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Deep inside the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin, some silhouettes were gliding in cold and desolate area. They all looked exhausted and dispirited.

Surprisingly, they were Xuan He, Frederick, Adele, DeCarlos, Lei Di, and Azure Dragon. They were Immortal Realm experts, the peerless existences in Desolate Territory.

That year, they had tried to worm through the s.p.a.ce door that Shi Yan had opened. Hui had changed their destination. They didn't enter the Sea Domain of Nihility; they were teleported to a strange and remote area in the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. As DeCarlos also cultivated s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, he had tried to break the s.p.a.ce to return to Desolate Territory.

Unfortunately, the door between Desolate Territory and the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin was closed. DeCarlos had reached the Immortal Realm, but he couldn't enter Desolate Territory once again.

This group of experts could only wander through the s.p.a.ce basin and try to get out of here. After dozens of years, they were still here and had no clue.

At this moment, they all looked glum as they were trying to resist the attacks from outer s.p.a.ce streamers. The turbulent s.p.a.ce basin didn't have earth and heaven energy. They couldn't refill the energy they had consumed. After dozens of years, half of their power was used.

"DeCarlos, what's the relationship between Desolate Territory and the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin?" Xuan He stood by Adele, his eyes restless and bitter.

At first, he had been calm. The knot between him and Adele was untied, so it wasn't really troublesome to stay here.

Then, as his G.o.d power got drained, he recognized that this was a dangerous situation and tried to find a way to survive.

Thunder Dragon Lei Di and Holy Beast Azure Dragon couldn't get along still. They moved away from each other and quarreled all the time.

But now, they were all calm and they didn't want to talk or argue anymore.

"Right, what's between the Desolate Territory and the turbulent s.p.a.ce basin? As you cultivate s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, I a.s.sume you know it," asked Adele.

DeCarlos contemplated for a while and then used his G.o.d power to create a globe. The globe slowly ballooned until it was the size of a room. DeCarlos cut the s.p.a.ce inside the globe and they became misty areas. Slowly, those areas began to have light dots…

"Desolate Territory looks like this globe. Each of the immense gray areas is a star area. Agate Star Area, Ancient G.o.d Star Area, and Sirius Star Area are all in there. They're parts of the globe. Those light dots are the suns and moons of each star area."

After DeCarlos explained, his power changed and beams of light shone inside the globe, creating many nodes as the beams crossed each other.

"The points where the light beams cross are s.p.a.ce nodes that connect to each other. Warriors with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad can use those nodes to move from one star area to another. Each star area has countless s.p.a.ce nodes. Warriors with a profound s.p.a.ce power Upanishad can use a s.p.a.ce node to move to another s.p.a.ce node in any corner of Desolate Territory. Leaping through the star areas actually means jumping through s.p.a.ce nodes."

He wore a pensive face as he changed his power.

So many misty areas appeared outside the globe like the atmosphere on a planet. "The misty s.p.a.ces form the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin is separated from Desolate Territory. They are separated by the territory barrier or that wall. That barrier was created by Desolate. It's hard to pierce through it. Until we reach Desolate's level, we can't tear its barrier. Previously, I could use the s.p.a.ce nodes inside Desolate Territory to jump and hide in the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. When the s.p.a.ce nodes shatter, they will create s.p.a.ce cracks leading to the s.p.a.ce basin. Also, when I am in the s.p.a.ce basin, I can use my s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to jump back to Desolate Territory through the s.p.a.ce nodes…"

Pausing for a while, DeCarlos looked begrudging. "But now, I can't connect with the s.p.a.ce nodes inside Desolate Territory. It's not that the s.p.a.ce nodes are broken. Desolate's barrier has stopped my Soul Consciousness from piercing through. To be more exact, the entire Desolate Territory is closed. We can't get in or get out."

"If Desolate is a globe and the s.p.a.ce basin is outside this globe, from where did we enter Sea Domain of Nihility?" asked Xuan He.

"I'm looking for it. I think we're close. The territory entrance is the adjoining area between Desolate Territory and the Sea Domain of Nihility. The Sea Domain of Nihility has so many wonders. Perhaps we can find a way," said DeCarlos.

Everybody was silent as they followed DeCarlos and wandered.

After a long time, they had reached a place where mist and smoke hovered. The Soul Consciousness was blocked and DeCarlos had never visited this area before. "The chaotic s.p.a.ce basin is open. It's not smaller than Sea Domain of Nihility. After I've reached the Immortal Realm, I often came here, but I have never explored it completely. I don't know many places, so it's easy to get lost…"

DeCarlos explained as he took people to that foggy area. "This area has some strange and fierce energy fluctuations. Perhaps we may find something. Let's get in there and see."

They moved through the thick mist. After several months, they crossed the area and a vast sea appeared in their vision.

That sea bobbed in the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin as if it was a living being. There was no end.

However, as soon as Xuan He and the others saw the sea, they were excited and screaming. "It's the river! We had followed this river to get to the Sea Domain of Nihility!"

Listening to him, everybody was stimulated. They entered the sea and used the power Upanishads and G.o.d power to fly fast.

There was no island on this sea. There was no rock, either. The water was really shallow; they could see the bottom. The seabed looked vast and misty like a cloud, which was somehow marvelous.

People flew through the sea and found the entrance to Desolate. Everybody now had hope.

One day, as they were gliding fast, their faces changed. They had to lift their heads to observe.

Far away from them, halos flashed. Then, they saw some figures surfing.

Xuan He was surprised. He tried to run at his fastest speed in that direction. Everybody was hesitant as they followed the figures, their faces surprised.

Shortly after, Xuan He was the first one to arrive at that area. At a first glance, Xuan He gawked and his jaw dropped

Three people were unconsciously floating in the sea. They were Shi Yan, Audrey, and G.o.d Lord Brian. They were still breathing steadily, but they seemed to be in some strange condition where they couldn't wake up.

Ming Hao was there too. He was still in his soul form. But he looked baffled as if his soul was hurt severely. He was dumbly whining about something.

Shortly after, Adele, Frederick, DeCarlos, Lei Di, and Azure Dragon gathered by him.

"Ming Hao!"

"Shi Yan!"

"G.o.d Lord!"


They all screamed as they were astonished. That year, they had followed Shi Yan to escape, but they were scattered and had lost contact.

Today, seeing Shi Yan and the others, they instinctively thought that Hui had put them into the s.p.a.ce basin too. They had to use their energy and now, they were exhausted.

Ming Hao was baffled, but he was awakened from their screaming. He lifted his head and became completely bewildered. "Why are you here?" Ming Hao screamed in fear.

"We're always here!" Xuan He answered. "How about you guys? What happened to you? You've been trapped here and you have consumed all of your energy?"

"We?" Ming Hao thought for a while and then shook his head with a bitter smile. "It's a lot more interesting. Sigh, I can't tell you in just one breath. We've just returned from the Sea Domain of Nihility."

"The Sea Domain of Nihility?" Xuan He and Adele screamed in unison.

"Brother! What happened? Why is Audrey unconsciousness?" cried Adele.

Ming Hao looked at Shi Yan, Audrey, and the G.o.d Lord, his face complicated. "I can't tell you in just a breath."

"We've been trapped here for dozens of years. We have plenty of time. You can take your time and explain!" shouted DeCarlos.

Ming Hao pondered for a while and then nodded with a forced smile. He explained everything in detail from the time he and the G.o.d Lord were locked on the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation. They couldn't escape until Shi Yan came. Shi Yan had the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol and the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, which had made so many warriors of the Sea of Annihilation vie for and rose the battle between the Territory Ancestors. Eventually, Shi Yan's, Audrey's, and G.o.d Lord's souls had gathered and turned into a ma.s.sive shadow, which had overturned the entire situation single-handedly.

Xuan He and the others were astonished as they listened to him.

"If it wasn't told by you, I would never have bought it. I can't believe that the Sea Domain of Nihility is much more wonderful than what we had thought," Xuan He sighed. "I've visited the Sea Domain of Nihility but I have never seen any warrior. According to you, perhaps, we were all wrong. Because we had taken the shortcut, we didn't appear on the seabed of the Sea of Annihilation. We deviated…"

Xuan He looked regretful.

DeCarlos and the others also sighed. They were shocked by what Ming Hao had told them and they sighed because of the adventure the others had taken. Eventually, they became quiet. After a while, Holy Beast Azure Dragon broke the silence. "So, it's Desolate who rescued you and brought you back here. How… is it now?"

Everybody was suspicious.

Ming Hao turned to Shi Yan and said bitterly. "That shadow had separated into three parts and disappeared into their bodies once again. They are still unconscious now. I guess we have to wait until they wake up to know what happened."

"You say that you've been trapped here for dozens of years. Do you know the current situation of Desolate Territory?" Ming Hao changed the topic.

This time, Xuan He and the others forced a smile. "No, we know nothing. Before we've caught you here, we'd been wandering around and trying to find the entrance to Desolate Territory. We haven't seen anyone. We're just wasting our time here."

"Only the ghosts know what's going on in Desolate Territory. Perhaps, Hui has destroyed or even swallowed Desolate Territory," sighed Adele.

"We must find a way to come back!" shouted Ming Hao.

"Shi Yan!" DeCarlos looked shocked. "He's the key! He cultivates s.p.a.ce power Upanishad and he fused with Grace Mainland. He can do what I can't. He can rely on the connection with the Origin to make his power Upanishad pierce through the barrier!"

"We'll wait for him then!" Everybody agreed with him.

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