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The Sea of Annihilation's seabed was boiling; ma.s.sive bubbles were rising.

Emperor Sea Shark was seen in each bubble, each of them an independent world. Inside those bubbles were a reef under the sea, corals, algae, and swimming fish. They were all lively and swarming toward Farrell from every direction.

Those bubbles came like mountains. Ferrell was breathless, his face extremely stern.

"Thunder Nether Territory!"

A thunder and lightning world arose, inflating like a balloon and covering Ferrell.

That world contained dark blue lightning bolts. Electricity beams crawled and struggled in the sky like giant dragons. Thunderbolts as big as a waterfall connected the Netherworld and the sky. At first glance, this entire world of thunder and lightning strikes was supported by countless lightning columns. Ferrell hovered in the middle of that world like a G.o.d of Thunder. Shortly after, countless lightning b.a.l.l.s condensed.

Those lightning b.a.l.l.s spun and exploded. An earth-shattering energy explosion appeared in the world of thunder and lightning. It shook the seabed and twisted the entire place.

Emperor Sea Shark's Water Territory and Farrell's Thunderbolt Territory collided and pressed on each other. The water currents and the lightning b.a.l.l.s shattered altogether. The shockwaves stirred up the sea area and created many ma.s.sive whirlpools. Those whirlpools were tens of thousands of meters. Shortly after, they swallowed so many islands on the Sea of Annihilation's surface.

Rays of light from the energy impact shot to every corner like sharp swords.

Many warriors cultivating around the area could see those intimidating lightsabers; they had to run for their lives. However, many of them were killed by the shockwaves of the fierce battle between Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell.

"So powerful!"


"It's a battle between real experts! It's… the level of Territory Ancestor Realm experts! Do they want to destroy the Sea of Annihilation's seabed?"

"Er? When was the last time Territory Ancestor Realm experts fought in the Sea of Annihilation?"

". . ."

On the seabed, the sea surface, and even in the sky, many warriors from different clans and forces were startled by the confrontation between Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell. They were discussing boisterously. They were excited, scared, and even frantic.

Warriors with low realms hurried to move as far away from the area as possible. They were afraid that they could get hurt from the shockwaves.

Warriors who thought their realms were high enough became thrilled. They began to gather and head to the battlefield. Especially some experts at the Immortal Realm. To understand Dark Energy, they ignored everything and tried to go closer to observe the battle between the Territory Ancestor Realm experts. They would try everything for a chance to break through.

—— They eagerly came to the seabed!

At this moment, so many experts had come to the Sea of Annihilation. The members of the seven clans who were dispirited because they couldn't find Shi Yan came with joy as they recognized that the two Territory Ancestors battling were because of Shi Yan.

In their eyes, what could make the two Territory Ancestors fight against each other besides the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower?

Neptune from the Soul Clan was sitting cross-legged on his clouds of brutal souls, countless brutal souls bobbing around him and blackening the entire area. He suddenly opened his eyes and sneered, "Interesting!"

The clouds of brutal souls moved like a black cl.u.s.ter of clouds through the sea and headed toward the furious battle.

Inside a rock forest, Forefather Dragon Lizard, Tu Shi Qi, and Ya Yun were waiting for Hiro of the White Bone Clan. As they felt the earth-shaking commotion of the Territory Ancestor Realm battle, they exchanged looks. Tu Shi Qi immediately messaged Hiro and then hurriedly headed to the battle area.

Qi Mo of the Devouring Clan appeared on the Sea of Annihilation's surface. Standing behind him were about ten warriors of the Devouring Clan. They stood upright with respect. Qi Mo observed the vortexes, listened to the rumbling thunder from the vortexes and frowned, "Get to the seabed!"

Right after that, the Devouring warriors dove deep into the sea.

Most of the high-realm warriors from the five clans had the same purpose when they came to the match between Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell. This match was predestined to attract a lot of people.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Inside the world of thunder and lightning, so many dark blue lightning b.a.l.l.s exploded. The power of their explosions was enough to break asteroids or even crush a small star into powder.

Emperor Sea Shark's Water Territory was torn sometimes under the blasting power of the Thunderbolt Territory. However, it was like a sword cutting through the water curtain; the water curtain went back to its normal state almost instantly.

At this moment, many warriors from the surrounding areas had gathered by the area where the two were fighting. Most of them were at the Immortal Realm and well known in the Sea of Annihilation. They had all used their G.o.d power to create different colored light cage protections, ranging from blue, red-orange, emerald, silver, and lime.

The rainbow light twirled around the light cages. It was the sign of highly condensed G.o.d power.

Emperor Sea Shark's and Ferrell's energies had collided, electricity beams sparking. Those electricity beams could kill Incipient G.o.d Realm experts quickly. Thus, those Immortal Realm experts had prepared well with their best defense. When the electric current hit their light cages, only sparks were sent everywhere.

They watched, their faces stern or excited. They even discussed with each other.

Tu Shi Qi, Ya Yun, and Forefather Dragon Lizard were in this group too. They were ones of the warriors who had arrived first. Seeing the terrifying energy impact between Emperor Sea Shark and Forefather Dragon Lizard, Forefather Dragon Lizard became eager. "The battle at the Territory Ancestor Realm isn't ordinary, indeed. The Water World and the Thunderbolt World are real Territories. They are above the Incipient Extent. They contain the essence of Water power Upanishad and Thunder and Lightning power Upanishad with Dark Energy as the source of energy… They're pretty close to reality."

He wanted to use their battle to see the power of Dark Energy, which would help him break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm too.

Ferrell's Thunderbolt Territory slowly had continents created by lightning. They were complete continents. If low-realm warriors at the three minor G.o.d Realms and the three major G.o.d Realms cultivated there, they would gain the big benefits.

To low-realm warriors, Ferrell's thunderbolt continents were auspicious lands that they only dreamed of.

At this moment, the three ma.s.sive continents glowing in a dazzling light came out with grumbling thunder. On their way, they turned into the lightning b.a.l.l.s and hit Emperor Sea Shark's Water Territory.

Emperor Sea Shark's Water Territory consisted of immensely vast seas. The seas under the lightning attacks exploded and disappeared. However, they recovered fast.

Emperor Sea Shark was in every sea in his Water Territory. With two crimson eyes, he grinned brutally. "The water is unpredictable. It can be destroyed by slashing, hacking, or exploding it. You used a saber to cut the water. Do you think you can succeed?"

The number of bubbles was also the number of the small worlds inside the Water Territory. After they shattered, they came back right again.

As the onlookers observed heard Emperor Sea Shark, they were scared.

Until now, many people had thought that Ferrell was the strongest among the three Territory Ancestors in the Sea of Annihilation. They ranked Ricardo second and Emperor Sea Shark as the weakest. However, the battle today had turned everything upside down.

They found that Emperor Sea Shark, who was always humble, wasn't weaker than Ferrell. He was even stronger somehow.

Many of them had recognized it and thought, It's the seabed, deep down in the blue sea. Emperor Sea Shark cultivates Water power Upanishad. He has natural support here. How could Ferrell deal with him at ease?

At this moment, they were startled and recalled Emperor Sea Shark's power Upanishad. They thought it was reasonable that Emperor Sea Shark could gain the upper hand in this battle.

The battle happened, still.


The field of broken stars.

Shi Yan sat like a rock statue for a long time. He didn't use the Star power Upanishad anymore. He looked like he had been petrified.

Mei Ji's worries swelled.

Although they were very far away from the battle between Emperor Sea Shark and Ferrell, Mei Ji knew how furious the battle of the Territory Ancestors was through the sea water.

She could confirm that the real experts of the Sea of Annihilation had all sensed the confrontation between the two more or less. Also, it had successfully attracted them.

As Mei Ji was the leader in charge of the Phantom Clan in the Sea of Annihilation, she wasn't a fool. She knew why Emperor Sea Shark had decided to take action now and why he had to create such a great commotion just to attract the other experts.

—— He wanted to give Shi Yan more time to leave without being noticed or tagged along.

"What did the Emperor Sea Shark owe his teacher? To back up him leaving, he didn't hesitate to stand against the five clans. Is he crazy?"

Mei Ji was surprised. The more she tried to guess Emperor Sea Shark's plan, the more puzzled she became.

She understood Emperor Sea Shark better than most people.

After so many years, Emperor Sea Shark had been subtle and modest on the seabed. He rarely competed with anyone and he didn't want an alliance with the seven clans like Ferrell or Ricardo. He was a real hermit. But because of Shi Yan, he had shown his fangs to show the world how formidable he actually was.

Mei Ji believed that Emperor Sea Shark's deed had caught the attention of all experts. Also, she knew that whenever Shi Yan got up, they could leave to Desolate Territory safely.

However, Shi Yan had been quiet for a long time as if his soul was gone.

Although she had sealed this area for the time being, if a real expert came, he could still recognize an abnormal situation. When she and Shi Yan got exposed, they couldn't control the situation.

"What should I do now? Should I wake him up and tell him that Emperor Sea Shark's fighting against Ferrell to give him a chance to leave?" Mei Ji struggled mentally and couldn't make up her mind.

A sharp aura suddenly came. The other had even uttered something as if he had found the delicate seal in this area.

Mei Ji was tense as she gritted her teeth. "I have to wake him up!"

Her figure moved as she tried to use her Soul Consciousness to enter Shi Yan's brain and awaken his consciousness.

However, at this moment, a ma.s.sive ice saber condensed above this illusion of ice and slashed downward.

Mei Ji had used the ice crystal to create the illusion that had hidden her and Shi Yan in the blind corner. Normal people couldn't find them, anyway. However, this random person happened to cultivate Ice power Upanishad too. That's why he had curiously slashed the ice illusion to see what it hid.

That saber had hacked them before Mei Ji's Soul Consciousness was sent to Shi Yan.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The illusion of ice was attacked. It shattered like a mirror. Pieces of ice reflected a chaotic situation.

A jet of starlight created by the star energy shot out of Shi Yan's body. It acted as if it had its own consciousness. As soon as it was released, it was like a dragon soaring up into the sky or a caged beast that had suddenly escaped its imprisonment. Eagerly, it parried the ice saber.

The ice saber broke and the jet of starlight turned into more beams of starlight.

It was like a soul divided into dozens of wisps. The starlight beams transmitted angry screaming as they moved agilely like a bunch of snakes and coiled around a warrior.

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