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Deep in the sea.

Silhouettes like gloomy ghosts appeared in every corner of the sea. They looked frightened or excited; their eyes were fixed on two light domes.

The collision between the Thunderbolt Territory and the Water Territory almost shattered the seabed. Many fine s.p.a.ce cracks appeared and extended, which many Immortal Realm experts had to move away instinctively.

No one knew where those s.p.a.ce slits led to. At their realm, they didn't dare to jump in.

Neptune and Ricardo wore stern faces and stood in the crowd. They continuously mended those cracks and slits to stabilize the shattering sea area.

Rumble! Rumble!

So many lightning continents inside the Thunderbolt Territory blasted. Whenever a continent disappeared, Ferrell's eyes sparkled. The thick aura in his Thunderbolt Territory gradually weakened.

Quite the contrary, Emperor Sea Shark became more excited the more he fought. His red eyes and brutal aura were completely different from his regular humble, modest appearance.

Many people felt as if it was the first time they knew Emperor Sea Shark.

This battle spread Emperor Sea Shark's reputation around the entire Sea Domain of Nihility! Many years later, warriors talked about this character and his intimidating merit in the Sea of Annihilation!

Innumerable water curtains were multiplied in Emperor Sea Shark's Water Territory and gushed into Ferrell's Thunderbolt Territory. Water shrouded each lightning ball and squeezed them into powder!

Ferrell was scared.

He finally knew that self-effacing Emperor Sea Shark wasn't a weak expert he could bully. He regretted it now. He shouldn't have provoked him.

"The Sea of Annihilation is a marvelous place, indeed." Ming Hao and the G.o.d Lord were standing far from the battle. Ming Hao's eyes were gloomy as he observed the s.p.a.ce cracks around. "If this kind of battle takes place in our Desolate Territory, it will break many star areas. The s.p.a.ce can't even endure a battle between the Immortal Realm experts like us. But this seabed just had some small cracks…"

Ming Hao's attainment in s.p.a.ce power Upanishad was extremely profound. He was at the grandmaster level, indeed. He knew the regular world couldn't endure a confrontation between the real experts.

Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell were the Territory Ancestors. The shockwaves of their battle could make the Desolate Territory collapse on a large scale. But in here, the seabed had only some small cracks.

Ming Hao considered and then said, "It seems like the sea area here can endure the pulling force of s.p.a.ce energy without shattering. Unfortunately, my soul form can't endure the backfire of tearing s.p.a.ce. Otherwise, we could have tried once."

Boom! Boom! Boom!

So many lightning b.a.l.l.s exploded and vanished within Ferrell's Territory. Gradually, his Territory was reduced and Ferrell had to back off.

Shortly after, many lightning b.a.l.l.s congregated and created a tremendously terrifying light ball.

Ferrell roared and thundered inside that light ball. All of a sudden, he tore the ball and flew out. His face twisted in pain. Deep in his eyes, so many lightning pythons were moving. "Emperor Sea Shark!"

Emperor Sea Shark's eyes were still crimson. He looked shocked before he could resume his sound mind.

His eyes moved around as if he was searching for someone in the crowd, his face bewildered.

"Ferrell! What happened?" cried Ricardo.

"Emperor Sea Shark!" called Neptune.

"I found Shi Yan; I was about to capture him. Emperor Sea Shark had stopped me. I don't know what he thought. He had shooed that kid away," bellowed Ferrell. So many lightning b.a.l.l.s hovering in the water emitted a dazzling light of lightning while he was talking.

"Emperor Sea Shark, is it true?" Neptune was surprised. "You've agreed with me to help me find that kid. Is it your right att.i.tude?"

Ricardo, Tu Shi Qi, and Qi Mo were bewildered. They didn't know the reason so they turned to Emperor Sea Shark with a questioning face.

The blood-red hue in Emperor Sea Shark's eyes remained. It hadn't vanished yet. He still looked puzzled and looked for something in the crowd.

A flame ignited.

Emperor Sea Shark's eyes suddenly brightened and screamed, "Shen Ren!"

While Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell were fighting, Shen Ren had disappeared mysteriously. And now, he reappeared inside that flickering flame. The seash.e.l.l he hid his body in had so many flames piling up on each other. As soon as he appeared, he said resolutely, "we must go now."

Neptune and Ricardo had finally come. He also knew Emperor Sea Shark's plan of fighting Ferrell for a while to draw people's attention.

He was the one who understood Emperor Sea Shark the most. He was like his shadow, in fact.

He understood that once Neptune and Ricardo came, they would look for him and force him to tell the reason for the battle.

Thus, he had to hide. Before Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell parted from the battle, he had to not show himself.

And now, it's time to reappear! He needed to remind Emperor Sea Shark that he shouldn't stand against the warriors of the entire Sea of Annihilation alone!

Hearing him, Emperor Sea Shark chuckled and nodded, "Right. We should leave. I'm not going to lose myself in this."

The clouds of souls appeared by Emperor Sea Shark. Neptune wore a cold and stern face. "Emperor Sea Shark, I think you owe me an explanation."

Ricardo also stepped forward and frowned. "I've agreed with someone to capture a kid named Shi Yan. Emperor Sea Shark, I need a proper answer."

Tu Shi Qi, Qi Mo, and many experts hiding far away also moved closer.

They barricaded Emperor Sea Shark. No one had come with a good will. They demanded Emperor Sea Shark to show where Shi Yan had gone.

Many smart people got the hint that Emperor Sea Shark had let Shi Yan go from Ferrell's words. And Emperor Sea Shark had even fought with Ferrell to seize more time for him and attract the others. They understood that Emperor Sea Shark wanted to protect Shi Yan. They doubted that Shi Yan and Emperor Sea Shark had some secret agreement and his knowledge of where Shi Yan had gone.

"Emperor Sea Shark… released Shi Yan?" the G.o.d Lord was amazed and shook his head. "I can't believe it."

"That kid is always weird. Many unbelievable things could happen to him," Ming Hao frowned, "It seems like he left safely. It's good then…"

Audrey was approaching from a far distance. Hearing them, she cheered up.

"Retreat! Now!" Ming Hong screamed from her shoulder. "Forefather Dragon Lizard, Tu Shi Qi, and even that demon Neptune are here. If they find you, it'll be a lot of trouble!"

Audrey was startled. She immediately reacted and flew away without pausing.

However, at this moment, Neptune's eyelid twitched. His deep look pierced through hundreds of warriors and fell on Audrey precisely. He licked his lip and mumbled, "Singh's brutal souls. Interesting. The brutal souls of our clan's commander now benefit someone else."

A dozen-meter-tall, jet black brutal soul that looked both like a bear and a lion appeared under Neptune's feet.

That brutal soul roared and turned into a band of dim light, shooting toward Audrey!

"Not good! That demon has sensed you from such a far distance!" Ming Hong felt his scalp numb. He urged, "Leave at your max speed!"

Audrey paled. As she saw the ma.s.sive brutal soul coming, her soul shivered.

Her realm was very different from Neptune's. The energy of one of his Neptune's brutal soul wasn't someone she could cope with. Ming Hong also felt restless when the brutal soul came.

He was also a brutal soul, but he was refined by Singh. He couldn't resist a brutal soul made by Neptune at the Territory Ancestor Realm.


Ming Hao could feel the commotion from the aura he had left on Audrey. He sensed and discolored. His soul form disappeared abruptly.


Ming Hao approached Audrey and looked at Neptune's brutal soul; he sneered and grabbed it. A s.p.a.ce crack appeared next to him and turned into a strange blade. He grabbed it.

Ming Hao rose the blade and slashed. Neptune's brutal soul screeched as it was halved.

However, the brutal soul wasn't a real ent.i.ty. After it was halved, it could still scream and showcase its savagery. Now, its target was Ming Hao.

Neptune was numb and his face was extremely dark. He turned to look at Ming Hao, Ming Hong, and Audrey. "Low creatures. You don't know how high the sky is. Dare resist me! Court death!"

The sea of souls underneath him sent out another brutal soul. It was a green serpent around hundreds of meter long. It had a thick acid aura. The stinky mouth of the snake had so many fangs. It had swallowed some warriors while it slithered on its way. Those victims perished instantly.


The G.o.d Lord suddenly recognized that Ming Hao had disappeared while he was watching Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell. Turning around, he saw Ming Hao fighting Neptune's brutal soul.

He was surprised. Hesitating, he stood still.

He didn't want to get involved.

"Let's go!" Shen Ren seized the opportunity and shouted.

Emperor Sea Shark didn't know Audrey, so he wouldn't help her. Seeing that they had caught Neptune's attention, he nodded and released waves to get rid of the crowd.

"Don't let him escape!" shouted Ferrell.

He didn't need to say so as Ricardo, Qi Mo, and many onlookers had taken action instinctively.

In just a blink of an eye, the seabed became brilliant with so many light curtains, halos, and blocks. The barriers of different energies were cast. The sharp power shot and gashed the seabed. The whole scene was hustling and bustling.

The warriors who had the guts to watch the battle between the two Territory Ancestors had profound realms and cultivation bases. Many of them were related to the seven clans while some of them were here because of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

Whether it was because of the rewards from the five clans or the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, they wanted to know Shi Yan's whereabouts.

Thus, they all took action.

"Emperor Sea Shark, after this battle, no matter how the result turns out, you won't have a decent place to stay in this Sea Domain of Nihility. The members of the Soul Clan, Devouring Clan, Ancient Monster Clan, Black Demon Clan, and Mysterious Sky Clan won't let you go. Their core members were killed and you released that kid. You have to bear the consequences!" Ricardo sighed and spoke emotionally.

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