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The sea water turned red in Mei Ji's eyes.

It was a mix between seawater and blood. The blood wasn't diluted in the sea water. It was like a b.l.o.o.d.y handkerchief that totally contrasted with her pale face.

The ice wall was also created by Dark Energy and it carried the power and Essence of Ice power Upanishad with Mei Ji's Soul Consciousness.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ice wall exploded as the river barged into it. Mei Ji's body shook as her soul was exhausted and her power got drained.

Her glowing skin became loose and her jade-like face becoming wrinkled.

"Not bad. You finally got Dark Energy. The Phantom Clan should have one more Territory Ancestor… Too bad…"

Neptune was calm and squinting. The light in his eyes was sharp and cold. The soul river finally pierced through the ice wall and continuously moved toward Shi Yan.

Mei Ji was aging fast. Her hair became white like fog and her eyes filled with sorrow.

A Fantasy Bounder Stone flew out of his palm. A chunk of starlight with surging vitality rolled inside that Fantasy Boundary Stone. The stone inflated like a big bag and shrouded Mei Ji.

Tearing a s.p.a.ce slit, Shi Yan put the Fantasy Boundary Stone in it and watched Mei Ji disappear.

He didn't leave. The soul river ran straight into his forehead.


A flame ignited right at Shi Yan's glabella. It flickered with a life aura. A soul became visible inside the flame.

It was Shi Yan, but it was different. It was a soul created out of fire!

Under the flame were countless gray clouds that were made of Dark Energy from the Sea of Consciousness. Inside that flame was Shi Yan's second soul.

Neptune's soul river barged into that flame and aimed at Shi Yan's co-soul.


Billions of flames burned fiercely. Shi Yan's co-soul became partially clear. Staying inside the furious flame, it gradually changed like a stretching shadow of a ferocious demon.

An earth-shaking intimidatingly came from that giant shadow. In between billions of flames, the giant shadow raised one hand and pulled Neptune's soul river.

Ricardo, Ferrell, and Emperor Sea Shark were fighting. Their faces changed as they stopped fighting. Magical light shot out of their eyes when they looked at Shi Yan.

All the warriors on the Sea of Annihilation's seabed lifted their heads to look at Shi Yan.

Tu Shi Qi, Forefather Dragon Lizard, and Ya Yun looked extremely odd.

Forefather Dragon Lizard muttered in the old language of the Dragon Lizard Clan. It was a language taught by Absolute Beginning creature Lizard. As soon as he saw the giant shadow, he instinctively spoke the old language of his clan…

Shi Yan's eyes looked baffled.

He stood imposingly in the sea water. In front of him, countless flames had formed a lotus throne with Dark Energy clouds supporting a vague giant.

That giant shadow continued to change with the heaven flames as the body and Shi Yan's co-soul as the control center.

G.o.d Lord Brian and Audrey became baffled at the same time in two different areas. It looked like their souls were taken. They couldn't help but clutch their heads and crouch in pain.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

All of a sudden, billions of flames flew out of Brian and Audrey. They had different colors and it seemed like they had their own lives.

All of those flames gathered with the flaming lotus throne in front of Shi Yan. The ferocious shadow on the lotus throne had become even bigger. The terrifying, formidable aura slowly emitted.

"Oh! Argh!"

Many people around couldn't endure the pressure. They were forced to kneel down uncontrollably. Some even crouched on the ground and didn't dare to lift their head up.

Neptune's Dark Energy soul river aiming at the flaming lotus throne was pulled and torn.

The giant shadow tore it directly!

Neptune was so bitter, his eyes terrified. He wanted to run away.


A tie in his soul was pulled. He discolored in fright as he lookedat the Soul Refining Cauldron. He had lost the connection with the cauldron!

The Soul Refining Cauldron strangely flew away and fell on Audrey.

Every eye was gazing at the Soul Refining Cauldron when it got into Audrey's head. The cauldron then began to fuse with Audrey.

In this strange atmosphere, G.o.d Lord Brian slowly rose, his eyes still closed. Billions of halos rippled through him and created a crystal barrier of Light. A dazzling light orb flew out of Brian's chest. The giant shadow caught it.

The light orb suddenly became more blazing as if it had hundreds of stars in it. The giant shadow hurled the light orb away and aimed at Neptune.

Neptune ran crazily, his face desperate and his brutal souls bobbing restlessly.

The light orb chased after him. Eventually, it got Neptune and entered his body. Neptune was numb as his Nether Territory exploded. A dazzling sun was hanging in his cold and dark world. He had to run helter-skelter for his life.

"How could it be? How could it be?" Ricardo was bewildered as he looked at the sky.

"Oh gosh!" Ferrell screamed hoa.r.s.ely.

Emperor Sea Shark was so surprised. He seized Shen Ren who had been wounded severely and fleed at his fastest speed.

The vague shadow in front of Shi Yan suddenly roared inaudibly in between so many flames.

Its energy run directly into everybody's soul!

The warriors below Third Sky of Immortal Realm had their soul altars collapsed; their Incipient Extent shattered. Bodies exploded under the sea. All of a sudden, the seabed had more than hundreds of corpses.

Those at Third Sky of Immortal Realm like Forefather Dragon Lizard, Tu Shi Qi, Ya Yun, and the Forefather Earth Ghoul had to run away as they were pressed until their natural facial holes bled.

Ricardo and Ferrell gazed at that giant shadow for three seconds. They exchanged looks as they felt so chilled. Immediately, they ran away.

So many s.p.a.ce cracks in the seabed vanished into the seawater as if they were snow under the fire.

If someone could use the Soul Consciousness to check the entire Sea of Annihilation, that person would see the immensely vast s.p.a.ce of the Sea of Annihilation shrinking strangely!

It was like a deflating balloon shrinking rapidly!

Shi Yan was still bewildered and standing blankly as if his soul was gone.

Audrey sat on a corner with the Soul Refining Cauldron in her head. The cauldron was fusing with her.

G.o.d Lord Brian closed his eyes and floated in the sea like a blazing sun. Ming Hao, the Soul Control Chief, was kneeling on the ground. Lifting his head to see the formidable figure in the sea, he was begrudgingly desperate when the other had his life in his hand.

After less than a minute because of that terrifying shadow, the negative situation completely overturned. Hundred of warriors at the Immortal Realm of the Sea of Annihilation were killed instantly, except for some Third Sky of Immortal Realm experts.

Neptune's territory shattered. He had to run away as his soul altar was badly damaged.

Ricardo and Ferrell didn't dare to linger. They all ran away for their lives.

The s.p.a.cious seabed of the Sea of Annihilation now only had warriors from Desolate Territory with the giant shadow.

After a while, that shadow grabbed and tore a hole. Then, it scooped Audrey, Ming Hao, Brian, and Shi Yan. Then, it ran toward the entrance to Desolate Territory.

Shi Yan and the others were pulled into Desolate Territory. Then, the ma.s.sive shadow seemed to drain all the energy. It was divided into three pieces and returned to Shi Yan, Audrey, and the G.o.d Lord.


The s.p.a.cious Sea of Annihilation's seabed shrunk to a third of its original size. It seemed like someone had drawn the energy of the s.p.a.ce here, so it had to vanish.

After a long time, a white crystal skeleton came to the place where the battle had taken place. That skeleton was the Territory Ancestor Hero of the White Bone Clan. He was one of the ten great Territory Ancestors of the vast sea of stars.

Hiro sensed for a while at that location. He was startled shortly after, "The Absolute Beginning creature's aura!"

He lingered there for a long time and then wandered around the Sea of Annihilation to find something. However, he got nothing so he had to return to his clan.

Time flew fast.

At a corner of the seabed, it was a world of mist and smoke inside a broken star. A figure's body was in the shape of a ball inside the piece of that broken star.

It was Mei Ji, unexpectedly wrapped in surging vitality. At this moment, Mei Ji's peerless appearance was recovered. Her skin was smooth and bright. However, her breathing was very feeble.

Mei Ji woke up in the world inside the broken star. Her remaining G.o.d power was less than the time she was most wounded. Her Sea of Consciousness was about to collapse and she couldn't even condense her Soul Consciousness.

She wasn't feeling good. Without the surging vitality in this misty world, her soul magnetic field was going to vanish and end her life.

As she didn't have enough G.o.d power, she didn't dare to get out of the misty world. She could only wait here.

She had to wait for Shi Yan in agony.

Using the tool fabricated by the Phantom Clan to measure time, she knew she had been here for several months.

Shi Yan hadn't come yet.

Tears lingered in her eyes. She thought that Shi Yan didn't survive this time. This misty world couldn't last for a long time. It was goingto vanish soon.

Mei Ji seemed to see herself walking to death.

While her vision was blurred with tears, she saw a small figure appear outside the world in the rock.

It looked like a little girl around eleven or twelve years old appeared. She looked really cute and pretty. The little girls looked at Mei Ji inside the rock, her eyes tender and loving. However, she spoke like a grannie. "Silly little child…"

The rock burst off and the misty world vanished. Mei Ji was released.

Her eyes without focus looked at the little girl and she spoke as if she was dreaming. "Grannie…"

"Sleep. Get good sleep. I'm here. No one can hurt you anymore. When you wake up, our Phantom Clan will have another Territory Ancestor," the little girl spoke softly.

Mei Ji slowly closed her eyes.

The little girl held her and nodded when she slept. They both vanished into thin air as if they were just a wisp of smoke.

Three days later, Ferrell's lair in the Sea of Annihilation was cleared. The giant sea turtle he was riding was dismembered. Ferrell's later generations were ma.s.sacred.

Ferrell knew that but he didn't dare to stand up against the murderers. He ran directly to the territory of the Ancient Monster Clan, declaring his side. Then, he stayed hidden in the clan and didn't dare to get out.

Almost at the same time, all the islands of the Soul Clan in the Sea of Annihilation were destroyed. The warriors of the Soul Clan based in the Sea of Annihilation were slaughtered. Neptune had already returned to the headquarters to cure his wounds. He was in a similar position as Ferrell, hiding and retracting his neck.

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