao had known nothing about Dark Energy, they couldn't get the key from Bloodthirsty's remains. It was like the blind groping on things but didn't know what they were.

Quite the contrary, Shi Yan, unknowingly, had used the Devouring power Upanishad and become the first expert to get Dark Energy after Bloodthirsty. After Brian and Ming Hao had come to the Sea Domain of Nihility, they knew how vast the world was. They knew about the Territory Ancestors and what they talked about was Dark Energy. As they were the two outstanding and talented experts, they somehow got the key after listening to Neptune.

Today, as Desolate's clones had affected them and with Dark Energy from Shi Yan, these two had cleared the thick mist in their heads to perceive this advanced form of energy.

After Shi Yan, Brian and Ming Hao had successfully received Dark Energy. At their Third Sky of Immortal Realm, once they got Dark Energy, they were just one step away from the Territory Ancestor Realm.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The acupuncture points and the glabella in Shi Yan's body sounded strange. Eventually, the streams of energy emitted from him ceased. Xuan He, Frederick, and Ming Hao pulled themselves together to check their bodies and absorb the energy.

At the same time, when the extra energy was discharged, Shi Yan's acupuncture points and the black hole, which were his sluggish delicate tools, were now moving again at a fast speed. Finally, Shi Yan's consciousness returned to him.

Refined energy from seven-hundred-and-twenty acupuncture points in his entire body had entered his Incipient Extent.

A marvelous wonder slowly unfolded in his galaxy Incipient Extent…

The streams of energy in his acupuncture points swarmed into his Incipient Extent. Slowly, his Incipient Extent looked emptier as it expanded…

The misty air hovered as if it was earth and heaven energy; it looked like a cl.u.s.ter of something chaotic. Slowly, that chaotic area had some changes. The pure earth and heaven energy slowly condensed and became brilliant stars with mountains, lakes, and foliage…

Shi Yan was shaken as if he had seen the images of a newborn world. He felt so touched that he wanted to cry.

The earth and heaven energy in his Incipient Extent was cl.u.s.ters of moving air. When they expanded, they also widened the area. When they gathered, they created planets with mountains, lakes, and plants… Vaguely, he saw some shapes of creatures…

However, all of them didn't have a soul. Whether it was the stars, the mountains, or an animal, they were just like a stone table: They were dead things…

Until the black hole released pure Dark Energy, a mysterious soul aura was poured into the Incipient Extent. All of a sudden, some stars in his Incipient Extent seemed to get their soul flames ignited. They now had a feeble consciousness!

At this moment, his host soul felt like the Creator. He could feel the naive and shy consciousness of the newborn stars, and the m.u.f.fled, bewildered thoughts when their intellect had just formed…

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