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Shi Yan had been quiet for a long time. Now, he opened his eyes and stood between the broken stars. He looked at the warriors tied by the starlight chains in the water above his head.

He was a warrior cultivating Ice power Upanishad at Second Sky of Immortal Realm. This man had the typical appearance of someone of the Ancient Monster Clan. He was covered in thick fur. His hands were rough and large, and his face was like that of a ferocious beast. A strange and cold light sparkled in his eyes.

"You… You are that Shi Yan! Hahaha! He stooped to see and couldn't help but laugh crazily. "I've worn my shoes for nothing. And now, I got you without spending a bit of effort!"

"Oh yeah? Are you really that happy?" Mei Ji's attractive laughter resounded from the shade of a big rock.

The warrior changed his face instantly as if he saw a ghost. He tried to jump and get rid of this area.

He used to work as Hussein's guard for a while. He had witnessed Mei Ji beat Hussein up, which had almost ignited a war between the Phantom Clan and the Ancient Monster Clan.

He knew that Mei Ji was cold and ruthless even though she looked s.e.xy and seducing. She was really evil and her deeds were merciless, anyway. Seeing Mei Ji, his temples twinged.

However, so many starlight chains coiling around him acted as if they had lives. He could even feel the resentful, angry, and brutal auras from them. After struggling for a while, he couldn't get rid of them.

Shi Yan stood on a rock underneath. He didn't look like he wanted to attack him; his face was puzzled. He didn't look up to see the man. A jet of starlight appeared on his fingertip.

An invisible beam of light emitted from the host soul and shined the galaxy in the tier of power Upanishads. The light of the host soul seeped into the galaxy and continued to move to the Sea of Consciousness.

A wisp of Soul Consciousness was released!

That wisp of Soul Consciousness imprinted onto the starlight. Shortly after, that starlight seemed to have consciousness and a projection of his soul!

A strange feeling reflected in his mind. The jet of starlight from his fingertip seemed to have another co-soul of his, a part of him. It had a mental connection with him, but it had an independent consciousness. It protectively left his fingertip and aimed at the Ancient Monster Clan warrior.

Shi Yan jolted up.

The power Upanishad with a spirit! It was his power Upanishad that had a spirit!

The ability of his power Upanishad now had a complete, independent consciousness. It became a miniature of the host soul that could proactively dodge the attack and find the enemy's weakness to kill him.

It was a mysterious principle of the power Upanishad!

Using the host soul to chain the power Upanishad in the tier of power Upanishads and then connect it with the Sea of Consciousness, Shi Yan had added his Soul Consciousness to his G.o.d power. The host soul, the power Upanishad, the Sea of Consciousness, and the G.o.d power had created a marvelous resonance, which made the power Upanishad get the aura of a soul instantly!

Shi Yan understood this magical principle now!

When his thoughts changed, his power Upanishad switched. A read hand seal generated by the Death power Upanishad flew out of his head and fell on that Ancient Monster Clan warrior.

The red seal had complicated fingerprints that seemed alive with negative auras including bloodthirstiness, resentfulness, brutality, desperation, and fear. The negative auras had become the soul of Death. It was dark, sinister, and cold, and it could release formidable waves of negative energies.


The Ancient Monster Clan warrior screamed as his brain was shaken and invaded by the negative energies! His consciousness shattered!

"s.p.a.ce Cross Slash!"

Shi Yan spoke calmly and changed his power Upanishad. A cross-like light saber appeared. It was created by a wisp of his Soul Consciousness. When his thoughts flickered, he was careful not to tear or distort the s.p.a.ce as he was afraid of stimulating the s.p.a.ce badly.

The light s.p.a.ce saber moved at a breakneck speed that the naked eyes could hardly observe.

The cross saber disappeared all of a sudden.

Then, the Ancient Monster Clan warrior's chest had a deep crosscut. The cut went through his body and shattered it.

The Death Seal was carved on his forehead. The soul of Death entered his soul altar and made it chaotic with the unconscious screaming of killing.

Shi Yan chuckled and mumbled to himself. "One gets through and the rest follow through. I finally understand why Bloodthirsty had cultivated eight great, evil power Upanishads at the same time but he still reached the profound level…"

He understood it now!

While he was in Desolate Territory, more than one warrior told him that it would be much tougher to break through as he cultivated many power Upanishads at the same time and that he had to understand all the power Upanishads to reach a new realm.

He believed it with not a single doubt.

But he was also aghast. If it was true that there was no shortcut, what did Bloodthirsty do to cultivate Soul Control, Death, Corrosion, Dark, Chaos, Destruction, Desperate, and Corpse Qi power Upanishads together with his Devouring power at the same time? He had advanced very fast in Desolate Territory and he had entered the Territory Ancestor Realm quickly.

What did he use?

Did he have to understand all the abilities of the great evil powers and the Devouring power Upanishads? How could he have enough energy to do that?

If he didn't have anything magical, he should have been stuck in a low realm, right?

But that didn't happen!

It wasn't true that if one cultivated many power Upanishads at the same time, he had to comprehend each of his power Upanishads to enter a new realm.

If he understood the principle of his power Upanishads, he could take the shortcut. Although there were so many power Upanishads in this world, they had some similar principles.

For example, if the Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth power Upanishads could transform into a world of Five Elements, they could create the Five Elements deathtraps inside that sealed world. The great evil power Upanishads belonged to the negative, bloodthirsty category power Upanishads so they shared some same principles.

Also, the power Upanishad's spirit that he had just comprehended could send a soul aura to the Star, s.p.a.ce, and Death power Upanishads when he used their abilities. s.p.a.ce and Star power Upanishads had the aura of his vitality and the Death power Upanishad was an evil, fearful one.

Different spirits of the power Upanishads corresponded to the sunshine and darkness in his body. The aura of the star and the surging vitality were images of warmth, tolerance, and mercy in his soul. The sharp s.p.a.ce power Upanishad represented his cutting edge while the terrifying evil features of the Death and Devouring power Upanishad were projections of the most extremely negativeness in his soul!

A person in different situations, different moods, and different times acted differently. Likewise, the soul aura created while cultivating different power Upanishads wasn't similar.

— It could magnify some aspect of the host soul endlessly and imprint it on the power Upanishad to increase its power and the strength of the principle.

Indeed, when he got one through, everything else could get through too. As he had comprehended this within the Star power Upanishad, he also concluded that his s.p.a.ce, Death, and Life power Upanishads could reach the same level. After understanding one principle, he had advanced all of his power Upanishads!

Squinting, he observed the tragic death of the Ancient Monster Clan warrior above his head and smiled.

A black hole arose from the crown of his head. It opened like a mouth of a devil that swallowed the soul energy of that man.

Inside that black hole was the most terrifying dark side of Shi Yan's soul. It had the smell of a bloodthirsty desire as if it was nibbling flesh and blood and melting that poor man's soul.

"Watch over me. I need to adjust my condition for a while. Then, I can enter Second Sky of Immortal Realm," said Shi Yan.

Mei Ji's eyes rippled a beautiful light as she swallowed her advice and answered him mildly. "Okay."


At a corner of the Sea of Annihilation, Ming Hao and the G.o.d Lord halted and squinted to sense the aura flowing with the sea water current. They were moved.

Audrey's realm wasn't high enough. She frowned and didn't understand it.

"The experts are fighting on the seabed. Experts at the Territory Ancestor Realm!" reminded Ming Hong.

Audrey was frightened. "Is it because of Shi Yan?"

"Probably," Ming Hong thought and then said, "The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower is very crucial. Unless it's the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, the Territory Ancestors won't join the battle personally."

"I want to go there and see," said Audrey resolutely.

"It's not a wise move," Ming Hong shook his head.

"We also want to go there and see," Ming Hao and the G.o.d Lord exchanged looks and made up their minds. "It's a once in a blue moon opportunity to see Territory Ancestors fight against each other! We've been stuck in this realm for a really long time. Perhaps we can learn something from this battle to break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm!"

"They don't know us so they won't relate anything to us. We can go there and observe from a distance. We should check if it's Shi Yan, and it's a good chance to improve our realms too."

The G.o.d Lord said firmly, "The experts in this Sea of Annihilation aren't really powerful. They're too weak and much lower than Bloodthirsty. Perhaps the ones at the Territory Ancestor Realm are considered the strong ones. I've swaggered in Desolate Territory for twenty-thousand years and only Bloodthirsty could defeat me. If I enter the Territory Ancestor Realm, I'm confident that I can challenge each of the Territory Ancestors in this Sea Domain of Nihility!"

"We'll go there to open our minds and observe their competences. After I break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm, I'm sure I will stir up the entire Sea Domain of Nihility!"

Then, he stopped caring about Audrey and Ming Hao. He turned around and flew towards the battle site between Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell.

Ming Hao pondered for a while and then said, "Audrey, your realm is too low. You shouldn't take risks. It's better that you find a safe place to hide. After I'm done with watching the battle, I will come and find you. I've left my aura on you to track you later."

Ming Hao left resolutely.

Audrey snorted, "We should go, too!"

"Do you really want to go?" Ming Hong wasn't really willing to do that.

"If you don't want to go, I'm going there alone!" Audrey pulled a cold face.

"Alright," Ming Hong was begrudging. They followed Ming Hao and the G.o.d Lord and headed to the battle. They moved at their max speed. Just like a shadow wandering under the sea, they flashed and disappeared.


Rumble! Rumble!

Thunderbolts stirred the entire place. The sea water was furiously boiling. The entire sea area looked as if it was about to vanish.

Many high-realm experts were observing the match from a far distance. They were awe-struck and appraising Emperor Sea Shark who looked modest but was actually fierce. Emperor Sea Shark had Ferrell in a bad situation.

All of a sudden, many people in that group of onlookers were hit and they fell like bouncing rubber b.a.l.l.s.

A black cl.u.s.ter of souls had swaggered through the crowd and hurled the onlookers at the Immortal Realm away, creating a chaotic scene.

Those who were thrown away were indignant. As they were about to scold or curse, they saw Neptune sit on the cl.u.s.ter of souls. Immediately, they shut their mouths and retreated.

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