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"Is this brutal demon the one we're seeking for? Is there a mistake?"

"Second Sky of Immortal Realm! He has only Second Sky of Immortal Realm cultivation base! How could it be?! Qi Mo was at Peak of Immortal Realm!

"Gosh! We thought it was simple. If we had known this earlier, we wouldn't have gotten involved in this!"

". . ."

Many people began to regret. They were here because they wanted to observe a battle between the Territory Ancestors to learn Dark Energy. However, most of them were here to capture Shi Yan to get the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

And now, the target they had been waiting for had come back with guts. As soon as he came, he showcased his skills that were beyond anyone's imagination. He had slaughtered Qi Mo and the warriors from the Devouring Clan. His Devouring power Upanishad made Neptune's brutal souls shiver. Also, he had used the power of the constellation to wake up Emperor Sea Shark.

He had almost overturned the situation single-handedly!

"Little Bear Constellation's indignant roar!" Shi Yan grinned and licked the blood at the corners of his mouth.

The big silver bear created by the stars faced the sky and roared. Its ferocious nature was completely stimulated. The crystals in its body collided with each other grumblingly. Ma.s.sive asteroids fell from the sky. At this moment, it looked like the silver bear was shattering!

Streams of asteroids grumblingly sank, each of them as big as an island. They brought the wrath of a savage bear.

Crack! Crack! Pffft!

When the asteroids. .h.i.t the other warriors, their bodies were directly smashed. The light cage they had built to protect their bodies were fragile as if they were made of an eggsh.e.l.l. Many Immortal Realm experts were bleeding terribly; they looked more helter-skelter than Shi Yan did.

"Why did you attack us?!"

"You're crazy!"

"We didn't do anything! Are you crazy, man?"

They shrieked and screeched, criticizing Shi Yan indignantly.

"Haha, you've crossed thousands of miles from the surface to come here and find me, haven't you?" Shi Yan smirked. "If you dare to come, you should expect to see my flames of anger! You think I'm alone so you can bully me? You think I'm just a low-realm warrior so you can do whatever you want to me? You're so naive!"

After the asteroids had fallen from the sky, dozens of more warriors were crushed and their soul altars escaped.

Once the soul altars emerged, Shi Yan directly used his Devouring power Upanishad to swallow them all.

The Sea of Annihilation's seabed had become the Shura h.e.l.l. The onlookers from different clan were attacked by the asteroids and they got smashed.

More people recognized the dangerous situation. They tried their best to not let their bodies shatter, even if they had to bear damages in their soul altars. As long as they had their bodies, their soul altars weren't going to be devoured.

"Shi Yan! You want to attack us too?"

"You're crazy!"

"d.a.m.n you! I gave you an Immortal Pellet!"

Tu Shi Qi, Ya Yun, and Forefather Dragon Lizard were attacked by three hundreds-of-meter-tall asteroids. They had to join hands to resist the asteroids. All looked helter-skelter.

They screamed and scolded Shi Yan for returning favors with bad deeds. They thought that Shi Yan was very heartless.

Shi Yan's line of sight fell on them. He frowned and said coldly, "Do you know what's repaying favors with bad deeds? If you knew, you wouldn't have come to the Sea of Annihilation's seabed! When we were on Dragon Lizard Star, without me, Singh would have killed you and Neptune's Soul Refining Cauldron would have sucked your blood and soul quickly. And you, Tu Shi Qi; if I hadn't used my s.p.a.ce energy to unlock your spatial lock, do you think you could have escaped that lock? If I hadn't stopped Mei Ji, you and your wife would have been killed on Dragon Lizard Star!

"Because I killed Ling Mei, a woman from the Mysterious Sky Clan, you got your eyes fixed on me just to have an answer to your Forefather Han Tian? Ling Mei had seized the chance when I was hurt to strike Mei Ji. Her soul magnetic field almost broke. When she wanted to kill me, where were you? I didn't see you trying to seek justice for me?" Shi Yan's face was dark and cold. "Because Ling Mei was the granddaughter of Han Tian and I'm not a member of the Mysterious Sky Clan, and because I didn't agree to be your clan's Nonnative Officer, you were going to kill me?"

Pausing for a breath, Shi Yan shouted, "Why?"



Another asteroid fell from the sky and hit the asteroid above Tu Shi Qi, Ya Yun, and Forefather Dragon Lizard. Two asteroids piled up and increased the pressure.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun's bodies cracked and bled badly.

Although Forefather Dragon Lizard was just a clone, he was Lizard's later generation. His body was tough enough to resist. However, he still shook. Lava was churning in his eyes.

He was panic-stricken. It was just ten years after the incident on Dragon Lizard Star. At that time, Shi Yan was at the Incipient G.o.d Realm and he had used one of his Immortal Pellets to reach the Immortal Realm. And now, his power was terrifying. With such progress, in the near future, even the Mysterious Sky Clan weren't going to be able to subdue him.

Forefather Dragon Lizard was regretful. He regretted coming to the seabed with Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun to find Shi Yan.

Even though he remembered Shi Yan's favor and protected him by asking Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun to give him chances, when he jumped into the sea, no matter what his att.i.tude was, he had chosen to stand against Shi Yan.

"Old man, you're right. This kid has endless potential. We were all wrong," Ya Yun's blood dripped from her mouth to her chest, her face bitter.

"I always said that we were wrong. I've underestimated his potential. If I had known his competence, I would have ignored Ling Mei then! Sigh…" Tu Shi Qi sighed.

"Do you want to watch more?" Ferrell asked Ricardo with a wince.

Ricardo lifted his head, his face surprised. He was dazed as he watched Shi Yan attack everywhere. He hadn't taken any action. Hearing Ferrell, Ricardo chuckled, "If you want to take action, do it yourself. Although that kid is fierce, you can still kill him simply. Why didn't you do that?"

"If Emperor Sea Shark didn't see it earlier, I would have taken action!" Ferrell scolded.

Not far from him, Emperor Sea Shark looked much colder, his eyes gazing at Ferrell. He knew that if he made the slightest move, Emperor Sea Shark's fierce attack would bombard him instantly.

He wasn't so sure that Ricardo was honest to him to help him cope with Emperor Sea Shark. Thus, he was hesitant.

… As for Neptune, because his brutal souls were subdued by the Devouring power Upanishad, he had become the most pathetic expert.

Apparently, he got the power of a Territory Ancestor Realm expert because of his suppression brutal souls, which were also his most powerful ones; he didn't have any means left to deal with the others. At this moment, he was gathering his brutal souls, his face pensive as if he was hesitating before striking.

Ricardo, Ferrell, and Neptune didn't do anything, which meant that no Territory Ancestor had taken action to stop Shi Yan. Qi Mo and the members of the Devouring Clan didn't have the power to resist the Devouring power Upanishad. Shi Yan had seized the chance and killed them all. It had shaken everybody on the scene.

Shi Yan could use his Constellation power smoothly without encountering any obstacle because the others were still in a daze after witnessing Qi Mo's death.

Qi Mo was at the Peak of Immortal Realm, and Shi Yan, an expert at Second Sky of Immortal Realm, was able to kill him. His resentful death had cast a shadow in their hearts.

Only Ming Hao, the G.o.d Lord, and a few knew that it was a retributive relationship between the Devouring power Upanishad and the Chaos power Upanishad since Shi Yan could kill Qi Mo!

They understood that if Shi Yan faced another Third Sky of Immortal Realm, even if he could win, he would have to pay a terrible, b.l.o.o.d.y price!

They knew that, but they didn't say it out loud. Shi Yan had an intimidating aura of an overlord, which had worried the others and given him time and room to use his Constellation Power to check the essence of his new Star power Upanishad's ability.

The situation entered a strange phase.

The experts from the other areas on the seabed or from the surface had come to cooperate with Ricardo, Neptune, and Ferrell to hunt Shi Yan. However, the three Territory Ancestors had stood idle and watched Shi Yan slaughter many people and swallow their soul altars.

The seabed became b.l.o.o.d.y. The asteroids from the big silver bear seemed to have their own consciousness. After they had fallen and smashed one warrior, they could slowly rise up again to prepare for the next attack.

Everybody knew that if they let Shi Yan do what he wanted like this, the situation was going to turn to the point of no control.

Neptune had hesitated for a long time. Eventually, he lifted his head and looked at Shi Yan. "If it's not because of the Devouring power Upanishad, it's easy to kill you. Let alone your Second Sky of Immortal Realm, even if you were at Peak of Immortal Realm, you would have made no difference. You will see… the difference between the Immortal Realm and Territory Ancestor Realm."

Then, the divine weapon was conjured.

As soon as the Soul Refining Cauldron emerged from Neptune's head, his brutal souls all wormed into the cauldron.

The three-legged cauldron moved. Countless Absolute Beginning symbols were wiggling on its surface and emitting an aura that could enter people's soul. The cauldron then fell between the asteroids in the sky.

Abruptly, the brutal souls began to shriek and cry from inside the cauldron.

As soon as the warriors around heard the cries, so many ghosts and departed souls stormed out. There were tens of thousands of them. Those brutal souls were stabilized and enhanced by the Soul Refining Cauldron; they weren't afraid of the Devouring power Upanishad anymore. They circled and dragged many asteroids together.

After dozens of seconds, the big silver bear congregated one more time.

This time, it wasn't Shi Yan who did that. The brutal souls had forced the asteroids and glued them together.

At first glance, so many brutal souls and ghosts had covered the silver bear. In the next moment, the jade three-legged cauldron s.n.a.t.c.hed over it. Waves of soul energy from the cauldron made the silver bear screech in agony. The spirit inside the stars seemed to be tamed. They were so worried that they tried to seek help from Shi Yan.


A brutal soul, which looked like a hundred-meter-tall lion, flew out. Its ma.s.sive claws attacked Shi Yan.

Shi Yan's wounded body was torn, revealing a b.l.o.o.d.y hole where people could see his internal organs and intestines.

Neptune coughed badly. He looked at the Soul Refining Cauldron, his face baffled. It seemed like using the cauldron had cost him a lot. This cauldron hadn't been completely fixed and he hadn't tamed it yet. When he forced the divine weapon, he had to endure the backfire.

The Devouring power Upanishad could somehow subdue his brutal souls. He had to pay with the backfire of the Soul Refining Cauldron to kill Shi Yan.

"Ricardo, Ferrell, stop Emperor Sea Shark for me for a while. I have to kill this kid first," Neptune seized a moment between his coughs to shout.

"No problem!" Ferrell agreed immediately.

Ricardo lifted his head to look at Shi Yan and then at Emperor Sea Shark. Pondering for a while, he nodded, "I'll watch Emperor Sea Shark. I won't let him trouble you."

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