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"Go back there?"

Mei Ji's body was stiff, her face panic-stricken. She screamed hoa.r.s.ely, "Why do we have to go back there? Emperor Sea Shark is fighting Ferrell to attract the others and give you a chance to escape. Why would you have to go back there?"

"I've just reached Second Sky of Immortal Realm," explained Shi Yan.

"So what?" Mei Ji was surprised.

"Normally, after I reach a new realm, I'm like a lake that was just dug deeper and became larger. Ah, no, the same thing happens to everybody," Shi Yan rubbed his chin and said darkly. "I need to acc.u.mulate G.o.d power now. At our Immortal Realm, acc.u.mulating energy is a perpetual and painful process."

Mei Ji nodded gently.

She understood it clearly and she had experienced it before. From Second Sky to Third Sky of Immortal Realm, it took her almost one thousand years to acc.u.mulate energy.

And it didn't include the time needed to advance her power Upanishad!

A warrior would reach the point to break through one day after acc.u.mulating enough energy. However, it depended on the warrior's condition and encounter to comprehend the power Upanishad. It didn't require only ascetic cultivation.

"If I don't have a cutting-edge method, I will need hundreds of years to fill the energy required to break through to Third Sky from Second Sky of Immortal Realm…"

Shi Yan pulled an earnest face and shook his head. "I don't like ascetic cultivation, especially when I know the shortcut. If taking risks can shorten a lot of them, I'm willing to bet my life on it!"

Mei Ji understood it right away, "You want to use the Devouring power Upanishad?"

Shi Yan smiled, "Right. The Devouring power Upanishad can shorten this energy acc.u.mulation a lot. The battle between Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell will attract so many experts in the Sea of Annihilation. If chaos ensues and hundreds of Immortal Realm experts are killed, that energy… will be enough for me to reach Third Sky of Immortal Realm!"

Mei Ji's eyes brightened.

During this trip, she had observed and enjoyed the benefits given to her from Shi Yan's Devouring power Upanishad. Of course, she knew the mysteries of this evil powers.

She believed in Shi Yan's words.

If hundreds of warriors at the Immortal Realm died, the dead Essence Qi from them would brim his G.o.d power Ancient Tree after being refined.

Indeed, he didn't need to struggle and cultivate for a long time!

"They want to find you. If you get back there, it's like stepping into a trap. You will fail Emperor Sea Shark too." Mei Ji was startled and she asked suspiciously. "Are you confident that you can return safely?"

She knew that Shi Yan wasn't a fool; he wouldn't do things he wasn't certain of.

"After I reached Second Sky of Immortal Realm, I'm confident that I can always use the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to leave even on the seabed." Shi Yan grinned and said arrogantly," Although Ming Hao's realm is higher than mine, he's just in his soul form. He can't urge his energy to the utmost. Moreover, he can't endure the backfire. What he can't do, I can."

A Fantasy Boundary Stone sparkled in the palm of his hand. He sent the G.o.d power into the Fantasy Boundary Stone; it inflated like a balloon. After ten breaths, it became a world.

It was a world of misty clouds. As soon as it emerged, it entered the broken star next to them, which normal people couldn't find or sense.

This misty world was filled with Shi Yan's s.p.a.ce energy and Soul Consciousness as if Shi Yan's co-soul was there and controlled his power.

"The cloudy world created by the Fantasy Boundary Stone is controlled by my s.p.a.ce energy and it has my Soul Imprint. This world can be here for a while. During this time, I can use my soul connection to hide in it any time and wherever I am on this seabed."

Shi Yan smiled and glanced at Mei Ji. His finger gestured and a s.p.a.ce slit flared up. He grabbed Mei Ji by her hand and jumped into the s.p.a.ce slit.

After a flash, Shi Yan and Mei Ji emerged in the misty world inside the broken star.

Inside the immense cl.u.s.ters of clouds, Mei Ji's sleeves flew and made her look like a moon fairy. She raised one hand and covered her mouth, "Is it simple like this?"

Shi Yan smiled. A wisp of s.p.a.ce energy flashed. He and Mei Ji returned to the area outside the rock. "Within a certain range in this Sea of Annihilation, I can enter that misty world in just a blink of an eye. Even experts like Emperor Sea Shark or Farrell can never catch me if they don't know."

Mei Ji smiled and admitted that he sounded logical. "You have an a.s.surance to leave and not die. But can you ensure that you can leave after you have fished in the troubled water? When the experts at Neptune's level attack you, do you think you can endure one strike from them?"

"Well, I couldn't before. But now, it's not a problem."

"How are you so sure?"

"I'll show you."

Shi Yan laughed arrogantly. He shot like a sword to the highest peak of this broken stars area.

Shortly after, his body emitted starlight. He looked like a bright star, his eyes projecting so many strange and mysterious scenes of when a star lost its energy.

Jets of starlight shot out from his ten fingers like a galaxy falling on this broken star field, and entered each strange rock.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Magically, the mountain-like rocks slowly levitated. Under the control of the galaxy in his eyes, they floated up to the sky.

Hundreds of thousands of rocks arose like imposing mountains, towering the seabed. This scene was so majestic and spectacular.

While Shi Yan's power Upanishad changed, the ma.s.sive rocks began to move and radiate strange starlight.

At first glance, it looked like thousands of twinkling stars were moving and showcasing the mysteries of the galaxy.

"Those rocks came from dozens of complete stars. Although they are all broken, they were intact a long time ago, so they have a connection. The stars… also have spirit. They were tamed, somehow. The spirit of those stars isn't like ours. Ordinary warriors can't sense it. But I, I can vaguely feel something…"

The ma.s.sive rocks spun. Shi Yan looked pensive and hovered between so many rocks.

"Broken pieces of stars, from now on, make me your master and I'll bestow you a paradise!"

A brilliant sea of stars emerged from Shi Yan's head. It was a deep, velvet starry sky of a whole new world. It had stars, moons, and suns moving. Also, on the stars, there was surging vitality and fixation of death!"

It was his Incipient Extent!

This Incipient Extent had gradually transformed into a Territory due to Dark Energy!

Many rocks in this area had the weak spirit of stars. After Shi Yan had conjured his galaxy Incipient Extent, the connection between the rocks became stronger and pulled the rocks together. Slowly, tens of thousands of rocks piled up and turned into dozens of brilliant stars.

The stars then flew up and entered Shi Yan's Incipient Extent, becoming cold light dots, parts of the extent.

Shi Yan looked thrilled. He placed one hand on his forehead and the other on his chest. He pledged, "Wait until I've reached Territory Ancestor Realm and my Incipient Extent turns into a Territory; it will become a real galaxy. It's where you will stay. You will have creatures thriving on you. You will regain the glory you once had billions of years ago."

Dozens of stars replied to him, still very weak. Only the warriors cultivating Star power Upanishad could vaguely hear them.

Mei Ji looked at the scene above her head in awe. She watched Shi Yan who was the Lord of all stars in all skies guiding so many mountain-like rocks to enter his brilliant galaxy Incipient Extent. She watched him make a pledge and connect subtly with the stars. She couldn't explain the thrill in her heart.

Closing his eyes to sense for a while, Shi Yan landed. At this moment, only a ma.s.sive rock stood by Mei Ji, which contained the Fantasy Boundary Stone…

It was the only thing Shi Yan had left to spare him an exit. He pondered and then said, "Billions of years ago, there were so many floating pieces of broken stars above the Sea of Annihilation. Someone cultivating Star power Upanishad had tamed them and poured his star energy into them to control them and resist his enemies. Afterward, tens of thousands of broken stars had fallen into the sea.

"Those broken stars had a feeble spirit that only warriors cultivating Star power Upanishad could recognize. I didn't know it before. While I was breaking through to Second Sky of Immortal Realm and improving my realm, I vaguely understood it. Finally, I know that all the stars in this universe have the spirit. Some have a strong one and others have an imperceptible, feeble one."

"It's the Sea of Annihilation, indeed. Its seabed has strange treasures everywhere. However, not anybody can recognize them. Sometimes, they can't even see the treasure right next to them. Those broken pieces of stars are even stronger than the intact stars in other areas. They have existed for a long, long time. Perhaps they were formed in the Absolute Beginning Era. They know some secrets of earth and heaven. They have their own methods to refine themselves. Their makings are unique. That's why the expert cultivated Star power Upanishad noticed them and refined them one more time to make them his weapons…"

Shi Yan explained to her.

Mei Ji partly understood and intervened, "You don't need to give me a detailed explanation. I don't cultivate Star power Upanishad. It's hard to understand it thoroughly. I only need to know one thing: After you collect those broken rocks into your Incipient Extent, does your power increase altogether? Will they be your divine weapon to resist the Territory Ancestor's attacks?"

Shi Yan smiled, "Yeah, you're right."

"Oh, it's okay." Mei Ji was resolute and pulled his shoulder. "I'm going back with you. I'll come to the dragon's pond or the tiger's den with you this time!"

Shi Yan felt warm. He clutched her hands, his eyes complicated. "Actually, until now, I don't have a true…"

"Don't say that," Mei Ji raised her hand and placed a finger on his lips. With a pair of watery eyes, she shook her head. "There's something I don't want to hear. Agree with me; never tell me words that will hurt me. Even if you are lying to me, as long as it's sweet, just tell me…"

Shi Yan was amazed.

Mei Ji stooped her head, "I don't know what happened to me. Perhaps, it's the common disease of our Phantom Clan women. We don't easily fall in love. But once we do, we'll be like a moth heading to a flame. Even though we know we're going to die, we won't regret it. Who knows the future? I can't say if I can survive and go to Desolate Territory with you. I just hope that while we are together, you will be sweet to me, even if you have to lie to me. Anything is okay. Just don't break my heart…"

Shi Yan couldn't reply.

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