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Many surrounding warriors watching the battle wanted to be foul-mouthed when they were swept away by the cl.u.s.ter of souls. However, because they saw Neptune, they didn't dare to say anything despite being indignant.

Neptune was like a cl.u.s.ter of black souls hovering in midair. He sat neatly on a cloud of brutal souls and watched the battle between Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell with a frown.

He snorted and grabbed something. A giant ghostly claw created by his brutal souls grabbed a man at First Sky of Immortal Realm.

The ghostly claw dragged the man to Neptune. Freaked out, he screamed, "Precursor Neptune, I didn't offend you. I always respected and admired the Soul Clan. I…"

"Shut up!" shouted Neptune.

That man didn't dare to babble more and just shivered under the ghostly claw.

"Why did Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell attack each other?" asked Neptune coldly.

The man reacted and said, "I don't know. Really, I don't know. They've been fighting when I came. Only the ghosts know why they fight."

"Ghosts? I don't like when people mention that word in front of me!" Neptune's eyes had the dim and cold light. The ma.s.sive claw squeezed and the man's body exploded. His blood splashed together with pieces of his flesh. "Get lost. Just at First Sky of Immortal Realm. Do you think you deserve to watch this battle? You don't treasure your life!" scolded Neptune.

After the warrior's body burst, his soul altar arose and fleed helter-skelter.

Neptune looked around. Each warrior in his line of sight ducked instinctively. They were very afraid that he would capture them.

Among the Territory Ancestors of the seven clans, Neptune was some sort of bipolar. He often attacked people without an excuse. Not many people dared to offend him or guess what he was thinking. They all tried to avoid him to prevent any unwelcome trouble.

"Who can tell me why Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell are fighting each other?" Neptune raised his voice, which was echoing like a ghost whispering into everybody's ears. They felt their hair rise and shiver send down their spines.

At this moment, Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell had tried their best to attack each other. The Water Territory and the Thunderbolt Territory impacted fiercely, which lead to the collapse of the entire sea area.

They weren't free to pay attention to anybody else. Of course, they didn't answer Neptune. Neptune looked around and found Tu Shi Qi and his wife in the crowd. His face turned cold as he laughed evilly. "I didn't think that you two would come to the Sea of Annihilation too. You two had joined hands with the others to kill Singh on Dragon Lizard Star, right?"

Ruthless light sparked in his eyes. Neptune shouted, "Singh was a member of my Soul Clan. Although he was just a commander, he had borrowed my Soul Refining Cauldron. He was my subordinate. You killed him. You didn't put me in your eyes, right? I will teach you a lesson instead of Han Tian!"

As Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun first saw him, they had tried to sneak away as they were afraid that he would spot him.

They couldn't ignore him. The old freak had seen them. Hearing him, Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun had headaches. They knew that this freak would a.s.sault them.

However, at this moment, an eccentric, archaic-looking old man appeared. He was lanky and his snow-white hand draped around his shoulder. The people in his way instinctively moved away when he pa.s.sed through them. They were all scared.



"Ricardo is here!"

". . ."

Ricardo was one of the three great Territory Ancestors of the Sea of Annihilation. He always worked alone. People rumored that he was related to the Black Demon Clan and he cultivated Fire power Upanishad.

He directly walked to Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun. Glancing at Neptune, he said, "Do you think you're a bully when you attack them with your Territory Ancestor Realm?" Pausing for a while, he continued indifferently. "Precursor Han Tian and I have met several times. I hope you will give me face to not attack the two of them.

"About Singh, he was at the Peak of Immortal Realm. The battle between him and Tu Shi Qi was fair. If he lost and died, he can't blame his opponent."

Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun were surprised. They hadn't expected that Ricardo would protect them. They knew Ricardo had a good friendship with the Black Demon Clan, but he didn't have a relationship with the Mysterious Sky Clan. At the critical moment, Ricardo protected them as instructed by Han Tian a long time ago. He had helped them dodge this kalpa.

Neptune glared at Ricardo. After a while, he laughed evilly and darkly. "Then I will give you face, Ricardo. I hope that you will give me face when we talk about that thing later!"

"Well, I don't dare," replied Ricardo.


The lightning continents exploded. Thunderbolts shot out rapidly, mashing Emperor Sea Shark's bubbles into pieces.

Emperor Sea Shark was moving between his water worlds, his face ferocious and completely different from his usual, moderate self. His red eyes had a brutal fighting spirit, which surprised many people.

"Is he really Emperor Sea Shark?"

"Totally different!"

"So powerful! He must be one level stronger than Ferrell. We're in the Sea of Annihilation and he cultivates Water power Upanishad!"

Everybody discussed boisterously. Finally, they found that Emperor Sea Shark, the one who wasn't eye-catching, was probably the strongest between the three Territory Ancestors in the Sea of Annihilation.

More warriors congregated including Ming Hao and the G.o.d Lord. They stood quietly in a corner that concealed them within the crowd. They watched the battle between Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell, their faces yearning naturally.

"Oh, that's what I expected!" The G.o.d Lord had fighting will inflame in his eyes. He recalled the fierce battle against Bloodthirsty that year. "Yeah, they're worth the t.i.tle Territory Ancestor. Although they aren't as strong as Bloodthirsty, their auras… yeah, it's not too different!"

"Okay, I think we can get Dark Energy to break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm too." Ming Hao wore a nonchalant face, "When we get the right direction, we can do it without too much effort. Perhaps, not long after, the arena of the Sea Domain of Nihility will turn to our amazing page!"

"Right, I strongly believe it!" confirmed the G.o.d Lord.

More warriors were gathering from many places. The G.o.d Lord and Ming Hao didn't look outstanding, so they didn't draw the eyes of the concerned people.

After a while, Qi Mo of the Devouring Clan had brought his crew to this area. As soon as they came, they tried to ask for the reason why Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell were fighting.

Gradually, everybody all became bewildered. They didn't know why the two Territory Ancestors were fighting each other.

They didn't see Shi Yan or the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower here.

Everybody became concerned and looked around to find a trace. They must know why Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell's battle was ignited to know who they should support.

At the same time, in the area of broken stars, Shi Yan opened his eyes and sensed the commotions sent through sea water. He said, "Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell are battling against each other."

"Emperor Sea Shark treated you well. He provoked Ferrell and their battle caught everyone's attention. His purpose is obvious. He wants us to seize the chance and run away," reminded Mei Ji.

Shi Yan nodded, stood up, and said, "I know. That's why I said that I wanna go back!"

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