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"G.o.d flame sets a prairie ablaze!"

Ricardo's host soul arose from his Territory as a G.o.d of Fire shooting flames everywhere. Those flames had many colors. They were scorching and fiery with the Yang power; they burned Emperor Sea Shark's water curtains.

A soul flame changed inside that Fire Territory. Many wisps of Soul Consciousness mixed with Dark Energy were sprayed everywhere.

The entire sky was covered with a rain of fire. Fire shrouded the area and flaming fluids flooded Emperor Sea Shark's Territory. "Take the chance when he's perplexed to drain his life energy!"

Ferrell sneered. So many lightning b.a.l.l.s as big as mountains were swirling and sending out broken, shattering waves of energy.

Neptune snorted. Three brutal souls were like an eternal Demogorgon that roared and tore a water curtain. They ripped through Emperor Sea Shark's Water Territory.

Emperor Sea Shark spurted blood as he was exhausted. Shen Ren stood by him, shouting and trying to stop him.

"Do you think you are qualified to interrupt a battle between Territory Ancestors? Get lost!" Ferrell sneered and squeezed his fist. Thunder reverberated and lightning bolts fell.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shen Ren's body was wounded and bleeding badly when he was kicked out of Emperor Sea Shark's Water Territory. His eyes turned blank.


Emperor Sea Shark shrieked, his voice echoing through the entire Sea of Annihilation. Countless crystal-clear drops like tears fell from his eyes. Those water drops looked like they were made of crystal. After each drop fell into the sea, the water pressure increased dozens of times.

Boop! Boop! Boop!

Many low-realm warriors couldn't endure the formidable water pressure and their bodies exploded.

Soul altars flew out of their shattered bodies. The souls hovering on the soul altars were aghast, wailing and screeching as they saw the b.l.o.o.d.y mess of their bodies. Their voices were like sounds of crying ghosts, which raised the hair on people's napes.

Most of them were at First Sky of Immortal Realm or had just entered the Immortal Realm; their realms weren't stable yet.


Ming Hong, the brutal soul, had covered Audrey to protect her from the pressure and pulled her out of here.

"Brian!" screamed Ming Hao.

While screaming, twelves of Ming Hao's clones exploded. Forefather Earth Ghoul and Qi Mo had destroyed them.

Not far from them, the G.o.d Lord crossed his hands in front of his chest, watching and doing nothing.

At this moment, as the G.o.d Lord heard Ming Hao's call, he didn't look like he was willing to respond. He hesitated when he had to look from the battle between Emperor Sea Shark, Ferrell, Neptune, and Ricardo. He closed his eyes and when he opened his eyes again, pure and holy light bloomed.

The G.o.d Lord was like the bright moon in the velvet, starry sky. Stepping on a light road, he grabbed Qi Mo.

The powers of Five Elements turned into a holy, five-colored light curtain, which covered Qi Mo. The G.o.d Lord wore a cold face and said faintly. "Chaos power Upanishad. Ah ha! Gru also cultivated Chaos power Upanishad. He died tragically anyway. You're not as strong as Gru. If Gru was still alive, he would be stronger than you now."

Gru was the Chief of Chaos Force who had imparted the power Upanishad to Ka Tuo. He had been confined in the G.o.d Burying Land for many years before he was killed in the battle against the Four Great Heavenly Kings.

Gru was also at the Immortal Realm but his realm wasn't as high as Qi Mo. Anyway, Gru was really powerful and he had endless potential. If the G.o.d Lord hadn't plotted against him, Gru wouldn't have been dead.

Gru was also a member of the G.o.d Clan. As the G.o.d Lord had fused with the Origin of Ancient G.o.d Continent, he had power over Gru. Because of him, the Four Great Heavenly Kings could kill Gru.


At the Peak of Immortal Realm, Qi Mo's chaotic magnetic field was covered inside the five-colored halo; it was exploding.

"Another expert from Desolate Territory!"

"Warriors from Desolate Territory are fierce. Gosh, are we doing something wrong here?"

"This man is also at the Immortal Realm with Five Elements power and the Light power Upanishad! He's really awesome!"


The G.o.d Lord Brian's performance sparked more discussion and showed the toughness of the warriors from Desolate Territory.

They didn't know that Ming Hao and Brian were peerless experts in Desolate Territory. They were the two strongest experts of the entire Desolate Territory. They could make people awe-struck; it was enough to prove how hard they had worked and exerted themselves in tens of thousands of years.

The chaotic magnetic field shattered. Qi Mo was scared. He and his troops from the Devouring Clan changed their target. Now, they all aimed at the G.o.d Lord.

Ming Hao could relax a little bit. He just needed to deal with Forefather Earth Ghoul Ba Di and Neptune's two brutal souls. Apparently, his situation stabilized.

Quite the contrary, Emperor Sea Shark was besieged by three Territory Ancestors. Gradually, he was pushed to a disadvantaged situation. Emperor Sea Shark was frantic and he couldn't leave. He was worn out, indeed…

"Warriors from Desolate Territory. Interesting. It seems like we need to take care of them well," Ferrell sneered. Inside the Thunderbolt Territory above his head, a ma.s.sive lightning net was created and it s.n.a.t.c.hed down. It didn't even attempt to avoid Qi Mo and Ba Di.

Ba Di and Qi Mo left immediately when the situation went wrong. As the lightning net didn't aim at them, it still lowered.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Ming Hao's soul clones vanished when the lightning net touched them.

Even the G.o.d Lord Brian had to change his countenance. When the ma.s.sive lightning net caught them, his brilliant, holy halo was pressed. He felt suddenly powerless. The lightning struck his soul altar grumblingly and his Soul Consciousness was damaged.

"Cough! Cough!"

The G.o.d Lord coughed hard and blood gushed out of his mouth, his face pale. "Ming Hao, you and I haven't reached the Territory Ancestor Realm. Otherwise, we would have vandalized this Sea of Annihilation! It's really unfortunate that even at the last moment, we haven't seen the threshold to Territory Ancestor Realm. I'm dissatisfied!"

"I'm also dissatisfied!" Flows of Ming Hao's soul gathered and turned into a ma.s.sive shadow. "Even if my soul vanishes, I have to show them how fierce and malicious warriors of the Desolate Territory are!"

"You want to use the forbidden s.p.a.ce power?" The G.o.d Lord was surprised and bitter. "Your soul will vanish. The seabed is different from other areas. The backfire when the s.p.a.ce entry collides with water pressure is enough to destroy your soul altar. You can't endure it…"

"I have to try anyway," Ming Hao said sorrowfully.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

s.p.a.ce cracks and slits expanded in this area and moved like slithering snakes. A flow of strange aura extended from Ming Hao's body.


Ming Hao faced the sky and screamed. His ghostly body seemed to become a shattered mirror reflecting so many broken worlds.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The s.p.a.ce cracks undersea were like open wounds that were torn further apart. The rapid current flood from outer s.p.a.ce was visible like a brutal demon opening his mouth to swallow everything.

This incident made Neptune pale. He looked and shouted, "s.p.a.ce power Upanishad at Third Sky of Immortal Realm!"

A brutal soul that looked like a beast in the Immemorial Epoch with green faces and yellow fangs appeared. His body was as big as a mountain; his arms were like a sky supported by pillars that pounded on Ming Hao.

Ming Hao was like a shattered mirror that cracked. He couldn't resist the ma.s.sive fists pounded on him and he collapsed.

"Just a wisp of a soul. He dares use the forbidden s.p.a.ce energy on this seabed. He doesn't treasure his life, indeed. Do you think your soul form can endure the backfire?" smirked Neptune.

"Ming Hao!" Brian hissed, his eyes complicated. "If this soul is your real body, you will…"

As soon as he was about to let the word "die" slip out of his mouth, he was surprised to see Ming Hao's vanishing soul. That soul was wriggling like a cut worm. Under some magical power, pieces of his soul were gathering and gluing to each other. Shortly after, Ming Hao congregated in a distorted way.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A strange life energy, which was powerful and immense, emitted from Ming Hao"s soul. A flow of vitality ignited his life magnetic field once again!

At the same time, dozens of bright crystals appeared above their heads. Those crystals had different shapes that looked like rhombuses, cones, eggs, and cubes in many different colors. They were moving grumblingly like a shaking galaxy that shot meteors.

Each of the meteors was like an edged sword. They seemed to have a Soul Consciousness as if they could find lives on their own to attack.

Ming Hao's forbidden s.p.a.ce technique paused magically. The s.p.a.ce cracks didn't expand anymore. Strange sharp s.p.a.ce wheels were created at areas where s.p.a.ce was about to shatter. They moved around wildly and harvested lives.

A brilliant starlight cage appeared amid those crystals, which was very eye-catching. They lifted their heads to see and screamed in fear.

"That's him!"

"The warrior that the five clans want!"

"Shi Yan!"

"It's Shi Yan!"

"He dares to come here!"

The crowd was boiling!

Ming Hao was thrilled. A flow of immense vitality was sent to his soul and it healed his collapsing soul magnetic field.

He was formed again. Lifting his head to look at Shi Yan, he was shaken. At a glimpse of time, he thought he saw Bloodthirsty…

"Emperor Sea Shark doesn't look good. If he can't wake up, he can't leave alive," reminded Mei Ji.

Inside the light cage, Shi Yan pulled himself together. After first glance, he saw Emperor Sea Shark covered in blood and was surprised. What Emperor Sea Shark was going through at the moment were the side effects of Rampage. As he didn't cultivate Devouring power Upanishad and his acupuncture points didn't contain negative energy, he was burning his life energy to stimulate his rampage.

Thus, it was hard for him to recover.

Looking at Emperor Sea Shark, Ming Hao, and the G.o.d Lord, Shi Yan didn't say a word while continuing to use his Star power Upanishad.

Dozens of crystals around him moved and slowly arrayed into the shape of a big bear. The bear observed the area and then opened its mouth, spraying a cold breath. It was the cold energy from the meteors on dozens of crystals. The wisp of cold energy was like a cool stream that ran directly to Emperor Sea Shark's crown of the head.


Emperor Sea Shark got hit by the cold energy and sank. However, the frenzious will in his eyes gradually vanished. He was finally awakened.

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